Airbrush Makeup Products We Love: Temptu Undereye Concealer

So many people ask me how to get rid of panda eyes with airbrush makeup without creating too much foundation build up. It’s not always easy and usually requires a routine of moisturizer, cleanser and concealer as well as a good foundation. Now things just got a whole lot easier with TEMPTU’s Under Eye Concealer
designed specifically for tired eyes! Yay!!

This is another amazing product from Temptu which is gentle on the eyes and produces real results. Infused with vitamins A, C, E and K as well as moisturizing Aloe and cucumber, the concealer contains reflective diamond dust which diffuses the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. No more pandas!

The results are amazing just on its own but you will see the best results when you use this under foundation and daily makeup. The concealer will last longer underneath airbrushed makeup than on its own. It is extremely light on the skin and feels very smooth when you apply it under the eyes. You can also do spot concealing for fine wrinkles or blemishes.

What I most love about Temptu’s Under Eye Concealer is the texture. It’s not powdery like so many other concealers but has a luscious, creamy texture that makes it feel so luxurious on the skin. It’s the moisturizing properties which sets Temptu’s product apart from many others as they have produced a fine balance of natural ingredients which gives their concealer a silky, smooth feel and you know it’s something that is nourishing and not harming your skin.

The concealer is currently available in 8 different tones so you can perfectly match it to your skin and foundation. It is free from Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates. Try it – I know you’ll love it!

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