Tips: Using the Airbrush Gun

Here are a few quick tips on using the airbrush makeup gun. Keep these in mind before you first use the airbrush and you should pick it up in no time! Eventually you’ll have your own techniques and style so be sure to let us know if you have any tricks of your own by posting a comment below!

  • Start with even, circular movements.
  • Determine the coverage of your airbrush makeup gun. Know the width and area it will cover at all distances.
  • Practice on some paper to understand the different effects you get by spraying from different distances. This will help you get even coverage and blend naturally as you get more confident moving the brush in all directions: up, down, left, right, near and far.
  • Know when, where and how to stop the airbrush.

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  • Hi I have a silly question, I’m new to air brushing and just purchased the iwata silver jet with eclipse hp-cs, what should I set the pressure to? The first time I tried it I looked a little cakey I’m not sure if thats the right word but it didn’t look as flawless although still felt light on. Please help! 🙂

    • Hello Jo – welcome to airbrushing!! Iwata is amongst the best equipment so you are ok there. Not all airbrush makeup is great though – sometimes the results will vary with the makeup you are using. What brand is it? Is it silicone or water-based?
      Normally it will go cakey if you apply too much – because it’s too thick and may not have dried naturally. Try to stick to as few passes as possible and take your time with it when you are beginning. Sometimes it’s tempting to try to put a lot of layers with airbrush makeup but you really don’t need to use a lot at all.
      Also, make sure you prep well – a cleanser (pat dry the skin afterwards), a moisturizer and a primer will all help and there are various other products that can improve the look of airbrush makeup.
      Hope that helps!