Airbrush Makeup Review: Temptu Pro (The BIG Review)

I’ve had so many comments here on Airbrush Makeup Salon asking me to write a review of the Temptu Pro airbrush makeup system and I thought it was about time I got to it.  So here it is: the Temptu Pro airbrush makeup review–and it’s a BIG one!

If you are interested in the Temptu AirPod™ then you can read my earlier review here. In this review I cover both the compressors, the airbrush guns as well as the Temptu airbrush makeup line (and with a few tips too!). It’s a very long and detailed review so click here to skip to the final verdict if you don’t have time to read through the entire article.


Temptu has been around for three decades and is essentially the biggest competitor to Dinair Airbrush Makeup. Like Dinair, Temptu Pro has a large selection of makeup. But, unlike Dinair, Temptu’s airbrush makeup lines aren’t only water-based. They have a silicone-based range, a water-based range and also an alcohol-based range (which is used for body-art).

Temptu sell two main compressors as well as a few different airbrush guns which are aimed at both the professional makeup artists as well as for personal-use. Many professional MUA’s swear by the Temptu Pro line of makeup which covers all their airbrushing requirements. The Tempu Pro airbrush makeup system (with the SP-35 airbrush gun) will have no issues with a lot of other brands of makeup too so Temptu is also a great choice for personal-use airbrushing for those who like a variety of brands (like OCC which is great makeup!).

Temptu Pro sell themselves as a “one stop shop for airbrush artistry and convenience” which in a lot of ways is very true. Their range of airbrush makeup covers everything from basic foundation, blush and highlights to full body art. The only thing Temptu don’t really have is a big salon-ready airbrush compressor like the Iwata Power Jet Pro and the Temptu airbrush guns also aren’t quite up to the quality of the Iwata equipment. But, Temptu Pro is definitely a step above the personal-use machines like Dinair, Belloccio and Tickled Pink.

Also, joining the Temptu Pro program will save you money so it’s worth looking into if you like their products and are happy to commit to their brand long term.


Temptu offers various airbrush makeup kits which are variations of one of their two compressors with one of their four airbrush guns as well as various makeup options and accessories. They vary in cost, quality and complexity but, basically, you are looking at either the S-One compressor or the Temptu Air compressor plus your choice of airbrush gun and makeup bundle.

Temptu Pro is designed to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your airbrushing needs and they have really thought of everything when it comes to airbrushing. You could stick with Temptu products only and never need anything else for your daily routine. Their large variety of makeup as well as accessories covers all requirements and it really comes down to personal taste at this point. Temptu does have a large following of loyal fans but their equipment is also compatible with some other brands so you aren’t committed to Temptu airbrush makeup only if you purchase one of their machines (except the AirPod)

Temptu Pro Deluxe Airbrush Makeup Kit

Temptu Pro Deluxe Airbrush Makeup Kit


Temptu Air™ Compressor

The Temptu Air compressor is Temptu’s smaller, portable airbrush compressor. At 1.7lbs it’s much lighter than the S-One and the addition of the battery pack makes it a perfect travel compressor. The Temptu Air is compatible with all of Temptu’s airbrush guns and you can put any of their liquid makeup through the system. Some of the Temptu airbrush makeup kits give you the option of either AirPod only or an additional AirPod (to your regular airbrush) and it’s great to know they are compatible with this compressor.

The Temptu Air is not really a ‘salon’ airbrush though it does have more power (PSI) than similar sized compressors (like Dinair, Belloccio, Tickled Pink, Belletto). Max PSI is 30 so you can actually do light bodywork with this machine. But, you wouldn’t want to be doing a full body tan! Like most smaller compressors, the Temptu Air will shut down if it overheats so don’t have it running for too long. It needs to rest every now and then. Oh, and keep it away from strong heat because this will result in faster overheating.

The battery pack is an awesome addition to the Temptu Air. I love battery packs on compressors that make them so much more portable. The Graftobian Walkaround and Sparmax  DC-25X also come with a battery pack but also a much steeper price (though both are great compressors). Recharge takes 2 hours and will give you up to 90 minutes. Also, this gives you 300-400 charge cycles so be aware that the battery life is limited.

The Temptu Air has a built-in regulator, flex hose and airbrush holder. It is compatible with all Temptu airbrush guns: SP-35, SE-50, SP-40 and AIRpod.

Temptu Air Compressor

Temptu Air Compressor

Temptu S-One Compressor

So, the S-One compressor is actually CHEAPER than the Temptu Air compressor but is actually a BETTER compressor! It’s really all about the size and battery pack which increase the price of the smaller Temptu Air. If you want a better machine and aren’t fussed about portability and size, then go for the S-One.

The Tempu S-One is very similar to the (very good) Iwata Silver Jet. It has a max pressure of 40 PSI (working pressure of 18PSI) and is great for foundation, fine detail and body art. At 5.5lbs It’s heavier than the smaller compressors and is more of a countertop compressor – but it’s still reasonably light and portable with a carry handle and nice, black finish. Definitely light enough to carry on location (as long as you have a power source).

Like the Temptu Air, the S-One has a built-in PSI Regulator but also a better coiled air hose and an airbrush holder.

With the S-One compressor and SP-35 airbrush you are going to get a much better result than you could ever get with the 2.0 Compressor and AirPod™ combination. The mist is much finer in with this set-up so just a few passes will give you fantastic coverage. You are also free to mix your own foundation colors (though many may find the AirPod system more convenient).

Compatible Airbrushes: Compatible with SP-35, SE-50, SP-40 and AIRpod Airbrushes

NB: after long periods, the motor can overheat, causing the compressor to shut off and stall until it has had enough time to cool. Allow the compressor to rest before starting up again.

The best way to keep the compressor from overheating is to shut the compressor off when it is not in active use. Also, keep it away from heat sources at all times.

Temptu S-One Compressor

Temptu S-One Compressor



The SP-35 is Temptu’s most popular (and best) airbrush gun. It is actually designed and manufactured by Sparmax and tailored to the beauty industry (there are a few different SP-35 airbrush guns but this is known as the SP35F which is for airbrush makeup).

The SP-35 is designed for use with smaller compressors. It is dual-action and top-fed/gravity fed with a needle/nozzle size of 0.35mm and a 2cc cup. Perfect for airbrush makeup foundations, blush and highlighter but can also be used for body art and other airbrush applications like stencils.
It’s definitely not the best airbrush gun out there (Iwata airbrush guns are a lot more reliable) but it’s a decent airbrush gun. It’s not great fine very fine detailed work though. Again, if you are looking to do finer airbrushing then check out the Iwata airbrush guns. However, the SP-35 is very good for foundation and blush as well as larger areas.

The SP-35 is great to use with a nice, comfortable feel (it’s light but robust). It’s also compatible with both water-based and silicone-based makeup. It is the most popular Temptu airbrush because it is really an all-rounder which works well with both water-based and silicone-based makeup.

The SP-35 is designed to be ‘easy to clean’ but actually requires a bit of prior-knowledge before you take it apart. Have a read through the cleaning and maintenance instructions on Temptu’s website before you use the airbrush so you don’t get stuck with an airbrush gun that doesn’t work!

The dual-action (basically meaning you can spray air-only or makeup and air) is achieved via the push-and-pull trigger that separates the activation for air and makeup. So, you can control your airflow better and spray ‘air only’ which can help dry the makeup, guide your makeup application, clear the airgun, mix makeup and also clean with a ‘back bubbling’ technique.

Compatibility: TEMPTU S-One Compressor and TEMPTU air™ Compressor.

Temptu SP-35 Airbrush Gun

Temptu SP-35 Airbrush Gun


The SP-40 is a single-action only, gravity fed airbrush with ‘hybrid technology’ that allows for continuous air-flow through the airbrush gun. Basically this just means that you can’t control the airflow in the same way as you can with a dual-action airbrush gun. With a larger needle/nozzle size of 0.4mm, the SP-40 is good for airbrush makeup application to larger areas such as body-art and foundation, but not as good as the SP-35 for finer detailed work. It’s really better for use with the ‘heavier’ silicone and alcohol-based airbrush makeup.

Compatibility: TEMPTU S-One Compressor and TEMPTU air™ Compressor.


Like the SP-40, the SE-50 is a single action airbrush gun which allows air to flow continuously through the airbrush. It also has a 0.4mm needle/nozzle size which is good for foundation and body airbrushing but not for finer detailed work. Like the SP-40 you’ll want to use this if you are using alcohol-based airbrush makeup.

Compatibility: TEMPTU S-One Compressor and TEMPTU air™ Compressor.


The AirPod is pretty cool. Temptu are onto something very interesting but it’s just a pity they aren’t quite there yet. I think the AirPod looks super-stylish and very technically advanced – but it can be a bit more about surface looks than results with this airbrush gun unfortunately.

For those of you who don’t know, the AirPod was designed to revolutionize the airbrush makeup industry. It’s like the Keurig Coffee Pod System of airbrushing. The idea is that you get a foundation pod which clicks into your AirPod airbrush and there’s no need  for cleaning or mixing foundations. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work in practice and the AirPods can clog. Not to mention the fact that most airbrush makeup artists like to mix their own colors!!

Some people love it though! So don’t let this discourage you. When it works, the AirPod is super convenient, but also ends up being more pricey since you don’t have the same control as you would with a normal airbrush makeup system.

Compatibility: TEMPTU S-One Compressor and TEMPTU air™ Compressor.

Temptu Pro AirPod

Temptu Pro AirPod

Oh and for those who haven’t ever seen or used and airbrush gun before, you may want to check out this video which appears on Temptu’s “Airbrush 101” DVD. This shows you how to assemble the airbrush gun correctly and will give you a good idea of each of the separate components that make up the airbrush gun.


Temptu has a terrific range of very high quality makeup. Though they are known for their silicone-based line, Temptu also have a water-based range as well as an alcohol-based range. They do claim that all these are oil-free and non-comedogenic but you might want to check to make sure you do not have a silicone-allergy as this can often set off reactions and break-outs in certain people.

There are always those who prefer silicone-based airbrush makeup and those who prefer water-based and others who swear by alcohol-based. A lot of people say that true airbrush makeup should be silicone-based and that’s the only way to get a flawless, dewy, HD look. But everyone has different tastes and all the varieties of airbrush makeup can be used to achieve beautiful results. The great thing about Temptu is that they have all types of airbrush makeup: silicone-based, water-based and alcohol-based. You just have to find out which one (or, ones) you prefer. Checkout their Formula Guide.

The Temptu airbrush makeup range consists of the following components: Silicone-Based airbrush makeup; Dura (alcohol-based) airbrush makeup; Water-based (matte) airbrush makeup; Powders/Concealers/Primers; Body Art (Stencils)

The silicone-based makeup is great on dry skin. Very oily skin needs to be prepped well before applying silicone-based airbrush makeup but don’t be afraid to use it! Just do minimal passes and slowly build up the makeup. Remember that ‘less is more’ (actually, I think that’s a phrase the Dinair use all the time in their instruction DVD’s but I’m sure they won’t mind me using it here in the Temptu airbrush makeup review!) 🙂

Some people find the AirPod foundation shades to be too limited and they tend to all have more yellow tint in them–but, remember, Temptu will mix up an AirPod for you to your exact requirements so you can get any shade you want!

Basically, the water-based (Aqua) airbrush makeup is not waterproof and least lasting; the silicone-based are water resistant and longer lasting; the alcohol-based (Dura) are water-proof and will last up to 5 days. None of these has SPF coverage but you can apply a thin layer of SPF before airbrushing foundation.

Temptu Water-Based Airbrush Makeup

Temptu water-based airbrush makeup is not-water proof and doesn’t have the lasting quality of silicone and alcohol based makeup. Like Dinair, this makeup is water-based and water activated so will smudge when exposed to water. It also gives a Matte finish rather than a moist & dewy appearance. Temptu’s water-based airbrush makeup is not as good as their silicone-based makeup and tends to oxidize quickly. Luckily you can still use the water-based makeup from companies like Dinair which many find to be superior to Temptu’s.

From Temptu: “Aqua is a water-based formula that provides opaque, yet natural matte coverage. Designed to work  under studio lights, this formula is a favorite of on-air talent at Fox News, CNN, ABC, and other major news networks.”

Temptu Pro Water-Based Airbrush Makeup Aqua Foundation

Temptu Pro Water-Based Airbrush Makeup Aqua Foundation

Temptu Silicone-Based Airbrush Makeup

Waterproof and long lasting (up to 24 hours) this makeup has a lot of fans. If you are prone to dry skin then you will probably prefer this silicone-based range with gives a dewy appearance while also providing great coverage. It is designed for all-day wear so is great for special occasions and going out. Also, because it gives that stunning HD effect it works great for photography/weddings. However, make sure your photographer is aware of what makeup you are using so they can adjust their flash and lighting setup. Sometimes the micro-pigments can create strange reflections and alter the white-balance of digital cameras. Your professional photographer will know what to do though and the photos will be just stunning! Just a note for those of you that don’t know. Silicone-based makeup is thicker than water-based makeup so it isn’t compatible will all airbrush makeup systems. It is possible to use Mixing Medium to thin out the silicone-based airbrush makeup but this requires some knowledge and practise. Keep in mind, too, that doing this waters down the colors and the makeup won’t look the same. On the other hand, with practise you can get some amazing results when mixing colors.

Temptu Pro Silicone-Based Airbrush Makeup Foundation

Temptu Pro Silicone-Based Airbrush Makeup Foundation

Temptu Dura Alcohol-Based Airbrush makeup

This is the most long lasting of all Temptu Pro’s makeup. It is very long lasting and water-proof–like, up to 5 days long lasting. So it’s perfect for special FX, costume makeup and body art. When you want to remove the makeup just use coconut or baby oil. There’s no need to scrub or use harsh oil-based cleaners. Just wipe off. Water alone, though, will not remove alcohol-based airbrush makeup. Oh – you can also use 99% alcohol cleaner if you want (but this might dry out your skin).

Dura can be applied either via the airbrush gun, paintbrush or sponge. They are highly pigmented and can be mixed for wonderful effects.

You definitely do not want to use any alcohol-based makeup regularly. Water-based is really the best for the skin because it just won’t trigger any breakouts or cause any clogging. Use Dura on special occasions only.

Temptu Pro Dura Airbrush Makeup

Temptu Pro Dura Airbrush Makeup

As a very general rule, dry skin reacts better to silicone-based makeup and oily skin will work better with water-based. However, if you prep your skin well, you can achieve wonderful results with either. Use silicone-based primer on dry or mature skin because it helps provide moisture which allows the makeup to go on smoother. If skin is especially dry or mature, combine S/B Primer with S/B Mixing Medium in a 50/50 ratio. Temptu’s Base Smooth & Matte Primer is recommended for oily skin types. Apply a pea sized amount to affected areas only. You don’t use the airbrush makeup system to apply either the silicone-based primer or the Base Smooth & Matte. Just apply by brush or by hand.

Don’t be afraid to use traditional makeup and powder with airbrush makeup either. All Temptu Pro’s airbrush makeup is compatible with traditional makeup. Just make sure it is fully dried before you put on your favorite eye-shadow, blush or powders (don’t forget you can also airbrush blush and highlights – do not airbrush eye-shadow unless you really, really know what you are doing).

Temptu Airbrush Makeup Mixing Medium

Temptu’s mixing medium is a specific formula that has several uses and opens up airbrush makeup to more creative and interesting places. With the mixing medium you can mix colors to create your own custom shades by blending it with loose pigments (as long as these are small enough to fit through the airbrush gun. It’s also used as a binding agent to set silicone-based formulas for longer durability. Also, you can use the mixing medium as a makeup remover for spot correcting if you have any errors. Another option is to use it to sheer out colors by mixing with blush and multicolors to soften vivid colors and make them more compatible for fair skin types. You can apply the mixing medium with a fine-point brush (available in some of the airbrush makeup kits) to fill in fine lines and make corrections.

Temptu Pro Mixing Medium

Temptu Pro Mixing Medium

Temptu Pro Transfer Tattoos

Just a note on the Temptu Pro Transfer Tattoos. These are printed with high quality Dura cosmetic ink in blue-black “Pro-Transfer” color. The Dura cosmetic ink is very long lasting and can withstand extreme conditions. They are incredibly realistic tattoos which are specifically designed to meet the needs of film, television and theater. All transfer tattoos are available in ten-packs of pre-cut, single images, with a variety of themes such as: Military, Gangs, Jailhouse, Biker, and many more.


The Temptu Pro store is really a one-stop shop for your airbrush makeup system. They have all the accessories you’ll need for any of the Temptu airbrush makeup systems you purchase. A few good ones are the braided hose (much better quality than rubber or silicone); the airbrush cleaning pot (also known as a ‘docking jar’); the airbrush cradle (holder)–there’s also a dual-airbrush holder for those of you who have two airbrush guns; quick connect adapter; the must-have silicone-based airbrush cleaner; the cleaning set; eyebrow stencils.


There are 8 major airbrush makeup kits from Temptu which are basically a combination of one of the 3 compressors, one or two airbrush guns and a variety of makeup. They range from $199 to $839 and it’s pretty easy to choose which one works for you depending on your requirements. You could also just build your own by selecting the compressor and airbrush you need along with your foundation color but some of the kits are great value and have everything you will need. Each kit has the option of selecting which compressor you want (out of the S-One or Temptu Air) unless it is based on the AirPod system (which uses the 2.0 compressor only).

The most popular kits are the Intro Kit and the Student Starter Kit. The Student Starter Kit is great value at $299 and really covers your basic airbrushing needs. But for an additional $140 you can get the Intro Kit which includes S/B Blush & Highlighter Starter Set, Concealer Wheel, Primer and the cleaning kit which are things you will eventually want to buy for your daily routine.

Temptu Pro Deluxe Airbrush Makeup Kit

Temptu Pro Deluxe Airbrush Makeup Kit

The Temptu Pro Deluxe Kit contains all this but is expensive at $839:

  • Choice of S-One or Temptu air Compressor
  • SP-35 Airbrush
  • S/B Foundation Set in 1 oz. 12 pack
  • S/B Blush Starter Set 8 pack
  • S/B Highlighter Starter Set 8 pack
  • S/B Adjuster Starter Set 7 pack
  • S/B Airbrow Kit
  • S/B Concealer Wheel
  • S/B Primer in 1 oz.
  • S/B Mixing Medium in 1 oz.
  • Invisible Difference Finishing Powder in shade 1 – Light
  • S/B Airbrush Cleaner in 16 oz.
  • Airbrush Cleaning Kit
  • Airbrush Makeup 101 DVD

The Temptu Pro Bridal Kit is a great option for professional MUA’s who do weekend Bridal Work and need the flexibility of two guns without the hassle of too much cleaning and changing formulas.  It comes with both the SP-40 and the AirPod (along with some essential accessories so you are fully covered). If you do a lot of work though, it’s often smarter to have a backup compressor (if budget allows) so you don’t get stuck if one machine fails and also don’t have the hassle of changing airbrush guns.

Temptu Pro Bridal Kit

Temptu Pro Bridal Kit


What you receive when buying a Temptu airbrush makeup system depends on which kit you get (see above for various kit options). But, basically, you’ll receive the following (not always with the makeup though):

Compressor, the airbrush & cleaning/assembly tools, multiple air-hose adapters (all packed up in a convenient and secure plastic case), air-hose, S/B cleaner, moisturizer & primer, concealer wheel, foundations, blushes & highlighters, set-up instructions, “Airbrush Makeup 101” DVD.


Temptu have been improving their customer service a lot in recent years. Dinair has really been leading the way with customer service and now a lot of other companies are playing catch-up. I think it’s safe to say that Temptu are almost there with a greatly improved website and lots of fantastic videos to guide you on all aspects of airbrushing. All kits also come with the “Airbrush Makeup 101” DVD (most of this is covered in their videos online too).

In terms of warranty, the Temptu compressors and airbrush guns have a reasonable warranty period of one year from the date of purchase from an authorized seller. They will repair, replace or refund you if your airbrush makeup system is deemed faulty. Like most companies, they might use refurbished parts to fix your machine and you’ll also have to prove that you didn’t damage the airbrush gun by ‘improper storage, misuse or abuse, accident, neglect or physical damage, abnormal or commercial use, contact with water, unauthorized service, unauthorized modification of the system or its parts in any way, or other acts.’ If you are a beginner, it can be hard to get past this stage because you need to be really assertive in letting them know that you know what you are doing and have not personally damaged the airbrush. Just keep pushing.

Once they agree that their product is at fault, Temptu will provide a prepaid shipping label for systems that require repair. So, shipping is free for replacements/repairs under warranty but only to Continental US.

You can contact temptu either by online chat, email ( or phone (1-888-9TEMPTU (1-888-983-6788).


Just a quick note on the instructions, DVD and website. The instructions which come with all Temptu airbrush makeup kits come with practice sheets so you can get it right before you try it on your face. The DVD covers basically everything you need to know to get started so definitely watch it through before you start airbrushing! Practicing is fun too but you don’t want to waste too much expensive makeup by making mistakes!

Temptu’s website has had major improvements in the past few years and you can find a lot of information on it. Check out their masterclass for how-to guides, watch the airbrush makeup videos, or if you’re having trouble, check out the trouble-shooting section.

Also, there are a lot of Temptu videos on Youtube here.


Like the Silver Jet, the Temptu Pro S-One Compressor is quite loud. You can reduce the noise by putting it on a rubber mat, or, instead of the counter, you can place it on the floor some distance away from you. It’s not super-loud but certainly not one of the more quiet compressors. Aside from that it’s very straight forward. Like all good compressors, both Temptu compressors have variable airflow so you can control your PSI. Beginners may want to use a slightly lower PSI until they are comfortable with airbrushing makeup. Eventually you’ll learn to work with a higher airflow which will give you a better mist and much faster makeup application!

A few of the accessories will make your life easier such as the braided airhose, airbrush cradle and the quick connect adapter. I won’t go into too much detail about using the airbrush gun here as this is covered elsewhere in the review on on Airbrush Makeup Salon. Just as long as you understand the difference between dual and single action airbrushes you’ll get the hang of it.


Joining Temptu Pro is a great option for beginners or for those who want to take their airbrushing to the next level. For some, the AirPod will be a step-down while for others it will really simplify their airbrush routine. But the other makeup options and airbrush makeup systems from Temptu perform a lot better than many other personal-use machines. Though I would probably recommend Iwata for those opening their own salon or for those with several clients a day, Temptu Pro airbrush makeup systems can handle a large workload–just not at the level the larger (and more expensive) Iwata equipment will. The Temptu makeup will definitely cover everything you’d ever need to do with airbrushing whether you are professional or enthusiast.


Professional MUA’s rarely use the Temptu AirPod system. There is no possibility of mixing or being creative with the system. Usually a Pro would have both the Temptu Air and S-One compressors and two airbrush guns. Never the AirPod. They would also have a variety of water, silicone and alcohol-based formulas to cover their clients’ needs.

Temptu Pro is a great option for those new to airbrushing though because it’s all provided in one convenient location. It’s worth trying the makeup before you buy though – often people love one particular brand while others will find it doesn’t suit their skin type at all. So, try before you buy.


Temptu are a very big name in airbrush makeup. They really do provide everything you need for airbrushing makeup and you could very happily be loyal to their brand alone and will achieve terrific results. Their entire makeup range is fantastic, they regularly bring out new foundations, they are innovative and exciting. Really, it comes down to whether or not you like their makeup and this is always personal preference. Their airbrush makeup equipment might not be the best out there, but it is still very good quality. Temptu are better than most personal-use airbrush makeup systems but they don’t quite achieve the quality of Iwata. I’d say they fall somewhere in the middle.

  • PROS: Very big makeup range that covers water, silicone and alcohol-based airbrush makeup. Very good equipment. All you will ever need is available via the one brand.
  • CONS: The AirPod machine is better in theory. Some people use it with great success – others not so much.

Temptu Pro Airbrush Makeup Review

Temptu Pro Airbrush Makeup System
The choice of two great compressors though not Iwata quality
Great airbrush guns but again not Iwata quality
Some of the best makeup out there. Fantastic range.
Very good. Great improvement recently. Lots of resources for customers to learn.
Very good price for the airbrush makeup kits but not a cheap brand.
One of the best airbrush makeup brands out there. Everything you need in a single brand with excellent makeup.

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  • Hi do you have ship to Lebanon ?

    • Hello Menal – I don’t sell any airbrush makeup systems. 🙂
      Try Amazon or eBay for sellers who ship to Lebanon. Temptu don’t ship overseas (except Canada) unfortunately!

  • Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for your helpful reviews!

    I am a makeup artist that absolutely loves airbrush makeup. Currently I am looking to buy a new compressor as my old Iwata Silver Jet broke when it fell to the floor while working on a client (embarrassing, thank God she’s my best friend :p). When it fell I was working on a small space and I didn’t have it over a rubber mat or towel. This machine vibrates a lot while is on and in consequence it slowly starts moving place. So of course silly me had my back turned for a few seconds and unfortunately it fell to the ground. The machine still turns on and air comes out. The air-hose connector is what broke and I’m not sure how to fix it.

    However, right now I have little interest in sticking to the Iwata Silver Jet. I find it quite big, vibrates/moves a lot while on, and is very loud too. I could try to fix my Silver Jet or simply buy the same one new as it does a very nice makeup application job. Or better yet fix it (if it’s fixable) and buy another compressor! 😉 In buying another one I could upgrade and go to one of the Iwata’s Power Jet or Smart Jet, ironically bigger, maybe louder, yet excellent performance. No going wrong there. But right now I am leaning towards something smaller mostly for my personal use, and that if I ever need to use on a client it is easy to carry and reliable enough to do a professional job. I like the idea of having something more compact, of a sleek/chic look, still potent, and of a professional feel to it. Considering all of this do you think the Temptu S-One fits the criteria of what I need? Or are there any better ones that you would recommend me? Assuming I do go with the Temptu S-One, do you know if Iwata airbrush guns are compatible with the Temptu S-One? If not would the gun work with an adapter?

    Considering other brands I came across to the following two:

    * Iwata IS-35 Ninja Jet. I am here wondering, how does it compare to the Tempu S-One? They actually LOOK VERY SIMILAR to each other! But I’m not sure which of the two performs better if not maybe the same. I just don’t want to assume that because it is an Iwata brand it will be better than Temptu S-One. More likely it is but I just want to make sure.

    *I also found this one but I have no clue about this brand, Badger 80-8N X-Air. Never have heard of them. Is not as pretty as the Iwata Ninja or the Temptu S-One, but it has auto-shut off, a gauge, and weights less only 4.2 lbs (which Iwata and Temptu don’t have)! And 30psi working pressure. I am just thinking the major cons is that it might not be as durable as Iwata.

    Lastly, I am considering of testing out the Tickeld Pink Aloe-based airbrush foundation (I have Rosecea and think it will be nice something more on the natural ingredients side for daily use). Do you know if this foundation will work well with the compressors mentioned above and the Iwata guns? And would you recommend this brand for professional application such as for weddings and photo shoots?

    Thank you in advance for your guidance! 🙂

    • Hello Angelina – wow! I think you wrote an essay!! 🙂
      Hopefully I have an answer for all your questions – if I miss something, let me know!

      Totally agree – the Silver Jet is loud! It’s actually louder than the larger Power Jet. They are very different compressors – the Power Jet is one of the best but it’s much more expensive. It has all the features you’d ever need except for easy portability. Definitely worth looking at the S-One but this is basically the same as the Silver Jet so may not be the change you want. Iwata brushes are fine with this (especially the HP-CS).

      The Ninja Jet is small and also pretty loud (considering it’s a “ninja”!). In a lot of ways it’s a step down from the Silver Jet. Don’t forget Temptu also have the portable compressor with battery pack (like the Graftobian walkaround but not quite as good). Oh – check out the Graftobian walkaround too if you haven’t already.

      Badger is a very good brand. More popular with hobbyists and people painting toy planes and trains etc. That’s why they aren’t a particularly good looking compressor. But, functionality is great!

      The Tickled Pink foundation is very good. You’d have to try it to really know if you like it – but it’s definitely worth it. Plus, for professionals they have large containers so it becomes very affordable. It doesn’t last as long as silicone-based makeup so may not be perfect for weddings and photo shoots (depending on the client’s needs). You also have to watch out to make sure your client isn’t allergic to Aloe (some people are). OCC may be a better choice for those with sensitive skin/allergies (but it’s not cheap). Beautiful makeup.

      So, you’re looking at very different compressors. The Power Jet is the best – but it’s not portable. If you want portable, look at Temptu or Graftobian.

      Did I cover everything?! 🙂

  • Hi Michelle,

    Could you please give me an advice.

    Is it possible use the Temptu One-S compressor with one of the Iwata brushes?

    Many thanks

    • Hello Oxana – yes, you can use the Iwata Brushes with the Temptu S-One compressor. This is similar to the Iwata Silver Jet compressor – it’s a great compressor so this set up will work really well.

  • I have a question. Will the Beletto, Belloccio or Dinair rubber hose or airbrush gun fit the TEMPTU rubber hose (in some way)? Does anyone know this?

    • Hello – the rubber hoses tend to be standard. Some are silicone though. You can also buy adapters which allow you to use the braided hoses (which are the best!)

  • Hi Michelle,
    im looking for a water-based foundation for personal daily use, since i dont want to use the silicone-based daily. i heard OCC has a great water-based foundation but i cant seem to find it anywhere. Is there some other ones you can recommend? I have combination skin and makeup sometimes makes me break out very slightly.

    • Hi Nia – OCC is wonderful but it’s hard to track down sometimes and they run out. You can get great discounts though when they bring the range back in. 🙂
      MAC have a water-based foundation too now and so do Temptu. Camera-ready Cosmetics also have their own foundation which some people love. It’s sometimes worth trying a few different brands to find the one that works for you. Oh – don’t forget Dinair and Tickled Pink too!

  • hi Michelle,

    do you know how to connect Iwata Silver jet with Temptu airush gun? thinking about buying a temptu gun. tks


  • hiya im looking for a airbrush gun and compressor for uni, the requirements are:

    The needle and nozzle between 0.4mm and 1.0mm

    they recommended us to buy the NEO for iwata bcn airbrush and the iwata silver jet compressor but we can shop around.

    it needs to be suitable for body paints too

    i like the look of the dinair airbrush with the pro lite compressor, the graftobian airbrush and compressor and the temptu 2.0

    im really struggling please can you help as none of these state the needle size

    • Hello Lauren – NEO is a good, basic airbrush gun. It’s not a true Iwata though. The HPCS or HPC+ are a better choice but cost more. They are both suitable enough for body paints and have variable spray. A much smoother and better mist than you can get out of any of the other brushes you are looking at. Sometimes, when you’re learning, it’s better to have the better gun – because a bad airbrush gun will have errors and you might think it’s your fault when it’s not! Graftobian is great too and the temptu is pretty good. The dinair airbrush is 0.4mm and is fine – but you can’t use it with high PSI compressors. The Iwata HP CS or HPC+ will both be with you for life – and can work with most compressors and most media.
      Hope I didn’t confuse you more! Let me know if you have any more questions! The important thing is to match the right airbrush gun with the right compressor.

  • Hi Michelle,

    I’m noticing there’s a 3rd compressor? The 2.0? Can you comment on it in comparison?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Agnes – Temptu 2.0 is similar to the Dinair. You wouldn’t notice much of a difference. The S-One and the AirPro are more powerful and work with SB makeup. The AirPro is portable too (with the battery). But, often the batteries don’t last. So, if you don’t need portability, go with the S-One, which is a very good compressor (or, Iwata!)