How To: Airbrush Makeup

Learning how to use your airbrush makeup system can take some time and practice. But it won’t take you long to learn some of the tricks and techniques that the professionals use to create flawless-looking skin. Some of you will develop your own techniques and that’s what makes airbrushing so fun!

We have written some how-to guides on airbrush makeup application. Be sure to also check out our airbrush makeup tips as well as our videos. You’ll start to notice that not everyone does things the same way, but that there are also some very important things that you should always be aware of. These how-to guides will help you get the best out of your airbrush makeup kit right away and will ensure you avoid the mistakes that some of us had to learn from trial and error! Don’t forget to check out your instructional DVD that comes with the Dinair, TEMPTU and Glam Air kits and be sure to post any questions or comments below!

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