Airbrush Makeup Review: Dinair Airbrush Makeup Foundation Deluxe Kit

Dinair is probably the most popular brand available at the moment since they’ve been around for such a long time. The makeup feels so light on the skin and the system itself is a really great compact size–ultra cute–but maybe a little less powerful than those the professionals use. At $199 for the kit it is about average in the price range.

The bottles of foundation start at $12 for a 1/4 oz. bottle and can go as high as $35 for the 1.15oz bottles of paramedical shades. At that price they are cheaper than their direct competitors like Temptu, and you would probably be spending around $30-$50 a month with daily use.

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Airbrush Makeup Review: Dinair

What is in the box:

The Foundation Deluxe Airbrush Makeup Kit comes with the compressor (you can choose from 14 colors such as white, champagne, black onyx, red), a beauty airbrush, 4 foundation shades (1/4 oz.), 4 bonus shades (3ml), the ‘Moist & Dewy’ spray-on moisturiser (which helps to condition your skin and enables the makeup to settle more evenly), travel caps, Airtan™ cap and cleaning band, airbrush hose, adapter plug, cleaner, an instructional DVD, bonus stencils plus a case. The Dinair does sell a separate battery pack but because the compressor is so small, the battery pack does not attach to the machine.

It’s really just 10 rechargeable lithium batteries bound with plastic wrap and ends up being more cumbersome for travel. The hose is not the highest quality out there and certainly not the longest. The new kits also come with the ‘less is more’ bands which act as a guide for your airbrush control lever.

Using the Dinair:

The Dinair Airbrush Makeup kit is very easy to use. The compressor runs at an acceptable PSI of 0-15 as the kit is designed for beginner to intermediate users. Professional makeup artists will generally look for something with a PSI up to 35 and something a bit more robust. Generally a PSI under 15 is used for foundation but a higher PSI is really needed for best cleaning as you can blam out the excess makeup with a burst of high PSI air. The kit itself is compact (2x3x4 inches) and very light in weight – however, it is powerful enough for home-use and well built enough to be the main tool of part-time professionals (though full time professional makeup artists tend to prefer the Iwata brand of compressors and airbrush guns). The airbrush is all metal with no plastic parts and up to the standard of any other brands–dual-action is always a plus and as far as I’m concerned, a must-have for use with makeup. As with pretty much all airbrushes, the Dinair does require proper cleaning and care so be sure to check out our guide to care & cleaning.

The great thing about the Dinair Airbrush Makeup system is its versatility. Most kits come with four different shades of foundation and you can purchase extra shades or colors to add to your look. Dinair has an amazing range of mattes and satins for that glamour look, twenty shades of foundation, twelve shades for blush and lips, six shades of eye shadow, ten shades for the lashes, brows and eye liner, five concealers, five adjusters, seven concealers, and the coolest range of opalescent colors called ‘shimmer’ as well as the vibrant ‘fantasy’ range for face, body and hair.

Dinair also has a range dedicated for hair special effects which are vibrant yellows, blues, reds, greens, pink, orange and magenta. On top of all this, you can use the Dinair Paramedical range to camouflage areas on your skin that have strong discoloration with a range of seventeen shades of makeup.

The best feature we found with the Dinair Airbrush Makeup system was that you can actually custom mix any of the makeups to create your own colors! This not only makes the Dinair really versatile but it also adds to the fun and creativity of the system.  However, mixing the colors can sometimes change the consistency of the makeup which may result in smearing. This doesn’t always happen but you have to really utilize trial and error to see what works best for you.

There’s also a great range of stencils in the Dinair range and they are always adding more shapes. If you’ve never used stencils before then you’re in for a treat because you can match the stencil shapes with the patterns, colors and designs of your clothes or copy the runway looks in just a few minutes.

Dinair makeup is very appealing because it’s so light on the skin. Being water based the makeup is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic which means no more red marks or outbreaks. Apart from being easy to use and having a great range of colors, the fact that Dinair’s makeup is oil, silicon and paraben free is a real plus. You’ll find that it is much easier to remove than traditional makeup since it can produce such great coverage with just a tiny amount.

As most people who have bought their products before know, Dinair has great customer support who are happy to guide you through the learning process as well as answer any questions you may have (or resolve any issues). They will help you with color-matching either over the phone, email or even on Skype! This support is life-time so extra points for this Dinair!

Dinair Airbrush Makeup Foundation Deluxe
A decent range 0-15 PSI and whisper quiet. Would prefer a stronger compressor.
Fantastic, durable, dual-action airbrush compatible with other brands.
Beautiful range with stunning colors. Waterbased is a plus as is ability to mix.
The best customer service of all the brands.
Average price for this level of kit & good value for money.
Overall one of the best all round kits for beginners & for home use with above average makeup & customer service.

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  • Michelle, I have read several of your articles and they are so informative! I own a luminess airbrush, do you know if I can buy a different airbrush & connect it to my airbrush equipment, & which airbrush foundations other than luminess (which is crazy expensive) could I purchase that would work in their airbrush? I heard that some airbrush foundations are too thick & wont work in the luminess equipment. Thank you very much for any assistance you can give me.

    • Hello – thank you; I’m glad you’re enjoying the website! 🙂
      With the luminess, you won’t be able to fit an Iwata airbrush gun straight into it because the connection to the hose is different (Iwata has a more fancy one). The Luminess is a bit like the Dinair which just has the silicone/rubber hose rather than a ‘clicky’ connector.
      When trying different makeup from other manufacturers, the things to look out for are the size of the needle and nozzle. You also have to be aware of the strength (PSI) of your compressor since lower PSI compressors cannot deal with thicker (silicone-based) makeup.
      Check the manufacturer’s fineprint too! Because you may void the warranty by using different makeup.
      Which model Luminess do you have exactly? This makes a difference. I know an awesome way to find out if certain makeup works is to contact them on Facebook with the question and they often reply quite fast.

  • Your articles are very informative, thank you! Can other airbrush foundations be used in the luminess airbrush other than theirs? Luminess is very expensive.

  • Hi,
    Can i use kett foundation with dinair airbrush gun.

    • Hello – Kett Hydro foundation is ok in Dinair’s airbrush gun but not some of their others like hydro proof which are thicker.
      Thanks for reading the website! 🙂

  • Hey Michelle, first of all thanks for the FAB website! My question: I have used Dinair, love their makeup bu hate their stylus (it clogs a lot, the lever is problematic etc. I used two new ones and both died within a year). Do you think I could use a Kett transormer stylus with the Di air compressor? I know that it comes with the right plug-in adaptor, but would the Dinair compressor be powerful enough to “push” the makeup through? And is the Kett’s nozzle too small for Dinair Makeup? I have searched e everywhere but could not find how big Dinair’s nozzle is. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

    • Hello Bobette! Thank you for reading my website – I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!
      Totally agree with you about the Dinair stylus. It’s not as forgiving as Iwata when you really push it – that’s one reason why Dinair is a lot cheaper: basically the construction and materials aren’t the same quality as the much more expensive professional tools (though you can definitely use Dinair as a professional – many MUA’s do).
      I definitely have to ask you if you are cleaning your airgun correctly and after every use – sorry to ask but it’s super important! 🙂 Nothing kills an airbrush faster than clogged makeup – cleaning is definitely the worst part of airbrushing makeup. But Dinair as an awesome docking system which you probably have if you’ve purchased it as a kit.
      I’ve never mixed a Kett stylus with a Dinair compressor but I think you might run into some troubles (theoretically you can mix and match any of the equipment but you need to factor in various things such as PSI strength, needle size, viscosity of makeup and various attachments – it starts to get complicated pretty quickly!)
      The Dinair compressor doesn’t have the same PSI strength as the Kett (up to 15psi vs 30psi) and Dinair’s needle size is only .2mm (Kett is .25 which is not much bigger). I think the biggest issue is that the Kett uses a different attachment (screw type) for their hose – the Dinair is a cheaper, rubber/silicone push-type attachment). So they aren’t compatible from this point of view.
      Let me know if that helps or if you need any more thoughts. Also let me know how you go if you try various different things. I love to hear different experiences from fellow airbrushers!

  • Well first of all THANKS for the superfast reply!!! It’s great to finally find out the Dinair nozzle is only 2 mm, maybe that’s part of the problem. I have cleaned the airbrush in the most orthodox ways, I even have a good ultrasonic cleaning unit, but unfortunately nothing helped. Also the materials seem to tarnish after a while, which means not all the parts of the gun are made out of stainless steel, if any. So in the end I purchased a Sparmax continuous flow stylus that runs like a dream, but I would like another now. I would love to try a Kett stylus because they are made by Sparmax. The Transformer brush has an adaptor for the sylicon hose (as does my other Sparmax) which means it should be fine. Now my only concern is the compressor strength, however it may be fine if the nozzle is the same or slightly wider…I’ll let you know what I decide… On an unrelated note, I tried the Luminess new Technique stylus and it’s awesome! It has a different spring system on the lever that helps preventing overspray, and it’s totally different from the ones they had before. You should write to them to re-review their kit as they have changed a lot. Too bad the make up is still crappy though, and in that respect they don’t even compare to Dinair!
    Well thanks again, hope I didn’t go on too long, feel free to edit if you wish :))))

  • Woops, sorry, I meant “Sparmax single action” rather than “continuous flow”. It’s the HB 40S, which is exactly the same they are producing for kett with the name .4 (the one with the golden tail) 🙂

    • I’ve heard and read good things about the Sparmax – great to hear it’s working well for you. Have you looked at the dual action version for your next one? I’m a big fan of Dinair but you’re totally right that it’s not the best quality material out there – it only takes a few components to not be real stainless steal for it to wear out. I guess they have to keep it affordable! But I think it’s a great little package and their makeup is fun.
      If the Sparmax HB 40S is the same as the Kett then it should be good quality for sure – all their airbrushes are very good quality.
      Ooh – I definitely want to try out the new Luminess stylus. From what I’ve heard they are really improving on all levels. Can’t wait to get a review up here!
      Thanks so much for reading and you definitely don’t need to apologize for a long reply! 🙂

      • Hey Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that I got my Transformer Airbrush from Kett and I am happy to report that it DOES work very well both with my Dinair and with my Luminess compressors, and in both single and dual action mode. The stylus can be easily connected to the simple rubber hoses of these compressors with the “plug-in” adaptor provided in the box. Both Luminess and Dinair makeup work very well with this gun (even the shimmers), but I have NOT tried Kett makeup with this “hybrid” equipment. Do you think it would work? Is Kett Hydra formula as thin as say Dinair or do you think I would have problems with it due to less powerfull compressors? I really would like to try Kett make up to… 🙂

        • Hello Bobette – great to hear from you again! Great new that you are able to use your Kett stylus with the Dinair!! I didn’t realize that it came with an adaptor so that’s definitely something new to me.
          As for Kett Hydro, you can use this in Dinair – definitely. It’s a little thicker than Dinair makeup so you will have to water it down to get better results (otherwise it tends to clog and is a bit of a pain to clean). I need to do an article on mixing/diluting airbrush makeup I think!!
          So, with airbrush makeup you can basically just mix your own makeup and, technically, it should always work fine in your system as long as you get the right consistency. So, that’s the key: getting it to the right consistency! So, with a bit of experimentation you can work this out… but it can become an expensive experiment!
          I’ve started using witch hazel just this year – let me tell you it’s fantastic. For Kett Hydro the formula is:
          2 drops witch hazel to 6 drops Kett Hyro. Just put that in the cup and back bubble to mix. That amount should be perfect for foundation.
          Make sure it’s Kett Hydro you’re using though and don’t ‘Hydro Proof’ – you can’t mix hydro proof because that actually does have a special formula.
          Let me know how you go!

        • I see this was almost a year ago, but if you get the chance to respond, I would greatly appreciate it! I’m basically trying to do this exact same thing- I have a Dinair compressor, and would like to use a Kett transformer stylus gun using the adapter- BUT I have a strong preference for Kett’s makeup over Dinair. Did you ever figure out if the Dinair compressor was strong enough to push the Kett makeup through the Kett stylus? Thank you so much!

          • Hi Ellie, I just stumbled upon my old post and saw your question, so as you posted it only a couple of weeks ago I hope you will see this: I am happy to confirm that the Dinair compressor is perfectly able to push Kett’s foundation through the Kett gun! In the meantime I have bought the other gun offered by kett as well (the .4 nozzle one with the Golden handle), and I am happy to report that it also works as a dream. It never clogged on me even once in the first six months! The bottom line is: once you use good quality airbrushes such as the one Kett has (which are made by Sparmax, who also makes them for Temptu and Occ) you can pretty much hook them up to any decent compressor and you’ll be fine. The brands of course don’t want you to do that because they lose out, but what can you do? Dinair is a fabulous brand except for their crappy aibrushes, which tarnish and break down. It’s been such a breeze since I started mixing things up! 🙂

  • Hi…I am a professional make up / special FX artist for movies. I would like to try your system, but…can it be used with alcohol based make up? and with the color palate that you offer, do you have white and blue/greys?

    • Hello – I’m not the manufacturer of Dinair. 🙂
      However, to answer your questions, Dinair has a very wide variety of makeup and they have designed their water-based makeup to work specifically in their airbrush makeup system. It’s not the best choice for a professional as the Dinair has limited PSI (amongst other things). However, their makeup range is great.
      As a professional, you would want to look at the Iwata airbrushes. MAC uses Iwata equipment and also has a great range of makeup (plus, you can use other brands of makeup, including alcohol based makeup, in Iwata systems. See my review of MAC here:

      • commenting on the makeup for airbrush. I would like to introduce myself to you. I am an esthetician and professional makeup artist as well as a Independent Distributor for Motives Cosmetics. We offer some real solutions that I believe will excite you. We offer custom blended makeup for our clients and they are mineral based in both liquid and powder. We also have a huge assortment of eye shadows and blushes that work with any makeup airbrush gun. OUr product can work with any brand of airbrush. Photographers love our makeup for it does create issues with their cameras. It is gorgeous on all professional models as well as for brides and personal us. Please take a look and if you have any questions, get in touch with me and i will be glad to help. Check out for more information on Motives. You will see that many of Hollywood Stars are using Motives. And the price point is fabulous.

        • Hello Victoria – thank you for visiting and for letting us all know about Motives Cosmetics! I haven’t used Motives but I’m very excited to check out your products in an airbrush makeup system! And if any of my website visitors have had experience with Motives I’d love to hear your feedback.
          Just to let you know Victoria, I took out your email address from the content of the comment because you would otherwise get lots of nasty spam!

          • I know Motives and was asked to come aboard their team when they were pretty new & again last year. They have amazing colors and great pay off, the product is great I wish it was sold in retail stores because it would be flying off the shelves. However I never knew they had any type of makeup to use in an air brush,if so I’d love to hear more about it!! I don’t think I seen it when I went to their web site, I will be sure to go back and check,because if they do,I’d love to try it.If they have colors for air brush,like they have in their pallets, I’m sure EVERYONE will be using it!! This is the 1st time I’ve heard of Motives being used or making products for air brush.Has anyone else tried it?? It is a great line, I just hate that it’s kind of a modern day Avon (which is great) and like I said their products are amaz & the colors are beautiful also pigment is wonderful!Exciting news if not a ploy to get you to the Motives home page.I hope it happens,I really do! Cause I’ll be 1st in line to buy some (or order it)

  • I was looking at the Belloccio system but will the Dinair makeup wrk in their system. Thank you for all your advice. This is a costly investment and trying to make an educated choice.

    • Hello Tamara – Dinair makeup does work in the Belloccio. Make sure you use the water-based makeup only. Belloccio is definitely a great choice when taking into account costs because they make a very affordable system that is equally as good as their competitors.
      Belloccio are really improving their makeup line too so I think it’s a good choice and definitely a company to keep your eye on.
      Good luck and let me know how you go.

      • Thank you for responding, I like the compressor look of the Belloccio but wanted to do eyeshadows so I was also looking at the Dinair. I am having a hard time deciding between them. Is the customer service good with Belloccio? There is alot of good comments with the Dinair.

        • No problem – always happy to help and to talk about airbrush makeup!
          It sounds like Dinair is a better choice for you. They have such a great range of makeup plus the customer service is incredible. This is how they stand apart from most others.
          The prices on Amazon for Dinair are generally good – have a look around because you can sometimes get great deals. Dinair also has the eye shadow stencils and are always innovating new products (as well as makeup).
          Belloccio also have good customer service and are improving all the time – but if you are uncertain then Dinair is a safer option at the moment.
          Let me know how you go.

  • Hi michelle,
    I’m new to airbrush systems..and was wondering which system is the best for personal and small gigs from time to time with the quality and cost?

    • Hello Desseraye – thank you for reading!
      Have you checked out all my reviews?
      That should give you a good idea as it’s hard to sum up in a single reply.
      I can definitely recommend Dinair as they are very well priced, have great customer service (for new airbrushers they are really helpful) and have a great makeup range. Also, they are constantly producing new makeup.
      Also look at Belloccio and Tickled Pink who have very affordable systems.
      If you have a little more to spend, the Kett Jett is great for gigs because it can run on battery (and is also a great system).
      Let me know if you have any more questions – and definitely let me know when you buy your system. I’d love to get your feedback! 🙂

  • I have been researching airbrush make-up and this site has been fabulous! I have a better idea of what to look for now. My proble is the makeup itself. Do the water-proof foundations stand up to sweating, etc., or should I look for a silicon based system. I live in the deep south…good thing you can’t hear accents on blogs…It’s HOT here and I sweat a lot. I had settled on the Dinar, but now have doubts. Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I just bought a Dinair but I want to know if it is healthy to use it 6 days out of the week. It looks like it really “covers” well…so well, that I am suspicious that it may clog my pores! But I think I researched somewhere that water-based airbrush does not clog your pores but I wanted to confirm. I was just using Bare Minerals before this and it is very light and sheer and I wanted to know if Dinair would present the same, safe results? Last, is the Dinair makeup supposed to make you feel like you’re wearing makeup? I think b/c I am so used to loose poweder that anything liquid I have on my face, I feel like it’s sitting on my pores. Please advise. Thank you!!!

    • Hello Jo – congratulations on getting the Dinair! Definitely it’s safe to use for 6 days of the week because, as you say, it’s water-based. Of course, it’s different for everyone so if you have sensitive skin or pores that clog easily then you need to be more careful. But for almost everyone, Dinair is non-irritating. Airbrush makeup can’t really ever claim to be ‘good for your skin’ like Bare Minerals can. You definitely have to treat your skin with other products to keep it healthy.
      Avoid the temptation to use too much makeup – only 2 or 3 drops can give you full coverage if you are going for sheer. You definitely shouldn’t feel it on your skin and it should dry very quickly. So you might be using a little too much. Try the ‘less is more’ approach. Have a read of some of the articles on my website and checkout Dinair’s tutorials too. They have some great information to help you out.
      Let me know how you go!

  • I am really considering purchasing the Dinair system. I have been watching tons of youtube videos and reading reviews. Every since I had my daughter I sweat so much so I hardly every wear makeup because I just sweat it off or I look greasy after an hour or so. I’ve been reading that it lasts all day, but does it really? I love that its a matte finish, but does it stay looking that great all day. I love what I’m seeing and I want my skin to look like all the videos I’ve been watching. 🙂 Thanks for your help!!

    • Hello Dana – thank you for visiting!
      Dinair is a fantastic little system for home use and their makeup is really great. I know that for people who sweat a lot they don’t get the optimum results with Dinair but there are ways that you can improve the performance of airbrush makeup when using water-based makeup. Mist and Fix is a perfect product for you to use with Dinair – I’ve written a little article here. With a bit of practice and a few little tricks you can definitely get great, long-lasting results with Dinair. Their makeup is also constantly improving and the Paramedical line will definitely give you a solid 24 hours of smudge-free wear.
      It’s fantastic that you are looking at lots of videos first – I love that so many people are sharing their experiences on YouTube so we can really get to know a product before buying it. Please come back to let me know how you go with the Dinair!

      • Thanks so much for answering me so quickly! I think I’ve decided to go ahead & make the purchase. I think I’ll start with the Mist & Fix tip first and go from there. You have a great site!!

        • Fantastic! I know you’ll love it!! Good luck Dana. 🙂

  • Michelle,

    Just wanted to let you know that I found your website very informative. Thanks for helping me choose an airbrush makeup kit. 🙂


    • Hello Liz – thank you for stopping by and for the nice comment! 🙂
      I’m glad I could help – which kit did you choose? I’d love to hear your experiences and it’s always helpful for my readers so please come back and leave some comments on your kit.

  • Hello. I really need some advice. I am not a makeup artist but I am looking to purchase a system that is not terribly expensive. I would also like makeup that will not hilight my laugh lines. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hello Angelia – thank you for your question! Have a look at the airbrush makeup review section which will give you more help than I can write here in the comments. I’ve included ratings and information based on price of the kits as well as value for money.
      Don’t forget, when airbrushing your laughlines, don’t squint your eyes as this will emphasize the lines.

  • Can I use Dinair on luminess system?

    • Hello Rosell – yes you can use the normal Dinair Foundation in Luminess

  • Hi michelle,
    this really helped. I was wondering what make up i can use in the Bellicco? Would you know?

    • Hello Katrina! Great question – Belloccio makeup is silicone-based, like Temptu. They are similar in consistency but have some subtle differences. Belloccio is designed for use with a .4mm needle while Temptu is .35mm. Temptu is designed to work at slightly higher PSI than Belloccio (Belloccio is similar to Dinair – more on that later). So .05mm isn’t a big difference and you can use Temptu makeup in a Belloccio but it may not be optimal without adding a thinning agent. Basically you can use any makeup from any brand in any gun as long as you work out the correct consistency that it has to be (eg. you can use Dinair makeup in the Belloccio but you would have to thicken in). This takes time and practise. Also, never mix silicone-based with water-based etc.
      But, as a general rule, since Belloccio is silicone-based then you can use makeup from other companies that are silicone based. However, that’s only part of the story since they all have their own formulas! Which means you need to experiment and might not get it right first time.
      Hope that helps!

  • Hey
    I’m looking to purchase an airbrush system for Christmas!:)
    I have big pores and oily skin, I usually have to use blotting
    sheets every 2 hours or so, which is embarrassing. My skin
    is also prone to breakouts I also have a small scar on the side
    of my nose (i got a mole removed) and its an indented scar, which
    is hard to conceal because I feel like I would need to fill it or something.
    What do you recommend and when i do make a purchase would I put
    eye makeup on before or after airbrushing?

    • Hello Mila – thank you for visiting! You’ll love airbrush makeup – I definitely recommend a water-based makeup like Dinair or Kett. Temptu also now has a good water-based ranged. Have a look at their makeup and see if you like them.
      For oily skin, you MUST try Demalogica Medibac Clearing Mattifier. Have a read of my article for more info.
      Use this as part of your prep before putting on makeup. Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized (if you need it).
      Apply concealer first – it may help for your scar to use a spot concealer. The Dinair makeup should work well with your skin because it is very light and is very effective for a flawless look.
      Put your eye liner on after airbrushing. You can do eye-shadow with airbrush makeup but never do eye-liner this way. Don’t forget not to rest your hand on your face when doing eyeliner after you’ve put your makeup on!
      I have some how-to airbrush makeup guides you can read through to help you.
      It does take some time to get used to the feel of the airbrush and for your muscles, eye and brain all to coordinate but you’ll pick it up in no time. Just read the guides and watch videos online of people airbrushing and you’ll feel more confident.
      Come back and leave a comment when you’ve bought your kit and let me know how you go! 🙂

    • Hello again Mila! A few people have been asking me similar questions and I’ve started putting together a list of some great products as well as a good routine for airbrush makeup. I forgot to mention Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer in my reply to you! I’ve linked to my article on it as it does a great job in covering up pores as well as small scars. This might be great for you in conjunction with the Dermalogica Medibac. Use the Primed and Poreless under foundation (so put it on before foundation. It will help reduce pores and prevent so much oiliness as well as smoothing out your skin. The airbrush makeup foundation will then do the rest.

  • […] Airbrush Makeup Review: Dinair Airbrsh Makeup Foundation Deluxe Kit […]

  • Hi Michelle,
    The information you have provided has been so helpful…Thank you!! I have a quick question though. Is it safe to bring the Dinair system with you when you travel? Also, do you plug it in to use?
    Thank you again,

    • Hello Paula – thank you for reading! I’m glad my website has been helpful for you!!
      Dinair is great for travel – that’s why a lot of people like it. All the mini compressors (from different brands) are quite light and compact. Just make sure you get yourself a good travel bag. Dinair also sells a portable, rechargeable battery now which is awesome.

  • Hello Michelle. It’s me again. I forgot to say that I am also looking into silicone based make-up…Please help. Thanks!

  • Hi! Thank you for all the wonderful information.

    Is there a specific system would you recommend for yellow skin tones? I have a really hard time matching my natural skin tone – usually foundation has to much of a orange or pink undertone.

    Thanks again!

    • Hello Sammi, thank you for visiting! – It’s hard to work out the right foundation shade for you without seeing your exact skin tone but on a general note you’ll definitely get it with Dinair. Most good airbrush makeup is mixable so, if you play with it, you’ll find an exact match. Try Dinair’s color match – you can upload a photo and they’ll recommend the shade for you. OCC also have great makeup in the yellow range. They sell mini-sets so you can try for a cheaper price. I haven’t put up my review of OCC yet because it’s a big one! But they have fantastic makeup with a great system.
      Good luck and let me know how you go!

  • Hi Michelle,
    I recently purchased a Luminess airbrush system and I am having a difficult time finding a shade that’s natural looking with my skin tone. I read that Dinar has a much larger foundation color selection and their makeup is great…can I use their foundation with my Luminess system?
    Thanks, Rebecca

    • Hello Rebecca – yes, Dinair is fine in the Luminess system. Just make sure you clean it out properly after use. Don’t use Temptu though – or any silicone-based makeup.

  • Thanks Michelle!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I have the Dinair system. I have been very happy with the glamour formula..and have just recently purchased the paramedical. I am a makeup artist and the bulk of my work is bridal.
    I just did a trial with a bride yesterday, where I covered a tattoo. It looked great. Just before she was about to leave I asked if I could take another look at the covered tattoo and it had cracked so badly that a lot of the tattoo was showing…also her skin looked dry and crinkly.(for lack of a better word) I have been conversing with one of the top makeup artists at Dinair…and as far as she can tell I have been applying it correctly…I would love to know your thoughts on the paramedical for covering tattoos…I am beginning to wonder if I should have bought the Kett system…any feedback would be so appreciated…I have scheduled another trial with the bride…but am not feeling very confident about this product.

    • Hello Marieanne – it sounds strange that Dinair would confirm that you are doing everything right but not be able to resolve your issue. They are normally so helpful! I would suggest a few things: it may be that you are doing too many passes of the makeup which will always result in caking and cracking (the rep at Dinair would have suggested this and I’m sure you are aware of this too!). But you can also try fixers over the top of the paramedical (like Make Up Forever Mist & Fix) to give the makeup that extra seal. Also try some powders over the top (after it’s fully dried – remember you can use the air-only to set the airbrush makeup) – some of these will have different results on different body parts though so you need to experiment…
      Hope that helped – definitely give the paramedical a second try because it is a fantastic product and let me know how you go! 🙂

  • Hello Michelle, I have been looking at the different spray systems and my main concern with any of them is the safety, especially around children. Is there one system that you would recommend as far as safety of the makeup?

    • Hello Kristin – most water-based makeup is fine. Avoid the silicone-based and those with alcohol (the alcohol is added to help it dry faster but can irritate the skin). Don’t use any fixers and watch out for some body paints which have all sorts of bad things in them. Some body paints are actually very safe and are designed for use with airbrush makeup systems like the Iwata.
      In terms of makeup: Dinair, Tickled Pink, OCC (OCC are vegan, water-based and oil free).
      Dinair have some really fun colors too!

  • Hi Michelle,I just discovered your website and I love. I am thinking of buying an airbrush makeup starter kit, I am a complete beginner with this. I like the Dinair, but I was not sure what you were talking about with the battery??? Do you need that? Do you buy it seperate and do you have any tips or suggest any brand that you liked when you first started out using airbrush make up? THANK YOU

    • Hi Amber – thank you for visiting!! I’m so happy you like my website! 🙂
      Dinair is almost the perfect starter kit – it doesn’t have a battery (some other systems have a battery to make them more portable but it’s not essential). The Dinair is small enough on its own to be portable even though you have to plug it in. The best thing about Dinair is their makeup which is always growing and changing – plus fantastic customer service so you really feel confident when starting out.
      I was lucky enough to be exposed to Iwata when I first started out – I didn’t have my own kit at first but borrowed various systems until I got my own. I used Dinair and I think it’s very hassle free and was given the Temptu Airpod (but I don’t use this very much because I prefer their pro system). I’m lucky enough to be able to get my hands on many different systems so I’ve had lots of experience with different compressors and airbrush makeup – at the end of the day, everyone has different tastes and preferences but you’ll find that the biggest difference is in the makeup itself. There is a very big difference between silicone and water-based makeup – they feel different when you are putting on your makeup and they feel different when it’s on and throughout the day as well as creating a totally different look.
      Good luck with your airbrush makeup journey and please come back to tell me what you think! 🙂


  • What other brands of airbrush foundation can I use in the dinair system? Thanks for the information.

    • Hello – you can use a range of water-based makeups in Dinair though they won’t honor the warranty if they know you’ve done it! You need makeup that is a similar consistency to Dinair and make sure you clean, clean, clean!

  • I’ve settled on Dinair’s paramedical line but do to all of the ‘issues’ that could arise due to me being a novice, I want to buy it from them directly. I can not find their website anywhere 🙁

    I’d be interested in the entire ‘kit’ but maybe I should buy a sample of the makeup to make sure it’s the right color etc and It doesn’t break me out first?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Morgan – definitely do a test first with the paramedical. you might be surprised at how good their normal range is for covering imperfections. Dinair’s website is 🙂

  • Michelle,
    I have an IWATA gun and we use Dinair in school. I’ll be attending IMATS in NY in April and I was wondering if you had a preference between Dinair, Temptu, and Kett airbrush makeup? I want to buy refills for my kit and since I’ve only used Dinair, I don’t know which is better.


    • Hello Gaby – it’s great you get to use an Iwata gun in school. It’s perfect for airbrush makeup. I love Kett makeup but I also think Dinair has beautiful colors and they dewy effect you can get with Temptu is fantastic too! All three are very different so you’ll have to try them to really find out which one you prefer – sometimes you want different effects for different occasions too! You already know that Dinair is very light on the skin and looks very natural with a sheer coverage. Temptu feels thicker and gets a fuller, more dewy look. You will feel the difference immediately and you may or may not like it. I think you should just try the different brands and see what you think – and MAC cosmetics too!

  • Hi, I bought a dinair kit a few years ago. I loved it untill my pump started having a mind of it’s own. It would randomly go full blast and stay on even in the off position the light wouldn’t be on but I would have to unplug it in order for it to stop. I’m no longer able to use it any more and haven’t had money for a long time to buy a new one. But I have made two attempts to try to get in contact with dinair it either get it fixed or replaced no luck 🙁 do you have any suggestions?

    • Hello Alex – Dinair are usually fantastic with customer service either via email or telephone. But I think your compressor may be out of warranty so there isn’t anything they could do in terms of replacing it. Generally if these smaller, oilless compressors wear out then that’s it unfortunately! But if your airbrush gun is still working then you could look at a cheaper brand of compressor like tickled pink or Belloccio. Or maybe look on eBay for a Dinair compressor. I know you can get them on Amazon. Don’t go for one of the no-name brands though – they just don’t last at all!
      Good luck!

  • Hello…so glad to have found this site! I’ve had the Dinair system and in just 6 months have had 2 airbrush guns totally go bad for me. I was devastated the 2nd time. At first, Dinair gave me specific cleaning instructions which I had already done but I went through the motions….they suggested boiling water and I did that…..finally, they had me send it back for a “factory cleaning” which I had to pay for ($25 and it took over 3 weeks as I live on the East coast and Dinair is in CA). Eventually, they replaced the gun which was great after having none to use for almost 2 months of this nonsense. The new gun arrived, all was fine and then just 2 1/2 months later, the same thing happened. I couldn’t believe this! This was cleaned to perfection, docked daily in the little jar they sell and I did everything per the instructions. Again, i had bubbles overflow out of the makeup reservoir though there was no blockage. I don’t know what else to do but, I’m thinking I’m finished with Dinair. I’m so hesitant to go out on a limb but, after reading all of the reviews (which is how I chose Dinair in the first place), I’m not sure what to do. What would you suggest? I want water based and need something that will work when I use it!! Thanks for taking the time to read. ~Jennifer~

    • Hi Jennifer – that’s crazy!! Sometimes it’s possible to get a factory dud – like one with a bent needle or faulty nozzle but for this to happen twice is really unlucky! You seem to have done all the right things – I always recommend using distilled water and maybe to avoid cotton buds because they can leave behind little filaments. The better brands of airbrush gun don’t really work with the Dinair compressor but you could try using the Belloccio (which is a better airbrush than the Dinair and only costs $39 or so). But you might want to look at the Pro brands like Iwata and Graftobian which are much more reliable, better built and are made of better materials. You can still use Dinair with these systems.
      Hope this helps – let me know how you go!

      • Thanks so much for the response!!! I will definitely keep you posted and I truly appreciate the info, especially about compatible/non-compatible equipment. Hope to be in touch soon, Jenn

    • Hey Jennifer, I had the very same problem as you did and I solved it by getting a Kett Transformer airbrush and hooking it up to my Dinair compressor. The transformer comes with a plug in adapter that will allow you to connect the airbrush to Dinair’s hose with no problems. I(if you look up on this thread you can see my comments with the full story and reports on my experience). The Kett is a totally fabulous airbrush, I have now had it for over a year and never had any problems. I don’t dock it because it’s not really necessary, I just clean it properly with Dinair cleaner after each use. 🙂

  • I just got my Dinair about six weeks ago. It was fun to do my makeup until I decided to purchase glitter eye shadows. I droped it in the cup set the compressor dail to 11 o’clock. Not thing sprayed out. I set the dial to 12 o’clock still not thing. I emailed Dinair asked for some suggestions about a month ago, no answer. Could you be so kind give me some suggestions what I should do? I keep my equipment nice and clean. Wet dock my gun every night. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Nikki – Oh No!! Sorry to hear that your Dinair is clogged! It can definitely happen, even when you regularly clean it. I’m surprised they haven’t replied to your email because normally their customer service is terrific. You can contact them through Skype as well or over the phone. You might get a better response. Or, try their facebook page because they reply really fast when you do things more publicly 🙂
      It definitely sounds like the glitter clogged your gun but it’s hard to know exactly without looking at it. Hopefully Dinair will offer to clean it for you and they should do this under warranty. Or they will just replace it for you. Please let me know the outcome!


  • Michelle

    I read every review you posted and carefully considered my purchase. I decided to purchase the Dinair kit. One of the reasons I went with Dinair is the make up is supposed to look fresh for up to twelve hours. However, mine only stays on 4 to 5 hours. This is especially true of my eye makeup. Is there something I should be doing to make it last longer? I do use a moisturizer.

    Thanks for your site and your reviews!


    • Hi Kristyn – sorry to hear you aren’t getting the best result from Dinair. But hopefully I can help. It’s really important to use the right products with airbrush makeup and have a good routine. So prepping well is the first and maybe the most important step. Dinair have a moisturizer “Moist and Dewy” which works perfectly with their makeup but you shouldn’t have any issues with moisturizer as long as it is a similar base to Dinair. Try using a fixer like Makeup For Ever Mist and Fix after applying your airbrush makeup – this will add hours to it.
      Sometimes in humid climates water-based airbrush makeup doesn’t last as long as it would in cooler, dryer climates. You can use the ‘air-only’ setting to really make sure it has dried before heading out.
      Do you like the results you are getting from Dinair aside from it not lasting as long as you’d hoped? Hopefully my suggestions will help and please let me know if it’s working well for you or not.

      M 🙂

  • Thanks Michelle. I will try the moist and dewy first. The moisturizer I have been using is Garnier moisturizer. And I’ll get the make up forever mix and fix too.

    I have really liked the results and am excited to play around with new colors. thanks


    • Awesome – let me know what you think of those products Kristyn!

  • Hello! I am a makeup artist and have purchased the Dinair airbrushing kit. However, I don’t love the foundations. I currently use the Makeup Forever HD foundation and thin them with thinner 246. Is this going to be a problem with my Dinair? Or should I purchase the Makeup Forever airbrush gun.


    • Hello Jen – this combination will only work for a short time in the Dinair. The Dinair is quite thick for a water-based makeup and they have a large needle/nozzle than some other brands. But Dinair is still designed for water-based makeup only and the Make Up For Ever will eventually clog it. If you have been using it, make sure you clean it out with a cleaner designed for silicone-based makeup to make sure it’s all dissolved properly.
      But I definitely agree with you that the Makeup For Ever foundations are nicer than Dinair’s!

  • Michelle,
    I am impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and quick replies to all comers! This website has been very informative since I’m looking for the right product to give to my daughters for Christmas!

    We all had our faces airbrushed for my youngest daughter’s wedding. All I can say is “WOW”!! The girls were only enhanced…they already are gorgeous…but I actually looked beautiful! hahaha!

    I saw the Luminess infomercial which started me looking into buying a kit for each daughter and maybe myself. I found out that Luminess doesn’t tell the whole story on tv…big surprise. I’m glad I found your reviews and want to buy a Dinair system.

    I’ve seen something about AirTan…but nothing specific. Both girls like to tan and have been to the spray tanning salons. Since baking in an oven (tanning bed) or sitting in the sun is detrimental to their skin, I wanted to know more about the spray tanning attachments. Does Dinair have this option? Do you need to purchase another airbrush gun? Is the compressor that comes with the basic kit strong enough for spray tanning? What other products do you need for this kit?

    One daughter has a bad case of psoriasis. (She was stalked in college, stung by a bee and the stress over both broke her out. Coincidence, perhaps.) She has suffered for 12 years with little relief except tanning. The only place she doesn’t have it is on her face, thank the Lord. Will airbrush makeup harm her skin?

    Thanks for reading and I know I’ll get a quick response! You’re a wealth of knowledge and kindness. Many blessings. Kate

    • Hello Kate! Oh – thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad my website has helped so many people with airbrush makeup! 🙂

      Isn’t it amazing what airbrush makeup can do?! I’m glad you got to see this first-hand with your daughters and with yourself. A lot of people’s first experience with airbrush makeup is at weddings which is actually a great place to get it done since you’ll be working with a professional MUA.

      But it’s definitely not hard to learn how to airbrush makeup and systems like the Dinair make it very accessible. They have a great range of foundations which I think your daughters will love! The Tanning requires an add-on kit. Most airbrush tanning systems require much larger cups which sit either above or below the airbrush. That’s because you need so much more solution when tanning. You can see the Dinair Tanning options on their website here. They have big 1 gal bottles of the tanning solution which is handy (your daughters can share!). It’s cheaper to buy this from their website at the moment since they are on special. But it’s also available on Amazon etc. Also have a look at Tickled Pink. I wrote a very big review of them here. They are similar to Dinair but have aloe-based foundations which are soothing on the skin. Perhaps this will be better for your daughter with psoriasis. It’s hard to know though since all sorts of things can trigger psoriasis. Actually – a friend of mine treated her’s with UVB therapy which had amazing results. They say it may come back after 5 years or so but so far (after 2 years or so) she’s psoriasis free!). There’s some good information here. I can definitely understand why she likes tanning since it probably gives her some healing. Make sure she avoids any silicone-based airbrush makeup. Dinair is water-based and so is Tickled Pink.

      Hope that helps! And let me know what you choose for your daughters! I know they’ll love airbrushing!!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I have been interested in purchasing an airbrush system for coverage of my vitiligo. I was hoping to use it not only on my face but other areas where I have vitiligo. Which airbrush system would you recommend for that use? Also is any of the makeup waterproof or water resistant? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Ginny – Dinair is probably the most popular airbrush makeup system for covering vitiligo. They have a paramedical line which is perfect for concealing imperfections. You can find out more on their website here. Because the paramedical line is different from their normal foundations you just need to clean it out very carefully with alcohol or vinegar before using the non-paramedical line. Dinair are very good about helping you pick the right tones and giving you tips on the right technique. Their makeup isn’t the most waterproof but you can use a fixer to improve its lasting power. I recommend Mist & Fix.

  • Hi Michelle. Please I want to ask if I can use the Dinair foundations with the luminess airbrush pump. Thanks.

    • Hello Elizabeth – yes, the Dinair makeup is ok in Luminess.

  • Hi Michelle! I love your website; it has been so informative! I originally started my research thinking I was going to purchase a Luminess system. I have a beauty license, but am no longer in business, so it would just be for my personal use. After reading all of your reviews, I instead chose a Dinair system. I purchased 2 airbrushes from them: 1 for makeup & 1 for tanning. Unfortunately, I have not been happy with the consistency (drying), the foundation colors or the longevity of the Dinair makeup. I have tried various primers & setting sprays/powders. I purchased MAC Face & Body makeup and I love the results! I was told by the MAC makeup artist that it could be airbrushed. Unfortunately, I tried it and it clogged my Dinair makeup airbrush (I have not tried the tanning airbrush yet and am nervous to do so now). I thoroughly took the airbrush apart and cleaned it (what a pain, LOL!). It is working fine again. I contacted Dinair to find out the needle sizes of the airbrush guns I purchased. Each time I contacted them, I would get a different answer so I don’t know if they’re unknowledgable or intentionally misleading. They have said the needle size was .04mm, 1.25 mm and then when I said that didn’t sound right, they said they were 0.4 mm. I am guessing they are probably 0.25 mm. My question is, do you think if I purchased the 0.4 mm Belloccio airbrush ($39 you’ve mentioned) I would be able to use it to airbrush my MAC Face & Body without thinning? I don’t want to thin the product because it has minimal coverage as it is. I would be using the airbrush with my Dinair compressor. I hate to purchase a 3rd airbrush if it’s not going to work with that makeup as that is the only reason I would consider buying another airbrush. In my research it looks like the MAC pro systems are using 0.35-0.4 mm, but I dont know if they are using the Face & Body or a different MAC makeup to airbrush. Any assistance you can provide me would be much appreciated! Thank you so much! Take care!

    • Hi Chandra – thanks so much for visiting! You definitely know what you are doing and it’s funny when you are so informed that you speak to some customer representatives who don’t know as much as you do! The Dinair is .4mm. Dinair is a little thicker than other water-based brands but isn’t as thick as silicone-based makeup. Also, you have to take note of the mineral pigment size – you probably wouldn’t have much success putting MAC Face & Body through a Belloccio without thinning but it’s more to do with the mineral pigments than the consistency I’d say. It would result in another round of taking the airbrush apart and doing a full clean again!.

      The Dinair compressor isn’t really designed for thicker silicone-based makeup either so it doesn’t get up to the same PSI as a Grafobian or Iwata compressor. Also their airbrush guns are better designed (with much better materials) so they push everything through the gun without clogs. Putting a bit of vinegar/distilled water mix through your gun will get rid of any left over pigment grit.

      MAC Pro systems are Iwata – so, basically any Iwata product designed for makeup is also used by MAC.
      Have you tried Mist and Fix? It’s very effective with Dinair.

      Hope that’s useful for you! Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  • Hi Michelle!

    I recently bought Dinair’s Personal Pro Kit and it comes with their new Crystal Compressor. I was wondering if they changed the needle size and nozzle? Is it still 0.4mm and would I be able to use Makeup Forever’s HD foundation in it if I thinned it out with the MUFE Airbrush 246 Thinner?

    Thank-you in advance!

    • Hi Ashley – thanks for visiting! How do you like your new Dinair with Crystal Compressor? They are much nicer looking I think! The airbrush gun itself hasn’t changed though – you can’t use Make Up For Ever’s HD foundation though because it’s silicone-based. I mean – yes, you can thin it down with 246 but that’s very risky with Dinair because it’s not a super powerful machine. They don’t recommend you do it – though some people do. I prefer to do this in a pro machine like Iwata which is designed for a variety of liquids. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply! I guess I’m going to try some Temptu water-based foundations then. I would like to order more foundations from Dinair but shipping to Canada is insanely expensive. I actually got charged an extra $60 for duties, taxes, and brokerage fees when I got my compressor 🙁

        • Hi Ashley – oh no! I didn’t realize shipping to Canada was so expensive! Be careful with Temptu too because it’s silicone and water-based. Much thicker than Dinair so won’t go so well in their system! Tickled Pink or Belloccio are fine though. Even though you can thin some silicone-based airbrush makeup and put it through Dinair, you still have to worry about the size of the mineral pigments and then doing a big clean afterwards. It only takes one small bit of grit to stop the airbrush working properly. And, if Dinair knows you’ve used a different brand of makeup through your compressor they won’t honor the warranty! So, you can experiment with that after it’s already out of warranty. 🙂

  • Hi Michelle! I was wondering about an airbrush machine…I have a skin disorder and not that much money but I was to know if you can recommend a machine that has good coverage but try to keep it low.

    • Hi Makenzie – Dinair sounds perfect for you. Check out their paramedical line!

  • […] and who will only use it for their own daily makeup, then the brands you want to look at are Dinair, Belloccio, Tickled Pink and Temptu (links are to my reviews of each of these airbrush makeup […]

  • Hi Michelle, I want you to know that I still find your website the best out there on the big bad web! I had written to you months ago (May 12, 2013) about having 2 Dinair guns going bad for me so I purchased an inexpensive replacement. On Amazon, I found the Belloccio for under $35 and used it with my original Dinair compressor which is still going strong with no issues. The Belloccio gun has lasted much longer and considering it was actually less than returning my Dinair gun to their headquarters in California ($25 professional cleaning fee + shipping! insurance! etched.). So, I don’t know the current price for just the gun on Amazon today but, it’s an option for your readers to consider. It’s been pretty good for me so far.

    Thanks for this site….love it and still considering an upgrade to the Kett when I can someday. By the time I can afford it, there may be even more options out there!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for visiting again! 🙂
      And thank you for sharing your experience with Belloccio vs Dinair – you are definitely not the first to have replaced their airbrush gun with the much, much cheaper Belloccio – I definitely recommend doing this for any readers who are looking for a reliable and economic option.
      I’m also very excited to see how all this airbrush equipment develops in the next few years!

  • Hi again!
    Finally I decide to buy Dinair and it’s been 1 week since I received it. I like it and for me it hasn’t been difficult at all although I know I need practice! I have few questions:
    1) Concealers in the Glamour line: what is the function in each color: lt yellow, lt green, orange highlighter, orange hl2, orange hl3.
    2) My Glamour foundation won’t last all day, can I use something to control the OIL (extremely)?
    3) What is the purpose of the adjusters?
    Thank you!

    • Hello Ingrid! Wow – congratulations on getting the Dinair!!
      The concealers are basically just premixed foundation highlighters so use them like you would any highlighter to accentuate your features. Pearly shades work well and these Dinair shades are a little lighter than their respective foundations.
      Prep well before airbrushing makeup – a good cleanser and primer can really help control the oils. There are more extreme measures but they can sometimes interfere with the makeup. Look at MediBac Clearing Mattifier by Dermalogica for oily skin; Too Faced – Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer and, after applying your Dinair airbrush makeup, MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix. I linked to my articles on them for more info.
      The adjusters are used for mixing certain foundations, blush or shadows. Best to link you directly to the information on the Dinair website here where they have a chart that shows you which color goes with which!
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Hello Michelle!

    I have been researching like crazy for someone with knowledge like yours online to no avail before I purchased my dinair beauty basic. Now that I’ve found you and have my dinair some days later, I feel like I’ve made the right choice 🙂

    Now thanks to you I know I can use other water-based foundations when my dinair foundations are done AND if my gun goes to hell ( which I’m half expecting because A LOt of people complain about the gun), I can purchase another brand to attach to my dinair!!

    Thank you! Now on to my question because I’m rambling-

    How often must I take apart the needle completely to deep clean it? Once a month or two? Because I only know the daily maintenance (q-tip.. Cleaning solution.. Back bubble.. Clean needle tip.. Dock it). But I’m not very sure when to pull it apart to deep clean and how often and how.

    Also, I was just testing the makeup… So I had it on all day long (,amazing and flawless)and just before I washed my face, I put my wet hand on my cheek and the makeup just dissolved with drips of color. Lol bad test I know, but I’m wondering when summer comes around (I live in canada) if it’s going to melt off with all the sweat and what can I do? Is there any foundations I can use in my dinair that would withstand a night out at the clubs with non-stop dancing without smearing or fading.?

    And to the reader above who said shipping was expensive to canada…. Omg it was!! I paid 70-75 can for shipping handling etc. I’m going to share what I wish I knew about a week and a half ago before I ordered mine from the US….. Dinair is sold in canada and you can order EVERYTHING that Dinair sells on the website @

    MUCH cheaper!

    It’s legit and I ordered my foundation colors and cleaners from them 3 days ago and just got them today. I even called the number and asked the woman who answered if the website was legit because it looked shoddy 🙂 sorry it is soo longgg. But thank u mich!!!

    • Hi Mills! Wow – so glad you’re loving airbrush makeup!! 🙂
      And thank you so much for sharing your experience with everybody and letting your fellow Canadians know that you can buy in within Canada for much cheaper shipping.
      How often you need to do a full maintenance deep clean depends on a few factors – like how often you use it and also what kind of makeup you’re putting through it. If you are doing the daily clean and purging the airbrush gun in between foundations then you should be ok – especially if you put through a distilled water and small portion of white vinegar mix (and then rinse through with distilled water again to get rid of all traces of vinegar). Or you can use a citrus based cleaner. You can get away with doing a big clean only when you fell the gun’s performance is getting poor – like if you have to pull back further on the trigger than normal because it’s clogging. Or, maybe there could be a bit of pigment there somewhere near the nozzle.
      Dinair have a few videos on how to do this with their gun:

      Yeah – the biggest problem with water-based airbrush makeup is it can dissolve when in contact with sweat or rain etc. But, you can use a fixer to prevent this happening – it gives it that extra barrier of protection and water-proofing. I always recommend MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix. But other fixers can work too – just make sure they don’t have any ingredients that will clash with the water-based airbrush makeup.
      Good luck with the Dinair and please leave more tips – especially for Canadians interested in Dinair! 🙂

  • Hello hope your day is great so far. I just wanted you to know I have you under my Favorites. You are knowledgeable when it comes to airbrushing .. Thank you for giving us all the great information. ok I do have a question though. Is there a chart where I can color cross make-up ..Example Number 102 in what is that color in tickled Pink.. Thanks in advance…
    Connie Tapp

    • Hi Connie! Thank you for your kind comments! I’m glad my site is helping people. 🙂
      The chart is a great idea!! Dinair has something similar which I’ve seen before but can’t find right now! They will also give you the closest match to your foundation if you just send them an email. Tickled Pink will do this too – and most brands.
      Regarding water-proof foundations, the Kett Hydro Proof is the most water-proof. HOWEVER, this is not for use in the Dinair airbrush makeup system. You need a pro machine like Iwata for Kett Hydro Proof. You can actually improve the water-resistance of Dinair and other water-based makeup with a fixer like MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix – check it out and let me know what you think. 🙂

  • Hello! My name is Maria,(At First sorry about my English). I bought 2 weeks ago Dinair Sistem pro, because I did think that I can used silincon/based make up with this sistem. And I read here that I can not! I love de silicon based funtation, My Skin looks better than with the wáter based, so, my question is…
    Can I change de airbrush gun for another one stronger? Or I have to buy another complet Kit for silicon based??
    Thanks so much for your help!!

    • Hi Maria – thank you for visiting! Unfortunately the Dinair compressor isn’t designed for silicone-based makeup so you aren’t going to get a good performance out of it. You’re right that the airbrush won’t work either – for silicone-based makeup you need a stronger PSI as it is thicker. So, a Temptu Pro system or Iwata (Neo, Ninja Jet, Silver Jet) will work (with one of their airbrush guns too). You might be able to return the Dinair but they will probably charge shipping. Sometimes it’s good to have 2 systems anyway.

  • Hello from Spain again!!
    Thanks so much for the reply!! This site is it great!! And you help me so much!
    I think I am goint to keep the dinair sistem, and when I get more “experience” with my airbrush, I will buy another one more stronger for the silicond based!!
    Thanks again!

  • Ohh, Sorry!! Last quiestion….
    Do I use another Make up Brand with Dinair sistem??
    I ask you this, because here in Spain I can not found Dinair, so, I have to buy it by ebay and shipping is too expensive.

    • Hi Maria – definitely don’t use any silicone-based makeup in Dinair! A few brands of water-based makeup will work and you can actually create your own (but it takes some learning!)
      Try these Camera Ready formulations as they are really well priced and water-based. They tend to be more popular on tanned and yellow toned skin.
      Let me know if you try them and what you think!

  • Thanks again Michelle! I will try it and I will let you khow how it works !
    Have a nice day!

  • Hello,
    So many kits out there and so much to consider. I. Don’t wear make up everyday but I do wear 3-4 days a week. I m looking for something affordable easy to use and lasting kit. I don’t like luminess coz it’s hard to control the air which I find it hard. Is it same with dinair or any other kit where u have to focus on controlling the air pressure as well apply. I have problematic skin with acne, dark spots, scars, crows feet and bad under eye dark circle. Please suggest which one to buy. I really can’t find any unbiased review other than urs. Please please help.

    • I know what you mean! That’s why I started this website – because there is so much information out there but really nothing in one place. Or it’s just the page for the brands which doesn’t always help!!
      If you want to do airbrush makeup just for yourself and only for a few days of the week then you don’t need a Pro machine. The personal use ones are fine. If you have problematic skin with acne then definitely avoid silicone-based makeup because it will clog your pores over time and may make it worse. Look at Tickled Pink with their Aloe-based makeup (beware that some people are actually allergic to Aloe – but only a small percentage of people) and also look at Dinair.
      Both brands have compressors that give you the option of low, medium and high output. Stick with low and medium if you are a beginner. It just makes things easier and you’ll use less makeup. Also, you can layer more carefully for a more natural coverage.
      Dinair might suit you more because their makeup range is higher and is great for covering dark spots and scars. They do have a ‘paramedical range’ which is a bit more extreme and is insanely good at covering imperfections. But, for daily use, their normal foundation is really good. It sits above the skin and will fill things like crows feet in a more natural way than traditional makeup. Just, do not use too much. If you layer too many times (maybe you experienced this with Luminess) then airbrushed makeup ends up cakeing because it won’t dry properly. You are better off using a low PSI and naturally building up the layers. Take your time and let each layer settle and dry to get a good result.
      Also, a good prepping routine is important. There are lots of things you can do before applying makeup to get a great result. Just check which of your moisturizers and primers are compatible with the brand of airbrush makeup that you go with.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions or if you know which one you want and what you think of it. 🙂


  • Can you please tell me how to control the leverage. or do u know any kits tht come with leverage control so i dont have to focus on the air pressure and application at the same time. i tried luminess and because i could not be steady with the air pressure i sometimes had to use more make up than needed.

    • Hi Jagesha – most compressors have some kind of PSI control. Smaller ones like the Dinair & Belloccio will have a ‘low, medium, high’ option which makes things a lot more simple. Some of the pro machines give you finer control and also will have a higher PSI range. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Thank u for the ur detailed, unbiased reviews plus other articles and prompt replies.

  • Hi, First let me say I love your web site! I need your advise, I’m thinking of getting my fist airbrush system and I have been looking at Luminess air and Dinair, since both have a special offer for a starter kit in $99.00. I Do live in Puerto Rico, which is a tropical rain forest island. Therefore the humidity is high, my regular make up does not last any longer than mid day. I would like my makeup to last more, that is why Im considering airbrush makeup. I also suffer from eyes allergies and dermatitis, and occasionally break outs. Which make up system do you recommend, that is good for my skin in every day use, and for my wallet?

    • Hi Adalice! Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂
      Silicone-based makeup is generally better in humid climates – it lasts a lot longer. However, if you do have sensitive skin then you should really avoid silicone-based makeup as it can cause break outs and also more likely to clog pores. Both Luminess, Dinair (also Belloccio and Tickled Pink) are good, affordable airbrush makeup systems.
      You can make water-based airbrush makeup more long lasting and water-resistant by using a fixer (like Mist & Fix). This works great with a water-based brand like Dinair. The good thing about Dinair too is they have a very big range of makeup. Shipping isn’t always very cheap outside of the US for any of them though so check to see if there’s a local distributor as it might work out cheaper. Also, for all of them you have to pay shipping if you return it!
      But, I think, in your case if you are looking at the $99 range then Dinair is the best option. Most makeup will struggle to ‘last the whole day’ in a South American humid Summer, but, with a fixer you are going to see a big difference. Plus, you don’t need to use very much at all when you are airbrushing.
      Can’t wait for you to try it!! 🙂

  • Hi Michelle!

    Your reviews and knowledge have helped tremendously. Thank you SO much for sharing!!

    I received an Iwata HP-CS as a gift from my husband and I already have the Dinair Personal Pro. I use my machine for bridal work and, more specifically for foundation/blush only. Should I invest in a different compressor or should I look to purchase an adapter through Iwata that would work with my Dinair hose? If so, do you have a suggestion for the hose adapter I should look to?

    Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂

    • Hi Tiffany – WOW! What a great present (and great husband!) 🙂
      This airbrush gun won’t perform 100% with the Dinair unfortunately. If you are doing a lot of bridal work then have a look at some of the Pro compressors. The Silver Jet is really popular with MUA’s because it has a nice balance between affordability and reliability. Plus it has a good PSI and variable flow – both which work well with the airbrush gun you have.
      I wrote some info on the various Iwata airbrush machines here.
      Also, the Graftobian Walkaround works well with the HP-CS (but is a little pricey).
      hope that helps! 🙂


    I just have a quick question. Do you know how to use my Dinair Compressor with an Iwata airbrush?
    I did purchased a Dinair system but their airbrush gun is a piece of junk/crap/caca/no bueno :), I always leave it clean, I did read a lot of reviews of people complaining about the gun, and I thought they were just lazy when it comes to clean up. Oh boy I was wrong I leave the thing clean after every use and I did what they suggest to do when you are done cleaning it every time, to put it in the docking jar, but even that it didn’t work.
    I did called costumer service because I got it for Christmas so is still in the warranty. But my surprised is they don’t covered the airbrush just the compressor, that is crazy to me what a bunch of BS, they did offer me to send it for deep clean $25 fee and new gun for $49, I didn’t want to get another piece of junk, so I did asked how much is to get a new nozzle and wrench and they said $32, what???? so I did pass I rather save that money and buy a nice gun like an iwata but I dont know how to attach the gun to my silicone hose to use with dinair.
    I can’t get a new compressor right now. Also I though of getting the Kett airbrush because is made by Sparmax which is good and is the same company that makes Temptu and OCC. But my first choice is to get the Iwata but I have no clue how to use it with my Dinair Compressor.
    Your Response will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Maihsmy! Sorry to hear you had so many problems with the Dinair airbrush! Well, you aren’t the first… Just to let you know though – Iwata also provide a $25 fee for a service and cleaning of the airbrush gun so I guess it’s not super strange for Dinair to charge that. But, the Iwata airbrush guns have a 5 Year warranty!

      There is a way to connect the Dinair compressor to an Iwata airbrush but you might not be getting the best performance out of the brush. What you need is an adapter for silicone hoses (The Iwata airbrushes have a clicky/screw fit which is tighter). I’m not sure where to get these online but you might be better off going to a hobby store if there’s one near you.

      Alternatively, look at the Belloccio airbrush which is $39 and not bad. But, similar to Dinair, I’d say about 5-10% of people have trouble with these cheaper airguns. However, if you get one of the technical staff to guide you over the phone you might be able to take your faulty gun apart and reset some loose part. It does happen and they have the experience to find the faulty part easily. Might be worth a try! 🙂

  • Hi, Can the dinair gun handle MAC foundation? Thank you! P.S. Great site!

    • Hi Angie! No – unfortunately the MAC airbrush foundation is too thick for the Dinair! 🙁

  • Hi, Can the dinair gun handle MAC foundation? Thank you!

  • Hi!
    I currently own the Dinair system and love the coverage and smoothness it gives, however, I have noticed it is not one bit waterproof.

    Once I was smoothing my bangs away after I had washed my hands AND mostly dried them, and I ended up with a finger sized smudge across my forehead where the makeup wiped off.

    I have tried using Skindinavia setting sprays, and even the fine mist from them can make water spots appear with the dinair formula.

    I had bout this product hoping to use it for makeup for on camera and in film, and I am very unimpressed and cannot use the formula.

    Do you have any suggestions of a formula I could use in my dinair system? Or are there any other tips or tricks to set this foundation?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Chelsea – Oh no!! That’s such a pain when you smudge your makeup after finishing your routine! There are a few things you can do to make Dinair (or any water-based airbrush makeup) longer lasting. Dinair’s Moist & Dewy can help but it’s not the best option. They also have a water-proof sealer and extender in their own brand. Don’t be tempted to put Kett Hydroproof in your Dinair system though – it will clog.

      There are other setting sprays like Mist & Fix or Urban Decay All Nighter which will perform better than your average setting spray. Try this routine: thoroughly clean and pat dry your skin, moisturize, setting spray, foundation (wait until it is fully dry), setting spray again (yes, a second time!) and then a light application of powder over the top. You can’t rush this routine because you have to make sure everything is dry before applying the next layer. However, it will be very water and oil-proof (like 18 hours lasting).
      With setting sprays, the finer the mist, the better. So, it’s no good having a quality setting spray that comes out of a cheap or clogged bottle because you’ll get blotches (especially if you put it on before the foundation is dry).
      Hmm – I should do a post on setting sprays!! 🙂

  • Hello!
    I hope you can help me! I just got my dinair system and tonight was the first night I tried it. It was going alright but the gun kept clogging on me! By the time I got done with my foundation, blush, and eyeshadow (after it clogged during each part) and moved onto the eyeliner it had completely clogged and I ended up having to dump my makeup into the sink and give up. I cleaned it up and docked it so hopefully it works when I try again tomorrow. But this experience has me wondering: do you have to use water and clean out the airbrush gun every time you put new makeup in? Like do your foundation, clean with water, do your blush, clean with water, do your eyeshadow, clean with water, etc.? If so that is really time consuming!! Or am I just doing something wrong?? Please help! Thanks so much!


    • Hello Lisa! Don’t worry – lots of new airbrush makeup artists struggle with cleaning and learning a fast and effective makeup routine when they start out. Don’t be discouraged and keep practising! It’s more common for the smaller airbrush makeup systems to clog but the simple answer is, yes, you do need to clean in between foundation, blush/highligher, new colors etc. Don’t use tap water though! Tap water contains various chemicals and minerals that will clog your gun. Use the Dinair cleaner, a citrus-based cleaner (diluted) or just some distilled water. Use a back-bubbling technique to make sure it’s all clear before the next shade goes through. That way you are getting a fine mist with tiny droplets – this will settle on your skin much better and you won’t need to do more passes. You can do this really fast once you know how! Don’t be discouraged – it does take some time to learn but there are lots of people here to help you out!! 🙂

  • I have a airbrush machine already but because of health issue I am looking
    For a foundation without toxins and that is gluten free. Can you recommend one?

    • Hi Lesa – OCC is the best for all natural, cruelty-free, vegan makeup. Just double check that it is compatible with your machine.

  • Does the Dinair make-up have have good full flawless/ matt coverage? I am looking for the best make-up more then the system its self. I think I am sold on the Dinair system, but I am wondering of should be using, glamorous, radiant ect?? thank you

  • Hello!
    I am a hair and makeup artist and am interested in offering airbrush makeup at my salon.
    I would say only about 30% of my clients are for makeup so I do not think I would be using it at a “professional” time frame.
    I have read about a lot of the brands on your websites (your reviews are awesome, by the way, but can only
    do so much when I have no idea

    • Hi Alex – the most popular airbrush makeup system for irregular salon use is the Iwata Silver Jet (see my review here). There are various compressors and airbrush guns in the Iwata range but the Silver Jet is a great balance between quality and affordability. With the HP-CS or HP-C+ gun you’ll be able to use almost any airbrush makeup brand. If you want to be loyal to a particular brand then Temptu Pro also have a great range with fantastic makeup.
      The Silver Jet looks great in Salons too because it’s larger than the personal-use compressors and sits nicely on the counter! It’s not for prolonged use though so if you have a lot of clients in the day looking for airbrush makeup then you need to give the machine time to cool down every 20-30 minutes or so. Otherwise, it’s the perfect setup! Good luck!!

  • Thank you SO much for all the information. I am in need of a waterproof foundation and hope desperately that you can help. Please don’t laugh, but I used to use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs spray as my all over makeup (body and face) and it was great until they changed their formula. Now their spray is glittery and neither their spray nor their lotion formula cover very well and they also no longer are as waterproof. The Kett system is out of my priced range so I was wondering how good the Dinair Paramedical would be as far as coverage for oily skin and waterproof abilities (I am also 50 and therefore have to consider how the makeup might settle into wrinkles… I can tell you all the mineral powders are HORRIBLE with regard to this… sorry, off topic rant there) :). With the old Sally Hansen, I used to be able to swim and no one ever even knew I had makeup on and it made my skin look great (covering all my scars and varicose veins etc …) I also found the tan color was great for my ‘yellow’ skin as even Dermablend’s orangey looking foundation colors turned pink looking on me in a short while (I’ve taken fellow cosmetologists with me to witness this since no one believes me until they see it). My apologies for the length of this and many thanks and much appreciation for any opinions/help/advice you have.

    Thank you again,


    • Hello Ann – don’t worry, I won’t laugh! Everyone finds their own favorite products that work for them and it’s always a pity when the formula changes! Dinair paramedical is very, very good. Temptu also have an alcohol-based formula that stays on for 3 days or so and is very hydro-proof. If you give Dinair a call and let them know that you were using Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs they might be able to advise you on the right colors. With Temptu, their airbrush makeup system is compatible with their water, silicone and alcohol-based range so it gives you all those options. You really don’t want to be wearing alcohol-based makeup all the time. Even the Airbrush Legs has some nasties in it – but, if you haven’t had any bad responses to it then you probably don’t have sensitive skin! Oh, also, a lot of older ladies prefer silicone-based airbrush makeup because it has that smoother, dewy look and can cover wrinkles with very few passes. Some do prefer the matte look of water-based makeup too. Alcohol-based is a whole different look.

  • I have been purchasing from Dinair for over a year and would say this company actually has THE WORST customer service I have ever continuously experienced. I have even been to their store in Burbank and taken their course. I can never understand the ladies on the other end, and its impossible to get anything done with them. Their product is great but when I have questions, I have given up calling them for help. Its incredibly frustrating.

    • Hi Jillian – thank you for sharing your experience on Dinair’s customer service. Can you expand and give some examples? It will really help anyone looking at purchasing their system and it’s great to get all feedback about them (negative and positive!)

  • Just wanted to say “Thanks, Michelle!” for the great reviews – VERY helpful! I’m going to go ahead and buy the Dinair system and give it a try. Hopefully the 30-day MBG will not be needed…! Just when I thought I would skip wearing foundation all-together (tried almost everything my wallet could handle, then my skin changed….), I saw an info-mercial on airbrush make-up. My older son saw a bit of it and thought it would be a good product for me (not the brand we saw, but the airbrush method). Don’t get me wrong – my older son can be constructively (word??) critical and has rarely said anything to me about my make-up unless it was really bad. So “his fault” for my researching? LOL! Anyway….thanks for now and I’ll let you know how it goes…or if I need some more advice!

    • Good luck May! Yes, please come back and leave a comment with your thoughts on the Dinair – it’s always great for my readers to get feedback from people with real experience with the systems rather than just relying on advertising! 🙂

  • Can we apply the mehron no sweat as prep. And spray paramedical Dinair foundation and do finishing with the Mehron barrier spray. My client is a dancer,and Dinair foundation cant keep it in lasting.

    • Hello Yen – mehron is alcohol-based and won’t work with the normal Dinair. Actually – the normal Dinair foundation (which is water-based) isn’t great for high-sweat activities. However, the paramedical may be fine (though I don’t know 100%). The alcohol-based airbrush makeup is exactly what you need. Paramedical will last much longer. Temptu’s alchol-based makeup is great too.
      Mist & Fix with normal Dinair foundation will also work (after applying foundation). Try that as alcohol-based makeup can be harsh. We have to be careful with Dancers because they do have to sweat to cool down but are also performing so want to look their best! It’s difficult!
      Let me know how you go with Mehron & Dinair Paramedical.

  • I have been using Dinair Paramedical for years now it has disappeared from thier website. I purchased the colare camoflage and it is aweful. My face turns into a big grease ball. Do you have any suggestions for me.

    • Hi Milou – Dinair appear to have removed their Paramedical and replaced it with the new range! I haven’t tried Colair, Glamour or Camouflage but it looks like the Camouflage is the new version of Paramedical whereas Colair and Glamour are purely water-based with moisturizer. Did you try the Colair or the Camouflage?

  • Hello Michelle.

    I have just bought a dinair airbrush kit, but i was wondering if i can use mac waterbased foundations with dinair? Would that be any problem? og may i harm my dinair because of that?

    • Hi Nitasha – MAC doesn’t work well through the Dinair airbrush makeup system unfortunately. MAC is much better suited to Iwata/Spamax or Graftobian equipment. If you do put it through, it will only harm the equipment if you don’t fully clean and flush it out – so, you could test it but then you have to take the airbrush gun apart to clean it thoroughly so it doesn’t clog.

  • Hi Michelle,

    Glad I came across your website, too bad I found it just now. Anyway, I just bought the make Dinair Personal Pro @$199. I have used it a several time but I havent mastered the application yet. Everytime I applies it, it doest properly sits on the pores — it creates tiny little holes on my pores. I tried putting porefessional it worked on the beginning but mid day it rubs off when I got oil on my nose. I also tried applying laura mercier primer – oil free, it perfctly set on the pores but makes my skin dewy and looked oily. What should I do?? I have a problematic T zone.

    I never knew there were compressors and guns differences until I found this site.

    I’m not concerned with the compressors performance since I only use it for myself. Maybe i’m more concerned with the foundation coverage, longevity and all. I want to have a touch up free make up that doesnt rub off

    I don’t think I have a problem with silicone based make ups.

    Can I use silicone based make ups with my Dinair?? And add a thinner??
    Can I use other brands of waterbased foundation??
    What brands are compatible with Dinair??

    If brand and cost is not an issue which foundation is the best??

    Thank you.

    • Hello Eena! Belloccio and Tickled Pink are fine in Dinair. You can use silicone-based airbrush makeup and a thinner but you have to get the right consistency: make it the same consistency as milk. BUT – you are thinning the makeup literally… so it won’t be as good as it is without thinning.
      Airbrush makeup will not cover pores well if you are applying it too close or too far away. You have to get it just right – and don’t put too much on. It actually makes imperfections worse if you over apply airbrush makeup.
      You are doing the right thing with using a primer and even porefessional. But you can also finish with a fixer like Mist & Fix which I wrote about here. It works great with water-based airbrush makeup and will make it last a lot longer, Dinair have their own fixer too which you should try!
      If you aren’t sensitive to silicone and are thinking of looking into a different system then maybe try Temptu Pro which have silicone, water and alchohol based makeup and 2 different compressor types. But you already have your Dinair so you want to get the most out of it right?
      So a good prepping routine with cleansing, primer, foundation and a fixer or powder will do wonders. If your T-zone is troubling you then look at Dermalogica’s Medibac Clearing Mattifier for oily skin too.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Hi Michelle! Your website is so informative and helpful! I bet I have a question you have never been asked… I’m a competitive body builder and have a lot of tattoos, which affects my stage image. As you may know 95% of all body builders get some kind of spray tan 24-48 hours out from going on stage. But the spray tan isn’t dark enough to hide my ink. They all have strict instructions of clean skin and don’t apply any lotion or make-up on top (or underneath), because it affects the tan and normally turns a grinch green under the stage lights. I would love to be able to airbrush over my tattoos, let that sit in real good, then get my spray tan applied over top. Do you have any knowledge on the subject? There are so many different kinds of airbrush make-up and so many different kinds of spray tanners. What ingredients shouldn’t be mixed,which ones cause that ugly green look under stage lights?? Any information you can provide would be so helpful. Thank you in advance! I was thinking of buying the Dinair and winging it until I get it right…

    • Hi Jay-T! That’s certainly a different question from the other comments here on my website! 🙂
      Generally the alcohol-based airbrush makeup will give you better concealment and longer lasting properties than water-based or even silicone-based makeup. You don’t want to use alcohol-based makeup all the time though – just for special occasions like competitions. Dinair have Colair (which is similar to their previous “paramedical” line. Temptu have Tattoo Coverage Kits which are just for this purpose.
      Both are great as concealers and will last around 48 hours. Some can last up to 5 days (like Graftobian Skin Illustrator which you mix yourself with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol) which gets a bit more complicated.
      Both Dinair and Temptu have airbrush tanning connectors and formulas. Neither will be good enough for you though since you want to do your whole body! You’re better off going with a dedicated tanning system or using a good Iwata compressor to apply both concealer AND tanning solution.

      With the concealer – it’s basically used like a primer. So, make sure you aren’t sensitive to alcohol. Do a test a few weeks before a competition. Wax off any hair in the location of the tattoo the day before and, when you are ready to conceal it, make sure it’s really clean (alcohol cleaner) before covering. And, of course, wait until it has fully dried before tanning! Oh – I forgot also, that there are stencils that you can spray through that will create fake moles or freckles to make it look more natural. But you might not need that if you’re using tanning solution.

      Hope that helps!

  • I am trying to decide which airbrush kit (compressor and airbrush) and make up to start out with. I am in my 60’s. I have some breakouts. I use Solar Protection Formula SPF 60 presently and would like to be able to use it in my airbrush. I imagine I would have to thin it out a great deal more. I would also like to try a really healthy, and organic airbrush make-up that can be touched up if necessary. I was considering one of the Iwata air compressors and airbrushes. I travel a lot and figured I would also need something smaller also to travel. Perhaps I need to start with something smaller, which I could use for travel and then after I experiment get the Iwata compressor for home usage. What do you suggest to get me started. I like quality products that do well and last.

    • Hi Charlotte – I would take a look at Temptu Pro. They have two great compressors – one that is portable and light weight, and one that is larger and with a bigger PSI range. Temptu also carry a 3 types of airbrush makeup (silicone-based, water-based and alcohol-based). You can use OCC and Tickled Pink in their systems (which will cover you for more ‘healthy’ options).
      Iwata have various compressors – the Neo is small (like the Dinair) and portable but it’s not a true Iwata. The Ninja jet is the next size up – it can be loud though. So, Temptu might be a better option as they seem to cover what you need.

  • Thank goodness your website exist.
    I have a question i have EB”ButterflyBabies” and it a genetic skin disorder that causes skin to break and tear easy . When my skin heels i am left with scars and different shade of skin. I wanted to buy a airbrush that will cover up all my scars that i have almost everywhere . I would love to find a make up that will come in airbrush that will do a nice thick coat not the watery kind that i have to keep caking on. Do you have any suggestions please!! i am getting married soon and desperately need one

    • Hi Cateleya – sorry it took me so long to reply. My website got hit with a lot of spam and I’m only just now getting on top of it! Argh!
      Dinair’s options are very good but it depends on the depth of your scarring. Sometimes the skin can get rough with Butterfly Babies so, while you can cover the imperfections in the shading of the skin, it’s harder to cover the change in texture. That’s where you can use certain techniques of application to subtly blend the makeup so it looks more natural.
      But, if you’re getting married soon – CONGRATULATIONS!! 🙂 – you are better off going for an alcohol-based airbrush makeup. This will give you the best coverage and will last longer than all day. However, double check that your skin isn’t sensitive to the alcohol-based makeup, especially if you have any open wounds. Also, work out which brand and which shades work best for your natural skin tone. It might be worth contacting a professional MUA in your area to get them to help you with the application of the airbrush makeup as they might be able to share some tricks of the trade with you – getting makeup professionally applied is a good way to speed up your learning curve because you can watch them at work!

  • Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for all the great information! I am currently looking into purchasing a dinar airbrush kit and your website has been so helpful. I have some acne indentation type scars on my cheeks which I currently successfully fill in with Loreal’s revitalalift miracle blur (not the oil free one but the regular) for a smoother skin appearance. I desire to airbrush foundation over the miracle blur but am worried that the dinair foundation will not stick to it. Do you know if their particular foundations will work with this loreal primer type product? I want to take the plunge and buy a kit but I need it to work with the miracle blur because it is the only product I have found that fills the indents.

    • Hi Becky! Sorry it took me so long to reply – I’m just getting past a big hit of Spam to my website. It’s been crazy! Anyway, the miracle blur probably won’t worth with Dinair as a Primer since it’s silicone-based. Have you tried Primed and Poreless? Temptu’s makeup will work with the miracle blur – they also have their own primer which is good – but you might not like it as much as revitalift.

  • I’ve used Dinair for about a year and I don’t think it stays on very well. The gun also clogs very easily. I have noticed that the paramedical does seem to stay on a little longer.

    • Hello – Dinair’s foundation is water-based whereas the paramedical has some alcohol in the base which makes it longer lasting. You’ll find that, if you have dry skin, water based doesn’t work as well unless you moisturize first. You can make water-based makeup last longer by using a setting spray too!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I have the Dinair kit and it’s been a great tool in teaching me the art of airbrushing. However, I think I’m ready to go a bit further. I’d like to try silicone based foundations. So, can I simply upgrade my airbrush gun and order temptu make-up? Which Iwata gun do you recommend for a hobby-ist like me? Could Temptu’s SP35F work with Dinair? Or, do I have to switch my compressor altogether? If so, I can’t decide between the S-one or the Temptu Air compressor. I’ve read up on the differences but I’m not certain about the noise level of the smaller one. Comparable to Dinair?

    Thank you so much! Great site!


    • Hello Agnes – unfortunately you have to switch the compressor too as the pressure is different (it’s the pressure relative to the needle/nozzle configuration). S-one is better but larger. I would recommend looking into the Iwata compressors though. You sound like you have a lot of experience and it may be worth going with something that you will have for a long time and can use with any type of makeup. Bot Temptu airbrush makeup systems are very good, but Iwata is the best. 🙂

      • Thanks Michelle! I’m actually not a MUA. I switched to airbrush for my personal make up regimen a while back because regular foundations were too heavy on my skin and really enhanced the fine lines I’m beginning to have. Airbrushing has really decreased the amount of make up I wear and my husband agrees my face looks a million times better. I recently had my bridal make up done with silicone based foundation which is why I think Temptu may be the way to go. Unlike my dinair make up, the silicone based foundation lasted all day long. So, I’m thinking about getting the Temptu Air Compressor with the Iwata gun. Which Iwata gun is equivalent to the SP35F however. I can’t seem to figure them out. And, what’s your opinion on the Temptu 2.0 compressor?

        Agnes 🙂