Airbrush Makeup Review: TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System

The TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System is in a class of its own with a unique and funky system and high quality makeup. Though the compressor is a little bit larger (and louder) than some other systems, there is real industrial design behind the Temptu Air System which in many ways has revolutionized the way we apply airbrush makeup. NB: This review covers the Temptu AirPod™ and I have since written a BIG review of all the Temptu airbrush makeup equipment Temptu Airbrush Makeup BIG review.

This is a long airbrush makeup review so for those of you with no time for long reviews click here to skip to our ratings breakdown.

The major difference with the TEMPTU is that it uses the AIR pod system as opposed to a cup. This has both negatives and positives – the positives being that it doesn’t require as much cleaning and you are much less likely to spill (if you tip it up). However, the big negative is that you cannot mix colors. Professional kits almost always use a cup system as do most home kits so this can be an issue for those who like full control, especially if you are having trouble matching your skin tones with the available foundation colors–which, like most systems, are limited to just 12 tones. However, the makeup is buildable and when applied correctly the TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System can give you amazing results with smooth, even and glamorous coverage that will stay on for the whole night (or day). So it really comes down to choosing versatility over ease of use and maintenance as well as a few other issues we’ll outline below.

What is in the box:

There are a few sets you can buy in the TEMPTU range. Starting with just the basic Airbrush Makeup System at $225 you can build the bundle which best suits you. At that price it is more expensive than others and comes with just the compressor, hose, adapter, cradle, how-to DVD and instruction manual. It would be good if the makeup was included at this price but you have to pay an additional $55 for two AIR pods. The best option is probably to go with the ‘build a bundle option’ at $295 (saving of $50) which includes the basic kit, a foundation, a blush and a highlighter. Unfortunately the case is an additional $52 whereas some systems include this in the total price.

Using the TEMPTU:

The TEMPTU is large relative to other home systems. However, it is much smaller than professional ones. It is a quality piece of equipment which aims to give the home user a professional experience at a fraction of the price. One nice feature in the system is that it allows you to adjust your air pressure from light to heavy in order to get the result that best suits you. The AIR Pod™ system has one major drawback being that you cannot mix colors. However, for the home user you may prefer the simplicity of just popping in the pod with minimal fuss and much less cleaning. Though the TEMPTU is less versatile than other kits, it is much less fiddly.

The compressor and hose are good quality.  The TEMPTU is used by professional makeup artists as it is sturdy and well built enough to give you the confidence in what the machine can do. However, the trigger, which is made of plastic, sometimes becomes difficult to release correctly. The Air Pods are also a bit of a pain to remove and insert. However, once you get the hang of it, the Air Pod system is actually quite a breath of fresh air because it means less cleaning and maintenance. Though many parts of the Temptu kit are made of plastic, it is a robust system (even the hose is good quality). There have been reports of clogging issues and this is most likely because the makeup is silicone-based and the compressor generally works at low PSI’s. I have never had issues and there are a few techniques outlined in the instructions on how to deal with potential clogging.

Though the makeup cannot be mixed in your airbrush the makeup is buildable so you can layer several tones without it appearing cakey. When used in combination you can actually create over 600 possible shades. Some people may prefer this because it simplifies the process and is less overwhelming. It’s about being user-friendly over giving you the versatility to mix your own shades. However, if you want to do special effects and costume makeup, this may not be the kit for you because you may struggle to get an exact match for your required color. The TEMPTU foundation is silicone based which means that the TEMPTU gives a luscious, even coverage as it sits above the surface of your skin. Though there are arguments for and against silicone based makeup, you really have to decide for yourself if your skin is too sensitive.

The TEMPTU is sold online through their website, through Amazon and is also available in Sephora–if you are thinking of purchasing one then it’s definitely worth going in and talking to someone there who can help you with color matching and show you how the kit works. In a lot of ways the TEMPTU is like those coffee machines that also use a pod system – it’s faster, easier, cleaner and you’ll always have consistent quality, but you might not have as much control in the nuances of your coverage.

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System Review

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System
A powerful compressor at 30 PSI but a little noisy.
Easy to keep clean but too much plastic. Control lever is a letdown.
Beautiful coverage, wonderful range, stunning results but colors can't be mixed, only layered.
Great - especially when dealing directly through Sephora.
A little higher than average as is the makeup.
May not suit everyone but people who do use Temptu swear by the kit as well as the makeup..

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  • Michelle,
    I would like to provide you with material for an article for your web site on creation of Temptu AirPods System. I am the inventor, who created and engineered this product for Temptu. If you are interested, let me know.

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  • Everything was fine until they went to the large pods. They don’t last as long, and all mine have leaked. I have been told by customer support that the leaking was caused by me! So, there are other brands out there.

  • Hi Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your reviews. I have found them to be the most helpful on the net. I’m wondering what you think of the Temptu Pro system (as opposed to the airpod system)? I’m keen to buy a really good airbrush system but have been undecided between Temptu Pro and Kett. I’d probably been keen for a system where you can use other brand foundations without damaging the system?


    • Hi Sherol – thanks for visiting! 🙂
      The Temptu Pro is great. But so is Kett. The Temptu is more compatible with other brands but better with silicone-based. You should stick with water-based makeup with the Kett but it’s a system that can handle the thicker brands like Dinair.
      Either Temptu or Kett are a good choice. Both a bit pricey but they are better than the smaller, home-use airbrush makeup systems.
      Hope that helps! Let me know which one you choose!

      • Hi Michelle,

        Thanks heaps for your prompt reply! I’m still a bit indecisive! I’m now considering saving a few extra pennies and getting the IWATA smart jet pro. I think you mentioned that’s your favourite, and one of the systems you can use with all makeup brands in? I am a beginner though. Do you think it would be worth while getting this if the cost wasn’t a consideration? If I dont get IWATA I would be inclined to get the Temptu I think.


        • Hi again Sherol! The Smart Jet is close to perfection so if you can save up for it then it’s definitely worth it. But it’s bigger than your average machine so you need a bit more room for it. The good thing about the Silver Jet and Ninja Jet is that they are more portable. There’s nothing wrong with getting the top quality airbrush makeup system for a beginner though. It means everything will work really well for you and you’ll probably fall in love with it! 🙂
          Also, the resale value for the smart jet (think eBay) is pretty good so you won’t really be losing much money if you don’t end up wanting it any more.
          Let me know what you decide to do!! Exciting!

          • Hello Michelle,
            Your reviews have been so incredibly helpful!!!!
            But, I am really struggling with deciding between the silver jet and the temptu pro student starter set. I will be using this on myself at home. Sound and size are of little to no concern to me. I am very interested in the S/B makeup and want to buy them from temptu since I am not a makeup artist I cannot buy it from Mac Pro and the closest Mac Pro is 5 hours away anyways. Do you know of other reputable s/b brands? I am thinking the temptu student starter kit is the best deal at $300 for the s-compressor, stylus, and trial 12 s/b foundation trial kit and with a ZIP15 promo code to get 15% off. I was also going to tack on the trial blush and highlighter kit that will make it all about $309. Now if I do the silver jet that will be $250 plus $110 ish for the temptu 12 piece s/b foundation trial pack and the highlighter and blush trial pack. Is it worth the extra $60 or so dollars for the silver jet system? I have never used an airbrush system but I have no fears in putting in the many hours to learn as well as the time to clean the system. Did you buy one Sherol?
            Thank you guys!

          • Hi Megan – both are great systems so you won’t go wrong either way. If you are thinking of the cost then go with the cheaper Temptu. The Temptu compressor is very similar to the Iwata Silver Jet. The Iwata airbrush guns are better but that doesn’t mean the Temptu SP35 is bad – actually it’s a great airbrush gun too. Don’t be intimidated by airbrushing – it’s worth learning because the results you get are so amazing. Once you are familiar with it and the cleaning doesn’t become so daunting, you’ll have so much fun with it.
            The other thing you might prefer about buying the Iwata system is that you can use almost any type/brand of makeup in it – water-based or SB. Might be worth thinking about – especially if you find a cheap kit (like on Amazon or eBay).
            Hope that helps you decide! 🙂

  • Thank you for your fast reply. I really like that the temptu has a higher psi so if I did decide to do tanning it can spray larger. I am going to get the temptu pro, especially since they have their own water, alcohol and silicone line. Do you know of other brands for silicone based besides MAC and Temptu?

    • Hi Megan – of the silicone-based both MAC and Temptu have the best makeup. But you can find a few more brands at Camera Ready Cosmetics.

      • I ended up purchasing the temptu pro student starter set.

        I also got the small sample blush and highlighter set.

        I have absolutely loved the system!!! It is not to loud at all, way more quiet than the Kett Jett. It is a great way to get a starter kit with a reliable airbrush kit. The silicone based makeup can feel a little sticky after application however I wait for it to dry and apply Ben Nye Neutral Set or Ben Nye Rose Petal luxury powder. It sets the makeup amazingly! I can sleep in the foundation and wakeup in the morning and have 85% or more of my makeup on. I can take mid day naps and not worry about my makeup coming off. It is also surprisingly easy to get off. It is really important not to touch your face while it dries or the makeup will come off in a weird pattern and then you have to respray that spot.

        I think that you should do a review of the Temptu pro system for your Temptu section since it is significantly cheaper to not use the pod system. (A pod is 0.4 oz for $45 and from 1oz of the foundation it is $27.)

        I have acne and this is the best way I have ever encountered to cover my redness and bumps and it has reduced my acne. I have gotten nonstop compliments on my makeup since I switched to airbrushed makeup.

        Thank you for all of your reviews Michelle!

        • Hi Megan! Thank you for the fantastic comment – it’s so helpful for my readers. Maybe I don’t even have to do a review now because you covered so much already! 🙂
          Actually, I totally agree with you: the Temptu Pro system is much, much better than the Airpod. The starter kit you bought is great and using a mattifier or powder afterwards makes a very big difference. You definitely need to experiment with airbrush makeup to get the most out of it.
          Anyway, I have already started my Temptu Pro review! I just haven’t had a chance to finish it yet and I’m getting through some Iwata products too! But, I will have the Temptu Pro Review up soon!!! 🙂

  • Hi there,
    I recently purchased the belletto studio airbrush kit and am absolutely loving it! I was just wondering what your thoughts would be in regards to running a silicone based makeup through that particular machine? The makeup that belletto sells with their systems are water based however I think I would prefer the silicone.
    A couple of other mua’s I have spoken to about this suggested that I would be fine to use the silicone base makeup in my water base gun as long as I use a proper silicone cleanser to remove all the left over residue.
    Fingers crossed they have given me the right information and haven’t set me up with false hope! Really hoping I can use the silicone formula!!!!!

    • Hi Rebecca – that’s great to hear about the Belletto. I’ve been hearing lots of good things about it. However, I don’t recommend putting a silicone-based makeup through the system. Yes, the airbrush gun will be ok if you use the right cleaner, but the machine isn’t set up for thicker airbrush makeup (which silicone-based makeup always is). Basically, you also have to factor in PSI and needle/nozzle configuration (amongst a few other things) and it’s not really worth the risk. Most likely you wouldn’t get the same fine mist if you put a silicone-based airbrush makeup through. Having said that, it is possible to thin down the makeup (but, then, you don’t have the same quality of makeup any more). That’s also a bit more advanced and takes some trial and error.
      Have you tried Dinair through the Belletto? It is a bit thicker but still water-based. This might give you a feel for how the silicone-based makeup will perform (or not perform!) 🙂

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  • Could the temptu pro guns be used on dinair or belletto systems?
    and Would dinair guns work on the belletto system?


    • Hi Sheri – the Temptu Pro guns are Spamax and they do have adapters for use on different compressors. The Dinair and Belletto are quite similar and I think they both have the same rubber/silicone hose connection. So the Dinair might just slip onto the Belletto – I’m not 100% on this though. You are probably better off with the Belloccio airbrush because it’s very, very cheap and will be compatible.
      The better airbrush guns will usually have a braided hose and a quick connector which clicks in. the cheaper brands just use a rubber or silicone hose which slips on.

      • Thanks for the extreme fast reply.

        Thing is I just bought the belletto system because of the lower price and raving reviews.

        I am extremely oily on the T-zone so as I’ve been reading all the reviews here and there say water-based matte finish is best for oily skin.

        But I may want to try silicone/alcohol based foundation. So was wondering if I get any one of the temptu guns, the belletto system will be able to spray the SB foundation.

        Also, do you know the difference between the SE40 and SE50 since both are single action and .4mm nozzle.

        Thanks again.

        • Hello Sheri – oh, I see. The Belletto isn’t compatible with silicone-based makeup. Basically, silicone-based is thicker than water-based so you need a stronger PSI. Best to stick with water-based airbrush makeup in the Belletto. Dinair is also a bit thicker than Belletto makeup so you might find that you even have trouble with Dinair (I mean, it won’t be optimal, but it will still work). The best machines give you a very fine mist and you can notice a difference in the size of the droplets of liquid makeup. The finer, the better.
          The SP-40 and SE-50 are very similar but you want to use these for silicone or alcohol-based and not water-based makeup.

          • I took a look at Belletto’s makeup ingredients and it has silica, is that silicone?

          • Hello Sheri – not exactly. As far as I am aware, Silica is a mineral (so probably more related to pigments) whereas silicone is a non-natural chemical derived from silica (and other stuff!). Belletto is water-based. You could put thicker airbrush makeup through it if you water them down and even silicone-based makeup (watered down with a silicone-based thinner). But this dilutes the makeup and you won’t get the same tones. So, it takes some practice to get right. Also, this probably voids the warranty.