Airbrush Makeup Review: The Kett Jett

The Kett Jett is a powerful and versatile compressor. Featuring an adjustable airflow range from 0 to 30 PSI it gives the user full control over the amount of makeup being dispensed as well as the intensity of the coverage. This means that you can reduce the margin for error by reducing the airflow down below 6 psi which is a fantastic feature especially for beginners. In the higher range you can use The Kett Jett for full body coverage or temporary tattoos. It tends to be aimed at industry professionals as well as the serious home consumer so it is priced much higher than average, but also has the quality to match that price tag.

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What is in the box:

The Kett Jett is not cheap with the mini compressor and hose setting you back $225 (plus the airbrush at $95 and makeup). The Kett Starter Kit retails for $467 while the full Kett Jett Kit costs upwards of $657. However, the kit contains everything you will need including the compressor, airbrush, cleaning set, hose, 10 Hydro Foundation Shades and Sett Powder Pressed. The Kett Kit Bag is an additional $35 but it really is an essential item if you want to keep all your stuff in the one handy place.

Using the Kett Jett:

Though the Kett Jett is on the higher end of the cost scale the kit has some great add on features which make it definitely well worth a look at. The Kett Airbrush is what they call a Transformer Airbrush which switches from dual to single action. It also has a 0.25mm needle/nozzle fusion with a full range of spray patterns from pin-point precise to broad and defused. This is a really simple nozzle to get the hang of and the more you use it, the more uses open up to you. Since the compressor has an adjustable airflow and the nozzle is so versatile, The Kett Jett can be used as more than just foundation–try airbrush tattoos, body art, tanning and even t-shirts and murals!

Another great feature is The Kett Jett Battery which makes the compressor detachable from any main source. This means you can work wirelessly for up to 90 minutes. Great for travel and great for just freeing yourself from the cables so your angles aren’t restricted. Great for tanning and body art.

As most of you probably know, the Kett makeup is fantastic. Though it is not vast, the quality of the makeup and the colors is stunning. An awesome feature of their makeup range is that it is not restricted to the airbrush alone but can be applied with a brush, sponge or the fingertips. So, if you’re not in the mood for airbrushing, you can still have your favourite color for the day. The makeup can all be blended so you can get experimental and, being water-based, it’s light-weight and free from alcohol, fragrance and paraben. We love the Hydro Liquid Pigments! Inspired by the colors of precious stones they contain pure mineral pigments and glow with stunning iridescence. The Hydro Blush tones are limited to just 6 colors–3 warm and 3 cool. Our favorites are Angel (a sweet baby pink) and Love (vivid rose pink). On average the Kett makeup is $16 for a 15ml bottle which makes it one of the more affordable brands for makeup.

The Kett Jett only has a 14 day money back policy but you will definitely love the compressor and airbrush nozzle. If you have the extra money it’s worth a look since the Kett is such a versatile tool and the makeup is light-weight and looks fantastic when applied. It’s really a kit that will get your creative juices flowing and it’s the perfect tool for costume makeup as well as the most stunning glamour looks. Though the Kett Jett is more expensive to begin with, their makeup is on the whole more affordable so you may save in the long run.

The Kett Jett
A great range up to 30 PSI with adjustable airflow.
Top quality, dual-action & compatible with other brands.
Versatile, great quality, stunning and original colors.
Good customer service but no stand out.
Much higher than average but the quality is there to back up price.
A fantastic product with such beautiful makeup it is hard to pass up.

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  • oh – I like the kett jett. have it at home and use it a lot when i travel. Actually i got this because the makeup is really nice. I guess the compressor and airbrush gun are good too but I can’t compare b/c i haven’t tried any others.

  • I prefer Dinair’s compressor – specially cos you can choose the colors. I don’t know about the airbrush gun thoguh – aren’t they all teh same?

  • Great review thank you!

  • can you use this system with Dinair makeup I know dinair is thicker? their gun is .4mm but this system looks more powerful

    • Hello Andrea – thank you for reading! Sorry to reply so late but my internet went down just as I was replying to your email a few days ago and I didn’t realize the comment didn’t go through!
      To answer your question, the Dinair makeup is fine in the Kett Jett – the viscosity won’t be the same as it is going through the Dinair and the coverage will be affected. You can try watering down the Dinair makeup a little. Basically it’s experimentation to get the result you want. Just remember to really clean it well after putting the thicker makeup through! Let me know how you go and feel free to post any other questions or tips of your own! πŸ™‚

    • I contacted kett recently and they told me that you can use any brand of makeup through there gun they also now have a .4mm gun out so you may want to invest in that for thicker makeups too.
      unlike other brands kett is the only one who has told me it is ok to use other products with thier machine other companys i have contacted say that only there makeup should be put through the gun which is why i am saving my pennies for kett, even though it is more than a little out of my price range

      • Thanks for your comment Elle! Totally agree with you – Kett makes a great airbrush makeup system. I’m a big fan. And their makeup is awesome.
        It’s funny how most manufacturers will tell you that you can’t use other brands of makeup in their gun when you actually can… Kett has no problem with it because they have such a good range of their own makeup.
        Iwata airbrush guns are fine with any makeup too – Iwata as a brand doesn’t sell any makeup so their interest is really only in creating top quality compressors and airbrush guns.
        Definitely worth saving your pennies for Kett! Hope you get it soon. πŸ™‚
        Please come back and let me know how you go when you get it.

  • Hello!! Question….I’m torn between Kett and OCC. I bought some foundation samples from Kett to try out, since I read they can be applied with a sponge. Tried it, liked it, but it had a “dry” feeling to it, not sure I like that. My question is, is it because I applied it with a sponge? Or is the feeling the same either way you apply it? Also, I know its subjective but, which would you say is the best for a makeup artist? Thanks for all of your great research!!

    • Hello Devon – thanks for visiting! Great question – both Kett and OCC have beautiful makeup. I haven’t yet put up my review for the OCC compressor but it is a good quality system. When you apply the makeup with a sponge you tend to get more on so it can get that dry, cakey feel. Using an airbrush makeup gun allows you to spray a fine mist which gives you the same amount of coverage but using less makeup. On the other hand the OCC makeup is close to perfect! Feels great on the skin – you can apply this without an airbrush gun too (the #2 foundation brush is the brush recommended for OCC makeup if you aren’t airbrushing). So I say, give OCC a try with the makeup brush if you are hesitant. I always find that when I change brands it takes some time to find the right combination of primer etc since every makeup is different.
      Please come back and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

    • Oh – I forgot to say: both are great systems and either would be good for a makeup artist. It’s definitely subjective with these two brands!

  • Thanks for gettin back to me!! I’m gonna give OCC a try, your info on the systems are wonderful!!

  • Does the kett Jett Airbrush starter kit comes with DVD for instructions? I am a beginner and I have no idea how to use it but wants to buy a good one compressor,..Thank you!

    • Hello – the starter kit doesn’t come with a DVD unfortunately and the videos made available by Kett aren’t really the best. Dinair have made some good instructional videos. If you buy Kett the idea is that you will also attend one of the airbrushing courses which then gives you a credit towards purchasing an airbrush makeup system. Also it allows you to practice on real people. They are definitely good workshops from all I have heard. Good luck with your purchase!

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  • Can the kett Jett Airbrush starter kit be use for spray tanning as well and how? i cant find a answer anywhere on the net plz help

    • Hi Sarah – the Kett isn’t very powerful so would be frustrating for tanning. You can use it for tanning but it’s much easier with a special tanning gun (with a bigger cup) and a more powerful compressor.
      Hope that helps!

  • Hi! As a starter I must say I’ve been into airbrush makeup for the past year, and your information is definitely by far and away THE BEST I’ve ever found on the internet!

    I bought the Dinair starter kit a year ago, liked the results but not as much the makeup, and eventually switched to using Kett with my Dinair system. As I got lazier, I found myself manually applying the Kett Hydro like normal liquid foundations and saved the airbrush for special occasions- though I still loved the result. For the last 6 months, I have not airbrushed as I left my kit at home when I went abroad for a semester. I’d like to get back into it, but my airbrush gun is just NOT cooperating with me. I’ve tried every kind of deep cleaning there is, and though it will spray fine with water/cleaner, every time I try with the makeup, even watered down, it refuses to spray.

    I’ve found that the Kett gun (which, I do NOT own) allows you to actually remove the nozzle itself rather than just the caps, which the Dinair gun doesn’t seem to be able to do. Looking at my gun, this is where there is a lot of product buildup that I unfortunately just CANNOT get out, no matter my cleaning technique- it appears to be stuck in the nozzle itself. Dinair has no means of replacing/cleaning this nozzle, where as Kett instructs you to replace the nozzle when it does inevitably wear out/cake up too much. This fact alone has urged me to eventually replace my gun with the Kett model- but I’d like to save the Dinair compressor if possible.

    Do you know if the way the Kett gun works would attach to the Dinair hose/compressor? And if you have any suggestions for salvaging my Dinair gun, that would be marvelous too!

    Again, thank you for all your help!- This site, like I said, is simply the best.

    • Hello Ellie – thanks so much for your kind comments!! I’m glad my website has been so helpful for you and for so many people! πŸ™‚
      From the sounds of it your airbrush gun is not salvageable… maybe you left some makeup in there and didn’t clean it 100% before leaving it for 6 months. It happens… No need to stress too much though – you can use the Belloccio airbrush gun with the Dinair and it works fine – it’s less than $40 on Amazon!. It’s not the best airbrush gun around but it’s great value for money. Works well with Dinair and Kett and attaches using the same hose. It should also come with an adapter so you can use it with other compressors.

      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much for all your help! I will definitely consider the Belloccio. However because of what happened with my Dinair, I am really intrigued by Kett’s airbrush gun because of the removable nozzle and the fact that you can actually clean it by using a brush all the way through-. I’m sure normal cleaning techniques would suffice but if I decide to invest more money into this I’d like something with that option in it. I might in the end save the money and go with the good option of the cheaper Belloccio, but was wondering if you knew whether Kett’s gun is compatible with the Dinair hose/compressor specifically. (Plus I like the idea of using the same company’s makeup and gun!)

    Again thank you so much for your help and absurdly speedy reply!

    • Hi Ellie – no problem! Happy to help. πŸ™‚
      Dinair uses the rubber push on hose whereas Kett uses a screw-type. You can get adapters to make this work though – I think either through Dinair or online on Amazon etc. Though it might be hard to track the exact one. Let me know if you need help finding one.


  • Can I use Kett Jett gun(transformer) with other compressors, like Iwata?

    • Yes you can – you may need the adapter to fit it as Kett has the screw-type. So, if you have the Dinair which uses the hose (push-on) then you’ll need the adapter.

  • I am new to airbrush makeup but I don’t want to be committed to one brand of makeup. But I am not a make up artist. I like make up, I want to be able to use other brands and types. What are right sizes fluid tips for the different types(based makeup)? I know the Iwata is a good brand but I’m not ready to spend the money on that just yet. But I am looking at other brands like Master.

    • Most brands will tell you that you can only use their makeup in their airbrush makeup system – but that’s not really true. There are definitely differences between compressor strength and needle/nozzle size. The best advice is to only use water-based makeup inside systems from brands whose makeup is water-based and only use silicone-based makeup in systems from brands whose makeup is silicone-based. But also you have to look at the size of the pigments in the makeup as not all brands use the same formulas.
      Dinair is quite a thick makeup for water-based so they use a 4mm needle/nozzle. If you tried to use this through a smaller one then you need a more powerful compressor (this is why the Iwata can deal with such a range of makeups). Silicone-based makeup is almost always thicker than water-based and will generally require a large needle/nozzle size.
      As a general guide it would be .2mm for fine detail, .3mm for medium and .4mm-5mm for general, larger areas (foundation and body).

      You can use thinner to water down the makeup but it might complicate things and, if you don’t have experience with this, has its own set of risks. It’s generally safer to go with the same brands until you’ve had some experience with airbrushing and then you can start looking at other brands of makeup when you know which ones work with which! They simply won’t honor the warranty unfortunately if they know you’ve been using other brands of makeup…

  • hello i a asian bridal mua and was looking into providing a airbrush makeup service. I was wondering if you could tell me which gun is the best to buy with the best results, Also the colours have to be suitable for yellow skin toned skin. thankyou

  • how long dose the kett jett spray on makeup last

    • Hello Jessica – like most airbrush makeup, Kett claim they last a full day. So, at least 12 hours. You can improve this by using a fixer but you don’t want to wear fixer every day!

  • Hi Michelle:

    I am so gratefull to have found your website. I am looking into all of the different compressors, air guns, etc. I am not a pro, but would like to get professional results. I also wanted to learn to do theatrical make up for my daughter who is taking drama/theater in high school. I like volunteering and helping the kids. So my question is after all your reviews do you have a list or chart that shows all the brands and ranks them. I like the idea of being able to do a side by side comparison.

    Also, not to throw in something else, but I found (yet another) product for you to investigate. It’s called Art of Air. Ever heard of it?

    Please let me know. So far I am led to believe that the Iwata is the best. It just all gets so confusing. Thanks again. I really appreciate what you are doing for all of us.

    • Hi Kelly – thanks so much for visiting! You are totally right that a chart would help – I need to put something like this together. I’ve been busy working on a few more reviews which I’ll be putting up shortly. I hadn’t heard of Art of Air before though – just looking at the specs it definitely looks ok. The smaller compressors tend to be quite similar but some airbrush guns are better than others. I’m a bit worried that in the only two positive reviews on Amazon for the Art of Air are very recent and the reviewers haven’t reviewed any other product. But I you never be 100% sure of the quality of any airbrush makeup system until you’ve tried it.
      Iwata is the best brand – it’s worth the extra cost since you can be confident that you can put any makeup through the system. You can get cheaper brands of body paint which would be perfect for you daughter’s theatrical makeup. And you can still use quality makeup brands like MAC etc.
      I have some information about Iwata in the MAC airbrush makeup review. Have a look at the last comments for some good recommendations too.
      I’ll also be putting together a big review of Iwata which I can hopefully get done this month!! πŸ™‚

      • Hello again. I started looking for the MAC air system and can’t find where to purchase it. It seems the ONLY way to get it is if you are a professional makeup artist. Is this the case? I live in Houston, TX and makeup doesn’t survive our humidity. Also, as I mentioned my daughter ‘s theater classes with the hot lights. I would love a recommendation for a makeup that can endure the strain of these conditions.

        Again, thank you so much for your help. I find myself coming back again and again for your great advice and reviews.

        • Hi Kelly – the MAC airbrush makeup system uses Iwata equipment. Graftobian use Iwata too. So you can just buy these separately (separate from the makeup). I wrote up an article on them here.
          The MAC makeup is available on various places online but it’s sometimes hard to tell what is authentic and what is fake. A lot of people in humid Houston use silicone-based makeup which lasts longer than water-based. Temptu has a fantastic makeup range and you can buy it anywhere. Their professional airbrush makeup system is very good too but you wouldn’t like the airPodβ„’ because you can’t mix colors in it. Temptu and other silicone-based brands (like MAC) are recommended for film, tv and theater too. You could look at an Iwata Silver Jet plus HPC+ or HP-CS airbrush which will work well with temptu makeup. Graftobian is also a really popular brand in theater. They have a variety of makeup with a Glamor Makeup range as well as a Fantasy/FX range (alcohol-based). They use Iwata equipment too so you can work out what’s most cost-effective: buying them separately or as a complete system.

          An alternative is to go with water-based makeup (if you or your daughter are sensitive to silicone-based products) and apply a fixer (like Mist & Fix).

          Hope that helps! Let me know what you decide to do and what you think of airbrushing! πŸ™‚

  • I just found your site and am hoping you can answer a few questions! I bought the luminess system (which may have been a mistake, but I can return…) and now have concerns with the product. the actual foundation is very dry on my skin, I have tried mineral based before and they haven’t worked as well as other foundations. I have been looking at kett,and it seems that it can handle a wider range of foundations, including other manufacturers. i like to use a primer under my foundation, usually a silicone based one, as my traditional foundation glides on easily. i’m not committed to silicone, i just want a foundation that helps my skin to look flawless and dewy (?). i’m in my 50’s, no wrinkles, but a tiny bit of crepeiness around my eyes, and larger pores around nose, both of which i hope that airbrushing can minimize. thanks so much for any info you can provide, and for a great website!

    • Hi Deborah – thanks for visiting! If you aren’t feeling comfortable with the performance of the Luminess then definitely return it. Different people get different results and have different requirements – so, if it’s not working for you then replace it for sure! I think there are some fees for returning it though… Anyway, Kett have beautiful makeup and a great system. But, their makeup is water-based so you won’t be able to use a silicone-based primer. Don’t mix silicone-based with alcohol or water-based.
      Have you tried Too Faced Primed and Poreless?
      If you are really into silicone-based then the Temptu Pro airbrush makeup system and makeup might be a great choice for you.
      Hope that helps – let me know what you decide to do! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle, love your site!!!! I’m looking for a airbrush makeup system for personal use. I have oily skin, large pores, white skin with some freckles and spots, live in temperature above 90 F all the time and even if a use a primer I have to use facial tissue ALL DAY to get off the oil and of course the makeup don’t last all day !! Also, I tried some makeup that cracks around my eyes….awfull !! I will like my face to look matte, full coverage that last all day, preferably water base foundation that won’t crack with my expressions lines.
    Thank you so much for your time! Happy Holidays!

    • Hey Ingrid! Thanks so much for visiting – I’m glad you love my site!! πŸ™‚
      It’s tough looking for a good makeup when you live in hot and humid conditions – especially if you are prone to oily skin! I always recommend MediBac Clearing Mattifier by Dermalogica and wrote a post on it here.
      If you are looking for a good water-based airbrush makeup that won’t irritate your skin then check out Dinair and Tickled Pink. Tickled Pink is aloe and water-based so very gentle on the skin. The key is to have a good routine (including cleansing and primer) and to also be subtle with the makeup – just a light layer so it doesn’t cake and crack around the eyes!
      Silicone-based makeup like Temptu will last longer but generally gives you a dewy finish and is thicker – unless you use a finishing powder like this one from Make Up For Ever. This will give you a matte look over the silicone-based airbrush makeup!

      Hope that helps! Good luck and let me know what you decide to choose and what you think of it! πŸ™‚

  • I like Temptu and Dinair. Questions to decide:
    1) Temptu is only availae with silicone base foundations?
    2) What is the PSI for the Dinair personal pro?
    3) Any Feedback on OCC foundation with Dinair?

    I am going to NYC shortly and I know that OCC and Temptu stores are there…Not Dinair.
    I’m driving you crazy yet?, LOL

    • Hey Ingrid! Temptu is only silicone-based. They really push the dewy look. Dinair is like the Polar opposite in terms of airbrush makeup.
      The Dinair Personal Pro is 0-8 PSI with variable control. Not really powerful enough for thicker makeup.
      OCC makeup in Dinair? No – unfortunately you’ll need a better compressor & airbrush like Iwata or Graftobian.
      If you are going to NY then definitely check out OCC and Temptu before you decide on anything. The more experience you have with airbrushing the better!
      Good luck!! πŸ™‚

  • The Mac Air is the only machine that you can use water or silicone foundations?

    • Hey Ingrid – not necessarily. Any of the pro machines should be built to work with liquid makeups. The compressors are more powerful – but then you need to look at the airbrush gun too as needle/nozzle size is important (not all airbrush guns can do both). Iwata is the brand that MAC use and most of the compressors that Graftobian use are also Iwata.

      • Hi again. Finally, I’m looking for an airbrush kit that I can do both, silicone and water base makeup. Any recommendations? Happy New Year!

        • Hi Ingrid! Definitely Iwata – this is the most reliable equipment for airbrushing (most pro MUA’s use Iwata) and it can handle various types of liquid makeup. It’s great for body art too – I wrote more information on Iwata Airbrush Makeup Systems here. Hope that helps! Let me know what you decide to go with. πŸ™‚

  • This was an awesome review. πŸ™‚ I was reading Ellie’s comments about finding an adapter for Dinair’s gun to fit the Kett hose/ compressor. I’m lost as to where to get this adapter piece. If you have any resources you’d be willing to share, I would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sandra – I only know that this is possible but I don’t know which exact one it is!! Sorry!! πŸ™‚
      I think it’s easier to do it the other way around! Like Kett airbrush gun to the Dinair compressor!
      But, Dinair has a similar braided hose which might be compatible here. But you may need to then get the adapter (on Amazon or eBay or wherever) that lets you use the Dinair gun with the Kett.
      I think that looks right – maybe?
      If anyone has done this please let us know!!
      And Sandra – if you work it out please come back and post a comment. I’ll keep researching. πŸ™‚

  • I already have 2 temptu/sparmax SP35, will this fit onto the tubing of the Kett Jett?
    I have an iwata compressor already, but want something with the option of battery power.

    • Hi Lizzi – I’m almost certain the SP35 does fit the Kett Jett and should actually match really well with the compressor. The attachment is the same type – but I haven’t tried this myself!

      • Thanks so much, it was a toss up between the Kett Jett and the Temptu battery unit, but I am in the UK and usually based in Aus, I like that for an extra $3 I can get the Aus adapter for the Kett unit also, Temptu seems to be harder and harder to get a hold of.
        I think it is time to shop! Thanks again!

  • Hello,
    I have recently started using the Kett airbrush and makeup kit, and Ive learned that no matter what I do that makeup doesn’t stay on if you sweat or cry etc. Not good for brides on their wedding day. Has anyone else had problems with the makeup not staying put? Any tips? Is there a better brand to use that stays put and is waterproof?

    • Hi Lindsey – the water-based makeup is definitely not as long lasting as silicone-based makeup. So you might want to look at a fixer like Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix. There is also the Kett Hydro PROOF makeup – which is totally water-proof. But this is not for daily use and has some crazy ingredients so check your sensitivities. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lindsey, mua here. where I live is usually hot… very hot. I use Kett Hydroproof foundation on my clients especially Brides. Doesn’t move at all!

  • I am a MUA for live theatre specializing in the more unique designs such as adapting to lighting with varied skin tones and unique characters such as animals and aging. I usually use a variety of regular brushes and sponges with high quality theatrical makeup, but started using Airbrush recently. I have tried a few owned by others and felt less versatility and precision than I find with conventional brushes in all shapes and sizes. What system do you recommend?

    • Hello Machelle – I just received a similar question yesterday! Have you tried Graftobian makeup? The Graftobian equipment is all Iwata – which is the best manufacturer of airbrush systems. The Silver Jet with an HP-CS or HP-C+ is the best balance between quality and price. Graftobian also have the “Walkaround” system which is portable (comes with a battery) but a little pricey.
      For theater, a combination of airbrush makeup with traditional makeup is the way to go. Each have their advantages and qualities and, as a professional MUA you would get very fast at airbrushing. The HP-C+ airbrush gun will give you more precision because you can do very fine lines. It’s very good quality and compatible with all sorts of liquid makeup. You can even mix your own makeup for great results. A few brands also have alcohol-based makeup which works well for FX and theatrical – but Graftobian is the brand of choice.

      • Thank you so much! I have actually used the Graftobian makeup line. Does the Hp-C+ work with the Walkabout system?

        • Hi again Machelle! Yes, the Walkaround is compatible with the HP-C+. Most of the time you’ll get adapters with Iwata and Graftobian machines so they’ll fit with the different types of airbrush. If not, you can buy them. Another tip: make sure you get a braided hose! It will last about 100 times longer than a silicone one when you are doing so much work with it!


    • Hi Charlotte – you need an adapter to use the HPC+ with the Kett Jett I believe.

    • Oh – I forgot to mention that there are a few other airbrush makeup systems that are portable: Temptu Pro and Graftobian walkaround. πŸ™‚

  • Thank-you.

  • Are thee any particular brands of airbrush makeup that are better for older women? Also I was wondering which brands are the best for the skin and health?

    • Hi Charlotte – Temptu Pro is very popular with older women due to the moist & dewy look you get with their silicone-based makeup. They have a few products that are used for prepping – prepping is definitely an important and valuable part of airbrushing makeup. Silicone is not necessarily ‘good’ for skin and health though so you may want to avoid silicone-based makeup if you are concerned about that. Temptu have a water-based line too. You can also look at Dinair which is water-based and Tickled Pink which is aloe-based (unless you have an aloe allergy!).
      Good moisturizer and good primer is key and don’t do too many passes! πŸ™‚

  • Thank-you, this helps a lot.