Airbrush Makeup Review: Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Compressor Kit

Tickled Pink is not one of the first names that springs to mind when thinking about airbrush makeup systems or even cosmetics at all–however, they are definitely well worth considering with an affordable product that also performs very well. NB: This is a shorter review of the Tickled Pink airbrush makeup system. I have written a much bigger review here.

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What is in the box:

There are three kits available through Tickled Pink which differ only in the shade of makeup supplied with the kit. It is a basic kit which 3 shades of makeup (in 1oz. sample bottles), the compressor, hose, AC adapter, airbrush and an airbrush holder. But at just $139.95 is extremely good value especially for those new to airbrush makeup. The warranty is the standard one year.

The compressor is not extremely powerful, but this is not a major issue if you are just doing makeup (you don’t want a powerful compressor which may penetrate the pores). Though not being the most beautiful compressor around, it is not unattractive and certainly not the worst design we have seen.

What many do is purchase the Tickled Pink Compressor Kit as a cheaper alternative to other kits but with almost the same functionality. Then, they use makeup from the Dinair Glamour Foundation range. If you always ensure that the airbrush gun is kept clean you will have no issues mixing and matching makeup from certain brands in your airbrush gun. Just double check the compatibility as well as the warranty.

Importantly, the compressor is relatively quiet and has three output levels (low, medium, high) which means it can be used for more than airbrushing the face alone. We would recommend using the low setting for application to the face, especially for beginners, as it is a more forgiving setting. It’s a compact unit and barely weighs anything so it is easily transportable and can be tucked away in the cupboard.

Tickled Pink has a small range of foundation makeup which is water based and all natural which is a major plus. It is suitable for almost all skin types and is non-comedogenic, being free from oil, silicone, paraben and talc. A lot of the listed ingredients are very skin friendly such as extract of Gingko Biloba, Lady’s Mantle, Horsetail, Milk Thistle as well as minerals and French clay.

One important point to keep in mind with the Tickled Pink airbrush makeup is that it is matte only. It is great makeup even if the color palette is a little limited. However, like all good brands, the makeup will stay on for the whole day and doesn’t run or smudge. And, remember, if you are interested in more shades, the makeup can be blended to make your own colors and you can also use makeup from some of the larger ranges from Dinair or M.A.C. Tickled Pink really need to look into increasing their range of colors and including blushes–their foundations are good quality and it would be nice to see more from them.

Tickled Pink
A quiet but low PSI compressor
Good quality for the price.
Small range but decent quality foundation.
Average for a growing company
Fantastic price for a versatile kit that is as good as more expensive ones.
It's all about price. An affordable kit which can be used with other brands of makeup

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  • Hi Michelle! I have very oily skin and seen to break out easy. My skin is much better and nicer condition now but Im still having a few ance scar. I’m very glad to found out your web site from Google!:) In the past, I had tried Luminess airbrush and Temptu, but it’s seem to broken too easy. I still have the two machine but not using it. I’m looking for a good airbrush machine, lasting longer make up, but feel light since I live in Texas and it can get very hot most of the time. As a expert, can you recommend something for me? Thanks a buch!!

    • Hello Ally – thanks for visiting! Temptu is definitely no good for oily skin!! It’s silicone based and will just make acne worse. Go for water-based makeup (you can put these through the luminess). And for oily skin you must try Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Matifier. It’s absolutely amazing on oily skin and you can use it before airbrushing with Temptu. I wrote some information here.
      And you know what? I’m pretty sure every airbrusher in Texas uses Mist & Fix . It’s perfecting for fixing makeup and isn’t irritating. I wrote more about it here.
      Always make sure your skin is clean before airbrushing too. If your skin is getting really irritated you might need to give it a break from makeup for a few days but it’s really a matter of finding the products that aren’t irritating to your skin – that’s why Dinair is fantastic because it’s very gentle relative to Temptu.
      Let me know how you go!

  • I am trying to decide on a kit but haven’t yet. I was wanting to get one that can do makeup and tanning. Can this tickled pink do both? Their site says the guns spray different sizes but is it feasible to use it for both?

    • Hello Keta – as a general rule most systems have separate airguns (and sometimes compressors) for tanning. Generally for tanning you want a slightly bigger needle and/or wider nozzle. This is because the compressors for normal makeup application run at a lower PSI and it would just take too long to attempt tanning at these low PSI’s. Also, with the wrong airgun you don’t get the same coverage so it will take too long. However, it is possible to use one of the more powerful compressors with the right airgun nozzle (better compressors are more versatile and have a wider PSI range which better airguns will allow you to change the needle inside and nozzle at the head)
      On the other hand, with Dinair it’s possible to use their tanning spray in the personal pro machine because they have specially formulated their tanning solution to work with the machine.
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • I am new to this air brush makeup and I like the way it looks. Im leaning more towards the Tickled Pink but im not sure which air brush product would be the best for me. I like the water based makeup since my skin is a not too dry but not too oily.How do I decide? Help me please!

    • Hello Sofia – you’ll love airbrush makeup. Tickled pink is a great airbrush makeup kit to start with – especially for the price. They are constantly improving their makeup since they are becoming such a popular brand and will continue innovating. Have a look at Dinair too. Did you check out all the reviews on my website? This has more information than I can fit in a reply – but I’m sure you’ll like either Tickled Pink or Dinair. I’ve also curated a little ‘shop‘ with some great products that might interest you as a soon-to-be airbrush makeup artist – you don’t really ‘buy’ from here it’s just linked to products that I know are on Amazon. It was just easier to display in this format. I hope my website helps you! Please come back to let me know how you go.

  • Tickled Pink now has Aloe based foundation, eye shadows, and blushes in their makeup collection. I love them all!

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  • I’m thinking of getting an airbrush system. I’m trying to choose between Luminess, Dinair and Tickled Pink. I would also like the option of using it for tanning as well as makeup. Which system would be best?

    • Hello Brandi – thanks for visiting! That’s a tough question because they are all good brands and are quite similar! Luminess is a bit more expensive, Dinair is a well known brand with a fantastic makeup range and Tickled Pink is a smaller brand with a lot of very happy customers and a nice range of makeup. Personally I like Tickled Pink’s tanning the best out of these three – you can see my long review of Tickled Pink here and other airbrush makeup reviews here. Good luck choosing and let me know if you need any more help!

  • Hi Michelle , I’m looking to buy an airbrush machine just for self use. I’m confused between din air and tickled pink. I’m looking for a machine that will provide good coverage and be quick to use.Theses are both low budget airbrush machines which is why I’m interested in them, however which is better and more versatile. Furthermore in an airbrush machine is it possible to use any liquid foundation from any brand e.g. Christian Dior liquid foundation or is it necessary to use liquid foundations made by airbrush companies

    Thank you for your information on website

    Many thanks

    • Hello Zai! Tickled Pink and Dinair are very similar in terms of the compressor and airbrush gun. Both are for personal, home use only. But the makeup is different. Dinair has a larger range of colors and Tickled Pink has Aloe included (which is soothing on the skin). Both are water-based. Dinair is a bit thicker.
      You might prefer Dinair because of their larger range – but you can’t put any liquid foundation through them (like Christian Dior) – this will clog the machine and it won’t work any more. Both are designed for water-based airbrush makeup only (and, only makeup of a particular viscosity). Hope that helps!

  • I love tickle pinks airbrush kit….I got it as a Christmas gift and I loved how easy it was. It looks great and everything but I had an allergic reaction to the foundation. I ended up with a itchy painful red rash around both eye along the sides of my nose and on my chin. My eyes were swollen and I looked like some kind of monster and it lasted for 10-13 days. Now I’m afraid to use it again, I got rid of all other kinds of make up when I received the kit. What should I do?

    • Hi Shannon! OMG – that sounds horrible! It’s a pity because Tickled Pink is non-allergenic but there must have been something in there that triggered your allergy. I have no idea what it might have been in their makeup – are you sure it wasn’t a cleaner you put through? Well, just play it safe now and don’t use it. Perhaps visit an allergy specialist to find out is a good idea – though, I did a quick check online and apparently it is possible to be allergic to Aloe! Good luck – let me know how you go!

    • Shannon, the exact same thing happened to me. I let it heal up completely and tried again with a worse reaction. Now I used the tickled pink machine with a different water based foundation and it works perfectly.

  • Hello, I also had a reaction to the Aloe based makeup. I had NO idea I was allergic to Aloe! After the sensitivity was cleared up , I tried the water based non Aloe makeup that Tinkled Pink offers WITHOUT using the moisturizer as the first step (it has Aloe as well) All seems to fine now!! Just thought I would give some additional information to help out those who may encounter the same issue.

    • Hi Cherie – thank you so much for sharing your experience. Definitely something to watch out for. I know it’s rare but some people do have Aloe allergies and there are a lot of products with it. Normally it’s very soothing and anti-inflammatory but not if you are allergic!

  • Hi! I want to start out by saying I love this website and all of the information. I was wondering though which makeup would be the most helpful at covering acne scars and conceal once in a while break outs? This would be for my personal at home use but I’m nervous with them being so light and water based I won’t be able to get the coverage I need for the acne scars and minimal breakouts I have. I hope you can help recommend a machine and makeup brand because I REALLY want to try airbrush makeup

    • Hello Alexa – thanks for visiting!! 🙂
      It depends how strong the scarring is but both water-based and silicone-based can produce great results. The Paramedical line of Dinair and Kett’s Hydro-proof and the Temptu water-proof are alcohol-based and have amazing coverage. But, you might not want to use them if you are sensitive to chemicals. Same with silicone-based. Temptu might be a good option to look into because their makeup range covers water-based, silicone and alcohol-based so you can find what works best for you. Or, an Iwata airbrush makeup system that gives you the option of almost all brands and types of airbrush makeup.
      If you are prone to breakouts occasionally then good prepping is really important. Cleansing, moisturizer and concealer will help you get a better result from your airbrush makeup. Then you can keep it very natural and subtle with just a few passes of foundation, a little (or a lot) blush, contouring/highlighting etc. The more practice you get the better and faster your routine gets and then you really find out what works for you.
      Hope that helps!