Airbrush Makeup Review: Glam Air “The Posh” Airbrush Makeup Kit

Glam Air has several kits to choose from which vary in prove from $145 to $345. All contain the airbrush makeup system but the more expensive kits have more makeup included. Their starter kit which is called The Posh has a retail price of $199. It’s not a bad kit which is priced to compete with the likes of Dinair and TEMPTU. Upgrade kits such as “The Celebutante” ($208), The Diva($249), “The Distinguished” ($269), “The Trendy” ($279), The Fashionista($289), “The Famous” ($299), “The Studio” ($349) include extras such as a travel bag and blush colors as well as bronzing kits. Though they only sell one compressor, it’s great to see a company putting out so many kit options as well as an extensive makeup range.

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What is in the box:

Glam Air’s “The Posh” comes with their Glam Air Airbrush Compressor, the airbrush stylus, a silicon hose, five .25 oz. foundation colors, instructional DVD, a Glam Air catalog and an empty bottle of cleanser. You don’t start to get extras such as the travel bag and blush until the next price level. Clearly the pricing structure of the Glam Air is designed to compete directly with market leader Dinair. In many ways they are similar systems so it would come down to factors such as quality of makeup and customer support.

Despite the name, the Glam Air is not the most glamorous looking compressor around but, then again, it’s not the worst. We found the black and gold actually much more appealing than the plastic look of some other brands. It’s a standard compressor with three speeds and low PSI.  It is quite light and portable but, remember, the basic kits do not come with a bag. The airbrush has a variable nozzle and we like that its color matched to their brand with a ‘gold’ tip.

Glam Air has a large range of great makeup which is oil and alcohol free. The makeup is water-based with built in moisturisers, minerals and vitamin E. They come in two sizes: 0.25 oz. (7.5ml) and 0.5 oz. (15ml) at a reasonable price. The 16 shades of foundation come in both matte and satin and retail for $18.50 for the small bottle and $22.50 for the large. The 10 blush tones and 15 eye shadows are only $1 more expensive than the foundations but are well worth a look. The colors are a little predictable but at least they are varied and there’s plenty to choose from. These water-based makeups have very good coverage but unfortunately will only last around 12 hours which is less than average. There is also an Olive moisturiser in a .5oz bottle for $32. Keep in mind that Dinair produces makeup which is also water-based as well as being oil and alcohol free. This makeup lasts for around 24 hours and has an extremely varied range. So, you do have the option of using makeup from other brands in this system, provided it is compatible and does not void the warranty.

On the whole, the Glam Air is a very good airbrush makeup system which may suffer from having less exposure than other similar brands. The equipment (airbrush gun and compressor) is not nearly as impressive as you might find from Iwata and the makeup may not be as exciting as Temptu so many will probably avoid the kit. Which is a pity because it is certainly a brand with potential–just maybe not one that has generated the following of its competitors.

The market for airbrush makeup kits has become very competitive in recent years and smaller companies are popping up everywhere, forcing the larger brands to reassess their prices. So, in the end we consumers are the ones who benefit!

Glam Air Review

Glam Air - The Posh
Small, lightweight compressor with 3 adjustable settings.
A decent airbrush gun with dual-action
Good quality, water-based makeup with a growing range
Excellent but not outstanding
Average price for this level of kit & good value for money.
Definitely a strong competitor with a great product.

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  • Hi Michelle, I wanted to hear your opinion on the quality of Glam Air Makeup. I went ahead and purchased an Iwata system based on your reviews and the make up I decided to try out was Glam Air via Amazon by an outside seller. I shook up each bottle and found difficulty getting any drops out of that bottle. When I did, it was clumpy despite my efforts shaking the bottle well. Perhaps I bought a counterfeit version?

    Which type of make up do you prefer to use and purchase from?

    • Hello Jenn – sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with Glam Air’s makeup! You definitely did the right thing by shaking it – perhaps there is a problem with the particular set you bought. You might want to check with Glam Air’s official contact if you bought authentic product. Sometimes certain brands do have dud bottles though which aren’t properly mixed. They will always replace them for you though. I much prefer MAC or Temptu in the Iwata – the water-based range from Dinair or even the smaller range from Tickled Pink is definitely worth trying. Graftobian also have a great range. I haven’t had any bad experiences on Amazon and sometimes get amazing prices – so I’m sure Glam Air would be happy to help you out or to replace the faulty product for you. Let me know how you go as it’s great to get a variety of experiences and comments on my website!