Airbrush Makeup Review: Iwata Silver Jet (The BIG Review)

This airbrush makeup review is a very detailed and long review of the Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush Makeup Compressor. Click here to skip to the final verdict if you don’t have time to read through the entire article.

Iwata is the #1 brand in all types of airbrushing and probably the most popular of the Iwata compressors for airbrush makeup artists who are looking for a balance between affordability and high quality. The Iwata Silver Jet is a great choice when combined with the right airbrush gun and can be seen as a step up into the ‘pro’-grade machines. It may not be as good as the Power Jet or Smart Jet, but it’s still a fantastic compressor, especially for those who look for reliability and great price. With a working pressure ranging between 10-30 PSI it is perfectly suited to foundation, blush and highlighting.

The Iwata Silver Jet is a little more expensive than the smaller home-use compressors, but you definitely get what you pay for in quality and reliability. It uses an oil-less, piston motor that won’t need any servicing and includes top quality materials and features like the coiled air-hose, Pistol-Grip Filter, pressure adjustable knob, handle, airbrush holder, pressure gauge and air-hose connector.

Keep in mind that with Iwata equipment you almost always buy the compressor and the airbrush gun separately. They don’t often get sold as an ‘airbrush makeup system’ like other brands. This means you need to do a little bit of research to see which airbrush gun and which makeup you want to use with the Iwata Silver Jet. If you are looking for the compressor and Iwata CS Airbrush Gun combination on Amazon, you can find it via the link provided (ships from TCP Global).

Iwata Silver Jet Compressor

Iwata Silver Jet Compressor

Iwata The Company

Iwata is a pretty awesome company. They have been around for a very long time and have developed a reputation amongst airbrush artists as being the best of the best. They are also very popular with hobbyists who use Iwata equipment to spray paint their designs, often requiring very fine detail. Iwata has more recently become popular with Airbrush Makeup Artists and is also the choice for MAC Pro with their fantastic makeup and system. There are a few different Iwata compressors ranging from the personal-use Iwata Neo Miniature Compressor, to the amazing Studio Series Power Jet Pro Double Piston Air Compressor.

All the compressors are backed by a 12 month warranty and all the airbrush guns are backed by an amazing 5 year warranty! They also provide a cleaning and maintenance service for $25 which is fantastic – you know your airbrush will be in good hands. If you don’t want to pay the $25 for the service they also provide technical support over the phone in which they provide general usage information, cleaning tips, and troubleshooting.

The Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush Makeup Compressor

The Silver Jet is around about the middle range of the Iwata compressors. It’s like the Goldilocks of compressors for airbrush makeup because it’s ‘just right’. The working PSI range is just what you’ll need for foundation, blush and contouring and the variable airflow allows you to do fine work too. If you need it for bodywork or tanning the higher PSI range is adequate for full body tanning.

Iwata Airbrush Guns – What To Use With The Silver Jet

The Silver Jet isn’t always sold with the airbrush gun (so be careful when you’re buying it because sometimes it is pictured with an airbrush gun!). There are a few airbrush guns that work well with the Silver Jet for makeup. These are some I recommend–there are more that are compatible but these tend to work best for makeup. Look for an airbrush that is gravity-fed with a large cup and also variable spray pattern. Also check what working PSI the airbrush is compatible with. “HP” stands for “High Performance” by the way! The Silver Jet should include adapters for use with non-Iwata branded airbrush guns like Sparmax and Badger.

Iwata-Medea High Performance Plus C Dual Action / Large Gravity Feed Cup

Iwata-Medea High Performance Plus C

The Iwata HP-CS: An earlier model from Iwata, it’s very popular with makeup artists. Spray pattern – Hairline to 2″ (50-mm), Round; 0.35mm needle and drop-in self-centering nozzle combination; large 1/3 oz gravity-feed cup (funnel shape, which makes for easy clean up and more efficient paint flow)

The HP-C+: My personal favorite because of the generous cup size (1/3 oz -9 ml) gravity-feed cup. It’s dual action and works with almost all types of liquid makeup with a 0.3-mm needle/nozzle configuration. Spray pattern – Hairline to 1″ (25-mm), Round.

Iwata-Medea Revolution: A good entry level airbrush gun with a generous 1/3 oz (0.9 ml) Gravity-Feed cup and a Larger nozzle and needle combination (0.5-mm) that makes for easier spraying of thicker or heavier liquid makeup (like silicone-based) but doesn’t give fine detail.

Sparmax DH103: 0.3mm needle/nozzle and a 0.7 ml gravity feed cup

Sparmax SP35: A popular and affordable airbrush for makeup artists with a nozzle size of 0.35mm but a smaller 0.2cc gravity feed cup.


Which Airbrush Makeup To Use With The Silver Jet

The great thing about Iwata compressors and airbrush guns is that they are suitable for a wide range of liquid makeup. Iwata aren’t specifically a makeup brand–because they cater for fine-artists, hobbyists and nail artists (and much more) they are built to be compatible with all types of liquid paints.

As Airbrush Makeup Artists we have to be aware of what combination of Iwata compressor and airbrush gun is best suited to liquid makeup that can be silicone-based, water-based, alcohol-based or aloe-based. If you have the right set-up, then you can put any of these through your Iwata airbrush makeup system!

This means that you can experiment!! Find your favorite airbrush makeup brand (or brands) and keep trying new ones.

MAC exclusively use Iwata equipment with their MAC Air system. So, you might want to make MAC one of the first brands you try. However, they are only available from the MAC Pro stores and can be difficult to track down elsewhere (be careful of counterfeit bottles sold online).

Another silicone-based airbrush makeup that is great through this system is Temptu. For a dewy look that will be longer lasting than water-based makeup, check out Temptu.

Temptu Airbrush Makeup

For great water-based makeup Dinair is usually the first option. They have a strong share of the market and they bring out new collections all the time. You can also use their paramedical (thicker) makeup through the Iwata – but not at the same time as their normal foundation.

Also, check out the vegan OCC makeup. Wonderful liquid makeup that you can also apply by hand! One of my favorites. Others you may like are Belloccio, Tickled Pink (an aloe-based makeup – make sure you don’t have an aloe allergy – very gentle on the skin) and Camera Ready Cosmetics.

Graftobian produce very good makeup too and have a range of body-paints. Graftobian are a favorite with the Special FX makeup industry and most of their airbrush makeup systems are actually Iwata brand equipment too!

Remember – don’t mix different makeup brands! Otherwise there will be clogging! And, also, use a cleaner that has the same base as the makeup you are using.

Customer Service

Customer Service is a hard one to judge with Iwata because they don’t sell their equipment directly but are available through various approved distributors. However, they are renowned for their very robust and well-built equipment which is much less likely to fail than a lot of the cheaper, personal-use brands. Iwata have a 12 month warranty with free telephone Technical Support which covers general usage information, cleaning tips, and troubleshooting. Since they have one of the best reputations in the airbrush industry, they want to keep their customers happy and are a big enough company to provide good service and support for their products.

Using The Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush Makeup System

The Iwata Silver Jet compressor is very simple to use and easy to put together out of the box. Like many compressors, it has an adjustable variable airflow knob which ranges from 10-30 working PSI (indicated by a positive (‘+’) and negative (‘–’) symbol. You can monitor the PSI via the PSI gauge which is on the right hand side of the front.

There’s a little airbrush dock in the center of the compressor which is a handy place to keep the airbrush gun when you’re not using it or in between applications. You can actually sit the airbrush gun quite securely here which allows you to put a few drops of foundation in the cup without having to hold the airbrush gun with your other hand. So, it’s kind of ‘hands free’!

The Iwata Silver Jet is not a continuous flow compressor so it will only release air when you press the trigger on your airbrush gun. Have a play with this to get the right PSI for you. When you are new to airbrushing, stick with a lower PSI which is easier to work with. You can increase the pressure (and your speed of application) as you learn. The air comes out of the Air Outlet on the right side of the compressor.

NB: Don’t forget to keep the trigger pressed to release all the pressure from the compressor when you switch it off to avoid pressure build-up!

Sometimes water may collect in the Pistol Grip Filter (more on this below). You can release the water by pushing up on the release valve with your finger and aiming into a cotton swab or paper towel.

I guess I should mention that the on/off switch is on the right panel – but I’m sure you’ll find that when you buy it! A few things to note are the rubber stand and steel plate covers which really add to the robust and durable feel of the Silver Jet. It also helps to reduce noise.

Who Will Like The Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush Compressor?

The Iwata Silver Jet is really a great choice for a lot of airbrush makeup artists. It’s the perfect choice for those wanting to start a business or who are early into their career as a professional and it’s also great for those who want a personal-use machine that is very reliable and also versatile. It’s a great machine to learn on because it has variable and consistent airflow but it’s also a great machine for professional MUA’s who are on a tight budget or don’t specialize only in airbrushing, but need this as an additional service for their clients. It’s portable enough to take to the clients but also looks great in the salon. However, it’s not super-light like some of the other machines.

Who Will Not Like The Iwata Silver Jet Airbrush Compressor?

There are more affordable options out there and, though they might not be as good, you may not need a high quality machine. For many, the personal use airbrush makeup systems like Dinair, Belloccio and Tickled Pink are fine and they take up a lot less space! If you aren’t really interested in using a large variety of makeup and are happy with one brand, then you don’t need the Iwata setup. Also, if you aren’t really sure you will like airbrushing, then these personal-use systems are probably a better choice because they aren’t as expensive and also are a little easier to learn out of the box. However, the combination of the Iwata Silver Jet with an HPCS gun is not much higher than a lot of the smaller personal-use systems (not including the makeup samples).

Also, if you are starting a salon and have the budget, you are better off looking at the smart jet or power jet compressors.


For those who are more technically minded, the technical specifications of the Iwata Silver Jet are: single piston 1/8 hp motor (perfect for infrequent/short period use); continuous run with pressure bleed valve; working pressure from 10 psi to 30 psi; air flow is 0.26 cfm: 8 litres per minute; Weight 2.8kg; coiled plastic air hose “CT110”; 3 metres in length; pistol grip moisture filter.
Probably the most important of these specs to you are the weight and working pressure. It’s definitely not a ‘light-weight’ machine and isn’t the most portable compressor. However, the working pressure is perfect for airbrush makeup which makes it a popular option for Airbrush Makeup Artists.


With a good PSI range of up to 30PSI the Silver Jet is a great option for tanning. Though a lot of airbrush compressors can go as high as 60PSI and even up to 100PSI you can really get away with 20-30PSI for tanning and it’s definitely possible to get your whole body bronzed in 10 minutes with this setup.

Remember that it’s still technically not a “Pro” machine and lacks features like an air-tank reservoir so you can’t keep it running for over an hour as it will overheat. Most airbrush makeup compressors are like this and it is really only when you get into the true professional machines (like the smart jet or power jet). However, the silver jet has just the right balance between price, quality/reliability and portability to make it worthwhile for a semi-professional, part-time MUA, a second/back-up airbrush makeup compressor or even for home use only.

Packaging: What’s in the Box?

  • Compressor: (note that a lot the time the Silver Jet compressor is sold separate from the airbrush gun but sometimes includes a product photo WITH the gun. Double check to make sure you are buying what you think you are buying. The Silver Jet has a few features for convenient storage such as the cord wrap-around and the airbrush gun holder.
  • Airbrush Airhose: This is a coiled, 6 foot airhouse which is extremely durable. It won’t kink at all and is much better than the thin, rubber or silicone hoses you get with many other brands.
  • Pistol Grip Filter: The Pistol Grip filter which comes with most Iwata compressors attaches directly to the airbrush and is designed to trap moisture before it builds up inside your machine. It’s basically a filter that collects the moisture which you can visually inspect as it builds up in the little clear filter bowl and then can be removed. This ensures only dry air is delivered to your airbrush gun which means better makeup application and longer life for your airbrush!
  • Airbrush adapters: Sometimes the kit also includes adapters for other airbrush brands (these can also be purchased separately). This allows you to use a lot of different airbrush guns with the Iwata compressor.
  • Manual: You should receive a manual for the Silver Jet if buying from an authorized seller.

Setting up your compressor

Screw the Pistol Grip Filter onto the airbrush (*important: finger tighten only); Screw the airhose onto the Pistol Grip Filter (finger tighten only); Screw the airhose onto the compressor; Press down on the trigger before turning on the unit; Plug the unit into a grounded wall outlet; Turn ON the unit by pressing the top side of the switch; Adjust the air pressure by turning the air adjustment knob to the desired pressure.

As the unit is being used, water may collect in the Pistol Grip Filter. Release the water by pushing up on the release valve with your finger and aiming into a cotton swab or paper towel.

The Verdict

  • Pros: Very good quality; Perfect for makeup application.; Also good for tanning and body art as well as nails; Reasonably affordable; You can use many different types of makeup with different bases (not at the same time though!)
  • Cons: The price may be higher than many are willing to pay for an airbrush makeup system (since many personal use brands have sales and include makeup etc); Doesn’t come with Makeup; Doesn’t always come withe the airbrush gun.
Iwata Silver Jet
Perfect for Airbrush Makeup.
The HPCS and HP-C+ are perfect with the Silver Jet
You are spoiled for choice because the Silver Jet is compatible with all makeup
Excellent. Free telephone advice & $25 cleaning service.
Very good value but more expensive than the personal-use systems.
Probably the best all-round airbrush makeup system when combined with a good airbrush gun when you factor in affordability, reliability and versatility.

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  • As I was looking on line to order the silver jet, they say it’s only up to 18psi not 30? I was wanting it for body spray tan also. You stated it goes to 30 psi? Help?

    • Hi Brenda – sorry, I know that’s confusing and I should add some clarification to my review!! PSI is measured differently when they state their maximum pressure PSI vs airflow PSI. Maximum pressure and operating pressure are two different things and that’s why there is often conflicting specifications for compressors. If you want to know whether the Silver Jet is good for tanning then it’s a ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It’s going to take you longer than a HVLP machine but you can get a very good result with an Iwata bottle fed airbrush gun and the silver jet – in about 15-20 minutes. It takes some practice though to get it nice and even and also you don’t want to do more than 4 people a day with the Silver Jet – so it’s not good for Salon use.

      Hope that makes sense! 🙂

  • Ok, I think I have changed my mind on the system I want to buy. I am going to try the Iwata airbrush, what make-up do you recommend using in this machine for full flawless coverage? Will Dinair makeup work well?? Thanks for any insight

    • Hi Kelli – Iwata is a great choice. The most popular system is the Silver Jet combined with an HP-CS or HP-C+ airbrush gun. This will work with most makeup so if you don’t like Dinair (for example) you can try Temptu, OCC, Camera Ready Costmetics, Graftobian, Belloccio, Tickled Pink or whatever! Dinair do make great makeup and they have a fantastic range – they are water-based so give you a matte finish. You can also use their “moist & dewy” to get an effect that looks more similar to silicone-based (like Temptu).

  • Hi,
    First thing, I wanted to let you know that your reviews are amazing! And thank you so much for sharing!
    I’ve been wanting to invest in a good airbrush makeup compressor for professional use.
    What type of airbrush makeup compressor would you recommend for long periods of a time use? I’m a mua and sometimes I have more than a few clients at a time. I’ve read (from many sites) that some compressors can over heat?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Jennifer – thank you for visiting! 🙂
      Yes! That’s one thing that a lot of people don’t realize – the compressors do overheat if you use them for extended periods. Actually, even the Silver Jet will overheat after 30 minutes. And you need to let the smaller compressors rest so they aren’t really useful for salon use and can’t stay running for long at all. It’s enough to do your own makeup, but not enough for professional use.
      Anyway, the bigger Iwata compressors are the way to go if you’re going pro! The power jet and smart jet compressors are the high level machines. I wrote a small introduction here but I need to update it (in the process of doing some detailed reviews of the other compressors). The power jet pro double piston has an air storage tank, twin regulators (so you can run two airbrush guns!), PSI between 1-70 (so you can even do tanning), moisture filter etc etc. It’s the ultimate machine for salon use and will last forever. But it does come with a much higher price tag. It’s also very quiet for the size. The Power Jet Lite is really popular (over the Power Jet Pro) for makeup artists because it’s more or less the same, but with a smaller air tank.

  • Hi Michelle!
    I’m starting my own salon, and I want to buy the IWATA Smart Jet Pro and the IWATA HP C+ airbrush gun. But I have some questions…
    What’s the difference between the SMART Jet Pro and the POWER Jet Pro? Wich one is better for makeup during all day, bridal makeups, body art and body tanning?
    Also, for all these works that I mentioned, does the HP C+ is enough? Maybe to the first months at least, just to start the works already?
    And does the SMART Jet Pro or even the POWER Jet Pro comes with hose, filter, adaptars and anything else that I may need to make the machine work?
    Sorry about any grammatical error, I’m from Brazil ^^
    I loved your rewiews, you’re awesome!
    Kisses from your brazilian fan! 😉

  • Aaaah two more questions!
    What are these “.2mm Conversion Set”? In the website there are 3 options:
    1) Includes Needle, Nozzle, Nozzle Cap, Bearing
    2) Includes Nozzle, Nozzle Cap
    3) Includes Needle, Bearing

    The other thing is:
    You sid that the HP C+ is able to coverage large areas and also do small details. To do these extremes, do I need some kind of an adapter? Something to control the size of the gun?

    • Hello Moara!! Nice to have a fan from beautiful Brazil! 🙂
      Both Power Jet Pro and Smart Jet Pro are great for airbrushing makeup. The Powerjet series is recommended by Iwata for makeup because it is one of their best. The Powerjet has a larger PSI range (1-70) so it’s perfect if you have a salon. Also, you can use two airbrush guns on it at the same time! So, you could use both the HP C+ and HP-CS – because it’s a ‘double piston’ compressor.

      When choosing an airbrush gun, look for a needle/nozzle of 3mm or 3.5mm. The HP CS is a good general airbrush gun and works with almost all brands of airbrush makeup. The HP C+ is amazing and you can adjust this for finer detail (you don’t need an adapter – you can do this on the airbrush gun). You’ll notice a BIG difference in the atomized makeup that comes out of the HP C+ – it is much finer than other airbrush guns and creates beautiful coverage.
      The Power Jet Pro also has an air tank so it stores air for regular airflow. This makes a big difference because the pressure is always constant. You can use it for nail art, makeup and also tanning!

      It’s an expensive compressor though – really perfect for professionals and it has a great warranty and should last forever! If you are using it for just yourself, you may not need such a big compressor. The Silver Jet may be enough. But, if you are professional, then definitely the Power Jet Pro or Power Jet Lite are worth the investment.

      Don’t worry about the 2mm conversion sets. You don’t need those. The Needle is the needle inside the airbrush gun, the nozzle sits at the front, the nozzle cap sits on the nozzle and the bearing is a ring to hold it in place. When you buy an airbrush gun it will already have all this stuff. But, make sure when you are buying the compressor that you know if it comes with the airbrush gun or not.

      Good luck! Hope that helps!! 🙂

  • Hello Michelle! You are my last hope and I hope that you can answer my question Real Fast.
    I want to buy my wife a airbrush kit for this X-mas. I read all of your reviews and some others(that seemed to be fake). I believe in buying great in the beginning (Cause the great stuff value do not go down) even though you might not like what you doing anymore or you lost the love for it. My wife is learning how to do make up via you tube and I also believe that you need to stay up with the times. Hell honestly I don’t know if she would like air brushing make up. I just want to know if buying the Iwata Silver Jet with the Hpcs gun is the right way to go or do you suggest something else.
    Remember I am a guy and I don’t know the difference between water base, silicone etc. etc. She is a women of color. Please help a brother out X-mas is almost here and I need to order ASAP.
    Happy holidays and thank you in advance.

    On another note: I did find Iwata Silver jet and Iwata HPCS combo for $299.00 at Walmart. Can it be had for cheaper?

    • Hi Gary! Wow – what a great husband you are! You’ve picked a great combination! The Silver Jet and HPCS is a fantastic setup for airbrushing makeup. Your wife will be able to put water-based, silicone-based or alcohol-based makeup through it with no problems. The only thing she’ll want is the makeup too! But it might be better for her to pick the brands she likes. The Walmart deal is great. You could get it for a bit cheaper on Amazon if you buy the parts separately but then there’s no guarantee it will arrive on time (some sellers ship the Iwata airbrushes from Japan – good service but it might not arrive on time). Doing it this way is about $20 cheaper (but you might not get free shipping so that will bring it to the same price as Walmart).
      Hope that helps! She’ll love the Silver Jet – lucky lady! 🙂

  • Hi!! Just ordered this entire system. Very excited! What do I order to use as a tanner with this system? Thank you, randi

    • Hello Randi – how exciting! The Silver Jet is fantastic – if you bought an HP CS gun then you can use almost any airbrush tanner with this setup. The HP-C+ is compatible with almost all as well. Belloccio have a really good tanning solution and Fake Bake is popular with airbrush makeup artists too!

  • Hii! I want to buy an airbrush for personal use that i can use for makeup & tanning. Which one do you recommend?? Please help! I’m new to this.!

    • Hello Angel! Quite a few personal airbrush makeup systems have tanning attachments and solution. Belloccio has great solution but their system isn’t the most powerful around. If you want to spend a bit more, look at the Iwata equipment – you can find reviews on my website :).
      Also – the Maxi Mist is really popular and has great reviews! I haven’t tried it though but I’ve heard great things about it. Maybe if you choose that one… let me know what you think!

  • Sorry I forgot to mention I also want to buy one that I can be able to use with all types of makeup brands. Will the iwatta ninja work well for makeup & tan?? Or the silver jet? & pls let me know which airgun or machine I need for this? Thanks

    • Hi Angel – Iwata has some information on their tanning setup here. Out of the two compressors you mentioned, the Silver Jet is better – especially for tanning. But, something like the Power Jet is going to be perfect since it has a much more even flow and can stay on longer.

  • ..

  • Hello michelle. I’m sorry for asking too many ?’s but I really want to make sure I buy the right one. what’s the differenxesilver jet & Sprint jet IS800 but don’t know which of these two will do a better job at makeup & tanning. I just want to know

    • Hi Angel! The Sprint Jet is larger and has a stronger PSI / airflow than the silver jet. It’s not quite as good as the Power Jet or Smart Jet. The Power Jet is the best compressor for Airbrush Makeup Artists – it looks much better too!
      When you’re doing tanning, you really want a different airbrush. You can do tanning with the same airbrush gun, but, with tanning you are better off with a bottle feed airbrush gun like this. That’s because, with tanning, you use a lot more liquid than with normal makeup. When you’re doing foundation you’ll only use a few drops so you only need a gravity fed airbrush with a small cup.

  • Which of these two models silver jet & sprint jet can do both makeup & tanning with the same airbrush gun.? The reason im asking is because I want to be using one airbrush gun for makeup & tan, that can do both. It will be practical if one can do both.
    Hope that makes sense! 🙂

  • Hi michelle. I’m buying the iwata smart jet pro but don’t know which airbrush does a better job for cosmetics? Is the Revolution CR a good airbrush for makeup? Because I found one that comes with the compressor for an awesome price and I wanted to know if this airbrush is good for makeup and can i use any brand of makeup with this airbrush? Thanks 🙂

    • Hello Adela! The Revolution CR is very good for body art more than for airbrushing foundation. It works better with hi PSI machines like the Smart Jet so you are safe with this combination. The HP-CS is the best choice as the needle/nozzle size of .35mm works is perfect for all types of airbrush makeup (The Revolution CR is .5mm). The airflow is important and a large needle/nozzle will mean the makeup comes out much faster so is can be harder to control. A smaller nozzle is easier to work with, especially around the face. That’s why I prefer the HP-CS or HP C+. So, look for an airbrush that is .3mm or .35mm for airbrush application around the face. There’s no harm in having two airbrushes if this really is a bargain price and you can afford a second! 🙂
      Great you found it for that price!

  • Hi!
    Last month I got the Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet Pro along with the Iwata HP-C+ gun, and I am having an issue I didn’t think I would run into. The gun works great with my Dinair foundation, but each time I have tried to airbrush the shimmery eye shadows from Dinair, the gun clogs. To the point that nothing comes out. I ran into the eye shadows clogging in my dinair airbrush system all the time, but I didn’t read anything about that being an issue with the Iwata. Do you know if there is a particular setting or something I need to have it on? Have you or anyone else you know run into this issue? Again, only seems to be a problem with the shimmery eye shadows, and I have only tried Dinair products in it so far. I religiously clean my gun with distilled water and dinair cleaner after each use, so I know it’s not dirty. Please help!!


    • Hello again Malissa! The problem definitely is with the Shimmery Eye Shadow – it’s actually a pretty common problem and happens to people who buy the Dinair airbrush makeup system too. For some reason it’s an issue with the eye shadow as it has ingredients which can clog the airbrush. You can try to move the nozzle back and forth to dislodge whatever is clogging it and sometimes that will help. Otherwise, contact Dinair directly (or via their facebook so it’s more public). They aren’t very open about what exactly is causing this but they will help out via email.
      Hope you’re still loving your Iwata Smart Jet!

      • Ok thanks Michelle! I wasn’t sure if I should return the gun and go with a different Iwata gun, but if you think it will be the same and an issue no matter which gun I use then I will just keep my C-+. I’m headed to California this weekend for the Dinair pro workshop in LA, so I will ask them about it while I’m there for sure.

        Thanks again!

  • Hi I bought the Silver Jet and have been trying different brands of water based make-up. I then bought a sample of another brand and decided to try this – I thought it was water based but it seemed thick and I have now realised it is silicone based. I hope this will not have damaged my airbrush as I have only used it once and cleaned between use. Could you advise? I didn’t mix the products together.

    Many thanks, I love the reviews by the way? They are very informative.

    • Hi Sarah – sorry it took me so long to reply. My website got hit with a lot of spam and I’m only just now getting on top of it! Argh!
      Anyway – Iwata is totally fine with silicone and water-based makeup. Even alcohol-based. So, no problem for you! Which airbrush gun are you using – that’s the important question. If it’s Iwata, you’re fine. It can’t hurt to maybe take it apart and clean it thoroughly if you are worried. Citrus based cleaner is great or certain brands have their own cleaners too. 🙂

  • Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for great website great info!
    Im buying a new gun. if to choose btw Temptu SP 35 and Iwata HP C+, which one you recommend? also, I don’t know if it come with a hose? thanks…..


    • Hi Felicia! Definitely the Iwata HP C+. It’s a much better gun. The Temptu SP 35 is good but the Iwata HP C+ is the best.

  • Hello again Michelle,

    Im shoppin for a new compressor and consider Iwata silver jet and C+ gun you recommand. I am gong to using tempu S/B foundation. Question is, is the maximum PSI 30 of iwata compressor work well with it or I should go with Temptu’s compressor which has maximum psi 40? thanks again. look forward to your reply.


    • Hi again Felicia! Iwata Silver Jet is a good choice. It’s definitely good enough for doing your own makeup and that setup will work well with the Temptu S/B foundation. It should come with an airhose too. Find one that has the braided airhose and quick connect as this will make your life much better. 🙂

  • Hi Michelle…I’m 53 and new to all this. I got my cosmetology license when I was young, but then went back to college and got my nursing degree. I have been an ENT nurse for over 20 years but always missed the fun of working with hair and make-up. However, I just recently realized that they make systems for home personal use. After reading your reviews, I have definitely decided on Iwata Silver Jet with the HPCS gun. I have a particular problem that led me to this and wanted your input. I am Danish, super fair skin and always avoided the sun so not a lot of damage. However, I fell at work and smashed face first into a steel beam 10 months ago. Afterward I have been left with dark purple marks under the skin where the blood drained and has not been completely absorbed. I have tried concealers and all kinds of remedies but it still shows. I actually saw that TV ad for Luminess yesterday and began reading about this. Do you think this might work for me?? Thank-you.

    • Hello Marilyn! You’ll love airbrushing makeup at home! How exciting that you’re getting back into it. 🙂
      MAC have the best airbrush makeup for fair skin – they go a couple of shades lighter than most brands which is great!
      Smashing your face into a steel beam sounds horribly painful!! If you have imperfections – especially ones which might change over time – you need a good concealer which works with airbrush makeup. With airbrush makeup, this can work really well, because you start with prepping the skin, apply the concealer and then the foundation. So, the concealer hides the imperfections while the airbrush makeup will sit above the concealer for an added effect. Dinair also have the ‘paramedical’ line. Any alcohol-based airbrush makeup will have better concealment. But, it’s alcohol-based so you don’t want it on the face all the time.
      If you get really good at airbrushing, you can actually go with a more natural look and, rather than trying too hard to ‘hide’ imperfections, you can blend them naturally so they are just much more subtle. You can then highlight the features that you want to highlight so the focus goes where you want it to go! Hope that makes sense!! 🙂