Airbrush Makeup Review: Belloccio Airbrush Makeup (The BIG Review)


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On December 20, 2012
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A fantastic, affordable all round kit for beginners & for home use with good quality makeup, an average compressor but fantastic airbrush.

This is a very detailed airbrush makeup review looking at the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup system. Click here to skip to the final verdict if you don’t have time to read through the entire article. With this review I’ve covered the two Belloccio airbrush makeup compressors, the Belloccio makeup (foundation, blush, highlighters and primer), the Belloccio airbrush gun, the DVD, customer service, a little background about the company itself and the 3 airbrush makeup kit options. I’ve also included information about what is in the box when you receive the Belloccio and advice on how to correctly use this particular airbrush makeup system. I think an important part of this review is addressing the company’s claims regarding their makeup and to provide some appraisal of the ingredients in Belloccio makeup and whether or not this would match up to these claims. On the whole I’d say I am very impressed with the new Belloccio which performs very well for this class of airbrush compressor and airgun. As with any company there are positives and negatives and I’ve tried to detail the good points as well as the bad so read on for detailed information about the Belloccio airbrush makeup system!

Belloccio: The Company

Belloccio had a relatively slow start in the airbrush makeup industry, lagging behind the bigger (and highly advertised) Dinair, Luminess and Temptu. However, in the past year they have reinvented their airbrush makeup system and introduced a new line of airbrush makeup while improving customer service, reducing the price of the machine and offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Their new makeup range is more gentle with beneficial ingredients such as aloe to soothe sensitive skin. Belloccio was created by TCP Global who are specialists in equipment related to airbrushing, bodyart, cake decorating as well as hobby and art supplies–which seems to explain their difficulty in kicking off the Belloccio: they have a great product and understand how to produce a good functioning piece of machinery but they seem to struggle with the glamor and makeup side.

The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System


Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System


Belloccio’s airbrush makeup system is designed to be ‘all in one’: to be used to apply primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter as well as covering blemishes. Like many systems of this size, the Belloccio comes with a small compressor, airbrush hose, airbrush gun as well as the AC adapter/power cable.

To get it started you simply connect the hose to the compressor, plug in the power cable and wait for the on/off and mode switch to light up. The two round buttons are 1. The on/off button; 2. The ‘mode’ switch. The mode switch controls the airflow with three PSI strengths low, medium and high. This is a great feature since variable air flow is so important when you are moving from concealing, highlighting, blush & bronzer (low pressure) to foundation (medium pressure) and cleaning, primer or tanning (high pressure).

There are 3 kits that come with this system: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. Each one comes with the cosmetic bag, compressor, airbrush (with hose), airbrush cleaner, tanning solution, a moisturizing primer and a selection of foundations and blush while the Deluxe and Ultimate include a tanning airbrush and a greater range of makeup.

RRP = $179.95 (Standard Kit); $229.99 (Deluxe Kit); $449.99 (Ultimate Kit)

The Compressor

The Belloccio “Super Quiet” Mini Airbrush Compressor is small but not necessarily ‘super quiet’. It’s similar in size to the Dinair and, while it is reasonably quiet I’d say ‘super quiet’ is a bit of a stretch. Quiet is subjective and relative I guess since the compressor does make noise, especially on the higher settings (tip: put a towel or rubber mat under the compressor to dull the noise). Personally, I think the new silver Belloccio is better looking than the Dinair and it is without doubt a big improvement on their first compressor. It has a decent PSI range of 5-15 (which is as much as you need when airbrushing their foundation makeup). The mode switch control button with 3 different flow settings is a great feature especially for those new to airbrushing. It gives you more direct control which is a feature that most high-end systems have. Another awesome feature of the Belloccio compressor is the built-in airbrush holder. You see this kind of thing in the expensive Iwata compressors–it’s almost an essential feature when you work with a gravity fed airbrush but not all of the airbrush makeup systems have one. It is a very light and small compressor, weighing in at less than 1.3 pounds. You definitely can’t push this compressor to work with thicker, silicone-based makeup or acrylics but it definitely does the job with the Belloccio makeup as well as makeup from other brands with a similar viscosity (keeping in mind that they will ‘void’ the warranty if they know you put another brand through it). It’s also great looking with the shiny, metallic finish.
Good for: Cosmetics, Sunless Tanning, Cake Decorating, Temporary Tattoos, Nail Art


  • Voltage: 110-120V/60HZ, 9W, 800mA
  • Dimensions: 2.4″ H x 3.6″ W x 5.2″ L
  • Weight: 1.29 LBS (0.7KG)

Belloccio also sell a larger ‘Salon’ compressor which is much more powerful and robust than the mini. The “Salon Air” has enough power to work with most airbrushes and has a constant air pressure with no pulsation due to the inbuilt storage tank from which the airbrush can draw air when there is a lag in production. Air is drawn in through an oil-free single piston (a similar system as seen in the as the Iwata Studio Series, Single Jet). The Salon Air shuts off at 57PSI to avoid overheating and the regulator knob gives you finer control over the PSI strength (which is displayed through the pressure gauge). It is reasonably quiet (max 47dB) and has a working pressure of 5-35PSI which is perfect for airbrushing as well as doing body-art and tanning. It is, however, quite an ugly beast!

Belloccio Salon Airbrush Compressor

The Salon Air attaches to your airbrush gun via a very durable braided hose which also has an inline moisture filter so there is no back-spill of liquid into the machine. Make Up artists who are looking at affordable, professional-grade airbrush makeup kits should definitely have a look into the Salon Air since it rivals the specifications of the Iwata equipment (specifically the Iwata-Medea Studio Series Silver Jet Single Piston Air Compressor) but at a much better price (I’m not suggesting this is as good as the Iwata compressors though since the construction materials most likely vary a lot and, despite a 2 year warranty, the Salon Air most likely won’t outlive an Iwata).

  • Voltage: 110-120V/60HZ
  • Dimensions: 6.5″H x 6″W x 7 “L
  • Weight: 6 LBS (2.7KG)
  • RRP = $59.99

The Airbrush

Belloccio Airbrush Gun

The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Gun is designed for use with their mini-compressor but can realistically be used with other compressors since it has a working PSI range of 5-50. Some people do actually use this as a replacement for the much more expensive Luminess Air kits. It is ‘multi-purpose’ with a 0.4mm tip producing a spray pattern from hairline to 2.5 inches wide. It’s actually a great airbrush and maybe even too good for the compressor! It has a nice feel to it, being well balanced and is made from good quality metals that are anti-corrosive. You can put solvent through this airgun with no problem – any cleaner can go through it.

The Belloccio airbrush can be set for either single-action or dual-action. Single action gives you a continuous flow of makeup which is good for beginners as well as when you are airbrushing large areas. Dual-action gives you more control and helps with finer detail, mixing shades and gives you the option of an ‘air only’ spray which you can use as a guide or to dry the airbrush makeup.

As with any airbrush gun, you’ll need to clean after every pass of makeup and also do a ‘service’ every couple of months or so. There are detailed instructions which come with the Belloccio airbrush on how to do this and I provide tips in the ‘care and cleaning‘ section of this website. The 1/16 oz gravity fed cup (which sits on top of the airbrush gun) is large enough for airbrush makeup use. If you are doing airbrush tanning, Belloccio have a separate tanning airbrush gun with an threaded feed to which you attach the plastic fluid cups (which come in 2 sizes: 3/4 oz. and 1.5 oz)

The Belloccio also comes with an adapter clip so you can use the airbrush with other airbrush makeup systems that use a different hose-type (for example, the Iwata Salon Compressor). Awesome!

RRP = $39.99

The Airbrush Makeup

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup

Belloccio has recently introduced a new line of airbrush makeup that has positive benefits for the skin rather than being solely a foundation. Their makeup is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben free, fragrance free and non-acnegenic. The makeup can help keep the skin firm and hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid while aloe is soothing to irritated skin. Dimethicone acts to protect the skin while also keeping the liquid makeup the correct consistency for ease of application. Belloccio have a limited makeup line and their shades tend to lean towards the more subtle and natural rather than the adventurous.

Belloccio’s airbrush makeup is designed to be capable of concealing rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, pores, fine lines & wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, birthmarks, acne and tattoos as well as being a daily foundation.

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Foundation

Foundation: 15ml/0.5 oz, (RRP = $15.99)
Shades range from fair, medium, tan to dark skin tones. You can find the correct shade via their online shade finder (actually, you can’t because it doesn’t work!) or by swiping a line of makeup from each of the provided shades (once you have selected your main color palette) on your face and matching the closest one. You can then custom blend these to match the exact shade to your skin type. These bottles are very well priced compared to other brands and they have a consistency that will work with non-Belloccio compressors (though this will void the warranty if the manufacturer of your compressor finds out!)
16 Foundation Shades: Fair -Blanc, Vanilla, Alabaster, Buff; Medium – Ivory, Beige, Golden Tan, Honey Beige;  Tan – Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Cocoa; Dark – Hazelnut, Java, Espresso, Ebony
Oil, paraben & Fragrance free.

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Blush

Blush: 15ml/0.5 oz; (RRP = $9.99)
Belloccio have quite a limited makeup range. They have a long way to go before reaching the great heights of Dinair, MAC or Temptu. However, the blushes are actually quite nice to use even though their shades may at first seem rather standard by comparison–in fact, there are those who swear by the Belloccio over Dinair’s very popular makeup line. Belloccio have designed the blushes with a matte finish and their goal to is create a natural and healthy look. These are to be used as an enhancement to your natural features. The blushes are very natural looking and easily layered so you can build over your makeup to make darker shades. The 15ml bottles are very well priced relative to competitors and will last quite a while since 2-3 drops is usually plenty.
5 Blushes: Peachey Kean, Passionate Plum, Caribbean Coral, Chaming Lily, Pink Delight

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Blush, Highlight & Bronzer

Highlighters, Shimmer & Bronzer: 15ml/0.5 oz; (RRP = $15.99)
The Belloccio highlighters are designed to be more fun and add ‘pop’ to your look. They mix well with the Belloccio foundation and you would select a shade one of two shades away from your chosen blush so it can act as a subtle highlight to enhance your best features. Belloccio’s range is all about natural shades so there are no ‘out there’ surprises in the highlight palette.
6 Highlighters & shimmer plus 1 bronzer: Floyd, Cumulous, Brazen, Hot Pursuit, Golddigger, Champagne Shimmer, Radiant (bronzer)

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Primer

The Belloccio moisturizing primer: 15ml/half oz; ($15.96) – Silicone & Water-based.
Belloccio’s primer is much better than I thought it would be. Many companies make claims about the ‘anti-aging’ benefits of their products which normally sets of warning bells for me. It’s very hard to test this kind of claim since there are so many variables that can affect our skin (avoiding sun damage and keeping hydrated as well as finding the right products are all beneficial). However, we can definitely test how a product feels on our skin and the Belloccio has a gentle, smoothing elastic feel after application. I normally always put primer on before applying makeup though Belloccio recommends that it can be applied before, during or after makeup (which I personally wouldn’t do since you risk ruining your foundation and blush!)

The Belloccio primer is designed not only to hydrate and prepare the skin but to also set the foundation while supplying vital anti-oxidants (vitamin C) which help repair damage by fighting free radicals.

Active ingredients in the primer are: Hyaluronic acid, Aloe-barbadensis, Dimethicone, Peptides. The extract of aloe is both cooling and soothing and has been shown to have positive benefits for reducing inflammation and preventing infection (which means it is good for acne). A lot of beauty products use Hyaluronic Acid these days to control inflammation, promote healing and to help hydrate the skin. From my understanding (though I’m no scientist!) it has been shown to be beneficial but the jury is still out regarding anti-aging potentials (but I guess if it’s promoting hydration and healing then it might be argued that this is also anti-aging). Dimethicone is a silicone which is found in a lot of our cosmetics (as well as shampoos, conditioner, foods etc) and its role is to ‘protect the skin’. Dimethicone is a kind of lubricant so it tends to make everything a little smoother. Peptides are also found in a lot of cosmetics and their benefit is promoting collagen production and helping deliver copper into the skin (which acts as an antioxidant). Some companies charge a lot of money for creams containing peptides and it is great knowing there companies like Belloccio can deliver a similar product for a lot less. The Belloccio is a great moisturizer and primer for airbrush makeup but keep in mind there is no reason why you cannot use your own favorite moisturizers and primers from any brand before airbrushing makeup.


  • “The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup system creates a flawless face and aids in the health, beauty and rejuvenation of the skin. This exclusive dermatological foundation and effortless delivery system were designed to benefit women of all ages with any skin type so we can feel and look beautiful every day.”
  • It is designed to ‘protect the skin’, ‘moisturize and hydrate’, ‘stimulate collagen’, ‘help skin regeneration’, ‘help maintain a youthful appearance’.
  • Lasts the whole day without the need for touching up.

Response to claims:

  • The Belloccio will help you create a ‘flawless face’: True. All airbrush makeup will do this. Once you have found a good quality makeup and know which products to use with this makeup then achieving a flawless look should become quite easy.
  • Belloccio aids in the health, beauty and rejuvenation of the skin: True. The moisturizing primer contains active ingredients (peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Dimethicone) which have been shown to positively benefit the skin (see above for more information)
  • Effortless Delivery System: True. Airbrushing becomes ‘effortless’ over time though it does take time to learn. All airbrush makeup systems function in much the same way so can all make the exact same claim.
  • Designed to benefit women of all ages with any skin type: True. Again, this is a very general claim that applies to airbrush makeup in general and all brands say something similar. But this is the power of airbrush makeup, not necessarily the power of any one brand of airbrush makeup. The technique of airbrushing can produce a natural, flawless finish and very effectively conceals wrinkles and blemishes. But is Belloccio’s line of makeup any better than MAC, Dinair or Temptu?
  • Designed to protect the skin: True. Belloccio has included ingredients that have been shown to be beneficial to the skin. These are ingredients which you find in many good quality moisturizers, primers and anti-aging creams.
  • Last the whole day without the need for touching up: True – depending on your skin type. Water-based airbrush makeup tends to be less long-lasting than silicone-based airbrush makeup and requires certain treatment to really ensure you get the full long-lasting effect. By including the silicone ingredient in their airbrush makeup kit, Belloccio are able to improve on the lasting qualities of their foundation.

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit Options

1. Standard Foundation Kit: $179.95

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Foundation Kit - Standard

  • The Belloccio compressor
  • Belloccio airbrush gun
  • 4 foundations
  • 3 Blush trio set
  • Moisturizing Primer
  • Sample of Tanning solution
  • Belloccio cosmetic bag
  • 4 oz airbrush cleaner.

2. Deluxe Foundation Kit: $229.99

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Foundation Kit - Deluxe

  • The Belloccio compressor
  • Belloccio airbrush gun
  • Belloccio Tanning airbrush gun
  • 4 foundations (Fair, Medium, Tan, or Dark)
  • 6 Pack Blush set
  • Moisturizing Primer
  • 4-Pack of Tanning solution sampler pack
  • Belloccio cosmetic bag
  • 4 oz airbrush cleaner.

3. Ultimate Foundation Kit: $449.99

Belloccio Ultimate Foundation Airbrush Makeup Kit

  • The Belloccio compressor
  • Belloccio airbrush gun
  • Belloccio Tanning airbrush gun
  • All 12 foundations
  • 12 Pack Blush set
  • Moisturizing Primer
  • 4-Pack of Tanning solution sampler pack
  • Belloccio cosmetic bag
  • 4 oz airbrush cleaner.

The Packaging – What’s In The Box?

The Belloccio is delivered in a plain, white cardboard box with the various components wrapped in clear plastic. Packaging leaves a lot to be desired as they don’t have any fancy branding or secure, custom padding. The box feels very ‘put together in a factory’.

You receive:

  • the airbrush hose
  • the airbrush
  • the power adapter
  • the compressor
  • Designer bag
  • 4 pack color palette of foundation shades (Standard Kit)
  • 1x Blush; 1x Bronzer; 1x Shimmer; 1x Primer (Standard Kit)
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Free sample of the sunless tanning solution (Standard Kit)
  • Instructional Brochure & DVD

Customer Service

Belloccio have built up their brand in the last year or so and put in a dedicated team for customer service. This is a big improvement on their humble beginnings. The 30-day money back guarantee is welcome and they will assist you to fine the right makeup shade for you. Make no mistake though, their customer service team is nowhere near the size of Dinair’s.

The Belloccio website has a fair amount of information but tends to be buggy and slow to load. For example, the ‘shade finder’ is almost impossible to use rendering it no use to anyone new to airbrushing who will be unsure of their exact match.


The DVD isn’t one of the world’s greatest productions. The biggest problem is it tends to be a bit vague and general. They do show you how to choose the right shade, mix colors, back-bubbling and they go through an airbrushing makeup routine for foundation, blush and highlighting. However, there are better resources online. My biggest disappointment is that they don’t always getting the lighting correct so it’s hard to tell what kind of effect they produced with the Belloccio airbrush makeup. Sometimes the models looks more orange than they should (tungsten lights?). They also tend to miss certain vital steps like shaking the makeup before use and cleaning in between shades. Also, I don’t recommend for anyone to airbrush their makeup while smiling with their mouth open!


Belloccio Airbrush Makeup

Belloccio: How Not To – Don’t Open Your Mouth When Airbrushing Makeup Unless You Like The Taste of Makeup!

Using The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System

The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System is no different from any other airbrush machines. If you are familiar with the Dinair then you will be more than comfortable with the Belloccio. Since it is designed for home use it’s very easy to set up straight out of the box. Basically you just plug in the power adapter and then attach the hose to the airbrush gun and to the compressor and you are good to go! To start the machine, simply press the ‘On’ button and the compressor will start. It is set to ‘medium’ by default but you can easily adjust this by pressing the speed button which cycles through low, medium or high button. Start with ‘high’ for primer, ‘low’ for concealing, then move to ‘medium’ for foundation, followed by ‘low’ for blush and highlighting. The high setting is also used for cleaning.

The video below was created by Belloccio as a how-to guide for using their airbrush makeup compressor with the Belloccio makeup. It’s a great introduction to their machine as well as to one technique for applying makeup via airbrush. Have a watch and take note of the sound of the compressor, the size of the airbrush as well as the techniques the makeup artists uses to apply foundation and the way she does the highlights (think of the number 3).

When airbrushing makeup, try to avoid getting in your eyes (or your client’s eyes). You’ll notice that at the end of this video the model’s eyelashes have changed color slightly–because some of the foundation found its way there. It is possible to avoid this once you are comfortable with the movement of the airbrush gun and I want to remind you that, while you want to avoid spraying makeup into the eyes, you’ll also want to avoid squinting too much while applying the makeup because this will cause wrinkles to be highlighted by the makeup (because it builds up into the squint-wrinkles).

Who Will Like The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System?

I think the Belloccio is a great airbrush makeup system with a good quality airgun with a nice (if limited) makeup range. The standard package is perfect for airbrush makeup beginners to those who have experience with similar brands like Dinair or Temptu but are looking for a change. The mini-compressor can cope with daily use as well as days where you want to do makeup for your friends or family, but it isn’t powerful enough for professional, salon use, extended photo shoots or bridal. For those who spend some time in front of the camera and like to do their own makeup (reporters, Youtube™ stars etc) would be happy with the Belloccio airbrush makeup kit as long as they had access to a powerpoint (there are several portable options from other brands they may want to consider). It’s easy to put together, easy to maintain and everything you need in in the standard kit.

Who Won’t Like The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System?

The Belloccio mini-compressor is not suitable for advanced makeup artists, professionals or those who demand a high output from their machine as well as an airbrush and compressor that can cope with all kinds of makeup or body art. The Belloccio Salon compressor is capable of working with a higher load and is fully compatible with the Belloccio airbrush gun and is definitely worth looking into since it has such a competitive price with similar technical specifications when compared to the top brands.

The Verdict

Belloccio have come a long way and I suspect they will continue to improve their makeup range over the next decade. The new version of the mini-compressor is a vast improvement on the previous (small, white) version and it is now a stylish, good quality competitor to Dinair and Temptu. Their makeup is great and very well priced, with nice shades and quality pigments. Their airbrush gun is fantastic and it is good to have the option of two different compressors. Definitely worth considering for daily, home use.

  • Pros: Great price. Top quality airbrush gun. A pretty good mini-compressor that is lightweight and stylish with the option of a bigger, Salon-quality compressor. I like their makeup even though they don’t have a large range and the moisturizing primer is fantastic.
  • Cons: Packaging poor. Branding & website poor. Makeup range limited.

Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Competitors: Tickled Pink, Dinair Personal Pro, Glam Air, Temptu AIR

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System
The mini is stylish but not powerful. The option of a Salon Pro is awesome
Fantastic, durable, dual-action airbrush compatible with other brands.
Nice makeup though limited. Mixable. Fantastic Primer
Not bad. Seems to be early days and there is room for improvement.
Amazing price for the compressors, airbrush and the makeup.
Fantastic, affordable all round kits for beginners & for home use with good quality makeup, average compressor but fantastic airbrush.

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  • Hi, I’m hoping you could clarify a few things for me. I purchased one of these Belloccio Airbrush Makeup systems. Mine only has a .3mm nozzle, and when I asked customer service, they said that was the only tip available. Since I got it, it’s never run correctly. It sprays about 10 seconds or less and then no further color. It’s new, plus I have now cleaned it twice and taken it apart once (it was not working when I received it). When I again asked about this, the customer service rep said that it was “normal” to only be able to spray 10 or less seconds at a time. I have a hard time believing this – he said makeup is water-based, so the tip dries out even as I’m spraying, apparently. He said to leave the tip off as I was spraying so I could clean the needle constantly! Do you know if this is true? Is this true of other systems? I would love someone who is not part of the company to comment on this.

    • Hello Deb – thank you for visiting my site, I hope I can help out!
      As far as I am aware the needle/nozzle on the Belloccio airbrush gun is .4mm and has always been that size… not sure why you have a smaller one. Smaller is better for fine detail but most airbrush guns for general purpose makeup are .4mm. It’s not normal that the Belloccio would stop spraying after 10 seconds! You definitely don’t want to be running the small compressors for a long time (since they will burn out) but the Belloccio doesn’t have an auto-shutoff or anything. It sounds like the airbrush gun is defective and they should simply send you a new one – it’s actually a good airbrush when it’s not defective! If you leave the tip off you will probably get a wider angle of spray and, yes, the Belloccio does require cleaning, but not constant cleaning!

      Let me know how you go!

  • Hi! I have a question about the Belloccio airbrush gun and makeup. I recently bought a Dinair because I was nervous about the possibility of breaking out with a silicon based product. I was hoping to use it for my upcoming wedding though and I heard the silicon based products produced a better result for photos. In the article, you mentioned that the Belloccio makeup was thin enough to use with other systems but that it also has some silicone. Can it be used with the Dinair? Is it more water resistant than the Dinair makeup? Do you think the Belloccio gun would be compatible with the Dinair compressor? (I was thinking about buying another gun so I didn’t void the Dinair warranty by running Belloccio through it) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • hello Rebecca! That´s definitely a possibility – you could get the $39 Belloccio airbrush gun and use it with the Dinair. But the makeup should be ok in the Dinair as long as you are very thorough with your cleaning. Belloccio is water-based though – perhaps you were thinking of Temptu? In this case you can´t use Temptu makeup in the Dinair as you need a specific airbrush gun.
      Hope that helps!

  • Hello,
    thank you for this detailed review. I just wanted to ask whether you knew if the Belloccio airbrush gun would work with the Temptu s/b foundations or will it clog up? I have the Temptu pod system but want to switch to s/b foundations with a dual action airbrush gun and Temptu only offers that for the s-one compressor and the air which are not in my price range right now. Thank you for any advice you may provide me.

    • Hello Alejanda – I’m always happy to help!
      Unfortunately Temptu doesn’t work at all with the Belloccio airbrush makeup system. Dinair will but you really need to keep it well cleaned. Also Tickled Pink will work in Belloccio.

  • Help, I can not get the air gun back together…lost instructions and removed the chuck..trigger came out..I love this system and am lost!

    • Oh no Dee! That’s ok – it happens. I should do a post about this with some nice graphics to help out. Hmm – need to find some time!!
      Meanwhile, this video should help you as it’s a similar airbrush gun. Just follow the steps and take your time. Be very, very careful with the needle. Don’t bend it!
      Let me know how you go! Good luck!

  • I wanna buy a airbrush kit as I just finished a professional makeup course. I would like a recommendation as to which is best at this time

    • Hi Kay! Everyone has different needs so it’s hard to recommend just one airbrush system. Check out my airbrush makeup reviews for more detailed information. For beginners the Belloccio, Dinair, Tickled Pink or Temptu are all great. The biggest difference is water-based vs silicone-based (water-based is more matte, while silicone-based is more dewy). Hope that helps!!

  • i want to buy one of these as a gift for my wife, but im not sure about what kind of makeup she would like. if i bought her the tickled pink one would she be able to buy any brand of makeup she wants? i’m trying to figure out which one is compatible with the most different brands of makeup.

    • Hi David – the tickled pink should really only be used for tickled pink makeup – it is designed to work with their water and aloe-based makeup. Most machines aren’t capable of doing both Silicone and water-based makeup (it’s either one or the other). However, Iwata equipment works with the biggest range (you can use Dinair, Tickled Pink, MAC, Temptu etc in most Iwata equipment with no problems). They are professional machines. The most popular for home use is the Silver Jet as it’s very reliable and affordable. I wrote up a detailed article on Iwata equipment here. Let me know if you need any more help with this great gift for your wife!! 🙂

  • So, bottom line-for a beginner like me-would you say that the Belloccio brand would be the best option?

    • Hi Catherine – Definitely one of the best because it is a great balance of affordable with quality makeup. But, also look at Dinair and Tickled Pink to see if they might suit you more as they are all very similar.

  • Hi,
    Thank you for your review. I am trying to decide bettween the belloccio one the dinair personal pro and I can’t! I like the price point but on amazon the reviews are iffy and it seems hit or miss. I do not like that they don’t have eye shadows ect. can I use the dinair eye shadows in the Belloccio? Dose it matter thAt it only has 3 settings and the dinair personal pro can go 0-15psi? Please advise which is the better option I am lost I have read both your reviews but for the life of me I can’t decide which would be best…

    • Hi Elana – thank you for visiting! The Belloccio and Dinair are very similar – the working PSI is basically the same as the ‘low, medium, high’ just corresponds to different pressure which is more or less equal to the output of the Dinair. The Belloccio can cope with Dinair foundation though the Dinair is a little thicker. Sometimes, with the smaller compressors like these there’s a small percentage that will be faulty from the outset. That’s why you get a mix of very positive or very negative reviews. Negative reviewers are much more likely to leave a review too. Having said that, Dinair has a much better range of makeup and much better customer service once you’ve bought the machine. The Belloccio is sometimes on sale for a great price though – but, unless it is on sale, you’re probably better off with the Dinair out of the two.
      Hope that helps.

      Michelle. 🙂

  • I was about to buy the Belloccio kit, but I just watched the video above, and I’m disappointed on the sound it makes. It’s too loud! Don’t you think?

    • Hello Aydee – yep! None of these personal airbrush makeup systems are ‘whisper quiet’ like they (all) say. You can reduce the noise by not putting it on a hard surface like tile. But they will always generate some noise because they are a compressor. The better built ones have more insulation and better materials and are a bit more robust so there’s reduced rattle.

  • Hello Michelle,
    I just ordered the Belloccio kit and I can’t wait for it to come in. I have done a lot of research with all the different brands. My wedding is coming up and I find it more beneficial to buy the whole kit rather than having a make up artists do all our make up. I decided on this one! What is the deal with the warranty? I just want to know before I get it so that I won’t void the warranty by doing something that will ruin it. Thanks!

    • Hi Angie – congratulations on buying the Belloccio and for your upcoming wedding!! WOW! It’s amazing how much you save by doing your own – definitely get some practice in before the big day. It’s so much fun though.
      So, with the warranty, most manufacturers who also produce makeup-up prefer you to buy their brand of makeup. So, you will technically void the recipe if you put another brand in (some manufacturers don’t care though).
      But, a lot of the time, you can use different brands of makeup in another machine. But, if the machine and airbrush gun is designed for water-based makeup then stick with water-based brands only. Dinair is a bit thicker than Belloccio makeup so be careful with that.
      For Belloccio, Tickled Pink or Camera-Ready cosmetics should be fine.
      If you want to be safe – stick with Belloccio makeup in Belloccio! 🙂

  • Just received my kit. Set up compressed, air going to airbrjsh but no air coming out. Trigger is a bit loose but have tightend the needle chucking but, and moved needle as far forward as possible. I cannot wait to get started but not working at all. Help.

    • Hi Christi – so sorry to hear you are having trouble!
      Is air coming out of the hose when it’s not attached to the compressor? If it is then it’s the airbrush gun that is not working.
      Have you tried disassembling and reassembling the airbrush gun? This might fix something that is loose – double check that the needle isn’t damaged.
      Sometimes these smaller compressors are just factory duds – about 5% I’d say (just a guess). Did you buy off Amazon? If so, then it’s easy to get a refund. If not, email and tell them what’s happening. They should be able to send you out a replacement at their own expense. If not, let me know and I’ll update my review! 🙂

  • I purchased the Bellacio system a month ago and LOVE IT! It’s for personal home use so the small compressor is great. The best price was on Amazon. I found their makeup to be a little drying for my skin even with their moisturizing primer and a little too matte for my taste. I found Glam Air foundation that offers a Satin finish line and the look is wonderful. Not too shiny just a natural glow. Bellacio blushes are a little too dark for my fair skin but Glam Air blush works well. Both brands seem to work well together and consistency is the same as both are water based. My Bellaccio system is great but think I will stick with Glam Air products.

  • I have an Indian Skin tone. And I need to learn before I buy. Is there someone in India who can teach me personally.

    • Hello Priya – which part of India? I don’t know anything about MUA’s in India but perhaps someone who does might leave a comment to help you out.
      Good luck! 🙂

  • Hola alguien me puede decir para que sirve el tono opulencia tanning solución por favor

    Michelle’s Note: I got this from Google Translate: “Hello, can someone tell me that it serves the tone opulence tanning solution please”

  • I purchased the Belloccio system in November 2014, I found the make up to be drying for my 60 year old skin, but after using a good moisturizer that solved the problem. I have gotten so many comments that I have beautiful skin and that I look great, everyone who knows me ask if I have lost weight or changed my hair. The only change is the make up. I found it easier to try it, on someone else for the first time. I used it on my 16 year old granddaughter it does not dry her skin, but it covers and looks natural. The only make up that the both of us will ever use. Watching the video also helped.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with Belloccio Lucy! And that’s exactly right: water-based makeup isn’t great with dry skin but you can work around this by using a good moisturizer (that’s compatible with the foundation). Great idea to practice on your granddaughter too!

  • Hi!

    So, I’m a makeup artist and my mom surprised me with a Belloccio airbrush system after hearing me talking about maybe breaking in to airbrush makeup. I’m so excited, but unfortunately when I set it up and watched all the videos, I tried it out and nothing? I turned the compressor on and while air comes out, nothing changes when I pull back the trigger. No difference in sound, no makeup comes out, nothing. My boyfriend actually blew through the gravity cup and the make up came out, but I can’t really do that on my own face. Haha I took it apart and cleaned it twice and still nothing. Their customer service is incredible though, I was on the phone for a total of three minutes and they are sending a replacement to me. I just wanted to know if you have heard of this before? Air comes out, but no makeup?

    Also, you say this isn’t good for weddings? Why is that? I’m doing a wedding in three weeks and I was just curious as to why? Thanks!!

    • Hi Alayna! Wow – what a great present your mom gave you! The Belloccio is a great personal-use system – let me know what you think of their makeup! So, if the compressor is working and air is coming out with no makeup then it might just be that you haven’t assembled it right. Was the nut fully tightened? That’s usually the problem. It sounds like you hadn’t used the machine before so there’s no way it could have been clogged.
      Good to hear positive feedback about Belloccio’s customer service though! Glad they’re replacing it so quickly.
      Oh – I say it’s not great for weddings because it’s a small machine and you can’t really do more than one or two people before the machine overheats. All the smaller/personal-use airbrush makeup systems are like this (Dinair, Ticked Pink etc). But, if you pace yourself and are doing a combination of airbrush makeup with traditional makeup then you can get the traditional makeup work done while the machine is resting.
      Hope that makes sense! 🙂

  • Wow you are such a wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable person! I am very experienced with “normal” makeup, but I’ve never used airbrush makeup. I would absolutely love to try it though! Because of price points and my very porcelain (literally off-white) skin tone, I am planning to purchase 3 different things, but I would really appreciate your opinion! Here are the three things:

    1. Belloccio airbrush compressor (no makeup or airbrush included)- $39.96
    Your review of this product really convinced me that this would be perfect for my non-picky, at home makeup application! And the price is definitely right! This particular one on their website is the mini at-home compressor, and it comes with the compressor, charger, and hose. So basically everything except the actual airbrush. I would buy the Belloccio airbrush, but I have read a bunch of bad customer service review from them for their faulty brushes (most faults are in the airbrush anyways, not the compressor), so I think I’ll go with the Dinair airbrush.

    2. Dinair 400 CX pro beauty airbrush- originally $80 but currently on sale for $39.95!
    I also read your dinair system review and decided that this was definitely the brush to get, especially since I’ll be using their foundation.

    3. Dinair Colair Xtreme airbrush foundation (white and alabaster) .25 oz- $18 or 1.15 oz- $40
    This is their new foundation, and although I couldn’t find a review from you, I did read other reviews and this sounds so so so perfect for me! It comes in a white foundation shade as well as other mixing shades! 48+ hr wear, water/smudge-proof, and water-based.

    So can you tell me what you think of my plan? Am I missing anything? Does it seem to you like these products would all mesh and work well together? Is there something else that you would recommend in place of something else that I listed? Thank you so much for your incredible reviews and helpful feedback!

    • Hi Alexis! Sounds like a great plan and fantastic prices! 🙂
      I’ve also noticed Belloccio are getting some bad reviews again. They had a good run in 2013 I think but have really pushed their prices low – maybe this has affected quality assurance… if you have any doubts – just go with the Dinair compressor too. But, all the compressors of this size are around the same quality (except the no-name brands… don’t go near those). It’s really the customer service that’s important.

      But, the kit you are putting together will be a great introduction to airbrush makeup and the Colair Xtreme is really good makeup – most of Dinair’s makeup is great. You can always give them a call first too to see if they have other recommendations. I think you’d love MAC foundations too – they have great makeup for your skin tones (maybe you’ve already tried it?). And you don’t need an airbrush (it’s optional). However, you won’t be able to use MAC with the airbrush kit you’re putting together as it is for water-based only.
      Let me know how you go!

      • Thank you so much! I don’t know how to purchase a Dinair compressor from their website (warranties and returns are important to me) without purchasing a whole kit of makeup and unnessecary things that I would never use, or if there’s another good brand that offers a single compressor, hose, and charger (if necessary). It doesn’t seem like there have been too many problems with the actual compressor from Belloccio though, right? It seems like most of the complaints are about their brushes and makeup itself to me. I think as long as the brush and compressor from the different companies all work together then the compressor should be good. And I have tried several different MAC foundations (and currently use studio finish concealer everyday), but the fact that it doesn’t mix well with other devices kind of ruins it for me though. I’ll definitely give Dinair a call before I purchase though, and ask for their recommendations since I’m most dead-set on purchasing their brush and Colair! I didn’t even know I could do that, so thank you for informing me! I’ll be sure to let you know how things go though, and thank you so so so much! I’m so excited now 🙂

  • Hi, I purchased the Belloccio airbrush system for my daughter for Christmas and she dropped the airbrush nozzle on the bathroom sink top and broke the needle. Are there any websites where I can purchase replacement needles? I looked on the company website and they don’t appear to sell them. Thanks!

    • Hello Amy – oh no! Did she damage the nozzle too? That’s just as important as the needle. It is possible to restraighten the needle if you are handy with pliers (maybe some sandpaper too) but this doesn’t always work. If you want a cheaper replacement of the Belloccio airbrush, there are a few on Amazon which are very similar (just not branded and they are single action rather than dual action). This one is the cheapest though I don’t know anything about the seller. Also, there’s a $20 one which looks ok. I don’t think Belloccio sell replacement components unless you get in touch with them directly. Definitely worth trying as they may send you one – if they are still working on improving their customer service then they should send you one out for free! Then you can come back to tell us all about it!! 🙂

  • I also bought a Belloccio,but air comes out but when I put myakeup in it won’t spray husband and I took the whole Hun apart thinking maybe it is clogged but still nothing .we called customer service and they said to try and pull the needle back some but still won’t work so I’m hoping maybe you can help me.
    Thank you
    Heidi Clark,

    • Hello Heidi – the Belloccio airbrush gun is great for the price but isn’t as reliable as the Iwata guns (which cost over $100). Unfortunately the components aren’t as strong and easily bent out of place or alignment. Without looking at the airbrush gun it’s hard to tell, but it sounds like it’s probably the needle, nozzle or spring. It’s probably not clogged but there are many pieces to an airbrush gun and, if something goes wrong, then you really need to take it apart and inspect everything. The Belloccio should have come with a diagram of all the components so you can compare them with your airbrush gun to see what might not be fitting back together properly.

      Hope that helps – if you aren’t getting anywhere, Belloccio should replace it. Sometimes a lot of companies are hesistant to replace the airbrush guns at first because there are a few different troubleshooting things you can do to find out if it is really broken or just misaligned or not fully assembled. I know it’s a bit of a pain in the early stages, but it is a learning curve that you will be very comfortable with soon! 🙂

  • Hi I purchased the airbrush kit early last year but have just used it about 4xs. I went to use it last night and while using it, it shut off, then when I hit the button back on and released my finger the system turned off, so it will work but only if I hold down the “on” button. So I was wondering if you had any suggestions as they would be greatly appreciated. Thank u so much for your time

    • Hi Nicole – sorry to hear that your Belloccio isn’t working properly! That’s the problem with a lot of the smaller, personal-use airbrush makeup systems. Some just don’t last and you really can’t do much about it exept to replace it unfortunately. The warranty probably has expired and the cost of repair would be the same as replacement. Most likely it is an electrical fault – but, it could be something simple like the on/off button isn’t aligning properly. Contact Belloccio to see if they can help (this might be a common issue). If the repair is going to cost too much then maybe get someone who is handy with electrics to have a look (if it’s just the on/off switch needing improved contact with the elecrics then they might be able to fix it for you). Good luck! 🙂