Airbrush Makeup Reviews

I am continually updating this airbrush makeup review section as I come into contact with airbrush makeup from different brands. Many are continually innovating and enhancing both their compressors, airbrush guns and their makeup. It’s very exciting to be a part of airbrushing and I know you’ll be hooked as soon as you first try it!

Below are the first series of airbrush makeup reviews. I have also added (and am continuing to add) very long, comprehensive reviews of the brands that I use and am familiar with. I call these the “Big Review” and they include in-depth analysis of the different airbrush makeup kits, the makeup, as well as customer service, packaging and different options offered by the airbrush makeup companies.

Airbrush Makeup Reviews

Airbrush Makeup Reviews: The BIG Reviews

There are so many airbrush makeup kits on the market at the moment that it is sometimes hard to know which one is best for you. Since we all have different needs, different budgets and different tastes it becomes more than just a question of which airbrush makeup system is good and which is bad. These airbrush makeup reviews are designed to help you decide which system is best for you.

In these reviews I’ve picked the best airbrush makeup kits out there and rated them for the quality of the compressor & airbrush gun, quality & range of the makeup, price, and customer service. At the end of each review you’ll find a ratings breakdown for each factor being rated out of 5 stars and an overall rating, combining the average scores for each of these factors, to give an overall rating out of 5 stars.

In reviewing these kits I have also taken into consideration other factors such as the ingredients of each brand’s makeup – will it pose any short or long term health benefits or have a negative effect on your skin? I have also looked at the versatility of each airbrush makeup system as a whole – does the basic kit have add-ons so it can be enhanced to have more than one use like tanning?

It’s also important to factor in whether or not your can switch different brands of makeup. Not all airbrush makeup is compatible with all airbrush makeup systems. Sometimes the compressor is not powerful enough or perhaps the needle or nozzle is too small. However, some cheaper airbrush makeup kits work perfectly fine with more expensive makeup. Also, the best systems, like Iwata, are almost always compatible with all brands of makeup.

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  • which conceler is best for airbrush makeup.

    • Hello Nita! Most of the time you won’t need a concealer with airbrush makeup since the foundation sprays on so evenly that it works as well as a concealer. If you want to put on a concealer before airbrushing some are definitely better than others and you have to make sure that it doesn’t have anything in it that will reduce the effectiveness of the airbrush makeup. Also, it depends what you are using the concealer for – eg birthmark, vitiligo, acne, hyperpigmentation etc.
      Have a look at this video to see how effective airbrush makeup is to cover hyperpigmentation.
      Also, for small areas, Temptu makes a great touch up concealer for under the eyes. You can read about it here.

      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Michelle.

  • I am deciding what compressor and amd gun to buy. I know Iwata has Great reviews but it sounds like it’s very big and noisier than the other options. I am considering the Temptu pro, kett and occ compressor or any other suggestions. I read ur reviews of your systems, they were great! I wantec to know, if u had to choose a compressor, which one would ou choose? Also, what do you think of the OCC compressor? Thanks so much for your advice!! I really appreciate it!

    • Hello Ashley – thanks for the kind comments! I’m glad I can help.
      Ooh – that’s a great question! My immediate thought is that Iwata is up there with the best, if not the best. But you’re right – they can be noisy (even the so called ‘whisper quiet’ ones…I’m pointing at you Ninja Jet!). Because they really aim at professional/salon users. You can actually dampen the noise a little depending on what surface the compressor sits on.
      I haven’t seen the OCC Aeris in person so I don’t know whether it’s quiet or not. Just looking at the specs it’s definitely a capable compressor and, from the look of it the casing around it might dampen the noise…maybe. I’ll have to try it definitely and will post a review when I do!
      The compressors from Dinair, Belloccio etc are actually much quieter. But they are also much less powerful – which isn’t generally a problem but can be a hassle if you are doing large areas.
      Gosh – it’s really a hard question to answer!! Which one?!?? I like Iwata’s Studio series for use with their Eclipse airgun. That’s a great setup. But sometimes it’s nice to just use the Dinair. It’s easier to travel with for sure. And then the happy medium in between these two extremes is probably The Kett Jett. It’s relatively quiet, their makeup is good, it’s portable and also you can use other makeup in the machine. They also have different options. Maybe not the best out there (and not the best priced) but definitely worth considering.
      Did that answer your question or just get more confusing?! πŸ™‚

  • I have been researching airbrush make-up and this site has been fabulous! I have a better idea of what to look for now. My proble is the makeup itself. Do the water-proof foundations stand up to sweating, etc., or should I look for a silicon based system. I live in the deep south…good thing you can’t hear accents on blogs…It’s HOT here and I sweat a lot. I had settled on the Dinar, but now have doubts. Thanks in advance for any help!

    • Haha! I’d love to hear your accent – everyone loves a southern accent!
      In my experience most brands’ water-proof makeup is great. Dinair generally stands up to a good night out but if it’s really hot and you’re dancing all night then you need fixer (or even a little powder – there are some little tricks you can do to make airbrush makeup last longer). As a rule, generally the silicone-based makeup lasts longer than water-based (though, if you have an allergy, don’t use it!).
      If you want something super water-proof then look at Kett’s Hyro Proof. This is professional-use water-proof makeup used in the fashion industry etc. But, you need a good quality compressor and airgun – this makeup isn’t compatible in any machine.
      My personal opinion is that Dinair is fantastic. Their makeup is really light on the skin and the range is great. But, if you get a good compressor/airgun then that opens you up to basically any brand of makeup which means you can experiment more and find the one that suits you best. Like OCC cosmetics!
      Oh – one thing: you can try Dinair foundation without an airgun. It’s not the ultimate way to use it but it is possible. Or, maybe there’s a salon/retailer near you who can give you a sample? Let me know what you decide and keep visiting!

  • I bought the Belloccio system after reading your review of it. I was disappointed and it was for me. Its too time consuming to maintain and keep the system clean. I remembered reading 30 days to return it so when I contacted them I was very surprised at the response I got!

    Your review said returns were easy! Not so! They won’t take it back, its been used, the phone number for their return dept. is disconnected! Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper right now.

    I finally got a person on the phone named Sonny said he would give me back $85 instead of what I paid $195! This was after I explained why I chose their product because of the good reviews I read. How else would I find out it wasn’t for me, unless I used the product DUH!

    I’m not giving up yet! I want my $$ back.

    Frustrated in Texas

    • Hello Candi – thank you for sharing your experience with me. I’m so sorry to hear it was negative! Which compressor did you buy? Was it the ‘Salon’, the white ‘super quiet’ or the silver one? Is this the number you called: 858-259-8236? The company that sells Belloccio is TCPGlobal ( – sometimes I find you can get a better response on a company’s facebook page ( so you could possibly try that.
      Not sure why they would only give you back 50% since they state that the restocking fee is only 15%…
      I do understand what you mean about the maintenance/cleaning frustration – this is usually the biggest complaint with airbrushing. It’s something you have to get used to if you think that airbrushing is worth it and I’ve always found that having a good routine and using a cleaning dock helps a lot (especially since you can just pop it in the cleaning dock and forget it).
      But, airbrushing isn’t for everyone so they should really honor their returns policy! Please let me know how you go – it will be helpful to have this information here for other people looking into the kit (especially since their competitor, Dinair, has such good customer service)

  • Hi Michelle, I just stumbled across your website and am so glad I did. You’ve done an AWESOME job with the amount of information you have provided. I have two questions: 1. Do you have a review for the OCC Airbrush System, and 2. Would you suggest silicone or waterbased makeup for oily blemished skin? Thanks for your help.

    • Hello Christina – thank you so much for your kind words! I love receiving feedback on the site – especially positive feedback! πŸ™‚
      I don’t have a review yet for the OCC Airbrush System as I haven’t had a chance to try it. I think it only just became available again today for ordering. But it does look like an excellent, excellent machine. I don’t know how noisy etc it is. But in terms of portability, PSI strength etc, it looks good. It’s probably a great choice for fans of their makeup. Stay tuned for my review!
      For oily, blemished skin I usually recommend water-based makeup. Silicone just tends to make it worse because it is more likely to clog the pores or irritate your skin if it is sensitive. However, for professional photo shoots they tend to use silicone because it is better at masking blemishes and tends to react to light differently – so it looks more shimmering with more depth.
      If you are having trouble with oily skin, Dermalogica has a great product. I have some information here. If you’ve tried it let me know what you thought – I think it’s great.

  • My wife is a aspiring mua.i brought here the iwata airbrush and compressor that u reviewed ( Mac air) I was wondering what must have should I have in her airbrush tool box ,makeup kit? Also she does face and eyes ,what size nozzles should I get for her thank u

    • Hello Jay – wow that is a wonderful gift for your wife! I always recommend the dual-action Iwata HP CS or HPC+ – these are very high quality and can be used with pretty much all brands of makeup. For fine detail your wife needs to just remove the grip at the tip of the airbrush gun. This exposes the needle so she can do finer detailed work. The MAC makeup will work beautifully with this setup.
      Let me know if you have any questions – I’m sure she will love using the Iwata! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for all of these reviews. I have been doing bridal airbrush makeup professionally for the past 2 years, using the MAC airbrush makeup. However I am now shopping for a new system as I have found that the foundation isn’t maleable enough. Brides get lots of hugs and kisses, and my nose touchers in particular will have chunks of the foundation come off and leave a hole. Is it because it’s silicone based? Should I shop for a water based instead, and if so which do you recommend (considering it needs to hold up for a good 12 hours?)

    I didn’t used to have this problem with MAC,but I think their forumla changed. The product name on the bottle used to say “Micronized Airbrush Formula” and now it says “Pro Performance HD Airbrush Makeup”. I buy these at the pro store and as far as I know there isn’t more than one formula to choose from.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Erin – thanks for reading! I think I know what you mean about the different formula and my guess is that it’s the result of the ratio of pigments in the makeup. Because MAC is highly pigmented it can be prone to drying off faster and differently compared to other brands (and their previous formula). You can still buy the Micronized Airbrush Formula on eBay though – πŸ™‚ Sometimes cheaper than from the MAC store. That might last you until you find something different.
      A couple of suggestions: have you tried powdering after airbrushing? It can help – but used minimally since powdering can create unwanted reflections. I sometimes use Makeup Forever. Have you tried Temptu?

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I have not tried Temptu makeup, but there is a store here in Dallas that sells it locally so I might check it out! I’m a little leery of silicone based formulas now for brides – simply because the makeup has to hold up to a lot of TOUCH, not just look pretty under lights for photography purposes. So I’m considering switching to a water based and based on your review was thinking of trying out Kett’s. Thoughts?

        • Hi Erin – I know what you mean. Kett isn’t bad – they have improved the formula in the last year or so. You can use fixer over both Kett and Dinair water-based makeups which might be the key for your weddings. The Iwata should be able to hand Kett’s Hydro-proof which is extreme smudge-proof. Let me know how you go.

  • Hi Michelle. I’ve been trying to find an airbrush kit for my gf as a present, she’s a makeup artist. Now I’m just completely lost, it’s such a variety of those airbrushes. Could you please recommend something for a reasonable price, maybe even couple of them? We live in Europe and there are not a lot of options as in US. Thanks.

    • Hello bob – what a nice bf you are! Definitely look at Dinair and Luminess. A Dinair kit should be around 200 Euro and Luminess is a bit cheaper. Dinair have a great range of makeup and are always innovating so if you can afford the little extra then go for that one. She’ll love it! πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I have very bad scars. Which kit would you suggest for someone like me thats also very durable. I have been wanting to buy a kit for a while but have no clue where to start! Thank you!!

    • Hello Inna – thanks for visiting! Definitely look at Dinair’s Paramedical line of makeup. It’s a different formula from the regular foundation and specifically designed for severe condition coverage. People use it for all sorts of things like covering tattoos, birthmarks, scars etc. It can take some time to work out your exact shade but Dinair are very helpful with this (it’s possible to do it online or via email or over the phone). The Dinair airbrush makeup kit is definitely durable and portable enough for most people. It’s not industrial of course but for most home-use it’s great – plus their customer service and help in finding your shade (plus great makeup range) is a plus. Other brands are also good for covering but don’t have the specific formula for this purpose. I put a video on my site showing how Kett covers hyperpigmentation which might interest you. It’s here. Good luck for your search and please come back to let me know how you go! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle,
    You have out done your self with the info! Wow! I am a television sports reporter looking for a full coverage make up that will hold up 12 hours. I go from inside lighting to shooting in sun light. So which system would you suggest and is waterbase or silicone better coverage? I want the smoothest most flawless look possible. Thanks so much!

    • Hello Maria – thank you so much!
      That’s such a great question because not all airbrush makeup (nor all makeup in general) is perfect for all lighting conditions. Generally for HD television (as well as photo shoots) a silicone-based makeup is preferred because it tends to last longer under studio lights and has a very flawless, full coverage effect. However, sometimes the small silicone particles can reflect light in a strange way when you are using certain artificial lights (like various studio lights and camera flashes) so it may not always be ideal for all conditions (ie. when you are moving from inside to outside). I’m thinking Kett might be the best for you. They have a variety of makeup, both water-based (hydro-foundation) and a hydroproof formula. After using the water-based foundation and layering it to a natural, sheer coverage, then apply the Kett Sett Powder (to set the foundation making it long lasting). The blushes and contours are really nice and the great thing is that you can apply them with or without the airbrush system (which will be helpful for you when you are out filming). And another great feature of the Kett Jett is that it is portable because it has a battery – so you can take it out with you when filming without having to rely on a power source!
      Kett makeup was designed for HDTV originally so I’m leaning more and more towards Kett for you! Definitely try out a bottle of their foundation before buying the whole kit to make sure it’s what you like. And please let me know how you go – I’d love to hear what you think of Kett.

  • ok, so i’m very curious on which airbrush kit to buy. all of your reviews are good, but i’m still so lost. i’m a makeup artist and i want to get a kit that will last me a long time. i want it to be mobile as i dont have my own studio as of yet. i also want it to be a good enough kit to not only do brides but for those i can cover tattoos up for. i want that flawless look for brides, w/o it melting off (as i live in tx). i currently have the temptu, but i feel like that was more for the beginners and i had it for a year and it started to spurt out makeup on my client (luckily it was a trial). i dont care how much i have to spend, bc i just want something that will be worth a good investment. as long as it can do the job that i want and last for more than a year, i should be good. help?

    • Hello Deeya – this is a great question and thank you for visiting my site. I had a look at your website too and you do great work!
      The best airbrush makeup equipment by far is Iwata – I wrote an article specifically about the brand here There are a few options in terms of compressor and stylus so you can pick and choose which setup is best for you. Any makeup goes through an Iwata but you do have to make sure that you have the correct needle/nozzle configuration for that particular makeup.
      The problem you had with Temptu is quite common – because it’s silicone-based and harder to keep 100% clean (since it’s a bit thicker). I’ve always found the best way to avoid this is to soak the airbrush gun after using it – to keep everything wet and much easier to clean.
      Anyway – back to the Iwata series! The ninja jet is quite a good little setup and very portable but it’s a loud compressor. You might find that it’s also not powerful enough for your professional needs. The Iwata Studio Series is a completely different compressor. It’s designed for professional use, is extremely quiet and very robust. For a MUA it really is perfect but also has a much higher price tag (though it should live for more than a decade!) You can attach to airbrush guns to this which can be handy for speeding things up (like going quickly from foundation to blush etc).
      Kett might also be one to look at since they have a few different options plus great makeup. Good luck and please visit again to let me know what you decide and how you go!

  • Hello Michelle. I’m in my late 40’s, early 50’s & my 1st time looking into airbrush make-up. I do not own one yet but want to try & purchase. I travel a lot to other countries with mostly tropical & very humid climates going up to 100 degrees. What would you recommend? Thank you so much!

    • Hello Peachy! Thank you for visiting my site! I noticed your other comment – that you are looking at silicone-based makeup – which is probably the best for you if you are traveling to warmer climates (though another option is that you can use a water-based makeup with a setting spray to add to the longevity of the makeup).
      I’m guessing you want a portable and lightweight compressor since you will be traveling with it. Kett is great for traveling because of the battery – there are two types of makeup: the water-based and Hydro Proof (ultra smudge free and long lasting).
      For silicone-based makeup have a look at Temptu – it’s very portable and somewhat hassle-free. People seem to either love it or hate it. It’s fantastic makeup but the airpods can get clogged which becomes a hassle. Though it’s less cleaning.
      The smaller compressors tend to be less powerful so don’t run thicker, silicone-based makeup through the airbrush gun. If you can deal with the extra weight in your baggage, then definitely go with an Iwata compressor. Otherwise, look at Dinair, Belloccio and Tickled Pink – I know they are mostly water-based but there are ways to give a moist and dewy look with water-based airbrush makeup foundation and also to make it last longer (eg. setting spray).
      But I’d say the Temptu AirPod is best for you based on your comments! Let me know how you go and good luck! I know you’ll enjoy airbrushing and the amazing results you can achieve with a good airbrush makeup system! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much Michelle! I will surely try it & will let you know!


      • Hello Michelle! I had purchased the Belloccio system & I just love it! I don’t think I can go back to regular foundation. It’s just amazing how light this make up is compared to the heavy feel & thick look of regular foundation. I’ve had this since January & is still working fine. Since I am out travelling in tropical countries, I always make it a point to clean my airbrush after each use. I don’t want it to fail on me since I can’t easily get another replacement easily. The only bummer is that I have to carry with me a transformer 220-110 but overall, I am very pleased! I don’t mind that Belloccio doesn’t have a big array of makeup. It’s just so easy to mix the colors to get the skin color I want for it changes in tropical countries. I get dark somedays & all I do is just add or spray a little of the tanning solution under the foundation. I also like the fact that it is silicone based cz it makes me look so fresh under all the heat. I love the bag it came with, the bow & the bottles that came in the little pretty pouches. The airgun is very durable I would think & easy to clean. I can’t wait to try other airbrush systems when I get back to the US but for now, Belloccio is the best for me! I don’t know what system I would try next lol. What would u recommend? Thanks Michelle!

        • Hi Peachy – thanks for coming back to visit! πŸ™‚
          I’m so glad you’re loving the Belloccio – it’s an amazing airbrush makeup system for the price. I love that you are mixing colors and even using tanning solution under the foundation. I think when you come back to the US you’ll want to look at the Temptu pro system and some of their makeup. You’ll love their silicone-based range! If you try any more airbrush makeup I’d love to hear what you think.

          • Hi Michelle! Thanks for your reply! Yes! I will try the Temptu pro as you suggested. I can’t wait to see the results & compare it with the Belloccio system which I am very happy with. Till then, please continue on with your sweet self & have a Happy Easter! Thank you so much!

  • hi, I’m a MUA usually for weddings and I have been wanting to buy an airbrush kit so I know how to use it, I was thinking either luminess or MAC. How are they so different, are they compatible with one another, I was thinking of buying the luminess kit and buying MAC airbrush foundations as refills, is that a good idea? thank you, you answered a lot of good questions!! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Danna – thank you for visiting and I’m glad I can be of help! πŸ™‚
      MAC and Luminess are very different – MAC uses Iwata equipment which is much better than any other brand and is perfect for professional/salon use. You can put virtually any makeup through an Iwata airbrush gun whereas you can’t for Luminess. The Luminess airbrush makeup system is more on the level of Dinair, Belloccio, Glamair and Temptu (the airbrush gun in the Luminess is very similar to the Belloccio – it’s just the price that is different!). I would definitely recommend MAC over Luminess (without factoring in price and size of the machine) – have a look at my review here which has links to the Iwata equipment (you can work out how to buy them cheaper without going through MAC). Good luck with your purchase!

  • Hello Michelle, this is lot of time and effort on your part, all this info. is so helpful. I’m new to airbrush make-up. I read through all of the comments on this page too and zeroed in for the Dinair. But I’d love to get your input and have couple of questions.

    I have acne prone skin with some scars & that’s why opted for Dinair because it says it is water based & many chemical-free..non-comodogenic, etc. I live in humid North Carolina and avoid exposure to sun most of the time & mostly work indoors in office.

    Is the Dinair good choice to stand for everyday work make-up or any better option without comprising skin care? Where can I purchase it as New aside from Dinair site for better discount? Thanks!

    • Hello Jess – thank you for visiting! I’m glad my website is helping you out! Dinair is a great system and definitely skin-friendly. They have lots of great makeup and most of it is fine for daily use. You’ll find that it feels really light on the skin. You can still do your daily cleansing and moisturizing with Dinair (and you can put a fixer over for longer lasting performance which is great for humid climates like yours in North Carolina). Have a look at as well – they have a similar system to Dinair and Aloe-based makeup which is even nicer on the skin – but Dinair will be longer lasting.
      The cheapest I’ve seen Dinair is on Amazon – sometimes they are cheaper on eBay but you don’t get the same kind of guarantees as with Amazon (or directly from Dinair).
      Belloccio had an amazing sale in December ($129) so keep an eye out on Amazon on the sale days!
      Check out my “products I love” section for some great skin care products compatible with airbrush makeup.
      Good luck with your purchase Jess and please let me know how you go or if you have any other questions! πŸ™‚

  • hi i live in india here airbrush kits are hardly available i cant find it anywhere so can u tell me should i buy it from ebay are the products there original ? and which airbrush kit do u suggest for me i have very oily skin with little redning on my skin plus some small acne marks which i am not able to hide for a long time because of the oily skin as i need to constantly clean my face with a tissue which ends up in removing my makeup pls suggest which airbrush kit i should go for plus there are some colour matching issues also

    • Hello Sonal – thank you for visiting my site! Have a look at Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Mattifier for oily skin. It’s an amazing product. You can use this before airbrushing makeup. Also use a good primer.
      You’ll most likely want to look at water-based airbrush makeup because silicone-based makeup may cause your skin to react and maybe breakout. So Dinair, Tickled Pink are great systems. Dinair are very, very good with helping you match your shade – you can do this online (plus they’ll help you out via email if you send them your photo – just make sure your photo comes out the right shade!)
      There’s a great airbrush makeup tutorial video by Megha on Youtube which you can find on my website via the link provided. She’s of Indian origin with light skin and she’s made a great video that demonstrates her routine plus the shade range she uses for foundation.
      Regarding eBay – some sellers look fine with 100% feedback. Amazon gives you better guarantees etc but it might be expensive to ship to India. Just make sure the seller on eBay has good feedback and you should be fine. Watch out for the non-branded ones because, even though they are cheaper, they tend not to have a powerful enough PSI strength for airbrushing makeup.
      Good luck and please leave a comment if you have any more questions! πŸ™‚

  • thanks alot was ordering dinair only but wanted to take a second opinion do you think the romantic bride set will be fine for my skin type medium color got a color match also this kit has all the shades they suggested me

    • Oh yes – the romantic bride package is great. Has wonderful, fun colors and lots of other stuff like the stencils. They will also help you over Skype which is awesome – let me know how you go with Dinair and the Skype lessons. I’d love to hear some other people’s feedback.

  • Michelle.
    hi, I found your site wonderful! I have been looking for a while and want to get the best for my money. I have very dry skin, i would like to buy the best line for my skin that will last all day and most of the night, that will not sweat off, or rub off. My friend also would like for me to do her make up for her wedding and she has rosacea. I would like to buy something that i can use different products in. Also can you make your own eyeshawdows for the airbrush systems with eyeshawdows you already have?

    • Hello Tracey – I’m so glad my website has been helpful! If you want the best equipment then Iwata is the best choice – you can mix and match your equipment without having to buy a pre-made airbrush makeup kit. So you can choose a good airbrush gun to go with the compressor that suits you – plus, you can put almost all airbrush makeup from all brands through it. MAC uses an Iwata system with their makeup (which is amazing btw). You can also mix your own makeup to put through it without any troubles – which is good when you are refining the right ratios.
      For dry skin, Dinair and Tickled Pink have great makeup (both water-based) – however, you cannot use their machines with any makeup (though some other brands go through fine). This is because the PSI of the compressor isn’t strong enough for thicker makeup and also the needle size of the airbrush gun is made just for their makeup.
      Belloccio is also great value for money but, again, you can’t use just any makeup in it – it’s better to stick with Belloccio’s makeup (though, Dinair will go through – but Belloccio says it will void the warranty… if they know πŸ™‚ )
      Belloccio have a small range of makeup but their moisturizing primer might work really well for you because it’s hydrating and gives your skin a nice elastic feel. The airbrush gun is very good and the price of the whole system is extremely competitive. You can use it with other, water-based makeup from different brands but it’s not compatible with thicker, silicone-based makeup. So it’s slightly limiting but most systems have this limitation (except the much more expensive ones.
      Good luck with your choice and come back to let me know how you go! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much with your help…..

  • Hi
    I’m trying to decide should I get Dinair or should I invest in to kett? I’m 35 years old, my skin is dry to normal. I’m not a profesional and looking for personal use only. Something that would last the whole day. Is there really a big differents? And is it worth spending that extra for me?
    Thank you

    • Hello Eva – for personal use, Dinair is a fantastic compressor. Some part-time professionals actually do use it when they do weekend workout. The makeup is great and the company really goes out of their way to back up the system with customer service. Kett do have a better system, but there is a big price difference too. So it would come down to two factors: which company’s makeup do you prefer; and which price do you prefer. Both companies are great.
      Let me know how you go and which one you decide to choose! πŸ™‚

      • In your opinion which one would you get?
        I’m thinking of Dinair , but not sure. I’m working in the restaurant so I would like it to last all day.

        • I think you’ll be happy with Dinair. It is long lasting but also light on the skin. They have lots of great makeup colors and you can also make it more lasting with a fixer like Makeup Forever Mist & Fix.

  • Thank you for you quick response and your opinions. I’ll be ordering Dinair. This website really helped me to make a decision πŸ™‚

    • Glad I could help out! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle, I just stumbled across your website and am so glad I did. You’ve done an AWESOME job with the amount of information you have provided….I live in NY…I’ve been researching for a Airbrush kit for the past year now….NOT Sure which one is good. I researched Temptu, Luminess Air, Dinair, Tickled Pink etc….Still not sure hoping you can help me….I got sensitive skin, oily in my T zone…PLEASE HELP !!!! THANKS MUCH!!!!

    • Hello Nikki – thank you so much! I’m glad my website has helped! If you have sensitive, oily skin have a look at Dermalogica’s Medibac clearing mattifier – I put some information on it here. You might have tried it already but if not, I highly recommend it! So the airbrush makeup kits you would want to look at are Dinair or Tickled Pink. They both are very light on the skin and have products that are beneficial to sensitive skin. I have done reviews of both kits in my airbrush makeup review section. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve decided on the kit that’s right for you!

  • Hi michelle (again) BTW i am so glad this website exist!! ok so you reccommend to get the MAC airbrush kit because i can put in almost any other airbrush brand on it, right? so my other question is what brand do you reccommend for like a wedding and what brand do you reccomend for a everyday use for myself (i have oily skin and some acne) also for lets say a wedding and i use MAC doi use concelear on them because i would think it would be too much air around that area…? or there’s a spicific concelear for airbrush only for MAC? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    • Hello again Danna – MAC use Iwata eqipment (a few different brands use Iwata – like Graftobian – so you know that you can use any of these brands of makeup in an Iwata airbrush makeup system). Actually, if you are doing professional work definitely check out Graftobian makeup because it’s very good quality and one of the best for value for money. It’s water-based too which is good for sensitive skin. Lots of MUA’s use Graftobian for weddings because it’s very good value for money. But you might want to look at makeup from other good brands like Temptu, MAC or even Dinair who have lots of beautiful makeup collections and always come out with new ones.
      You might find that Dinair or Tickled Pink makeup – or other water-based makeup is better on your skin if you find that makeup tends to set off your acne. Have a look at Dermalogica’s Clearing Mattifier for oily skin: it’s absolutely amazing. You can use this before airbrushing. Most of the time the airbrush foundation works very well as a concealer but you can also use concealer before airbrushing – you can use your favorite concealer but just make sure it doesn’t clash with the airbrush makeup. Good luck with your choice and let me know how you go!

  • Hi Michelle,
    I have wanted to try an airbrush system for a long time and this site is full of useful info. I have learned so much!
    I will be using airbrush for personal use only so was leaning toward Dinair…however…today I found a deal on Groupon…Luminess Air Kit for $99. Based on your experiences with the Dinair and Luminess…do you think the lower cost of the Luminess offer is a good way to try airbrush or is the Dinair system so much better that I shouldnt waste the $99?
    Have you ever used Dinair water based makeup in the Luminess (I know about the warranty issue.) Just curious…
    Thanks for any input you have!!

    • Hello Jennifer – wow! That’s a fantastic deal! You can definitely put Dinair makeup through this though Luminess have said that it will void the warranty – the makeup is totally compatible though. Just make sure you have a good cleaning routine and you won’t have any problems. Dinair makeup is much better in my opinion but Luminess is still improving and innovating. The luminess airbrush makeup system is fine for personal use – just as good as Dinair. You may find you like the makeup too! But, if not, you can always look at Dinair or Tickled Pink’s makeup or another water-based makeup. I’d say go for it!

    • Oh, and also, I have seen Luminess reps confirm on Facebook that you can use Dinair through their system.

  • again it’s me .. can you tell me what are the colors i should start up with to have for my airbrush kit? from the brand Graftobian GlamAire AirBrush so i can slowly get all of them, but i do want to start of with the most popular please thanks

    • Hello again Danna – Graftobian have a few different sets you can buy. There’s the makeup starter package or the HD starter pack (which includes samples of the GlamAire airbrush makeup as well as the HD creme) – these are matching shades so you can mix airbrush makeup with the creme which are designed to go together. RenRen did a great video which you should watch:
      It will help you out more than I can in this reply! But I will be doing a full review of Graftobian soon!

  • thank you MICHELLE!!! you are a GREAT HELP!!! that video did help me THANKS… this wont be the last time you hear of me πŸ™‚

  • Michelle, I am in the market for an airbrush system. I’ve read reviews on all of them. Still confused. I want a matte finish for cobo skin. Now I’m torn between the Mac and luminess. Can you help me?

    • Hello Rikki – MAC is much better than Luminess (and also a little more expensive). The MAC airbrush makeup system is an Iwata compressor and airbrush. Their makeup is both water-based and silicone-based. For a matte finish you should look at water-based makeup. Silicone-based will produce a moist-dewy result. There are also ways to get more of a matte look to airbrush makeup. You won’t be restricted to just MAC makeup if you buy their system because almost all makeup works in the Iwata so look at the water-based MAC, Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio makeup. Good luck and let me know how you go!

  • michelle… hi again.. ok so i bought the brand of Graftobian.. and i wanted to know what can i use or what can i tell my clients to use for touch ups. For example, i had allergies last week really bad and of course a runny nose and i kept messing with my nose, once i saw myself it looked really weird around that area, since i was home i just airbrush that part but if i wouldn’t have been home or for brides what would/can i reccomend to touch it up with..? ok well i hope you can help me out again.. THANKS

    • Hi Danna – if you don’t have the airbrush machine with your then a spot concealer will do the trick. Some brands don’t work with airbrush makeup though so you’ll have to double check. Some of the bigger airbrush makeup brands have their own spot concealers which are perfect for this kind of situation. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Your site is awesome and I’m learning so much but I would like to know your favorite for just the airbrush makeup. My salon was thinking about going with the MAC line, but I want your honest opinion since it seems you have used pretty much everything.
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for your kind comment – glad my website has been so helpful for you! MAC is perfect for Salon use. It’s the one I recommend most because they use Iwata equipment (by far the best) – and I’m a big fan of MAC makeup in general. If your salon gets one of the MAC airbrush makeup kits with the Iwata equipment then you don’t have to only use MAC makeup in it – you can just about use any liquid makeup through MAC equipment.

  • Hi Michelle!
    So, I’m buying my first airbrush kit and I’m thinking that I’m going to do things a la carte (if you will)…. I’m thinking the iwata kit seen here and I’m going to try Kett cosmetics (per your suggestion– i love that they’re HD as I do a lot of photography work and I’m currently using Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation’s and blushes. I like what I’ve heard about OCC and I after seeing a few reviews, I’m thinking to buy their combo 5 (i think) foundations for $30ish? I’d use those for general makeup applications and probably stick to the Kett for photo and wedding work. What do you think about that thought process? Would all of that make sense and do you think those are good combinations to use?

    Thanks for this awesome website! I’ve learned so much in the 30 minutes that I’ve spent browsing it.

    Vanity & Vogue, LLC.

    • Hello Annie! This is the way to go when you are looking for a good quality machine for professional work. The HP-BS works well for a range of makeup (thin to medium-thick) and the ninja jet is great.

      I’d love to hear how you respond to different airbrush makeup as a photographer because I know certain pigments and minerals in HD makeup can have different reflective qualities when using a flash or studio lights. The OCC makeup is awesome – you’ll love it and I think Kett is on par. You’ll have to experiment to see which brands you like the best or which ones work better in different situations. It’s a bit of a learning curve but that’s half the fun! Yes – OCC have mini-sets for $30 which is cool because you can try out certain colors for cheaper. You’re definitely on the right track and I’d love to hear back from you after you’ve been airbrushing!

  • Dear Michelle,

    I have reviewed your website and comments section, and have found all the information helpful, but am still a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and options out there. I have normal skin that is slightly prone to a few breakouts. I work both inside and outside so need something somewhat versatile. I live in Oklahoma/work in Arkansas, so am subject to all elements: heat, humidity, wind, cold, rain, and sometimes snow. Though I work outside, I am still in the public eye, and want to look professional. When working inside, I wear goggles as I work in a laboratory. So I would also need a make-up that stays in place well and won’t leave me with make-up rings around my eyes when the goggles come off. My skin has a couple dark spots from prevoius blemishes that just won’t fade. Here’s the biggy! I am starting to develop fine lines around my mouth and on my forehead. Dermatologist called them “expression” lines, but I don’t like them! Which makeup would be best to cover the lines, but not settle into them to make them more noticable??

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Water Quality Analyst

    • Hi Rhonda – thank you for visiting my site and for your comments! To make things a bit more simple for you airbrush makeup brands usually offer either silicone-based or water-based. Depending on the amount of coverage or passes of the airbrush, silicone-based will give you fuller coverage with a dewy look while water-based will give you a more sheer, natural coverage with a matte look. It is possible to make water-based more dewy and silicone-based more matte in appearance – but that might complicate things and confuse you for this reply!
      Silicone-based will last longer and be more smudge-resistant. Water-based can be made more smudge resistant, waterproof and longer lasting with fixer etc. Personally I prefer water-based for day-to-day (as it feels lighter on the skin) and silicone-based for important events.
      With a fixer over the top of water-based makeup your eye area should protected from goggle makeup rings! You’ll be really amazed at how smudge-free airbrush makeup is.
      Both water-based and silicone-based airbrush makeup will cover your expression lines – there are some good videos showing how it can produce natural coverage – because the micro-beads of makeup very subtly and gently fall into the lines – even fine lines. The trick is not to be accentuating these lines when you are applying airbrush makeup. Like, don’t purse your lips or squint when you are putting the makeup on. Otherwise the lines will look worse. Just relax and have a neutral face and the makeup will fall naturally. Also, don’t do too many passes of the makeup because it will end up caking.

      It’s always important to use a good primer like MAC Prep & Prime as well as having a good concealer and moisturizing routine. A lot of airbrush makeup brands have their own branded primers and moisturizers etc.

      If you want to look at machines that can handle both water-based and silicone based airbrush makeup, then Iwata/MAC or Temptu or Graftobian (same as Iwata but different makeup from MAC – MAC will work in these though) have great machines.

      Good luck with your choice Rhonda! I’m sure you’ll love airbrush makeup. It’s a bit of a learning curve but will produce amazing results for you I’m sure! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the quick reply! So I looked into the Graftobian since it was not listed in your review above. I found the Graftobian Walk-Around Airbrush System, and was wondering what your opinion is of this system. I was drawn to it since it has a rechargable/detachable battery pack. The Jett System is as well, but is much pricer than this system.

    Thanks for your thoughts πŸ™‚

    • Hello Rhonda – yes, Graftobian is a great system… I still have a half written review!! Lol – I haven’t had time to finish it and put it up yet. Basically they use both Iwata systems and their own ‘walk around system’ which you’ve seen. It’s expensive but is a solid compressor (and has an airbrush holder). The one on Amazon comes with makeup etc – it’s a whole kit but just isn’t very clear for some reason. There are lots of places you can buy them anyway. If you are looking at the other Iwata compressors sold with Graftobian kits, it’s cheaper if you buy them as ‘Iwata’ and then get the makeup separately.
      The compressor is perfect for airbrushing and because it has molded plastic around it some of the noise is dampened too.
      Graftobian makeup is very good and a great price for airbrush makeup. You can also use MAC, Temptu and water-based makeups with the compressors (and most of the airbrush guns).
      Maybe that just makes things more confusing but I hope it helps!


  • My daughter and I are in school together and will be opening a salon. We need a compressor, gunn, hoses. …that will withstand long periods of use such as weddings, photo shoots ect…from what I have read here Iwata has the most durable equipment and you can use most products . .or at least the best products. Is this correct? Also can you use multiple guns at once with a certain industrial compressor with multiple hookup’s? Is the Iwata good for on the go mobile services as well. Your input and site I’d awesome!

    • Hello Kathy – wow! Good luck with your salon to you and your daughter! That sounds like a wonderful business to do together. You definitely need to look at Iwata equipment for professional, salon use. A lot of MUA’s use the Iwata Studio Series Silver Jet which has a good working PSI for airbrush makeup. However, the Power Jet Pro Double Piston or the single piston one is generally recommended for makeup salons. The advantage of the double piston is that both you and your daughter can use it at the same time (it is powerful enough) by hooking up 2 airbrush guns to the two separate pistons. This compressor is very quiet too so it feels more professional in a salon environment. Also – this machine will never break down!
      The good thing about the Iwata airbrush guns is that the nozzle section is self centering – so, you know when people complain about their airbrush not spraying correctly? That’s sometimes because a cheaper airbrush gun will be slightly out of alignment after you unscrew it for cleaning. But this doesn’t happen with the Iwata airbrushes. Have a look at the Eclipse HP CS Dual Action or my personal favorite, the HP C Plus. You can easily customize your system to suit your salon’s needs and there are some configurations that work better with certain makeup (silicone vs water-based) so it’s good to practice a bit first.
      Good luck with your salon and please come back to share some of your knowledge and tips! πŸ™‚

  • Hi! I’m a makeup artist looking to start airbrushing. There’s so many kits and brands out there that I don’t know where to begin! I like the kit to be able to do cosmetics but also leg tanning as well. Can you help! Thanks.

    • Hello Tran – I know what you mean! Have a look at Tickled Pink or Belloccio for really affordable, light and small kits with good makeup and which also have tanning airbrush guns. I’ve done big reviews of both of these brands. If you want to go really pro then look at Iwata equipment with the makeup of your choice (but for a much higher cost.)

  • Wow thanks for our lightening reply! I was leaning towards the temptu because they actually have a showroom in LA where I can go and see the kit myself. Is there a kit that can you all kinds of makeup brands?

    • Actually – you know what… Temptu is great and I should have mentioned them too! Especially if they have a showroom near you. You might not like the AirPod because it restricts you to just the Temptu makeup and the Pod system. Check out Temptu’s pro range. It is possible to use other brands through this but just make sure the makeup has a similar consistency. Also check out Iwata for similar, great quality equipment that you can use almost any liquid makeup through (even makeup you make yourself!)

  • temptu is quite expensive for their pro kit! I’m just looking for a kit just to do makeup that can use different brands for a cheaper $$….can you recommend one?

    • It sure is! πŸ™‚
      Iwata works out cheaper when you buy the compressor and airbrush gun separately – and then you can use any makeup you want in it. However, it’s still more expensive than a Belloccio, Dinair, Tickled Pink etc. Some airbrush makeup artists use a Luminess compressor with the Belloccio airbrush gun. You can use the Belloccio airbrush gun with other compressors like Iwata – but you need an adapter for the hose connection. The Belloccio is the best value for money airbrush gun out there – less than $40 on Amazon. However, it isn’t set up for Silicone-based makeup which is thicker than water-based. So, just stick with water-based makeup and you should be fine.

  • I’m a tomboy with sensitive/acne prone/ large pores/oily skin and have used Clinique acne solutions liquid makeup by hand for a decade. I am taking medications to control the acne in preparation for Fraxel Repair to take care of facial skin texture. Just a little background on me as I’m looking for something AFTER my fraxel when my skin should be pretty awesome, for once!

    I’m looking for a system that is good for my skin so I’m assuming silicone is out of the question?
    Problem is, I live in 100 degree weather and I am a personal trainer…so I am constantly sweating profusely! Could you recommend something that will stay on 1) through hell and high water and not clog my pores to much and also 2) those nights out on the town/dancing at the club? I would prefer more coverage for nights out and also shine control as makeup slides off my face!

    Price is a concern so what would be the brands/systems you recommend? Thank you so much!

    • Hello Morgan – thank you for visiting my site. Wow you’re brave getting Fraxel! I’ve heard mixed responses about it but the main thing is to make sure you maintain a good skin cleansing routine and a good diet (or vitamin supplements) before and after – as well as continuing to care for your treated skin. You’ll be out of action for almost a week after each treatment but hopefully you get fantastic results!

      So for you, definitely avoid silicone-based makeup. It sounds like the perfect kit for you will be either Dinair or Tickled Pink. These are both affordable, great quality and have makeup which is very gentle (and includes beneficial ingredients) for the skin. Tickled pink has aloe in their makeup which is very soothing. Both companies have makeup that is very light and dries quickly after application.

      You can fix the water-based makeup for longer lasting and more water-proof (and sweat-resistant) performance with something like Mist a& Fix. Have a read of that article for some information.

      And for oiliness I recommend Dermalogica’s Clearing Mattifier!

      Dinair and Kett have makeup that will cover any imperfections but (like Dinair paramedical or Kett Hydro Proof) but these are thicker and may irritate your skin.

      Let me know how you go Morgan and good luck with the treatment!


  • Thank you so much! I’m going to the best dermatologist in my city and they happen to be one of the top performers in regards to Fraxel Repair. I have already changed my skin care routine to include spf 50-110 on my face during daylight hours, etc. Which is another thing, high SPF will be paramount afterwards. I have heard that you can’t put anything on your face with airbrush makeup. How/when would I apply my SPF? I use anything from Neutrogenas 110 spf to Dr Dennis Gross, all from a tube…Thanks again, I’m desperate for advice

    You are so knowledgeable

    • Fantastic that you’re going to the best dermatologist – it makes such a big difference! You can still use some moisturizers, SPF and primers with airbrush makeup – some of the brands actually have their own ones which you know will be compatible (like Dinair – you can buy their SPF through Amazon I think). Usually the most compatible formulas are those with similar base (water based for water-based makeup).

      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Wow, you have put a lot of time in this! I looked at a lot of sites with biased reviews, so thank you for taking the time to tell pros and cons of all. I would love if you had a matrix with a comparison chart of each system. Like a couple other people, I read through a lot of info and just when I thought I had my mind made up on which to try, I had second thoughts. I am 56 year old and the wrinkles under my eyes and the concentration lines between my eyes are really getting pronounced. I have been using powder (mineral) make-up for a number of years and like the ease of use and coverage. But as I get older, I fell that it is making the lines on my face more visible. I have dry skin and use moisturizer and wrinkle creams under my makeup. I need this for my own use only, not salon-type. I travel occasionally for work, so I would like a system that isn’t too bulky to take with me. Based on all of that, what would be your top recommendation(s)? Thanks so much!

    • Thank you for visiting Karen – I’m glad you like the site and also my reviews. I’ve tried hard to keep it balanced and for people to work out what system will work best for them. I totally agree that a chart comparison system would be a good idea – I’ll see if I can find some time to put it together but it will definitely be helpful, I agree.
      For your needs, I recommend looking at Dinair which is water-based. It produces a really natural, sheer look and they have their own specific primer and moisturizers which work with their airbrush makeup. It’s a small and portable system but doesn’t actually have a separate battery. Graftobian has a portable system with a portable battery but it is heavier and more bulky – but you can use almost any makeup with the Graftobian and an Iwata brush.
      You may also like Tickled Pink which is very similar to Dinair but will an aloe-based range of makeup. They also have options for priming and moisturizing. And I also recommend Belloccio – the makeup range is a bit limited but is very good quality. Plus the price is extremely good.
      The Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio are all relatively small and portable airbrush makeup systems so they aren’t as powerful or robust as the Pro machines – you are safer using the same brand of makeup in the same brand of compressor. The bigger names like Iwata are more expensive and heavier – they will last forever but they are also not going to fit in your carry-on!

  • Thanks for all the helpful info you have taken the time to provide. You seem super knowledgeable, personable, and unbiased. I love that you don’t pander to one brand in particular. If you were in my area I would absolutely be a client of yours. πŸ™‚

    My question is about the Belletto Studio system. There is a deal right now for it on Dealfind, for $99. Do you know anything about that brand? I am not a MUA and have never tried airbrush before. I have had spray tans and a couple times have had my makeup done professionally for special events and those pros used airbrush – but that’s the extent of my knowledge. Should I leave it to the pros for special occassions or are people able to do a decent job at home as their daily makeup?

    • Hello Carmin – and thank you for your kind comments!! I’m glad I’ve been able to help people out with airbrush makeup.
      To answer your question about Bellotto – I unfortunately don’t have any experience with Bellotto but $99 seems like a great price for a small, home airbrush makeup system like this – especially if it comes with makeup included. The specs look ok for the compressor – definitely enough power for home use but I can’t tell if the airbrush gun is any good. But, if the airbrush gun failed you could replace it with a Belloccio airbrush makeup gun for $39. btw – Belloccio is a very good brand and sometimes has a special for as low as $129 (maybe once a year) – I wrote a long review here. Small airbrush makeup systems like this tend to clog more easily and aren’t always compatible with all types of airbrush makeup but they can be great little machines.
      You can definitely do a great job of airbrush makeup at home – you will learn a few tricks and invent your own techniques as you get more experience airbrushing. Anyway, some of the Bellotto makeup colors look fun and if you end up getting this kit let me know what you think – I’d love to hear more about it. πŸ™‚

  • Grex sells a line of compressors and airbrushes that are highly rated; on many sites professional artists liked them better than Iwata, which was a surprise to me given Iwata’s legendary name. It would be nice if you did a comparison of Iwata and Grex in a review to see your opinion. I just purchased the Grex Aeris I, which is their compact makeup compressor and Genesis XG, their double action top gravity fed airbrush. They’ll arrive shortly. Thanks.

    • Hello Melyn – thank you for visiting and for your comment! Iwata, Grex and Graftobian (and temptu pro) are all top airbrush makeup brands for equipment. They are all highly recommended and have many things in common. Grex is very popular for body art and FX makeup as they are very reliable, well built machines. The Genesis is a very versatile airbrush gun which can handle practically anything – even paints you wouldn’t want on your skin!
      I’ll definitely be doing a review (some time this year!!) and will try to put together a recommended list of makeup to use in the Grex. I’d love to hear what you think about this set up and what kind of makeup you use in it. Please visit again!

  • Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for this site! I am new to airbrushing and I have been doing a TON of research. Your site is by far the best I have come across. Thank you for replying to all the questions and testing all the different machines/makeup. It really does help! I have not purchased a machine/makeup yet. I am hoping to make my decision today πŸ™‚ I am leaning towards the Graftobian Walk-Around airbrush system. After reading your more recent posts, it sounds like you finally received and used this system/makeup. I do not see a review for it yet (forgive me if I am not looking in the right place). How did you like the walk-around system? Is the airbrush itself good quality? It looks like it is, but that was only by watching the detailed cleaning on youtube. I saw you mentioned the airbrush was an Iwata brand? Is that what comes with the walk-around system? Forgive me for all the questions, but I wanted to get your opinion before I spend $300 on that system. Also, how did the makeup compare to the other airbrush makeup you have tried?
    Thank you sooooo much for helping out πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tara – thanks so much for the kind comments!! I’m glad my site has helped you and others to decide. And I’m so sorry I haven’t yet had a chance to put up a full review of the Graftobian as it is definitely a fantastic system and one I would recommend. The walk-around is actually their own unique design but there are other compressors that are branded Graftobian that are the same as Iwata (the Silver Jet and Smart Jet). The walk-around is close to perfect in many ways so you won’t be disappointed – I think it’s a great choice since it’s portable and robust. It’s not the smallest or lightest though but, then again, it definitely isn’t the largest!
      The airbrush gun itself is only single action though – you might prefer this but I always lean more towards dual-action for better control.
      Their makeup is great too – very natural colors which I’m sure you’ll like – but it always comes down to individual preference and skin tones etc. But you aren’t restricted to just Graftobian branded makeup if you use their equipment – just double check which brands are compatible with their airbrush gun otherwise it might clog.
      Yes – it’s an expensive system but, then again, it will last!
      Good luck with your purchase and come back to visit so you can share some airbrush tips with me! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you Michelle…I decided to purchase πŸ™‚ I will let you know how I like it once it arrives!!!!

        • Hi Tara!

          I’m also leaning towards the Graftobian Walk-Around system. How do you like yours? Pros, cons? I’m just curious about your experience with it πŸ™‚

          Thank you!


  • Michelle,

    I just purchased the Luminess Air System (Heiress edition) and now I’m thinking I should have gone with a different brand like Dinair because it seems to have a wider range of products. Can I use Dinair products with the Luminess Air system?

    • Hi Meghan – as a general rule use only water-based makeup in an airbrush makeup machine designed for water-based and silicone-based makeup for those designed for silicone-based makeup. Luminess can handle the normal Dinair water-based foundation but not the water-proof which is thicker.

  • what’s your view on the Belletto Studio makeup airbrush system?

    • Hello Jeanie – a few people have mentioned Belletto in the comments now and I’m intrigued enough to try to track one down and to do a review! I don’t have any real world experience yet with Belletto (a commenter mentioned that there was a deal for $99 on Dealfind!) but from the looks of it the Belletto compressor has very similar specs to the Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio home-use compressors so is possibly in a similar realm: good for personal use but not for pro’s.

  • Hi. Thinking of purchasing an airbrush makeup system. Stubbled across your site. Now I’m more confused then before. I live in South Texas, it’s hot down here and I have oily skin. Normal I used Estee Lauder double wear makeup because I like the coverage but it does not look heavy (caked on). Which system would you recommend? Also, can you use your normal foundation with some of these machines? I appreaciate you help.

    • Hi Erica thanks for visiting! I get quite a few visitors from your part of the US and a lot swear by Dinair – even though the makeup is water-based and won’t last as long as silicone-based makeup like Temptu’s, it has a very natural, sheer look and you can seal it for longer wear. But, you also might want to look at getting a pro Iwata or Graftobian machine and putting Temptu’s makeup through it (or MAC) which will give you a better result in that kind of climate.
      Also, for oily skin I’m still using Demalogica’s Medibac Clearing Mattifier which is amazing!

      Oh – and you definitely can’t use normal foundation in these machines but some you can use with the airbrush makeup. Normal foundation will clog the airbrush gun if you try to put it through but you can definitely mix traditional makeup with airbrush makeup (you just don’t use the same applicator!)

      Hope that helps!


  • I am considering airbrush for personal use, only. I’ve got sensitive skin, including cystic acne when breakouts occur. I also use Arbonne. After your reviews, I’m considering Iwata or MAC, but want to continue using my current foundation. Is that do-able without a PhD in Chemistry;)

    • Hi Stacey – ha! You might need a PhD in Chemistry to put the Arbonne through an airbrush gun. I wouldn’t advise it – I think it would be too risky and too much trial and error before you found the right consistency. Have a look at the makeup from Dinair or Tickled Pink for airbrush makeup that is very friendly to sensitive skin. Avoid the silicone-based makeup like Temptu.
      When you thinning normal liquid foundation for the airbrush you need to use some kind of thinner with the same base as the makeup at something like 1 drop thinner to 3 drops foundation. However, I don’t recommend it with the Arbonne – let me know if you have any questions about Dinair or Tickled Pink (I’ve done long reviews of these which will hopefully help you!)

  • What an awesome sight! Looking to get first airbrush makeup kit. I am not particularly gifted in makeup application. I have always had beautiful even skin and wear light makeup. However I am now 44 and getting age/melasma spots which slightly show even with regular concealer, foundation and powder. Tried the airbrush at my daughter’s bridal expo and it was amazing and even finish. They said it was non allergenic. What would be a good system for me? Live in Florida so hot and hum. I would use it for every day and special occasion.

    • Hi Charissa – thanks for visiting!! I’m glad you got to try airbrush makeup at your daughter’s bridal expo. Did you happen to notice which brand it was? If you prefer a light, natural look to compliment your skin then Dinair may be the brand for you. They have many awesome colors and have just come out with a new range for Summer. You can mix the colors and also make it more sweat-proof if you need to. It’s generally fine (smudge free) in those sorts of conditions but if you need added lasting power there are ways to improve the water-based makeup.
      Please let me know what you think of airbrush makeup when you’ve bought your new system!

  • Great reviews! Thank you for taking the time to do them. I have been hearing about Make-up Designory or MUD cosmetics. I am perking on taking a seminar and they offer it with or without this MUD airbrush kit. I haven’t been able to find much information on it that doesn’t seem commercialized and I’d like to make an informed decision before making an excessive purchase. Any hope to get this system reviewed or maybe just point me in the right direction some personal accounts?

    • Hi Aly. I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with MUD but I will definitely check than out when I get back from holidays! Have you found any video reviews on YouTube? Let me know if you end up going with them as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Thank you for posting all of this inforamtion on airbrush make up. It has been quite helpful. I think I want to invest in the Iwata compressor & airbrush pen since you seem to think that it is the best. I am just not sure which airbrush make up I want to try. I think I would choose the MAC line because I already use MAC foundation but it looks like you have to be a in the industry is purchase their products and I just want this for personal use. Do you know if they can be purchased for personal use? If they can’t, I think I would be between Kett or Dinair. Of those 2 brands, which foundation do you like the best? I have hyperpigmentation that I need to cover up. Thanks for your advise!

    • Hi Jen – definitely stick with MAC if that’s the brand you already like (plus, their makeup is wonderful!) – it’s like MAC was made for the Iwata: both are really high quality. You can buy the makeup in stores – here’s a list of locations and prices:

      • Thanks for this input. I did check & it doesn’t look like there is a MAC Pro store in my state. What would be your 2nd choice for the airbrush foundation?

        • Hi Jen – that’s a pity! Sometimes you can find it online (on eBay etc) but there’s no guarantee it’s authentic. Try Temptu which has great quality silicone-based foundation.

  • Hi Michelle!

    Thank you SO MUCH for your reviews. I love that you are professional, giving the pros and cons without bashing any one brand. I’m a makeup artist who’s been using traditional foundation, but I’ve been getting requests from brides for airbrush foundation.

    I’ve been doing loads of research and was about to settle on the Iwata Ninja Jet compressor with the Eclipse HP-CS airbrush. From your reviews, I really like the idea of having a quality system with the option to use just about any brand of foundation.

    Before buying it, though, I was told I’m being gifted a Graftobian portable system (not sure if it’s the Walk-Around system). What are your thoughts on this brand of airbrush system and its foundations? Or should I go with the Iwata (I don’t mind the higher noise level that you mentioned).

    Thank you!

    • Hi Leslie – thanks so much for visiting – I’m glad you like my website and glad to hear it has been useful for you! πŸ™‚

      The Graftobian Walk-Around is as good as the Ninja Jet – they are quite similar in specs but the Graftobian is a little quieter and it’s a good, solid compressor. I’d say that’s likely to be the compressor you’ll be receiving as a gift – lucky you! Graftobian are a very good brand and their equipment and makeup are all great.

      It’s amazing how many MUAs are combining airbrush makeup with traditional makeup now and so many of clients are requesting it – I’m sure you’ll be great at airbrushing and please come back to share your tips with us!


  • Thank you so much, Michelle! I can’t wait to get my system and let you know how it works!

  • I’m considering a Dinair unit but I have a question about the makeup itself. I have very dry skin and my main concern is getting something that will look luminous on my skin. I definitely do not want a matte look. Is there any particular brand that would be better for that or is all the makeup about the same?

    • Hi Linda – the silicone based makeup will give a more dewy look but Dinair also has a great product called ‘moist and dewy’ which gives a more luminous effect. But, if in doubt, go for the silicone-based brands and try before you buy if you can!

  • Hi There, my question is regarding the Dinair 2 day class that they offer….I’m looking into air brushing for myself personally & then offering as a service in my salon. I was looking at the din air And notice they have a class that is $640.00 is this necessary/helpful? Do any other brands offer hands on training? I am now also looking into the Iwata since they come so highly recommended by you, wondering if the neoair is just for home use only. Air brushing will not be my only business I’m looking to add it to my already successful hair & spray tanning business. I want a good compressor I can do anything with but I want to be reasonable. What are your thoughts on the sprint jet?


    • Hi Crystal – there are mixed thoughts about the Dinair 2 day class. Some people get a lot out of it while others feel that there is enough information on the instructional DVDs to make the class a bit superfluous. As an experienced MUA you might not find it overly beneficial since you already understand the principles of makeup application and will pick up the technique of airbrushing very quickly. At the least the class gives you the chance to practice before airbrushing on your clients – they will show you some great techniques etc but there are many different techniques (and you can learn a lot of these online). The Dinair might not be enough for your salon as you really need a professional machine. The smaller compressors can’t handle too much use and you need to switch them off for a little while otherwise they will overheat. The Iwata equipment is perfect for professional use and the sprint jet is very popular for salon use. It’s high quality and won’t break down – some people are still using them after 10 years!

  • Hey Michelle, I have dry acne prone skin I have been using Meaningful Beauty and its done wonders, but I still have dark spots and large pores and acne here and there I am 20 years old and new to airbrushing my boyfriend has offered to buy me an airbrush system, but I’m not sure which to buy I’ve heard the luminess equipment breaks easily so I’m not sure about that and I’m tempted to buy temptu but I just don’t know I want a system that will last a few years with good coverage that won’t make me break out. What do you suggest I get?

    • Oh and I want something in a price range below $200

    • Hi Samantha – try to avoid silicone-based makeup if you have dry, acne prone skin as it may make it worse. However, the water-based makeup can tend to be less effective on dry skin unless you really prep well. I’d recommend either Dinair or Tickled Pink for you. Have a look at my reviews for them and see what you think. Dinair has a great range of colors and is really popular for people with acne because it is so light on the skin. You’ll probably see a big difference after a couple of weeks of not using traditional makeup (brushes and sponges tend to make flare-ups worse). Let me know which way you decide to go – both are great value and the airbrush guns will last if you keep them clean. The compressors are small though and can burn out if you keep them running too long so remember to switch it off when you’re not using it and it will last longer.

  • Hi Michelle –

    HAve you ever used the Belletto Skin Secrets HD System? If so, any feedback?


    • Hello Kathy – thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚
      A few people have been asking me about Belletto now so I’ll have to get my hands on a system! The specs look reasonable (on ‘paper’) and there are some great deals around for this system I’ve heard. However, I don’t know if the airbrush gun is a good quality one. But, if the airbrush gun failed you could replace it with a Belloccio airbrush makeup gun for $39. btw – Belloccio is a very good brand and sometimes has a special for as low as $129. Belletto is similar to the Dinair, Belloccio or Tickled Pink which I have reviewed.
      Let me know if you go with Belletto and what you think!

  • Hi, and help! I want to buy an airbrush makeup tool/kit for my mom’s birthday (& i need it by or before Sat) but I keep holding off choosing one because the options and selection are intimidating. I want one that’s powerful enough, easy to use, and, preferably, one that allows you to use different brands of foundation. (Can you use your own makeup in any of these machines or will it ruin the airbrush or shorten it’s ‘lifespan?’)

    I wish I’d known about your site earlier so this wouldn’t have been so last minute and pressured, but I hope you can help.

    Thank’s so much for any advice you can give, I greatly appreciate your taking the time as well as the insight already gleaned from your posted info—


    PS Are these tools hard to clean or maintain?

    • What a great gift for your mom! Hopefully I can help you out.
      Firstly, No – you cannot use your own makeup in these machines. You need liquid makeup specially designed to flow through the airbrush gun and spray as a fine mist. Traditional makeup will just clog your airgun.

      Most brands who sell airbrush makeup kits require you to use their brand of makeup in their particular brand of airbrush makeup system. For example, you use Temptu’s makeup in Temptu’s airbrush makeup system. Or, Dinair’s makeup in Dinair’s system. However, there are a few brands which you can put almost anything through: Iwata and Graftobian. Both are a bit more expensive but are very good quality and will last.

      MAC (who have some of the best makeup) sell an airbrush makeup kit which combines their makeup with the Iwata brand of airbrush compressor and makeup gun. You can see my review here. You can buy these more cheaply by just looking at the Iwata brand on Amazon and mixing and matching to choose the compressor and airbrush gun that suits your needs.

      Graftobian also uses mostly Iwata equipment but also have a really great portable compressor called the walk-around. which is a little pricier than the smaller compressors like Dinair.

      The good thing about Iwata and Graftobian is that they are also powerful enough for body art and tanning as well as compatible with almost all brands.

      So the smaller systems like Dinair, Kett, Temptu, Luminess and Tickled Pink usually require you to use their brand of makeup (though you don’t always have to stick to this rule). They are cheaper and do a great job too – just not as reliable and versatile. The thing to remember is that you can only use silicone-based makeup in an airbrush designed for silicone based makeup and only use water-based in an airbrush designed for water-based makeup.

      They aren’t so hard to clean and maintain once you get used to a little routine. Keeping them clean keeps them from breaking and they will last for a long time if you keep them clean. This stops them clogging and ensures the makeup will spray evenly.

      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle

    I was just wondering if you have a review on the Belletto Studio?

    • Hello Tamsen – thanks for visiting! A few people have mentioned Belletto now and I’m definitely going to get my hands on one to do a review soon. To answer your question, I don’t have any real world experience yet with Belletto (a commenter mentioned that there was a deal for $99 on Dealfind!) but from the looks of it the Belletto compressor has very similar specs to the Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio home-use compressors so is possibly in a similar realm: good for personal use but not for pro’s.

  • I about to order am airbrush kit on Friday For personal and to start practicing and in about a month I’m going to enroll in cosmetology makeup courses to become a makeup artist. I have some questions and have done hours and hours of research and in my opinion your the most Qualified and the Knowledgeable Person that I have found to help me. Questions not just about that airbrushed kids but also about other things. I would rather like to correspond through email rather than on this website if that’s possible please let me know. I would be sincerely sincerely grateful.
    An admirer

    • Hello Cat – welcome to airbrushing! I’m sure you’ll love being a professional makeup artist! You can contact me through the website contact form if you have any questions. This goes to my email. Forgive me if I’m late to reply because I’m on holidays at the moment! Some things I also prefer to have in the comments because it helps my readers – but, only if they are general and not personal of course! πŸ™‚

  • Hey Michelle Can I Use SilicoNE Based Foundation Specially Kett With My Belletto Studio Airbrush System? Thanks In Advance

    • Hello Amber – I don’t think the Belletto Studio will handle silicone-based makeup unfortunately. Because it is designed for use with their water-based.

  • Hey There Michelle~ I have been a MUA for over 10 years and have always been old school when applying my makeup, I always use a brush,sponge,or puff. I have always been very happy with my pay off and the finished looked. How ever, I have started working with a salon that wants me to start using air brush. So my question to you is, what would you recommend is the best machine I should start working with at a good price point (around $200.00) until I get the feel of using the air bush down and start trying more editorial (crazy/fun) looks.I was really thinking of the Dinair system? Learning how to use the machine is not as big of a deal as the quality of the pay off of the makeup product itself and the color range.Do you think their makeup is a good quality and can you only use Dinair products in their machine? I Thank You for having a place where artist like myself can come and ask the important questions.All the Best and keep up the great work.Thanks Again~Bobby

  • Hello Michelle~I’m so sorry for a second question,I can see your a busy girl and you are one person with 100 questions.I did find I can only use Din Air products with there machine. But after reading your review my question is do you think that the Din air machine will be strong enough to use in a salon? And lets say I have 6 clients in a day will that compressor live a short time? and if I get the Din Air down the road could I get a stronger compressor & still use the rest of the system & just replace the compressor? Sorry Again for a second question, But I am GRATEFUL that your here!!~Thank You Again for Your Time~Bobby

    • Hello Bobby – thanks for visiting! I’m glad you found my site helpful when you were looking for this info!. You are kind of right that you can only use Dinair makeup in the Dinair airbrush makeup system. As a general rule, only use water-based makeup in a machine designed for water-based and only use silicone-based makeup in a system designed for silicone-based. There are some other water-based airbrush makeups that work in Dinair with no problems but Dinair will not honor the warranty if you don’t use their makeup in it. And you may already know that you can make liquid makeup thicker or thinner with various techniques I won’t go into here!

      There are some MUA’s who use the Dinair in their salon but with 6 clients a day you will be pushing it. The motor will burn out pretty quickly and you would really have to have a good cleaning routine between color changes in order not to clog it. You won’t be able to use the Dinair airbrush gun with a more powerful compressor unfortunately.

      Dinair is a great machine to practice on though and they have a great range of colors. For professional use have a look at the Iwata equipment or Graftobian. They are a little more expensive but you won’t need to replace them in a hurry. Plus, you can use almost any brand of makeup in Iwata as well as creating your own makeup!

      Good luck with airbrushing – I know you’ll love it! So many MUA’s are using both traditional and airbrush makeup combined these days. Both have benefits and there’s no need to reject either one. Come back if you have any questions or if you want to share some tips with fellow airbrushers! πŸ™‚

  • Hi I recently bought the Pro Element 2 system (have not received it yet), I have never used airbrush before and wanted to try it but not knowing if it was for me I wasn’t wanting to spend a lot of money at first.
    My question(s) are, do you think the Dinair paramedical brand makeup is ok to run through this gun? I know it most likely could not do s/b makeup but I didn’t know if the paramedical brand required a special gun or not. I have some old acne scars both discoloration and surface indention and slightly oily skin.
    I am not sure if the makeup that comes with the system (which is natural based) will have the coverage I am wanting so I was wanting to get other makeups but don’t want to clog the gun.
    Also suggestions on a good primer for blurring or smoothing/filling of indented scars that would work with an airbrush system??
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hello – Parmedical should be ok to run through the Pro Element 2. However, you MUST clean it with rubbing alcohol as it isn’t water-based. Really be careful otherwise you will clog your airbrush. You should also familiarize yourself with the ‘pointalism’ technique of using a Paramedical airbrush makeup as it is different from applying foundation etc.
      The Dinair Paramedical is definitely one of the best for covering acne.
      As a rule, though, you should stick to water-based makeup for the Element 2.
      Most airbrush makeup companies have their own specific primer that they sell with an airbrush makeup kit. However, I really like Too Faced Primed and Poreless for use with airbrushing.
      The absolute BEST thing for oily skin that I have come across so far is Demalogica Clearing Mattifier. We all have our personal favorites of course but I highly recommend it if you haven’t already used it.
      Hope that helps! Let me know if you come across anything better that you want to share on the site!


      • Thanks for the info. I received my airbrush system and so far I love it! Have used it twice and did well enough to go out in public on my very first try! lol

        I am going to order some different makeup as what came with the set seems to be a tad to dark (orange-ish) and it oxidizes after a bit. However I do not think I need the paramedical as I thought I did.
        So I was wondering, can you suggest a brand that does not oxidize and has somewhat of a water resistance or waterproofing but is still water based, or a setting spray that will do the same? With this if you tear up even slightly or a drop of water hits it, it will instantly turn white and run!

        And one more question, I can not seem to master the art of using the makeup gun properly around the eyes for concealing circles, I keep wanting to squeeze my eyes shut and you can imagine how that turns Any suggestions or techniques for that?


        • I’m so glad you are loving airbrushing! Try the normal Dinair foundation with the setting spray. Also, the Tickled Pink colors are very natural – they don’t have a big range but it’s great makeup (water and aloe-based). Also Kett is
          Check out my How To Airbrush Makeup section and read through my Airbrush Makeup Tips. Hopefully there will be some new things in there for you.
          Definitely don’t squint when applying airbrush makeup! Lol! That’s a common mistake though – that’s when it helps to have the stencils or put something in front of your eye so you feel protected (like a cotton pad) until you get more comfortable with spraying around your eye.
          Try to stick with water-based makeup because it’s much safer – you will get a more water-proof result with silicone-based but you don’t want to be wearing this all the time – it builds up in the pores!

  • I was wondering if you know much about the Belletto Studio Kit? It’s on Livingsocial right now normally $350 for $89. I’m thinking about getting it but I thought I should ask you first since you have so much knowledge about airbrush systems.
    Thanks, Kim

    • Hi Kim – quite a few people are mentioning Belletto now but I still haven’t had a chance to get my hands on one. There was a deal a while back on Dealfind for $99 so the Livingsocial deal looks fantastic.

      From the looks of it the Belletto compressor has very similar specs to the Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio home-use compressors so is possibly in a similar realm: good for personal use but not for pro’s. But I can’t vouch either way because I don’t have first-hand experience yet. Sometimes you do have to be wary of these cheaper compressors as they can break down quite fast. But, they sometimes last ages too! Just be gentle with it and make sure you keep the airbrush clean. You can always replace the airbrush with a Belloccio if it breaks after a year since they are so affordable.

      I think Belletto want you to be loyal to their makeup which probably isn’t necessary through this machine. Just stick to water-based makeups and you should be fine if you do buy it.

      Please come by again to let us all know what you think of the Belletto!

  • Hello hello hello!!!! thank you so much for your website and your quick responses!!!! I am new to airbrush makeup and I was wondering what makeup will match my golden caramel skin… a lot of the time I look too red when I wear drugstore foundations. I need something that will match my yellow based skintone. I literally have the same skin color as Rihanna. I am from the caribbean but I live in a neutral climate. I want something that is natural, long lasting, and can do really well in photos. I am a model as well and a lot of the time I do my own makeup. I want to glow and have flawless looking skin under the camera. I am currently thinking dinair or luminesse. I also want to contour and highlight and look pretty! πŸ™‚ I am a really clean and energetic person so I do not mind cleaning the airbrush everyday…. or I will purchase a cleaning dock like you suggest. I will probably use the makeup everyday…. I do have some dark spots but they are subtle…. I get acne every now and again and I think this will help clear my skin. Also I will
    purchase setting spray…. could I use an organic facial mist instead?
    Sorry this post is so long but I am truly curious!!!!!

    • Hello Gina! Thank you so much for visiting – I’m glad you like my website! πŸ™‚
      I know what you mean about the drugstore foundations – it’s sometimes so hard to get the right match and they can have some pigments in there that don’t work with your skin color. Both MAC and Dinair have great color ranges for Caribbean skin tones. If you are in a neutral climate now then Dinair might be the best choice for you. It’s water-based so will not upset your skin and you can layer it for the perfect look. You can create a very subtle look that will allow your natural, beautiful skin tones to show through. So it’s really enhancing your natural beauty. With the right technique you can also create a ‘dewy’ look with Dinair and you can layer it for a perfectly flawless look for photos.
      The people at Dinair are the best at helping you pick the right tones for your skin and can help you out via email or even Skype. Have a look at their makeup page here. You can mix the colors to get the right tone and I’d recommend the Golden Olive or Dark Olive with the Nutmeg for foundation and darker colors for your eyes.
      Dinair have all the tools to keep you airbrush makeup system clean and working. You don’t necessarily need a setting spray but it can help. I use Makeup For Ever Mist & Fix. You can’t use an organic facial mist to fix the Dinair airbrush makeup but, if you do want to use a facial mist (because it feels and smells great!) then something water-based like L’Occitane Immortelle Essential Water – I’m sure you’ve already tried that before – it’s great! πŸ™‚

      Hope that helps – please come back to visit and let me know how you are going with airbrush makeup!

  • Hi Michelle !

    Thank you for running such a resourceful website!! I’m learning so much about airbrushing πŸ™‚
    I have just a quick question, I’m interested in the Graftobian walk around system and I was wondering what other airbrush makeup brands can be used in it.
    For example, would I be able to use Temptu, OCC, kett or Dinair in it?

    • Hello Valerie – thank you so much for the compliment! πŸ™‚
      I’m glad my site is helping you out – you’ll find most airbrush makeup artists are happy to share their knowledge because we can learn so much from each other!
      The Graftobian is a great system – the compressor is very capable and it’s a good airbrush gun (but it’s single-action only). It’s designed for use with their water-based makeup range so it will be safer to stick with water-based (Dinair, OCC, Kett Hydro – not ‘Hydro-proof’)

  • after reviewing your website (fantastic, by the way) I had a quick question regarding airbrush guns and the compressors- are the Iwata guns compatible with the cheaper non-Iwata compressors? I would like to get the HP-C+ gun, but cant really afford the recommended PowerJet compressor just yet.

    • Hi Stevie – thanks for the compliment! πŸ™‚
      You can use the Iwata guns with other compressors – you may need the right attachments to make it compatible with the hoses though. I’d probably avoid doing this if you are trying to save money – some compressors might not be powerful enough or regulated to get the best out of your airbrush so you might be better off sticking with a cheaper (but reliable) airbrush gun too. The Belloccio is very affordable and just as good as the airbrushes from Dinair and Luminess. It’s just about 70% cheaper! Stick to water-based makeup in this airbrush though.
      Hope that helps – come back and leave a comment to let me know what you think of airbrushing!

  • Hi Michelle…I’m back πŸ™‚
    Im really sold on Iwatas system after hearing about their durability and versatility but since I cant afford the compressor I really want I wanted to get your thoughts on the silver jet compressor. I will just be a home user but I want the option to use any makeup and no equipment failures …and in the event airbrushing isnt for me…it had good resale value. It seems the compressor looks easier to transport out of all their models. Im not overly concerned about the quietness of the system just that its good. πŸ™‚

    • Hello again Stevie – the Silver Jet is a great compressor and well built. You can usually get a better deal if you buy the compressor and airbrush combined but you’ll easily find the cheapest price with a few internet searches. The Ninja Jet is cheaper but not as good. If you look at the Sparmax (which I haven’t officially reviewed) which is their answer to the Silver Jet you can see that the Silver Jet is a pretty good price (relatively). It should have a 1-year guarantee too.
      Let me know what you think of airbrushing after you buy your kit – I’m sure you’ll love it! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Michelle!

    Now I just have to decide on which makeup to use! πŸ™‚

    • Camerareadycosmetics have samples of a few brands (and their own, cheaper one). Everyone has different tastes so I recommend trying as many as you can and finding your faves! Have fun!! πŸ™‚

  • Hello Michelle ..first I want you to congratulate you for you page it is very helpful..I want to buy a airbrush system I saw many people talking about that and is better than other make up. Right now I’m using minerals but don’t cover the parts I want ,I have acne and when it is hot my face Puts like I have been running(sweating)
    and I have to clean and add a little touch ups this is more in Summer , I think this is more for the type of climate where I live ( north Carolina). For that reason I want to try airbrush system to keep me fresh and good long time.I want a system easy to carry when I travel ,long duration What would you recommend me?

    • Hi Ana! I’m glad my website could help you. A lot of people who use airbrush makeup have acne – and most agree that water-based is the way to go. Silicone-based airbrush makeup does an amazing job of covering imperfections but it is just to harsh on the skin and builds up over time. Especially when you are sensitive to it. You really want to be treating the cause of the acne and being gentle on your skin when there’s a flare up. So the makeup from Dinair and Tickled Pink are very popular because they are light on the skin and have soothing properties that can help keep you moisturized (Tickled Pink includes Aloe which reduces inflammation).
      Have you tried using Milk of Magnesia for oily Skin? It can work under foundation (check out that first reviewer on Amazon for instructions on how to use it – amazing!). Personally I’m a big fan of Dermalogica’s MediBac for treating oily skin. A good routine of cleaning and prepping is really important to get the best result from your airbrush makeup. I like Too Faced Primer – more detail here.
      And a fixer will help make the water-based makeup a lot more long-lasting and will reduce the run – especially when you get sweaty. I recommend Mist & Fix from Make Up For Ever.

  • Thank you Michelle πŸ™‚

  • Hey Michelle,

    Your site rocks! Let’s talk about aging skin. I just had a mini face-lift, I feel great, and I’m interested in trying an airbrush system. What would you recommend for dealing with the issues of aging skin – wrinkles, age spots, thinning skin with less elasticity, dark under eye bags, lines around lips, crows feet, old acne scars or new scars. Many women my age have combination skin, and are torn between wanting a matte finish to hide flaws and combat oiliness, but missing that youthful, dewy look. How’s that for a challenge! πŸ˜‰ Could you also post any info. you have on air-brush self-tanning systems. Thanks!

    • Hello Dre! Glad you like my site!! I’m definitely up for this challenge!! πŸ™‚
      Actually it’s not too rare a question because, when you think about it, most of us have combination skin. We might lean more to oily or maybe to dry skin but so many things can affect our skin that it’s not always just one or the other. Airbrush makeup is fantastic for covering imperfections and, if you learn to apply it properly (which shouldn’t take long at all) will really enhance your natural beauty. The silicone-based makeups can be really stunning. If you don’t react to silicone-based products then you may really love Temptu & MAC. They have stunning tones. And, if you are oily and prefer a matte finish then use a powder as your final step – my favorite is Make Up For Ever Micro Finish Powder. It’s wonderful on oily skin (not so good on dry though) and will make your silicone-based makeup more matte. Maybe Perfect? It is better for lighter skin rather than tanned or dark and Kryolan have a similar product. Just make sure your makeup is fully dry before you use it!

      The key to airbrushing makeup is to have a good prepping routine – take care of your skin and prep with a good moisturizer and primer (like Primed & Poreless). Spot conceal for better results and don’t squint or tense your lips when applying airbrush makeup (otherwise it will enhance wrinkles!). Just relax and do one pass at a time, slowly building the layers of makeup to create a natural, glowing look that highlights your natural, beautiful features. Check out some of the other products I love here.

      As a bonus tip: for dry skin, check out Weleda’s Skin Food – my new favorite!!

      There are so many self tanning systems out there now – some are great and others will break after a few weeks. Some are expensive and others very cheap. For me, I feel the best option is just having a good Iwata compressor with a couple of different airbrush guns. Some of the Iwata Pistol Grip Spray Guns are over $300 though (like the Iwata RG-3)!! But these are for professional use. When tanning you really want a bottle-fed airbrush like the HP SAR or the HP BCR. Bottle fed airbrushes are for larger areas like body-art or tanning and you can fit much more solution in the bottle!

      If you want cheaper airbrush tanning options companies like Belloccio and Tickled Pink have amazing deals. Tickled Pink sell large bottles of their tanner and it is surprisingly good. There’s also Luminess and Dinair but they are a little more pricey. If you had a compressor from one of these brands you can also put Ocean through which is pretty popular with airbrush makeup artists.

      I think I covered everything!! Let me know if you need any more help and please come back to share your thoughts once you’ve started airbrushing. πŸ™‚

  • hi Michelle..I received an offer from luminess at $89 , what do you think?and Tickled pink will have my shade for my skin tone , normally I am medium tone .

    • Hello again Ana – $89 is a good price for Luminess but keep in mind their makeup is pretty expensive. Tickled Pink ends up being a better deal when you factor in what you’ll pay for makeup over the years.

  • Hi I have a couple of questions:)
    First what exactly do I need to start using air brush make up? I am completely clueless I’m not a MUA as you can probably.tell by the way i word things lol but please give me a list of what i need to buy for personal use:) and what brands I would need to.purchase also where. I’m starting from the bottom! Lol and where would I find the right color.match skin
    Thank you in advance!:)

    • Hi Dee! I totally understand where you’re coming from! πŸ™‚
      Don’t be scared of airbrushing makeup – even if you aren’t a MUA. Most people who airbrush makeup these days aren’t professional – but it’s also good to know that pro’s use airbrush makeup too! For beginners I usually recommend the personal use kits from companies like Dinair, Tickled Pink, Belloccio or Kett. Temptu is also great for beginners if you’re looking at the Pod system but it won’t allow for mixing of colors. But, if you find that Temptu has the perfect color match for your skin then the Pods may be the way to go. These kits are designed for home use and they have everything you need. Most companies will help you with a color match (either by sending in a photo or telling them what foundation you already use). Dinair will give you some tips and help with the color match over Skype so they’re pretty good that way. Tickled Pink will help you with matching colors and with cleaning etc.
      Check out my airbrush makeup reviews for detailed information on all these brands – and don’t hesitate to come back with any other questions. Also check out my how to guides and airbrush makeup tips!

  • Hi! I am a professional hair stylist and makeup artist and am looking to expand my makeup kit to include an airbrush system. My main intention for the airbrush machine will be for facial foundation applications and will not be used daily. I have a little experience with a coworkers dinair, and think its ok. I typically get booked for weddings and photoshoots so it’s important to me to have a product with full coverage. I was wondering if you could suggest a kit and brand of makeup that you think might best fit my needs? Thank you for all the information here!

    • Hello Tess – that’s fantastic that you are starting to offer airbrush makeup to your customers. Lots of MUA’s are finding that clients are requesting it more and more – it’s definitely worth investing in a good system. You’ve already tried the Dinair so that gives you a good idea of Belloccio, Tickled Pink and similar compressors. You really have to try the makeup to get a feel for which formulas you like. There are plenty of MUA’s who use these smaller systems with their clients – especially when they are not for daily use. They are affordable and definitely do the job – but they can’t take a massive workload.
      If you have the budget, looks at the Iwata Equipment or Temptu Pro. Don’t even consider the Temptu AirPod though because it won’t give you the flexibility to mix colors.
      So, have a quick read through the airbrush makeup reviews with all that in mind and please comment again if you need more help.

  • will you review belletto studio airbrush systems and makeup? Im very curious how it would rate in your book since they claim to be so good for your skin.

    • Hi Rachael – a lot of people have asked me this now and it has pushed me to start working on it. A Belletto review is not far away! A little bit of information I can give you at this stage is that Belletto is very similar to Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio. They are for the non-professional and, like all brands, prefer that you use their particular brand of makeup in their brand of system. I haven’t tried the Belletto makeup yet, but they do have a good range of water-based makeup which tends to be lighter on your skin with a matte finish and won’t clog your pores (as opposed to silicone-based). It’s not necessarily ‘good’ for your skin but also shouldn’t be ‘bad’ for your skin. If you have oily skin or are prone to break outs then you would probably prefer water-based airbrush makeup.
      I’m also putting together a bigger list of my latest ‘products that I love’ which really can claim to be ‘good for your skin’ so stay tuned!!

  • hello i specialise in asian bridal makeup. The iwata airbrushing system seems to be your favourite. I am more mobile and was wondering which machine would be the best to buy and more compact for travelling. as i work with with more yellow toned skin which brand would be the best to use and for different skintypes ie oily and dry.Some asian brides like the foundation to quite heavy and some happy medium > I am completely new to this and learning as i am going through all the questions and your responses. Am i better going for a waterbased one for matt finish for all skintypes then applying a fixer for a dewy finish? I also worry about product sitting into the creases to. can i apply a powder blusher and powder and highlighter after the airbrushing? i get mac discount so dont know if that will be cheaper? Please advise> many thanks

    • Hello Hamida – thanks for visiting!
      Iwata is definitely one of the best brands of airbrush makeup equipment. The Ninja Jet is quite portable but it’s not their best compressor. Have a look at the Graftobian Walkaround which is more portable and a great compressor. Have you tried Graftobian Makeup?
      For yellow toned skin the Camera Ready brand is very good – and it’s really cheap compared with most other brands. That site also sells Graftobian makeup and equipment – but it’s a bit more expensive than Amazon.
      You can powder over aibrush makeup – I recommend Makeup For Ever’s HD Micro Finishing Powder. And, for making water-based makeup last longer go with a fixer like Mist and Fix.
      Your Mac discount might get you a better price than buying the Iwata equipment separately. I love MAC makeup so definitely give them a try too. You’ll learn the technique of airbrushing makeup really quickly – it will only sit into creases if you put too much in or if your client squints when you are airbrushing them. You only need to do a few passes to get a good result with airbrushing – don’t overdo it. Practice makes perfect! πŸ™‚

  • I am new to airbrushing. I have fair skin tone. I would like a system that is really durable, portable and cost efficient. I have read the reviews and I am still at a loss.


    • Hi Jenifer – you’ve really described the ‘holy grail’ of airbrush makeup systems: affordable, durable, portable and reliable (not to mention versatile!) There are kind of two levels of affordable – brands like Dinair, Belletto, Tickled Pink and Belloccio (see the airbrush makeup reviews for more information) are for home use and are very price competitive. Belletto often have coupon deals and Belloccio sometimes do big discounts. These all come with a warranty but aren’t always reliable after a few years (though some last – it’s often luck of the draw).
      The Iwata equipment is by far the best – Look at the Silver Jet (it’s larger than Dinair etc but still quite portable). Grabtobian also use Iwata equipment but also have the Walkaround which is very portable and robust (though expensive) with a detachable battery.

      Hope that helps!

  • This site is wonderful! OMG <3 it! Im in the market for one of these. My price range is between 100-350. Im a beginner, and im sure once i get use to it ill be doing my friends makeup all the time, so i want a good machine thatll last. What do you suggest? Im also a runway and print model from miami, so i would love to impress with makeup that i actually did.

    • im looking for something that i can use other foundations with not just theirs. is dinair and temptu pro good for that? i tailgate football alot so i want to be able to use teal and orange colors (GO DOLPHINS)

      • Hi Katsss – thanks so much!! I’m glad you like my site! πŸ™‚
        Iwata is the best brand – especially if you are doing your friend’s makeup too. With the smaller compressors like Dinair, they shut off after a while, otherwise they overheat and burn out. So you need something like the Silver Jet compressor (which is still quite portable). They also have some bigger and better compressors but these are for pro use and much more expensive. I find the Silver Jet is a set up from the smaller home-use compressors while not being outrageously expensive like the bigger ones.
        Look at a good Iwata Airbrush like the HP-CS or HP-C+ and you can then use all sorts of makeup from many brands (eg. MAC which has the best range!).
        If you’re out tailgating you can do some touchups like powdering if you need to. But the airbrush makeup should last the whole day. Dinair has a great range of makeup colors and also stencils too – maybe they have something for the Dolphins!

  • Hello Michelle,

    It’s Jenifer again. I see a livingsocial deal for luminess air ($99). It allows you to upgrade to the pro for $20 more. Is it worth it?

    • Hi Jenifer – that’s a great deal. An amazing deal actually!
      Luminess isn’t the best system but relative to price I’d go for it. You can always replace the airbrush gun with Belloccio if it fails.
      I’m sure it is under warranty for 12 months anyway. A lot of brands are discounting these days because they want you to be hooked on the makeup.. but you can use Belloccio or Tickled Pink or Dinair in Luminess.
      A great find!

  • Thanks so much for your helpful insight!!!

  • Hello Michelle, I just wanted to say thank you for your website!! I have read a lot of your reviews and replys on comments. It so so nice of you to take the time to help all of us ladies. I am writing because I am a mom of 5 who recently entered back into the workforce. I am 47 and sadly I have deeper wrinkles over the years around my eyes and larger pores around my nose and cheek area. I have tryed apllying with brushes and also the trick of applying foundation in a circular motion, but still am unable to cover the pores. I have always wanted that soft beautiful skin look, but have not been able to produce it. But, I do not want to look fack either. I recently started looking on youtube for help on makeup choices and technics. I find with my skin, it is oily around nose and chin area after a few hours of applying makeup. I have been trying primers, like urban decay pore perfect and recently just purchased Makeupforever HD foundation and Smashbox photo finish color corrector primer because of redening. However, I am not happy. I was at the beach area this weekend and after a few hours my chin and nose area were oily and the makeup coverage was disappearing and darkening in color, even though I finished with a eshiko hd powder. Also I notice that the makeup after I wear it for a few hours gets Darker in color because of the oil in my skin (which I cannot stand!!! I forget the name of that). I would love love love it if I could put makeup on and look good for at least 8 hours, not just 3 hours. So my question is, can airbrush makeup make my skin more youthful and cover pores better than traditional foundation without breaking down after a few hours. I really am considering switching to airbrush makeup, if you think it will make a difference on my mature skin and give me a more youthful appearance. (By mature skin I mean pores, and deep wrinkles when I smile around my eyes and expression lines on my forehead, which I have had forever.)

    Also if you think it will hold up, what brand would you recommend so that it doesn’t break down and turn darker after a few hours? I read a review of OCC Skin being good, but I am in a urban area and cannot easily get ahold of samples to try in a machine. If I purchase a machine I would probably purchase the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing System with Silver Jet Air Compressor you recommend so that I can switch makeup to find the right one.

    I can’t wait to hear back from you and I am so greatful for help. Thank so much!

    • Hi Teresa! Thank you so much for your kind comments! I’m glad my website has been able to help you. I think you are making the right choice with Iwata. Airbrush makeup is very good for covering pores in a natural way. It is very long lasting and you’ll find that certain brands work really well with your skin – even oily skin! You have to find the brand of makeup that works well for you – so, the right tones as well as what feels good on your skin (and price!). I love MAC foundations. Temptu is great for full coverage with a dewy look and will last longer than the water-based makeup. Dinair is very natural and light on the skin – 2 or 3 passes and you get a wonderful, sheer look. A lot of older women prefer Dinair as it gives a more natural look while gently filling wrinkles and pores.
      For oily skin I always recommend MediBac Clearing Matifier – it’s amazing. There are a few other products I recommend such as fixers (which will make your water-based makeup last longer) and powders that you can read about here.
      Camera Ready have some great sample sizes if you want to try a variety. Their own brand is quite good and they also stock Graftobian which is great (though Graftobian is a little cheaper on Amazon in the larger sizes)
      Sometimes you have to be careful about using too much cleanser when you have oily skin because it can really dry it out and then the problem gets worse.
      There are a few different things you can do for oily skin beyond the branded products but you really need to find what works for you and what works with your makeup!
      I hope that helps! I definitely recommend airbrush makeup – you’ll notice a huge difference! Please let me know how you go and if you need help with anything else! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle! you are amazing for responding to everyone’s comments over the years! Thanks so much for this website, I’m glad I found you!

    So..I really want to get an airbrush system but I am so confused! I will be using it mostly for brides. The one I’m interested in is the Graftobian walk around system, since it is really small, comes with so much and is so reasonable priced. However, I cant find much reviews about it online. What I understand so far is that it has water/copolymer formulation, does this mean that is is water based? I have seen online that water based airbrush foundations don’t last long and will be ruined once the bride cries or sweats etc. Is this so? and is there a way to really prevent all of this?

    I would much rather get water based airbrush foundations than silicone based but I want to be able to confidently offer my airbrush services without fearing that it probably wont last throughout the day or withstand tears.

    Thanks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hi Daneille! Thanks for visiting – I’m so glad you’ve been able to get some use out of my website! πŸ™‚
      The Graftobian is a great choice for bridal. It’s robust and portable – also, you can put a variety of makeup brands through it. MAC will work as will Dinair. But the Grabtobian makeup is really good. Graftobian is a mix of silicone and water-based I believe. Silicone tends to be more popular for bridal because it does last longer and have a dewy, HD look that works well will the cameras. You do have to make sure the photographer does test shots so they know what kind of lighting to use/settings on their cameras because airbrush makeup can have different reflective properties to other makeup (all makeup is different so hopefully good photographers will be prepared for this). You can also use a finishing powder over silicone based makeup to tone down the shine – like HD Micro Finish Powder.

      Some people do have a reaction to silicone so you want to be careful – and have a water-based makeup in hand for those clients who just can’t wear it.
      To make water-based airbrush makeup last longer use a fixer like Mist And Fix.

      Camera Ready Cosmetics sell Graftobian makeup and a few other brands in trial sizes as well as their own brand of makeup (which is popular for Asian skin tones). They also sell the Grabtobian equipment but I think are a little more expensive than Amazon.

      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • What do you think of the neo for iwata set? have you ever even heard of it? I have not seen anyone talking about it and am really curious to get it as it is cheap. (about $145 for the gun and compressor – sold separately using 40% off coupons at hobby lobby)

    • That’s a great price for the Neo set. The neo is basically designed as a beginner airbrush makeup system. So it’s similar to Dinair, Tickled Pink or Belloccio. You could the makeup from any of those brands in it and it should be fine. The difference is that the Iwata equipment is better – they use better materials and machining. The Neo compressor isn’t as good as the silver-jet and the neo airbrush isn’t as good as some of their other models. But it’s a good system – especially if you can get it for a big discount! Also, if you eventually aren’t happy with the airbrush gun – this can be replaced with one of their other models for use on the Neo compressor.

  • Hi, It was great to find this page!! thanks a lot! I have a question, I bought the dinair airbrush and compresror last year but I would like to try the temptu make up. I know the acqua is based on water as well as the dinair make up. Have you tried it? can I use temptu make up with my dinair sistem? thanks a lot!!!!

    • Hi May – Temptu makeup is thicker than Dinair’s. Even the Aqua is thicker because it is more pigment dense. If you want to use their water-based makeup in Dinair you need to thin it with Aqua Converter. It’s super fun experimenting with different brands but make sure you really clean it carefully so there aren’t any left over bits of makeup or pigment in your airbrush gun. Use a good cleaner or some vinegar/distilled water mix.

  • Hi again! I posted many months ago, asking about the Belletto system because a Dealfind deal had piqued my interest. I bought it. It is great! Everything is good quality (higher quality than I expected). It came with everything I needed, the compressor, gun, dropper, instructional DVD, four shades of foundation, one blush, and highlighter. I will keep buying Belletto products when I run out. I have the same trouble as what another commenter said: if my eyes water or any sweat, rain, any moisture at all, touches my makeup, it turns light and washes away. Zero staying power. Although maybe that’s just a fact of water-based airbrush makeup.

    Anyway, I’m very happy overall. It’s faster and easier and more natural than I thought. Belletto’s makeup is pretty expensive, so that sucks, but I’m hoping to try out other colours soon.

    • Hey Carmin! That’s great to hear!! I haven’t heard a lot of feedback about the Belletto and I’m glad you were able to share you experience after a few months of using it. If you need to make water-based airbrush makeup last longer, try a fixer like Make Up For Ever Mist And Fix.

  • Hey Michelle! I’m trying to decide what airbrush system to get, I think I know what I want but in the mean time I was wondering what is the closest make up to air brush make up? What would you recommend for oily skin and large pores? along with primer, finishing powder and such? and while I’m asking what airbrush system and brush would you recommend along with make up? thank you so much your site is beyond helpful!! πŸ™‚

  • sorry I typed my email in wrong ^^^ lol
    Hey Michelle! I’m trying to decide what airbrush system to get, I think I know what I want but in the mean time I was wondering what is the closest make up to air brush make up? What would you recommend for oily skin and large pores? along with primer, finishing powder and such? and while I’m asking what airbrush system and brush would you recommend along with make up? thank you so much your site is beyond helpful!! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Ali! There are lots of different systems and you have to evaluate what you are going to need it for as well as costs etc. So check out all the reviews I’ve written to find which one suits you best. I still really love Primed and Poreless from Too Faced. A good routine of cleaning and prepping is really important to get the best results with airbrush makeup (or any makeup really!). Make Up For Ever’s Micro Finish Powder is great – there are a few that work really well with airbrushing but you don’t really always need it.
      Oh – you also asked which makeup is most like airbrush makeup? Liquid foundations would be close but airbrush makeup has a different consistency. Actually, with MAC’s airbrush makeup you can use it like a traditional makeup instead of through the airbrush – and even put it on with your fingers! But airbrushing helps avoid spreading oils and bacteria on your face so reduces irritants and inflammation.
      Hope that helps!! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much! and I think I remember you writing something about Chanel make up? Could you refresh my memory and what you said about that?

  • Sorry for all the questions, just one more, but as I said I have skin more on the oily side, and have larger pores. I have been saving for a while so price isn’t a problems, I wanted to get the most for my money so what system would you recommend including gun and make up preferences. I’m tired of trying different make up products and spending a lot of money trying things I just want to find something that works and will last. Again, thank you sooooo much this is so helpful!

    • Hello again! I usually recommend Iwata (check out more info here.) It’s the best by far. For oily skin check out Dermalogica’s MediBac. Some people with oily skin prefer silicone-based because it is longer lasting – but be sure that you aren’t allergic to silicone because it can be really irritating on the skin if you are sensitive.

  • First of all I would like to thank you for all the helpful information and advise..

    I’m a cosmetologist and more than often I find myself doing bridal parties that include both hair and makeup. I have never done airbrush makeup and prior to your website, I was clueless on to what to buy (still kinda am).. I love the airbrush finish and I was looking to give my clients more options. By what I have been reading from your commentaries I have decided that the Silver jet might be the best option for me but I have a couple of questions concerning this model:

    Can you use both silicone and water base makeup with this?

    What makeup can you not use?

    What is the difference in the brushes?

    Can you do eye makeup and if so what brush would I need for that?

    I am looking to spend $300 max on the airbrush kit (without makeup). Please let me know if you have other suggestions for me. Thank you for your time and all the information you have is greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Saray! The Silver Jet is a great choice – it can be used with any airbrush makeup (silicone or water-based) – it’s the airbrush gun you have to be careful with. The HPC+ is great for makeup as it works with almost all consistencies of makeup and goes from hairline to a round 25mm pattern. So, this gives you the range that you would want for makeup. Have a look at the MAC range of makeup as well as Dinair and Temptu Pro.
      So the difference in the brushes is usually the needle/nozzle size. Larger allows for thicker makeup and wider spray patterns. But, with Iwata, their unique design means that you can go from hairline to wider spray patterns and they can handle different thicknesses of makeup.
      I wrote some more on Iwata here.
      Most airbrushers avoid doing the eyes with airbrush makeup because it can be dangerous – brows are ok though!

  • OH MY!!! Your website is awesome!!! I can read this all day BUT I have tons of work to do lol!!! I recently purchased the Luminess system. Not overall pleased yet. Here’s why…..I live down in South TX where it’s humid and hot most of the time. With my work I go indoors and outdoors all day. What I have been searching for years in a foundation is the following:
    1) flawless coverage without the heaviness of makeup.
    2) makeup that lasts the day without running and won’t come off with tearing or leaving on someones shoulder when I give them a hug (I’m a hospice nurse πŸ˜€ )
    3) makeup that will cover pimple scars and bags under my eyes without looking caked on.

    Sounds like I am asking a lot!!!! I use the Proactiv line and it keeps me blemish free, so that’s used under my makeup application. What do you think I can use that will suit my wishes in a good makeup line for daily use? I totally value your opinion :))

    • Hello Maria! Thanks so much for the kind comments!!!
      I’m glad my website is helping out so many people! πŸ™‚
      Hey, you are the second person today to mention they weren’t happy with their Luminess results. That’s ok – if it’s not for you then you need to find what works. A lot of people down in TX have visited my web site looking for the best airbrush makeup that will work in such humid conditions – I usually mention either MAC Airbrush Makeup or Temptu Pro. The silicone-based makeup lasts much longer than water-based and is very resistant to sweating and humidity. If you want to reduce the dewy look you can powder over it with Micro Finishing Powder for a matte finish. Just be really sure that you aren’t allergic or sensitive to silicone-based makeup!! With MAC you can put it on without using your airbrush machine so you can always trial it (if you can track down a bottle!)
      And also remember that less is more with airbrushing makeup! Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • […] you are still unsure then head on over to my airbrush makeup reviews to check out reviews and information on the major brands. Hopefully this will help you decide and […]

  • Great review article! I’m looking into buying an airbrush system myself and want to get the one with the best shades for darker skin. I always have trouble finding an exact match OTC so I’ll probably need to be able to mix and match a couple shades. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Donna – thanks for visiting! I’ve found the best way is to contact the customer service for the company you are thinking of buying from and then let them know what foundation you are currently using. They will often recommend the right shade for you in airbrush makeup. Depending on your shade it can require some experimentation (and it always changes with the seasons too!)

  • Have you used Belletto airbrush system? Can you do a review on the same? It would be highly appreciated.

    • Hi Shikha – my review is not far away! So many people asked me about the Belletto last year I’ve had to put together a review. Hopefully I’ll have it online soon! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle,

    First of all, thank you for all the research and detailed reviews. You’re awesome!

    I’m 50 years old, am interested in just personal use, and have never used airbrush make up. It sounds like people in my age group like the Dinair? I have fine lines around my eyes, but no crows feet. I’m not one to do touch ups throughout the day. I want to put it on, and hope it stays looking decent throughout the day! Any thoughts?

    • Hi Robin – thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚
      There are a few brands popular for personal use: Dinair, Tickled Pink, Temptu, Belloccio, Luminess. All have their pro’s and cons and aren’t necessarily more or less age-appropriate but, yes, Dinair is definitely a popular one for your age group. It has a lot to do with their marketing of course! But also they have a big range of great makeup and they have great customer service. Depending on where you live (weather conditions) it will last all day with no smudging. Some people have trouble in the more humid climates with the water-based makeup but you can apply a fixer which helps it stay on longer. If you want a sheer look, go for water-based (like Dinair) but, if you prefer dewy, try silicone-based (though both brands have their own sheer or dewy makeups!).
      Confused yet? Hopefully not – check out my airbrush makeup reviews for more detailed info or leave more comments if you need help!

      • I live in San Diego, which is rarely humid, although we had a couple of weird months last year! I did scan all of the reviews, and since I’m not a MUA, I don’t want to spend a fortune. I became interested by the Luminess infomercial, but the reviews I’ve read/watched don’t have me dying to go with that system. In your response to me, at the end, you mentioned sheer vs. dewy, and seemed to be comparing another brand to Dinair, but there wasn’t a specific name. Perhaps you were referncing all of the brands you had mentioned in the beginning.

        Also, I have two teenage daughters that will be 17 & 15 in April. I’m guessing that if I purchase one of these systems, it may spark an interest. If so, I can’t imagine the 3 of us sharing without major grief ensuing! Also, my older daughter is prone to moderate acne, which is being treated orally and topically. She says she’s not interested in airbrush make up now, because she thinks the coverage isn’t enough for her. Is that necessarily true? Her skin tone is on the light side. She always buys close to the lightest shade of foundation, but it’s not always a good match, she also uses powder, and sometimes I feel the outcome is a bit too thick.

        Thanks again!

        • Hi Robin – definitely sounds like Dinair is the brand for you. They have the range of makeup that will appeal to both you and your daughters. There’s also a paramedical line that is designed specifically to cover things like acne. But, generally, with moderate acne, the normal foundation should be enough as long as your daughter follows a good prepping routine. Dinair is water-based so won’t irritate her skin (as opposed to silicone-based makeup like Temptu). So, water-based brands will tend to look more ‘matte’ whereas silicone-based will give you a ‘Dewy’ look. Sorry – I think I wrote ‘sheer’ rather than ‘matte’ in the last comment!

          The good thing about airbrush makeup is you can layer it – so you can control the thickness of the application. The only thing is, with these home-use airbrush makeup machines you can’t leave them running for too long or they’ll burn out. So, turn it off for 5 minutes or so in between using it for the three of you. Dinair can help you and your daughters with a foundation color match too (you can also do this online). Airbrush makeup is actually a fantastic way to cover acne because it sits on top of your skin rather than being rubbed into it. So, it’s not only non-irritant but it also fills imperfections more naturally. So, at the very least she should give it a try if you end up buying one. I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised!
          Let me know if you get the Dinair and what you think.

          • Sounds like a plan! Thank you so much! If we all end up using and liking it, I would most likely buy a second machine. Sharing ANYTHING with two teeanagers isn’t particularily fun!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I am a makeup artist and I have both the graftobian walk around system and a Belleto studio system, and I have both graftobian glamaire foundation as well as OCC. 2 questions:

    First off is there any way to make water based airbrushing more water-resistant and also a way to avoid & prevent “holes” which you can see in flash photography when a client touches or scratches through the makeup? It always looks great in professional photography, but if a bride is taking photos with friends the flash clearly shows the “holes”

    Also the OCC Skin airbrush makeup is sooo thick for a water based airbrush, I find I have to turn the PSI wayy up on my graftobian system for it to spray evenly. Is the OCC makeup compatible with my graftobian compressor & gun?


    • Hi Jessica – thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚
      You have two great machines – a nice mix. Which do you prefer over the Belleto vs the Graftobian walk around? I’m guessing the graftobian?
      To make it more water-resistant you can use a fixer like MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix or other setting sprays. Just make sure they don’t have any ingredients that will clash with Dinair – some have some really nasty things in them which aren’t nice on your face. That’s why I prefer Mist & Fix over others.
      OCC Airbrush makeup should be compatible with your gratobian – but it also depends on what airbrush gun you’re using? With a smaller diameter needle/nozzle the OCC might need a real push to get through – not all compressors would be able to do this so lucky you have the Graftobian!
      Mist & Fix can help form a barrier to prevent scratch holes. It’s always very tricky with flash photography – especially when they use a single source flash which makes really harsh shadows. A few things you can do is touch up with more makeup (OCC layers really well so this is usually fine).
      You can actually powder too – even though you technically don’t have to with airbrush makeup. Dinair have a ‘liquid powder’ which is good (if you’re using Dinair makeup). Or, try a translucent powder like MAKE UP FOR EVER Super Matte Loose Powder Translucent. This is good with water-based airbrush makeup. Don’t use the HD micro-finishing powder though as this is better with silicone-based airbrush makeup. It will just look cakey on water-based makeup.
      Also, try Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights Baked Starburst for a really beautiful, subtle bronzing highlighter – with a big fluffy brush and use it sparingly. It looks wonderful over a water-based airbrushed foundation like OCC.
      Let me know if you give any of those a try – I’d love to hear what you think!
      Michelle. πŸ™‚

  • Hello again another quick question ok to make this simple…I own a Dinair airbrush system.. what other make-up / foundation will go through it. I am really looking for a water-proof foundation. ALSO I would like it to look smooth NOT dry or oily . I am 47..Thanks again for your articles..

  • Hello! First I want to say you are amazing for doing all these reviews! I’ve been trying to figure out which airbrush system would be best for me and I’ve relied heavily on all of your information! But I do have a question. I’m looking for the most affordable system, with the best makeup. I know I can’t afford the top quality like the Iwatta or Mac. I have combination skin, oily and dry…but with super large pores. Which (cheaper) kit would be best for me in your opinion, also which brand makeup would be the best that I could run through a diff machine? (I’m not that concerned with voiding a warrenty if necessary). Also what steps would help ensure longer stay for the makeup and help out be waterproof (as best as it can)? I am a mother of a 3 & 1 year old so I’m always on the go and chasing them around and wouldn’t have the opportunities to do much touching up (hence why I’m switching to airbrush, my regular foundation melts right off of me in 2 hours). I live in NY so during the summer months it gets verrrrryyy humid. I wouldn’t mind spending a little more money on quality make up as long as the gun and compressor are on the cheaper side to save money and can put a better quality makeup through the airgun. Thank you so much for your information!! I was looking at belloccio since I found it really cheap but after looking at reviews most people had a huge problem with it only working a couple times. I seem to see nothing but amazing reviews on the tickled pink system but that makes me wonder if they’re true reviews or just from the company. Ugh pleaseee help me!!!

    • Hello Alex! This is a tough one because it’s one of those situations where you really get what you pay for. The home-use machines that I’ve reviewed are generally reasonably good but are nowhere near the quality of Iwata and Graftobian. You wouldn’t be able to use silicone-based makeup with Dinair, Tickled Pink or Belloccio but you’re right that it can be risky buying these cheaper machines because a small percentage will fail (and the people who buys these failed ones are usually the ones who leave reviews!!). Iwata actually have a smaller and more affordable compressor which I haven’t reviewed yet called the Iwata Neo. There’s a Neo CN Airbrush that is designed for use with this smaller compressor and it’s a great price at $55 but gives you a finer spray than you might want for foundation. You could also use the Belloccio airbrush with this but you need the adapter (which sometimes comes with the airbrush gun). So you could get the Iwata Neo and the Belloccio airbrush gun for $140 (though you can’t put silicone-based makeup through the belloccio). With the NEO Airbrush you can (depending on the brand) and that would be all up about $155. But I’d recommend sticking to water-based makeup in the smaller systems.
      I recommend a fixer for making the makeup last longer and be more water-resistant (perfect for hot NY summers!). I wrote up some information on Make Up For Ever’s Mist and Fix which you can find here. Not all fixers are compatible with water-based airbrush makeup but this is.

      Hope that helps!! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you sooo much! I’m definitely going to look into that! I literally would be lost in this decision if it wasn’t for your reviews & help! Have you tried the Belletto Studio? I’ve came accross that brand via youtube and they have great coupon codes which make it the cheapest I could find…. but exactly as you said, you get what you pay for! I think I may go with your suggestion. And possibly get 2 airguns maybe one compatible with water base / one compatible with silicone. I’m obsessed with hair, makeup, and nails and eventually want to get my lisence. I’ve been cutting and styling hair since I could remember (not trained but it comes naturally) and for about 5 years now I first started doing my own nails (acrylic, gel, designs) and everyone I know started wanting me to do their’s (which is exactly what happened when I started doing my own hair, then makeup, then nails) lol so I find myself wanting to try new things and eventually go for my cosmetology lisence since it’s something I really enjoy and it seems as though it all just comes to me…. but having two small children severely limits my money and time to go to school as of right now. Blahh sorry for rambling! Thanks again so much for your advice!

    • Hi Alex – no problem! I’m glad I could help! πŸ™‚
      So many people have asked about Belletto now and I’m close to getting my review up!! I should have finished it last year but I haven’t had time!! Basically it’s very similar to Belloccio/Tickled Pink or Dinair – definitely a great price but it’s not a ‘Pro’ machine. 2 airbrush makeup systems is a great idea – lots of MUA’s do this. But you can also have one good compressor like the Silver Jet and two different airbrush guns (or one all-rounder). There’s also an Iwata compressor that is made for Salons that is a double piston – very expensive but you can hook up to airbrush guns to it. But the Silver Jet is generally the way to go when you’re balancing quality with cost and if you are aiming to go Pro eventually. Have a good read of the Iwata site as they have lots of info about all the different airbrush makeup guns and compressors. Good luck Alex! Let me know how you go and share some tips too! πŸ™‚

  • Hello Michelle.
    Wow. There is sooooo much information here! Thank you so much for taking the time to put it all together. After reading all the reviews I think I have it down to two. However I would be very interested to know which system you use :). Thanks.

    • Hello Lizbeth – thank you for visiting! I’m lucky enough to have tried a few different airbrush makeup systems and, for me, the Iwata compressors stand out far above the other brands. The Smart Jet Pro (single piston) is what I use mosty along with the HPC+ airbrush gun. That’s the setup I find allows for most makeup formulas to work consistently. I really like the Silver Jet for makeup as it’s smaller. The Temptu Pro is good choice too as is Graftobian (Walkaround).
      Which two were you looking at?

  • Hi!!!

    I am having the worst time deciding on a system! I do makeup artistry on the side, mainly brides, but not very often. I’m looking for a system to use personally on a daily basis as well as on clients from time to time. I was wondering if you know anything about the Be Pro Airbrush System or the Iwata Neo air system?? I cannot find any reviews on these at all! Any input you may have is greatly appreciated!! Otherwise, I will probably end up purchasing a Dinair.
    Thanks so much!- Brooke

    • Hi Brooke! I know what you mean – it can be very difficult to decide as there are so many out there! All these three are very similar. I’m going to put up a review of the Iwata Neo soon but basically it’s not too different from Dinair except it carries the Iwata name. However, it’s not a ‘true’ piece of Iwata equipment. Be Pro is very similar in specs and you have to realize that none of these three is actually a ‘Pro’ machine. So, you can’t run them longer than 40 minutes or so without them potentially overheating and shutting down. So, they are fine for personal use, but not great for doing more than one or two extra people in a short space of time.
      The Iwata Silver Jet is a little more expensive but seems to be the best balance when you factor in cost if you are thinking of going Pro or semi-pro.
      Having said all that – Dinair is very good and has the backing of their years of experience in the industry plus lots of great makeup.
      Hope that’s helpful for you and didn’t make things more confusing!!! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks so much for the quick response! You’ve been a great help! Just wanted to make sure the be pro wasn’t a piece of crap before I purchased, given that there are zero reviews! Was somewhat leaning towards that one bc licensed professionals can purchase that through the Industry Source for a huge savings! But I may just take the safe route and go with the dinar! Decisions, decisions…..

        • Lol! I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a pile of crap. But, the Be Pro has always been cheap (it’s less than $70 on Amazon for the compressor so you can get discounts for it everywhere). You could probably use their makeup in the Dinair airbrush makeup system anyway (though I haven’t tried so I don’t know for sure). The compressors in this range tend to be very similar in performance so it’s not a huge difference either way. That’s when you have to factor in customer service and quality of the makeup etc.
          Remember, a lot of compressors on the market are the same – it’s just the branding that’s different! They all come out of the same country! πŸ™‚

  • Hi!!!
    I am having the worst time deciding on a system! I do makeup artistry on the side, mainly brides, but not very often. I’m looking for a system to use personally on a daily basis as well as on clients from time to time. I was wondering if you know anything about the Be Pro Airbrush System or the Iwata Neo air system?? I cannot find any reviews on these at all! Any input you may have is greatly appreciated!! Otherwise, I will probably end up purchasing a Dinair.
    Thanks so much!

  • Hello I have been looking into the airbrush makeup systems and can’t decide between the Belletto and the DInair systems. Can you please do a review of the Belleto system? I think that is the only one really that has not had an in-depth review done! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Jenea – so many people have been asking for a review of the Belletto! So it’s not far away! πŸ™‚
      I’m also doing in depth reviews of the Iwata airbrush makeup systems too!
      Stay tuned!!

      • Hello again! I did buy the Belletto Studio airbrush makeup kit. I LOVE IT! It is such a great deal (especially with the 60% off coupon code I found). The makeup goes on well and lasts all day. I did have a problem with the makeup coming off with eye watering so I invested in the MAC Fix plus which works very well. I am very curious about other water based makeup brands since I do have dry skin, but am scared to use other brands on the gun since I don’t want it to get clogged. All in all I love it! πŸ™‚ Thank you! I hope you put new tips and reviews up soon!

        • Hi Jenea – thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚
          Yes, Belletto seems to be getting some good feedback. Water-based makeup isn’t the best for drier skin but if you want to use other brands in the Belletto it would be worth checking with them to see what they say. I’m sure they are open to the possibility – it’s not really as big an issue as most manufacturers make out but there are definitely differences in viscosity of makeup. Dinair is probably a little too thick for the Belletto system so it would clog and sputter. But the Camera Ready makeup should be ok.

          • Hi again- thank you for the feedback!
            I do have dry skin, but I also have sensitive skin that is prone to breakout which is why I don’t want to use any makeup with silicones or parabens. Do you you know of any good primers/moisterizers that are on the more natural side?

          • Hello again Jenea – I really like Too Faced by Primed And Poreless which I’ve written about here. MediBac Clearing Mattifier by Dermalogica (I wrote about this one here) is very good for reducing oiliness and breakouts but does have a type of silicone ingredient.
            The moisturizer from Wild Naturals is really great too – a friend recently put me onto this as she’s an expert in natural products and has almost tried them all! It’s great for airbrushing because it’s super light on the skin – but, if you are sensitive or allergic to Aloe you can’t use it! So, maybe see if you can get a sample or do a spot check.
            What do you use at the moment?

          • Oh – I forgot to mention my ultimate favorite skin food which is natural, raw shea butter! You don’t even need to put it on before makeup (it’s quite thick) but you can put it on the night before and it nourishes the skin for at least a day. It’s also very healing. There are a few different sellers on Amazon and prices as well as quality vary. The raw, unrefined is the cheapest and (in my opinion) is the best because there are no additives of any sort. Molivera is a well known brand but you can buy non-branded bags of it too (in bulk so it’s cheaper!) πŸ™‚
            Have you tried Shea butter before?

  • Michelle,
    Really would like some expert advice..looking at purchasing an airbrushed foundation kit..I have ties to the bridal industry and want to start a business doing bridal makeovers, prom, etc. I want a GOOD reliable system with a wide range of colors at good prices. Waterbased, Hypo allergenic, paraben free..etc. Mid range ..doesn’t have to be high end, capable of using other water based makeup as well. Reliable equipment with a good warranty, great customer service..I have researched and there are so many!! hard to know what’s best to use..Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated!

    • Hi Kat – probably the most popular kit for MUA’s is the Iwata Silver Jet (or Smart Jet) coupled with either one or two of their pro airbrush guns (HPCS or HPC+). I’ve written some information on Iwata here. These are THE MOST reliable and trusted brands in the makeup industry (as well as the hobby and art industries who also use this equipment). In fact, MAC Pro uses this system too!
      OCC makeup is beautiful and totally Vegan (a very safe option for your clients). The Silver Jet is about Mid-Range whereas the Smart Jet and Power Jet are higher end (and a bit more bulky).
      You can also look at the Graftobian system (most of these are just Iwata compressors also) – but the Graftbian Walkaround is more unique (it can run off battery) – but is also more expensive.
      Another thing about the Iwata setup (Silver Jet and HP-C+) is that you can put almost any makeup in it. You’ll be sticking with the water-based, safer alternatives like OCC, Dinair, Belloccio and Tickled Pink – but also keep in mind that some people have an Aloe intolerance (Tickled Pink is Aloe based).
      Hope that helps!! Let me know which one you decide to go with. πŸ™‚

  • Michelle,
    Can I add that if anyone is looking to buy the Belletto Studios product..please go to their website directly to purchase.
    A friend of mine went to a trade show and purchased it though a reseller. came home and found out that they had marked up the product almost 300%!!
    Probably not kosher to list the reseller’s name, so I won’t..Just buyer beware..know your product and what it costs! She’s really fighting right now to get her money refunded, even though it’s still new in the box.

    Cheers, Kat

    • Thanks Kat – I’d also add that this brand is ALWAYS on sale and the kit usually sells for around $103. So don’t pay more than that!!

  • Hi there, i am looking to purchase an air brush system for my wife. I know she uses all different kinds/ brands of make up, so what would you recommend for all around applications? (Waterproof, silicon , powder, different brands, etc.)

    Help please…


    • Hi Robert – what a great gift! πŸ™‚
      The best system that will allow you to use any airbrush makeup is one of the Iwata Kits – I’ve written some information here. The Silver Jet with the HP-C+ gun is one of the most popular setups for airbrush makeup artists. You can get larger compressors like the smart jet (which can handle anything) but the Silver Jet is fine for personal work.
      You might also want to look at Temptu Pro (you can get these from their website or online shops like Amazon). Temptu Pro (as well as Graftobian) use airbrush makeup equipment from Iwata too.
      Last year I wrote up an article about what airbrush makeup systems to look for as a gift (here). Hopefully this helps you! Let me know if you have any more questions.
      Oh – as for the type of makeup to use: if you do go with the Iwata Silver Jet and HP-C+ then you are safe with most brands. MAC has great makeup but may be hard for you to track down. OCC is a beautiful option too. And, there are also the airbrush makeup brands like Dinair, Graftobian and Temptu who also make great makeup. Your wife may have a specific brand that she likes and everyone has different taste in makeup. But you will probably be very safe with OCC airbrush foundation which probably everyone loves!! Dinair also has a great range and I know they will help you find the right colors if you tell them what foundation she uses now.
      Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  • hey ! Im wondering if temptu airbrush makeup will work in a luminess or stream airbrush system?

    • Hi Kerri! Unfortunately Temptu airbrush makeup won’t work in either Luminess or Stream airbrush systems – they are designed for water-based makeup. πŸ™

  • Hi…I have the Luminess Airbrush machine. I love the Luminess makeup, I’m just ready to try something different. I read so many of the posts & the more I read, the more confused about which makeup would be best to use in my machine. Can you please tell me the makeups compatible with Luminess?

    • Hi Cindy! Luminess is water-based and their airbrush makeup system is designed for water-based makeup which is thinner. Dinair have a very wide range of fantastic makeup which you can try in the Luminess. It’s a bit thicker though so make sure you do a good clean. Belloccio is also good and you might like Tickled Pink. These three are fine in your Luminess – Dinair just has a much bigger range of makeup.
      Also – you can buy samples of Camera Ready cosmetics foundation on their website. $4.25 is pretty good! πŸ™‚
      Let me know which one you like best!

  • Thank you so much for this site! Very helpful! While I was going to go with a dinair for my wedding makeup business, I am now going to go with an itwata! I am super excited! Now I narrowed them down to the graftobtain walk around or the silver jet. I would love help deciding πŸ™‚

    • Hi Vivi! Thank you for visiting! πŸ™‚
      Both are great for your wedding makeup business. The Walkaround is going to be more expensive and also is usually paired with an airbrush gun that isn’t as good as the Iwata airbrush guns. But the battery makes it more portable. The Silver Jet is reasonably heavy but is still portable – as long as you have a power outlet. Also, you can use it with all types of makeup brands – so, pairing the Silver Jet with a really good airbrush gun (or guns) gives you a great system. Good luck!

  • Hi Michelle! Wow I love your reviews and replies! I also need help. I love makeup and I mostly own Mac makeup. It works great for my skin, no acne or allergies etc., but my problem is that it looks cakey and I can see my face so dry and wrinkly. πŸ™ I’ve been seeing many of my makeup artist friends using airbrush and it looks beautiful. For awhile now I have been thinking about purchasing an airbrush system and just today I’ve done a lot of research and read so many reviews about them. I thought hey.. maybe I should purchase one! ..but I don’t know which one is best. I am seeing mostly good reviews on temptu and dinair. I also heard dinair has better makeup products. So what do you recommend? I have dry face. I have to use moisturizer before I put any make up on and after I had my daughter 11 months ago, I see a dark spot on my cheeks. Hard to cover except heavy makeup. I don’t like too much makeup on me that’s why I only put it on when I go put or mostly when I go to church on Saturdays haha and hangout with family and friends on sundays. Again, what would you recommend for me? Btw, I look for best quality and that will last me awhile! Any advice will help. Thanks Michelle!

    • Hi Friscella – thank you for visiting! πŸ™‚
      If you have no problem with silicone then stay with MAC makeup! It’s one of the best and is better than Dinair. Especially if you’re already happy with the brand. The MAC Airbrush makeup system is actually just Iwata equipment. So, the Iwata Silver Jet and HPCS or HPC+ would be the best fit. I wrote an article about Iwata here and did a big review of the Iwata Silver Jet here.
      Other brands you might like are Temptu Pro’s silicone based line. Definitely try some of the water-based brands if you have a chance though. It’s good to get the experience of various different ones. Camera Ready cosmetics has a few sample sizes for Graftobian and their own line of airbrush makeup.

      Oh – if you’re having trouble with the makeup getting cakey, airbrush makeup really helps you avoid this if you use minimal passes only. And, with a top quality airbrush makeup system like Iwata the mist is actually much finer so it will settle more naturally. You can have enough coverage with just 2 or 3 passes. The trick is good prepping which means cleansing, moisturizer, primer and concealer. The concealer and primer will help cover imperfections so you aren’t relying on too much foundation to do this.
      Hope that helps!! πŸ™‚

  • Can you tell me what you think of this system? Price seems awfully inexpensive to me and makes me wonder….just beginning my search and research for personal use. I just finished chemo for a rare form of breast cancer and the side effects were very harsh on my skin.

    While sitting in my room after a treatment and it was raining outside, i developed a VERY VERY bad sunburn over the top half of my body and face – an effect called radiation recall (basically recalling any sunburn in my life) unfortunately it has left me very blotchy all over where before I only had a touch of melasma. Anyway wondering what you think and if you have any recommendations.

    • P.S. I forgot to mention that I do face painting for children and would like to incorporate maybe airbrushing face paint designs, so is there something that would work for both that is not to costly? A fixed income limits me, and the face painting I do is mostly for family and just because I love to do it, so it wouldn’t be used in that respect very often, maybe 3x a year at most

    • Hi Elizabeth – sorry, I didn’t see which system you were referring to! But, to answer your question, the Dinair Paramedical line is very good on imperfections like this. You can contact them before you buy if you have any questions: 800.785.4770. You will want an airbrush makeup that is water-based (for both yourself and the children you work with) because it’s very unlikely to have any negative effects on the skin. Silicone-based makeup can cause inflamation and breakouts. For the face paint designs on the children you can use Dinair’s Special FX line – sounds so fun!! πŸ™‚
      I’d love to hear your feedback if you go with Dinair paramedical – many people have had great results but your radiation recall sounds very unique. One thing to keep in mind with Dinair (and all the smaller compressors) is that you can’t keep them running for too long – they need time to cool down. So that might make it hard to do a lot of face painting in one go.
      Anyway, I hope you are now finished with Chemo and are cancer free – Chemo is very harsh on the body and I hope Dinair’s Paramedical is the answer to your sunburn blotches.

  • oops forgot the link for first post – (they call it chemo-brain but say it will go away) lol

    • Hi Elizabeth – the Art Of Air is very similar to other airbrush makeup systems of the same size. I don’t have any experience with their makeup though so I can’t really provide advice! I would guess that the Dinair makeup is a little thicker than the Art Of Air makeup so you probably couldn’t successfully use it in this airbrush makeup system. Dinair might be a better choice!

  • Hi Michelle!

    Wow … I’m in a dilemma here. I’m 43 and HAVE NOT EVER been a fan of foundation. After having had cystic acne at the age of 14, numerous rounds of Accutane and collagen pumped into my skin to “fill in” those honey combed pitted looking scars you can get from severe acne – my skin is “ok,” but my pores on my nose ARE LARGER and embarrassing. I’ve tried it all. Several chemical peels, lightening agents for darker pigmentations that have been creeping up, (I’m pre-menopausal … oh yaaayyy : / However, I did FINALLY find a product that I absolutely love called, “The Porefessional” by Benefit. Which airbrush machine would you suggest so that I can use this product? It is, by far, theeee best semi-foundation that I have found that truly minimizes pores and is velvety smooth, ( I don’t even have to use finishing powder afterwards :). To use it with a sponge/makeup brush, it does not go very far and you do have to use the product “sparingly” as it is EXPENSIVE and comes in a smaller tube. Can you help me out here? I want the best plan of action for this face! πŸ™‚

    Thank you in advance!
    Heather Lea

    • Hello Heather Lea – I haven’t ever tried The Porefessional with airbrush makeup but hopefully I can answer your question! The Porefessional is silicone-based (cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone etc) so you will be better off using a silicone-based airbrush makeup with it like Temptu. Silicone-based airbrush makeup is also longer lasting (through sweats!) and smooths wrinkles–a lot of older women prefer Temptu over Dinair because of this.
      So, just to be clear, you cannot put The Porefessional through an airbrush makeup system – but, using it as a primer you should get great results with Temptu airbrush makeup. Temptu have their own primer too which gives a matte finish. I wouldn’t view The Porefessional as a semi-foundation, but more of a primer. So, your routine with Temptu would be to prep/cleanse your skin, primer with The Porefessional, then use the Temptu airbrush makeup system to apply foundation, blush and highlighter. You can spot apply the Porefessional to problem areas so your tube lasts longer because the Temptu foundation will then do a lot of concealing!

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any advice with airbrushing! πŸ™‚

  • I want to say I love all your reviews I’m new to airbrush, but it looks like the better option and fastest out of all the make up. I’m 26 years old live in NC and a stay at home mom of 3 and wanting to go to school to become a cosmologists. I tend to get oily skin as the day goes on. I see that a lot of your responses to the best system to get is the Iwata and I think I’m going to go with that one. I was wondering if you can use the Dinar makeup in that system? Also can you do body tanning with these? Im wondering about the Belletto system? I’m considering them because it is a good price and so far good reviews, but you know what you are talking about lol. I need something around that price range if its a good system with do you think the Dinar makeup with work in that system? Thanks so much <3

    • Hi Brittany – thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚
      You can definitely use Dinair makeup in most Iwata setups – the HPCS airbrush is a good sized need/nozzle configuration as it’s compatible with the most kinds of airbrush makeup (so can deal with thicker viscosities). You can do body tanning with some of the compressors. Technically you could do body tanning with all of them but you wouldn’t want to. Only the compressors with a higher PSI. Belletto isn’t bad but it’s not comparable with Iwata – it’s more comparable with Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio – and you won’t be able to do tanning with it in under 25 minutes (the smaller compressors can’t be left on for too long because the motor burns out).
      The best middle ground for MUA’s going pro (when factoring in cost too) is usually the Iwata Silver Jet with an HP-C+ or HP CS. Then you can use whatever makeup you want. Here’s my big review if you haven’t already seen it. Sometimes you get great deals on this setup.
      Good luck with school! Let me know if you have any more questions or have some new techniques to share! πŸ™‚

  • I was just wondering which is better the temptu pro system or stilazzi compressor and gun and the review on them.

    • Hi Christina – they are very similar actually! So it probably just comes down to personal preference or cost. Both use compressors manufactured by Sparmax. Both are great! There are some minor differences where Stilazzi may use plastic whereas Temptu use metal but both use very high quality materials.

  • Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for all your help, the touche elcat works amazing with the mac πŸ™‚ I just have one more questions I’ve been practicing for the last week and I just can’t seem to do around the eyes? I always seem to show up my models wrinkles more πŸ™ should I just use normal make-up around the eyes?

    Thanks Gillian x

    • Hello again Gillian – you can use an undereye concealer before airbrushing. If you are airbrushing under the eyes you have to really make sure your models aren’t squinting. That’s very important! And you use it sparingly, otherwise it builds too many layers and will highlight wrinkles rather than camouflaging them!

  • Thank you for all of the reviews you’ve done! They are so helpful, but leave me in a quandary at the same time. I am a costume designer for the stage so I need a good quality airbrush with lots of versatility to be able to do face and body work, should I need to. I was almost sold on the Temptu intro kit, but now I’m not so sure. I like all that comes with it for the price, but am a little worried about the quality and the airbrush gun. Thoughts? Thanks!

    • Hi Sara! Theatrical makeup artists tend to use Graftobian airbrush makeup products. They have the latex, alcohol-based line for face painting, costume and special FX makeup etc. They also have a beauty range. Graftobian airbrush makeup systems are actually Iwata manufactured products. So, you have the very popular Iwata Silver Jet (my BIG review is here.) This is the best balance of great quality with cost in mind.
      There’s also the portable Graftobian Walkaround which is very good and has a battery for portability. But it’s expensive. Temptu also have a portable/battery compressor and they have alcohol-based makeup etc. It’s a great choice but for you it may be better to stick with the Iwata equipment and Graftobian makeup (which will cover all your needs for the stage). And, if you don’t end up liking Graftobian products, pretty much any other brand will work through the Iwata Silver Jet and and HP-CS or HP-C+ gun.
      Let me know which one you choose and what you think!

  • Hi there Michelle! This will probably be a really long comment so just bear with me;) haha anyways, love your site! Suuuuper informative! However I am incredibly indecisive and just don’t know what to do! I had heard about airbrushing before but never have much thought into getting one cause I feel it’s just a little too expensive, but my birthdays comin up next Thursday so I might be able to get one for it! And I know that’s only a possibility because I found a way to get the belletto one for super cheap! But I’m just not sure whether or not that’s the one I should go with because there’s so many other ones out there! Haha and I am absolutely obsessed with makeup and if I end up getting an esthetician license would want to do makeup on the side. So should I wait until I can afford a really good one in case I do go into makeup artistry, or should I buy a cheaper system now did personal use and maybe on friends every now and again? And I’d also love to be able to experiment with face or body painting with the airbrush, and just be able to experiment with all different kinds of airbrush makeup brands in general! But then I don’t know if I should even do airbrush because even though I’m only 18, I’ve got these creases/wrinkles in my forehead that are pretty prominent when I make any facial expression whatsoever and so I absolutely hate them and find that lots of foundations love to settle in them and make them even more prominent! so I don’t wanna spend a ton of money on airbrush if it’s just going to do the same thing. I have oily acne prone skin as well if that helps with your professional assessment;) haha I’m so sorry this is so long and scatterbrained! I hope it made at least some sense! But yea it’s just a big decision and I’m so poor!!!

    • Hi Audrey – don’t be stressed! You’re still young so you have time to try different systems. Belletto is similar to Belloccio and Dinair and Tickled Pink. They are personal use systems and not suitable for salon use (because the motor will overheat). But you can find them cheap at different times – each one goes on special at some point. So, they are good to practice on and sometimes professional MUA’s have one as a second machine or backup. But, eventually you will want a professional system like the Iwata or Temptu Pro. If you are professional and sign up to Mac Pro or Temptu Pro then you get all the benefits too. Plus, your machine and makeup is a tax deduction! πŸ™‚
      There are techniques to cover imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. Airbrush makeup is perfect – just don’t overdo it (minimal passes) or it can make them worse. So, maybe playing with a personal use machine will give you the experience with learning different techniques and the basic principles.

  • Thanks for replying so soon! And thank you for putting that into perspective, I should practice with a cheaper one and then eventually get the better ones if I love it and would use it for working on clients! So I’ve got a coupon code to get the belletto one for between 65-85 dollars, do you think it’s a good one and worth the buy? Plus would I be able to put different airbrush brands in it like dinair or any other ones?

    • Hi Audrey – always happy to help! πŸ™‚
      Belletto airbrush makeup is water-based so only use water-based airbrush makeup through it. It’s a great price at $65 but you have to treat it very gently or it will break (like many personal-use systems). Some brands have different viscocity of makeup so don’t put those through it. Dinair is thicker so may clog the belletto. Starting with Belletto makeup only is probably safest – but you have to really be sure the colors will work on your skin!

  • Ok awesome thank you so much!

  • Hi Michelle, there are SO many posts and responses I may ask a question you have already answered. I am 47, some wrinkles. I work a physically demanding job and am looking for a system that will keep my makeup looking great all day. I am new to airbrushing and an excited to give it a go. Please direct me to a system that’s fairly easy to use, easy reordering, and a system/product good at helping cover wrinkles. Maybe a good YouTube video to help me out? Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Shalene – yes, lots of comments! There’s a ton of information in the comments too! πŸ™‚
      So, if you aren’t sensitive to silicone-based makeup then have a look at Temptu Pro. They also have water-based and alcohol-based (alcohol-based for super long lasting) if you aren’t interested in silicone-based makeup. But, Temptu’s silicone-based airbrush makeup will give you a more dewy look, it’s very easy to use and, if you are a member you get all the benefits like discounts and easy ordering. They also have everything you need for airbrushing including prepping etc. PLUS – all the videos you’ll need!
      I wrote up a BIG review here which may help you decide. Oh! And you can get a free mixing medium if you use code MIXMED and spend more than $125 at checkout. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Which type of makeup would be good to use on my arms and face? I want something that will not come off on clothes. I have scarring on my forearms that look like cigarette burns. I have used Dermablend and Sally Hansen leg spray which look ok if I have a tan. If I am my normal color they are way too dark. Could I wear a different product (lighter, etc) on my face and something more waterproof on my arms? Would that require two different machines and/or cleaning in between.

    • Hello Rachel – that’s a great question and your best option is probably Dinair. Dinair’s normal foudation is water-based but they also have a Paramedical line which is designed to cover imperfections like scarring. They have different tones so you can contact them for help with finding the right match for you. You can use paramedical on your body and the standard foundation on your face – just clean the airbrush in between applications/colors as they are different bases and viscocities. The paramedical is smudge-proof and will be fine under clothes.
      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much!

  • Hi Michelle, I’m leaving towards the Iwata HP-CS system with the silver jet air compressor. Your thoughts? Can I use silicone or water based makeup? Who do you recommend for silicone? Also, how do I know what foundation, primer or just colors in general that look good on me???

    • Hi Shalene – great choice! This setup is probably the most popular the the MUA’s who need something better than the personal-use machines. With this setup you can pretty much use any liquid makeup. The HP-CS is compatible with almost all brands. Silicone/water or alcohol-based are fine. Just don’t mix different bases. MAC is wonderful and the Temptu line is great. I also LOVE OCC. Everyone has different tastes though and you’re lucky that with this system you can try all brands! πŸ™‚ MAC have a really good range and you’ll probably be able to work out the tones for your skin very easily. You can also mix them to get the perfect result.
      Just do a bit of reading on forums etc. and learn from other people’s experiences. You’ll probably be able to work out what shade works for you based on the current foundation you use now. Some brands (like Dinair) will actually help you work this out via customer service too!

  • Hi Michelle
    I m in delima …. Actually I m getting married soon . My frnd suggest me.. Go for the mac air blush makeup.. But some of the people says its not a long lasting makeup after some time it breaks .. So pls help me aur guild me … What should I do …

    • Hello Ankita – MAC is fantastic makeup. It’s definitely long lasting if you treat it with a fixer. If you really want something smudge and water-proof then go for an alcohol-based airbrush makeup. You wouldn’t wear this every day but it’s good for events like weddings! Good luck! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle
    I m in delima …. Actually I m getting married soon . My frnd suggest me.. Go for the mac air blush makeup.. But some of the people says its not a long lasting makeup after some time it breaks .. So pls help me aur guild me … What should I do?

  • Thanks Michelle

  • Which systems have a cleaning dock included or available? How much do cleaning docks cost and are they worth it versus cleaning airbrush gun yourself?

    • Hello Pam – the Dinair comes with a docking jar and it is helpful. You can use the docking jar to clean out the gun by spraying into the jar (rather than a kleenex) and also it holds the airbrush gun for you. It’s not 100% necessary though – plus, you still have to clean the gun yourself but also the ones that enable you to soak the airbrush ensure you get a better clean.

  • Appreciate your response Michelle.

  • Hi Michelle. I’m searching a good airbrush gun and compressor and i found your page.I saw yu know lots of thing about airbrushing but I’ve little english so and i can’t understand lots of things πŸ™ I’m living in Turkey.
    Which one do you prefer for me (gun with dual action and compressor)? and where i can buy which has international shipping?

    • Hello Γ‡iğdem – thank you for visiting! It is hard to know which one is best for you without knowing exactly what you need. If you are a professional makeup artist then Iwata is the best brand. You can find online sellers who will ship Iwata to you. Does Amazon ship to Turkey? I think they do! πŸ™‚
      The smaller, personal-use compressors are more affordable but less reliable. You can only run them for 15-20 minutes and then you have to switch them off or they overheat. Good brands are Dinair, Belloccio, Tickled Pink and Temptu. Temptu also have a profesionnal line with very good equipment and makeup. If you choose Temptu then they will really cover everything you’ll ever need with airbrushing makeup. I’m not sure if they ship to Turkey though. You can try a ‘shipping forwarder’ who set you up with a US address and then send out the parcel to you (but they can be expensive).
      I hope that’s not too complicated! Let me know if you have any more questions – I’m happy to help! πŸ™‚

      • thank you very much you are perfect ! πŸ™‚
        i am not professional but i use with my friends so i decided to buy iwata ninja. Ninja is ok for me ? i found from ebay.
        and now i have to know which gun i should buy? (which model with dual action) and one more could i use with mac foundation? is it good? i know i asked too much πŸ™
        ***i have to buy foundation in my country because buying makeup products from overseas forbidden. so i choosed mac.

        • Hello again Γ‡iğdem! Yes, the Ninja Jet is a great machine for personal use. It is better than the smaller compressors from Dinair/Belloccio/Tickled Pink etc. If you buy one of the Iwata airbrush guns to use with it like the HP-CS then you can use almost any makeup with it. For water-based or thinner makeup, just use a lower PSI setting (so the air pressure is lower). For silicone-based or alcohol-based makeup use a higher pressure.

          It’s good to let the machine warm up a little bit before you use it so turn it on and leave it running for 1-2 minutes before you start using it. Also, don’t use it for more than 30 minutes because it can overheat.

          MAC foundation is perfect with the Iwata Ninja Jet! Good choice!! πŸ™‚

          Oh – the ‘shop’ on my site is just a list of items from so it just takes you to Amazon. I put it on as a collection of airbrush makeup items that people might like and that I list on this website. I’m not sure if it helps anyone though! πŸ™‚ Amazon has a lot of reviews so it’s a good place to read up on the products to see what other people think of them. Also, they have a good return policy and the prices are usually cheaper. I don’t think they ship to Turkey though… but you can use shipping forwarders. Or, sometimes you can find sellers on eBay who ship anywhere.

      • this page has shop section. do you sell ninja?

  • This has helped so much! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge :).

  • Wow you have really provided a lot of great information. First I’d like to say thank you for all this time you’ve taken!
    So now to my question lol I bought a luminess air. This was an impulse purchase and I hate the makeup

    • Hell Alexandra – oh no! πŸ™‚
      That’s ok – you can use Dinair’s water-based makeup or Belloccio or Tickled Pink in the Luminess.
      What did you hate about the Luminess makeup?

  • Michelle….This site is sooooo helpful. I do free-lance make up work and am looking to incorporate airbrushing as an option. It is a must that I can use it for full body coloring. I do a lot of costume and effects work so I would need to be able to use unnatural color paints in it also. I would only be using it say 1x a month. The weight is not a concern but the size is. I would need it to fit into your average tote bag. I would like it to not be very loud so I could still comfortable talk to my client. What would you say are my best options under $300 for the full machine with all the pieces (make up not included).

    • Hi Emily – thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚
      Graftobian is the way to go for you – if you are doing costume & effects they are the #1 brand. Check out their makeup if you haven’t already. Any Iwata compressor and most airbrush guns are compatible with Graftobian Makeup and so are the Temptu Pro systems. Both Graftobian and Temptu Pro also have the portable option (with rechargeable battery). But, these aren’t great for doing large body paint areas – full body work might be pushing them. And they take you right up to the $300 cost. Perfect in size though! You’d probably use these for touch ups and detailed work on the body as well as the effects on the face. But, using them to spray the whole body will most likely burn them out unless you rest them every 15-20 minutes or so.

      That doesn’t leave you with many other options though because the bigger and better compressors are.. bigger! They won’t fit in your tote – and also are more expensive. Maybe have a look at the specs on the Temptu Pro and Graftobian walkaround and see if they’d fit your needs. Feel free to ask more questions here too! πŸ™‚

  • Hi michelle,
    I’m mua in the Philippines im always doing traditional HD makeup. And it was my first time to use airbrush. Im having confuse what brand should i buy? Ofcourse im a beginner but i like to buy professional kit for my airbrush as an investment. Im looking for airbrush can last long since our weather is tropical. Skin are always oily and acidic as they always say. Also i dont know if the store here have limited brands to sell for airbrush compressor and gun. As of now im choosing between temptu pro, Dinair & Luminess. What can you advice me of?

    Thank you so much. Looking forward for your reply. Your blog is really amazing! I learned a lot by following all your suggestions and comments.
    I’m ex-MAC makeup artist PH
    Now im at Shu Uemura


    • Hello Yuki! I’m sure you’ll be great at airbrushing makeup – especially if you are already an MUA! I would recommend Temptu Pro for you (over Dinair and Luminess). They probably ship to the Philippines from their website but I’m not sure. Did you read my big review? You can read it here. The good thing about Temptu Pro is that you can use either silicone, water or alcohol based makeup with most of their airbrush makeup kits. And, you don’t have to use Temptu’s makeup exclusively. You can also use MAC airbrush makeup through the Temptu machine! Also have a look at Camera Ready Cosmetics because they have their own really great makeup as well as sample sizes of Graftobian and some other brands too!
      For humid climates, silicone-based makeup is better as it’s more long lasting. But some people are sensitive to silicone so water-based is safer for sensitive skin – a fixer will make it much more long lasting. The alcohol-based makeup is water-proof but only for very special occasions as it can be quite harsh.
      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much michelle, i almost close to purchase Dinair to the seller over Temptu. I always wanted to have Temptu since the band itself well-known already here in Philippines. But another question is what kind of compressor? Many are having starter system kit temptu pro. I saw big compressor of temptu. Its not a problem to me if its heavy or not beause i always bring my house car every gig. Airbrush will make big difference in my artistry and i love reading comments and suggestion. Especially your advice keep it going. It helps me alot and everyone who follows you. God bless

    • Hi Yuki – yes, Temptu is great! If weight isn’t a problem then maybe have a look at the Iwata Silver Jet. It can do body art but not as well as their bigger compressors. The PowerJet Pro is perfect for what you want to do but it goes over your budget! The S-One compressor from Temptu is quite similar to the Silver Jet and you can get a Student Starter Kit for $299 which includes an airbrush gun (spamax) and some makeup. Maybe that’s the best balance between price and output. Or, see if you can get a silver jet compressor with an airbrush gun and some makeup for cheaper than that if you can buy the pieces separately… let me know if you can!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I just stumbled across your site and I’m extremely excited about all the help and information you have regarding different airbrush systems and makeup. I have a Dinair airbrush system that I have used personally for the last couple years. I am interested in starting my own airbrush makeup business on the side, and had pretty much decided on attending the Dinair pro workshop and getting their certification, and using all dinair products in my business. However, after looking through your site, I’m not exactly sure if that would be my best option. After reading your reviews on the Iwata systems, I am almost thinking that would be the best machine to purchase for my business. Can I have some thoughts from you on which machine I should go with? And also which makeup brands would be best? I am interested in airbrushing everything, including eyeshadows, eye liners, lips, etc., in my business. Also, are there any other airbrush trainings that would be better than dinair to attend? I like that dinair is only 2 days, as I have 2 small children and don’t want to spend weeks at a school. I live about an hour outside of Seattle, so the climate here is rainy with some humidity, which made me think a water based makeup would be best, especially for brides, but I would love your feedback.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Malissa! Sorry for the late reply but your comment got lost in the system somewhere. Glad I found it! Dinair isn’t a bad system but it’s not really a professional airbrush machine. The smaller compressors really can’t stay on for too long or they will overheat and burn out so that’s no good for a professional MUA! Some people do use them though – you just have to be really careful about how long you keep them running. Iwata, Graftobian or Temptu Pro are preferred by professionals. At the end of the day, most branded airbrush makeup systems that are aimed at professionals are Iwata products so I always recommend to see what better prices you can get by just buying an Iwata system without the branding of, say, MAC.
      If you are factoring in price, then the Silver Jet is the best value with great quality – but it still can burn out. The Power Jet is the best for salon use (with an HP-CS, HP-C+ brush or both). It will give you every option from body art, tanning, foundation and fine detail – it should last almost forever too! But it’s definitely on the expensive side!
      Temptu Pro may be a great option for you because they have water-based, silicone-based and alcohol-based makeup.
      Regarding the workshop – there are mixed feelings on this. Some say that it’s just better to watch through the DVD’s and check out online tutorials but many people have really benefited from the workshop. You’ll learn a bit more than just airbrush techniques and having the chance to get someone to double check your technique is always good. But the best thing is to keep practicing and you’ll develop your own preferred techniques with time.
      Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any more advice.
      Always happy to help!

      • Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Is this the HP-C+ brush you were referring to? I was having trouble finding a link to it and just wanted to be sure. I found it on Amazon:

        Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP-C+ Dual Action Airbrush Gun / Gravity Feed

        Thank you!

  • Hi Michelle,

    Thank you so much for such an informative site! You really have helped me tremendously to learn about the differences in airbrush machines and formulas. My question is, I am trying to decide between the Iwata Ninja or Neo compressor. Would both be okay to use with s/b foundations (with the HPC+ gun)? Would they give enough PSI? Could I do multiple clients back to back in one setting, for example a wedding? I am leaning towards Iwata for their reliability and quality, but I want a compressor that isn’t too heavy or expensive.

    Would the Graftobian Walk Around be a better option for me? Could I run s/b foundations through that machine?

    Thanks so much for all of your help!


    • Hi Erin – thank you for visiting! πŸ™‚
      The Neo compressor isn’t a true Iwata. It’s not bad but more on the level of the personal-use machines like Dinair/Belloccio/Tickled Pink etc. The Ninja is much better and can handle S/B makeup. The Walkaround is great but it’s way more expensive! The Silver jet with HP CS or HPC+ is the best balance of value with performance but the Ninja Jet is still a great machine. Just a bit noisy for a ‘ninja’. πŸ™‚
      Have you looked at Temptu? They have a few different options too including a compressor with battery. I have written a big review of them here.
      But, if you are choosing between the Ninja vs the Neo, go for the Ninja.

  • Hi! Thanks for all the tips!

    I’m looking for a machine that would meet the following needs. Do you think the iwata studio with eclipse gun and MAC cosmeticswould be a good fit? I don’t mind spending the money if it is a better product.

    – use for day to day makeup
    – coverage of large birthmark
    – suitable for acne prone skin

    • Hi Sarita! The Iwata Studio is the perfect machine for airbrushing makeup. A lot of professional MUA’s use the studio, especially in salons. If you combine this with the right Iwata airbrush then you can use any makeup through the machine. MAC is fantastic, but you might also find that you prefer another brand (OCC, Temptu, Camera Ready, Graftobian, Ticked Pink, Dniair, Belloccio etc – the list goes on!!). So you’ll be able to find the right makeup for you.

      You might want to avoid silicone-based makeup if you find that it sets off your acne. The water-based makeup is great too and will work well for covering a birthmark. The Iwata airbrushes are great because they can spray a finer mist than a lot of the cheaper airbrushes, so they settle more naturally for better coverage. Check out Temptu too as they have some great options for quality, personal-use machines.
      Very exciting that you are considering a Iwata Studio though – it’s such a fantastic machine, will last forever, and, if you don’t like it, still has good resale value. πŸ™‚

  • Hi I just ordered the Photo Finish airbrush system, what do you think about that system? I’m a first time buyer and am in my late 40’s with freckles.
    I know that I will be able to cover my freckles, but is it also sheer enough were you can use it and still see my freckles too?

    • Hi Maureen – how exciting! Please come back and share your experience with the Photo Finish airbrush makeup system. I haven’t tried it yet but you’ll notice how similar it is to Tickled Pink‘s airbrush makeup system. And, this is usually the case with the personal-use compressors with a brand name. They all perform quite similarly. The specs look fine and you should get pretty good performance out of the machine. Just make sure you clean it very well after each use and don’t use thick makeup (no silicone-based) in it. Their makeup is water-based whereas Tickled Pink has aloe added. I’ve read some good things about it so I’d love to hear what you think! πŸ™‚
      It’s a great price too!

  • Hi Michelle,

    Hope you are doing well. I’m home sick and stumbled upon your website. I’m glad I did!!! After watching countless hours of TV(stinks being sick on Christmas vacation), I watched an infomercial about Luminess. I’m a very young 52 year old and have been wearing makeup all my life. I will try anything!!! Surprisingly, I’ve never tried airbrush makeup. I love all the advice you are giving and hope I can learn from your wisdom and experience. I have dark circles and those crepey lines under my eyes. In addition, I have some broken blood vessels on my nose. I try to wear medium coverage for my foundation. Currently wearing Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Foundation in Vanilla Beige. It’s good but I would love to have the flawless Dewey look airbrush users are talking about. Should I look at purchasing the Dinair, Tickled Pink or Temptu system? I like simple steps and don’t want to pay too much. Any assistance would be appreciated. Also, maybe this is a crazy question but do you put your eye make up on before you spray the foundation? Thanks so much Michelle! Happy New Year!

    • Hello Barb – sorry to hear you are home sick during the New Years!! It sounds like either the Dinair, Belloccio, Tickled Pink or Temptu will be good for you. They are all great for personal use airbrushing. However, Temptu is the only one which gives you the option of silicone-based, water-based and also alcohol-based makeup. Silicone-based makeup is going to give you the moist & dewy look which you want – but you can also achieve this with ‘moist & dewy‘ from Dinair. The awesome thing is, it’s also compatible with Belloccio makeup.
      Moist & Dewy is a moisturizer which you put on before or after foundation. It goes on the same way as the foundation and changes the matte look you normally get from water-based makeup into a dewy look. Simple! You might prefer doing airbrush makeup this way because water-based makeup is much more gentle on the skin than silicone-based makeup.
      Eye makeup goes on after foundation and you normally don’t want to airbrush this on–it’s a bit risky to airbrush that close to the eyes (some people do but definitely not for beginners!). One thing though – if you are wanting to cover any imperfections around the eyes (or anywhere) then do this before airbrushing foundation for a much better and more natural result.
      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  • Hi..Happy New year. I am looking for Make up studio Aie brush system. which one would give me result on body.Make up studio or Temptu. Please help.

    • Hello Dimple – happy New Year! When looking for an airbrush makeup system that enables you to do body work you want one with a compressor that can do a large PSI. You can do airbrushing on the body with the smaller compressors but they have a low PSI so will take a lot longer and the effect isn’t as good. Also, you can’t have them running for too long or they burn out. The larger compressor (S-One) from Temptu is the better choice. Otherwise look at the Iwata PowerJet (but this is more expensive).
      Hope that helps!

  • In India weather is quiet dry and humid. Brides need full coverage on face.please help.No where in Ur comments you have anything about make up studio. Why so?

  • I am only using for myself at home. I want something that will last, easy care and maintenance, not ridiculously costly, and uses a make-up that is best for my skin. I have the Luminess right now, first timer. I’m in the trial period, but whether keeping to the brand or not it’s going back d/t company price when I can get it elsewhere cheaper. So far I have really enjoyed it, but I haven’t used anything else. Suggestions welcomed!
    Is the water-based makeup the best for my skin and pores? I don’t see how there are so many and can be so difficult to chose for an individual, but I guess so. πŸ˜€

  • Also, what is the difference between the series? I requested a single pressure sprayer, but was “upgraded” freely to the 3 variation speed mechanism.
    I believe I only use the one setting.
    Isn’t the use of a lower, single setting applying the makeup more sensible? Wouldn’t it use the makeup more sparingly?
    Is $360 sensible for this system when 4- shades at 0.5oz, and a moisturizer & bronzer of 0.25oz ?
    Greatly appreciate the advice.
    I’ve been searching the web, and so many sites, looking for quality answers for such a time that my thoughts are swimming within my head.
    Thank you kindly,
    Miss April

    • Hi Miss April! The Luminess system isn’t bad but definitely pricey for what you get. Be careful as they might charge you a shipping and/or restocking fee if you send it back. Also, careful that they don’t charge your credit card after you return it (this happens). Don’t stress though – I’m sure it will all be ok.
      You’re right, low pressure is better for airbrushing, especially for beginners. But, the differences between low, medium and high is only about 5 PSI or so. You can do foundation on the higher setting, but you just go a bit faster. Lower settings are for blush. You might find that you get a better mist at the higher PSI too.
      Temptu have a good system – they also offer water, silicone and alcohol-based makeup. Water-based is always better for the skin, but a lot of people prefer the dewy look of silicone-based – also SB lasts longer.
      $360 is a bit expensive when you can get a very good Iwata system for this price.
      Hope that helps – feel free to ask any more questions if that hasn’t cleared things up! πŸ™‚

  • Thanx a lot. I was very confused.I had a word with Temptu people. They have also guided me and Ur website ☺is really helpful. Is this big PSI is good for face as well?

    • Hi Dimple – glad I could help! πŸ™‚
      Temptu usually give very good service so it’s great they could help you too. When you are doing foundation (or any work on the face) then you can adjust the PSI lower so the airflow is slower. A lot of the better compressors have ‘variable air flow’ – which will often be ‘low’ ‘medium’ and ‘high’.

  • Hi, thank you for all of your extensive reviews! Im brand new to airbrushing and pretty confused as to which system to purchase. I am a bridal hairstylist and moving into bridal makeup. The company I am working for suggests using the Temptu system because of its silicone based formulas for our on-site bridal makeup but it’s too expensive. What would you suggest that i buy for professional use, many clients back to back, that will stand the test of time and is reasonably priced? I want the best system that is easy to use,can be cleaned easily between clients and is affordable. Also, can you use any airbrush makeup in most systems? Thanks for everything!!!

    • Hello Liz! You definitely need a good system if you are doing lots of clients back to back. All the personal-use systems are too small for professional use. You have to switch it off so it doesn’t burn out and you probably won’t be able to get more than 20 minutes run time out of it. So, the S-One compressor at least. At that price range though, you might want to look at getting an Iwata System. Check out the Silver Jet – which is fantastic and the best balance between price and performance. It’s still not technically a Salon/professional compressor – for that you want the Power Jet. Pair either the Silver Jet or Power Jet with the HP-CS or HP-C+ airbrush gun and you can put any brand of makeup through it. Even create your own liquid makeup. Temptu’s makeup is fantastic but it’s worth trying other brands like MAC and OCC. Camera Ready Cosmetics have a great range of airbrush makeup in sample sizes and also really affordable prices. Check them out!

  • Hi there! I currently use Luminess air. It’s ok but I have very dry skin with minor acne. What airbrush makeup do you think would be best for me! I also get dark circles under my eyes and fine lines. Also, luminess has a new foundation called Silk. Was wondering if there are any reviews on the Silk foundation. I want good coverage. Thanks for any help.

    • Hello Kris! Water-based airbrush makeup isn’t the best for dry skin – silicone-based is much better. But, if you start with good prepping (clean, moisturize, primer) you can get great results. Temptu Pro has water-based and also a fantastic silicone-based range is great for dry skin. Also, they have a unique under eye concealer (which is wrote about here) which is fantastic for fine circles.
      With your fine lines, try to avoid using too much airbrush makeup and also watch out for squinting while you’re applying the makeup. Squinting makes lines look worse! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you soo much for your recommendations. You’re so very kind in taking the time to answer my post! πŸ™‚

  • Hello, I found this on ebay and was wondering if you think the specs are ok for make-up?

    I’ve tried airbrush make-up before from a salon, but I didn’t check out what the brand was. Anyway, it was fine in the morning for the wedding, but by the afternoon, it was a congealing disgusting mess. I had to remove it all and just used plain powder for the reception in the evening.

    My skin is very oily. After two hours of applying cream/liquid/pressed foundation (with brush/sponge/fingers), my face is usually glistening with oil already πŸ™ plus I have this super large pores (esp. on my nose), where the foundation sinks in, and my nose looks like it has white polka dots all over it.

    I’m looking to try again with the airbrush, because I have read the reviews that it’s very light, am hoping it will not turn out like my first try with it. But it’s only for my personal use, so I’m looking for a cheap one only. Can you tell me if that one posted on ebay might be good for me? Or is there a better machine out there? I would much prefer if I can use different foundations for it, because there’s not much to offer here where I live (so Temptu pods are out hehe and they don’t deliver outside US)

    • Hello Jean! With airbrush makeup systems, there are a lot of small, personal-use ones like this. All of them are made in China and some are better than others. The specs look fine though and it’s a great price! I would just check what kind of warranty it has – I’m guessing it doesn’t have any. That’s the risk buying them off eBay – sometimes it’s hard to follow through for refunds if it is faulty after a few months. Having said that, it may be totally fine – just make sure you look after it, keep it clean and don’t keep it running for more than 15mins or so.

      It’s a pity your first experience with airbrush makeup wasn’t great! Do you know if it was silicone or water based? That makes a difference! If you have oily skin, then you’re better off going with a water-based makeup (so, don’t worry about not having Temptu in your country!).

      Good prepping is the key to perfect makeup application. Make sure you really cleanse your skin before starting makeup application. It makes a very big difference if you use an oil absorbing primer first – like this one from MAC. Mary Kay has a good one too! You use this after normal moisturizer and you can target the T-zone with the matte gel. So, matte on the areas that are prone to get oily and normal moisturizer in non-oily areas (like cheeks and under the eyes).

      A matte finishing powder will also help (use this at the end). And, don’t forget that the key to a successful, natural airbrushed look is to use it sparingly. “Less is more” as they say. For you, avoid the silicone-based makeup and go with water-based. Many manufacturers have both – Dinair and Belloccio are water-based only.

      Hope that helps!! If you do buy this one, let me know if it’s any good! It will help my readers too. πŸ™‚

  • Yeah, there’s probably no warranty for it. But there are some lovely sellers who offer partial refunds if I nag them enough about the poor quality of their products hehe I’ll have to look for a servicing kit to clean it. All I have is a toothbrush right now hahaha

    I’m not sure what kind they used, they kept going on about the machine and how flawless it would make me, but they didn’t mention anything about the foundation itself. Which is too bad coz I would have avoided it now πŸ™‚ Actually I only leaned about silicon and water-based on your reviews (I’m such a noob lol)

    Oh, I did try a primer too before, but again, my ignorance is showing itself. I tend to ask sales attendants on what is good for me, and one guaranteed a primer from Etude. Labels were in korean, so I’m not sure if it was oil-absorbing or anything. But I will try your advice. Luckily, there are MAC being sold here hehe

    I’ll have to check out Dinair and Belloccio, am hoping they deliver here πŸ™‚ Thank you so so much for taking the time to give this very in-depth instructions. Airbrush make-up here is not as common, so I do appreciate all advice I can get hehe

    The seller is out until Feb.24, and it usually takes a month to deliver stuff here, so I might be a little late to let you know how it goes, but I’ll be back ^_^

  • Hello Michelle,
    I am in my late 40’s and have fair, combination skin with a little bit of redness. Can you recommend an Airbrush make-up for light to medium coverage?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hello Donna – yes! Temptu Pro is great for your needs – check out their silicone-based makeup (they also have water-based makeup if you are sensitive to silicone and an alcohol-based makeup for special FX, body art and long lasting needs). You can read my review here.

  • Hi Michelle ,
    Thank you for all the information. I’m a beginner airbrushed but want the best results so am considering g the Iwata Eclipse with Silver Jet compressor. I was wondering what your thoughts were on
    1. This model and it’s ease of use, longevity
    2. Ability to handle most make ups, silicone and water based.

    Do you have any recommendations for make up brands to use with this model?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!
    Thank you

    • Hello Jen! The Iwata Eclipse (HP-CS) combined with the Silver Jet is a great combination for airbrushing makeup. The HP-CS is a very good all-round airbrush which is compatible with most brands of makeup. Definitely one of my highest recommended systems – the Silver Jet isn’t super powerful and it doesn’t like being left running for more than 20 minutes (most small compressors don’t) but it is great for all your airbrushing needs. It’s a better compressor than the small, personal-use ones.
      Good brands to use with this really depends on your taste and requirements! If you like water-based then there’s Dinair, Belloccio and Tickled Pink. Temptu has silicone, water and alcohol-based makeup. MAC and OCC have amazing airbrush makeup. Graftobian is popular for FX and body art. Oh – and Camera Ready Cosmetics sell sample sizes and also have their own brand which is good too!

      If you want to read more about the Iwata Silver Jet, check out my BIG review here!

  • What would you use on someone with very large pores and ridiculously oily skin and some acne spots /scaring? I have the dinair compress and their makeup as well as tickled pink makeup and Nurturing force blot out offensive but I can’t find anything that hides the pores and controls the oil. It seems like the water makeup actually accentuates my darn pores! Eew! Please help!

    • Hello Sierra! Generally, you’ll find you get better results with a silicone-based airbrush makeup like Temptu. Just make sure that you aren’t sensitive to silicone.

      The key is good prepping!! Oily skin is a challenge and it’s actually sometimes better to control the oil WITH oil. Sounds counter intuitive but it can work. Have you tried Rose Hip Seed Oil? This can do wonders for the skin – for some reason it works well on dry skin under makeup but also with oily skin (but not before makeup) to rebalance the skin. Argan oil is great too.

      Anyway, back to the airbrushing technique!

      Cleanse first with a good cleanser. You probably won’t need any moisturizer – especially if you used rose hip oil the night before.

      You’ll want to put a toner before applying your makeup. Do you have a favorite? Beauty By Earth is all natural and more gentle on the skin that most.

      If you want to go a bit more hardcore on that oil then try an astringent like IQ Natural. I don’t know if you’ve used this before but you can get great results with daily use over a few months and it works great as part of your prepping routine.

      After the toner, use a primer. I wrote an short article on Primed and Poreless here. Otherwise, if you’re using Temptu, use their S/B primer which is great too.

      At this point you could start foundation. But, if you have spots you can use a concealer to target these areas and reduce their severity. Do this BEFORE foundation. Have you seen the Temptu concealer wheel? So you’ll need a stipple brush for this.

      You can then start to target these areas again if they need to be neutralized further–but this time with the airbrush gun and foundation. Then you can start to do full passes of the foundation which should now produce a very even coverage!

      Then do blush, contouring and highlighting, eyes. Finish with mascara and lips!

      Hope all that makes sense!! Let me know how you go – it might take some practice but the key is good prepping and good routine!

  • Michelle

    I am thinking of getting an airbrush make up system for my personal use daily and to use on my daughter for pageants. I would love to be able to do our whole face including eyes and to be able to do spray tans on use with the machine I chose. Can you give me a recommendation. I do not really like the idea of the pods with Temptu because I am worried about blending colors. I have watched youtube videos on eye application, and would love to be able to line my daughters eyes with this. What is the best system for home use and to be able to do all over body spray tans??

    • Hello Heather! If you are using an airbrush makeup system for a few different uses (including tanning) then you’ll want a good system. Iwata is the best brand and you can do the whole face and body art with a Silver Jet and HP-CS airbrush. Check out my BIG review here. However, with tanning, you are better off buying a second airbrush which is bottle fed (like the HP-BCS). That’s because you’re using a much larger amount of liquid to do tanning. The Silver Jet is definitely the best value for money when you look at quality too. A step up is the Smart Jet Pro – this is the one that MAC uses with their system. You can get a ‘dual version’ so you can put both the makeup gun and tanning gun on at the same time! Remember, you can use almost any brand in the Iwata systems.

      If you want the full kit which covers everything, have a look at Temptu Pro. I have reviewed them too here.

      And there’s also Belloccio which have very affordable systems (reviewed here) and tanning systems. Their airbrush guns are pretty good – especially for the price! I think their tanning solution is good but everyone has different tastes so you’d have to try it to be sure.

      A little note: careful when using airbrush machines to do eyes because it is blowing air and makeup around a very sensitive area. Practice first to see what you’re comfortable with – and, if you are doing eyes, you want a good quality airbrush gun that sprays a very fine mist that is accurate too.

      • Michelle
        What brand of airbrush make up do you recommend, not the system but what makeup is the best and most affordable.

        • Hi Heather! ‘Best’ and ‘most affordable’ aren’t the same thing! πŸ™‚
          MAC is my favorite but all the brands have their fans. Different brands suit different people. Camera Ready Cosmetics sell sample sizes and they also have their own brand which is very good value. Tickled Pink also have good value makeup. But some of the best quality are MAC, OCC, and then Temptu and Graftobian.

  • Hi Michelle!!!

    I had bought the Dinair after seeing the makeup on my sister in law. I’ve been really pleased with it when it works…after having to get 4 different systems because of clogging issues, finally got it to work! Well now the next issue is their makeup does not stay on. I can’t wear sunglasses because it takes my makeup off. Same thing with my glasses. So I’ve been researching, temptu seems to be the rave of being a good airbrush foundation. Do you know if you can use temptu foundation in a dinair. If not do you know of a airbrush foundation that will not come off and is sweat proof?

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Ramie! Sometimes people have trouble with water-based airbrush makeup not lasting as long as silicone-based makeup (or alcohol-based which is the longest lasting). Temptu Pro actually have a range of makeup with each of these bases. You can’t use the silicone-based makeup in the Dinair machine though. πŸ™
      However, if you want to make your water-based makeup last longer, why not try a fixer? I wrote some information on Mist & Fix here.

  • Hello! I have a question. A few weeks ago I bought the vezobella airbrush kit. This company pretty much sent it off with vague instructions so my first couple experiences weren’t so good. It seems that I have to thin out the makeup in order for it go on smoothly. How do I do this and what do I think it with?

    • Hi Pamela! The Vezobella system should come with water-based makeup as far as I understand: “Vezobella Aqua”. They do include a ‘thinning’ solution in there which is for use with thicker makeup or dried makeup but that can be tricky. How much thinning solution you need depends on how thick or dry the makeup is. You’re aiming to get the consistency of milk – which is sometimes a 2 parts foundation to 1 part solution. But, it can get very tricky and takes some practice. Plus there’s the risk of clogging your gun.
      It might be easier if you just get their water-based makeup. Or use Tickled Pink or Belloccio makeup in this system. Dinair should be fine too.

  • Thank you Michelle!! Do you know of a foundation that works better than the Dinair foundation and can be used in that machine?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Ramie – Belloccio, Tickled Pink and Luminess are fine in Dinair. OCC can go through quite well too and the Temptu Water-based should be fine. OCC is beautiful makeup – you can apply it without the airbrush is you want to try the colors first.
      Did you try a fixer after applying Dinair?

  • Michelle,

    I was looking at temptu aqua & OCC which both seem to be water based. Which I think can be used in the Dinair. I’m just looking for a full coverage foundation that lasts and doesn’t look dry and can be used in the Dinair.

  • Michelle,

    I am so lost as to which foundation and compressor to get. So as of now I am starting to lean towards oil based- silicon based air brush foundation. As I’ve told you before I invested in a Dinair, but it seems that water based foundations are known for not staying on for long periods of time and are dry, I even tried the setting sprays and powders, but that did not help at all. So my question is if you had to pick one personal at home compressor that is reliable and not huge and portable. Along with a foundation that has full coverage, stay’s on all day, even through sweating and going swimming etc… what would it be? I asked a friend of mine and her all time favorite foundations are MAC air brush foundation and Kryolan (which I can’t seem to figure out if its oil based or water based foundation).

    Thank you for all your help!!


    • Hi Ramie – I’d definitely say MAC airbrush foundation too. But with Iwata (the MAC airbrush makeup kit is all Iwata products anyway!). Also look at Temptu Pro – they have water, silicone and even an alcohol-based line. The alcohol-based line is absolutely water-proof and will not smudge. But, you can’t use it all the time! MAC works in the Temptu airbrush makeup systems too!

  • Michelle,

    Thank you for your response, I ordered Kryolan last night to try. I’m curious why can’t you use the alcohol based product all the time? So if I get the MAC foundation can I use it in the Dinair. Does the silicone foundation stay on or clog pores? I’ve been looking at the graftobian airbrush system and the Stilazzi “No Strings Attached” Portable Compressor have you ever used either of these? The Iwata systems are too big for personal use and to travel with I’m looking for something small. I did look at the ninja jet had bad reviews…. I don’t really want to spend $300 on a system and end up not liking it again.

    • Hi Ramie – Kryolan is great makeup. It’s usually the makeup of choice for FX or Cosplayers and Halloween etc. Alcohol-based makeup is very harsh on the skin. It will definitely clog pores and dry out the skin if you use it every day. Silicone-based can be clogging depending on your skin type but it tends to sit on the surface of the skin so isn’t bad unless you are sensitive to it.
      Is it the graftobian walkaround you are looking at? It’s a great system – kind of expensive but worth it if you want something portable. I don’t have experience with the Stilazzi but, from looking at the specs, it looks quite good and similar to the Temptu 2.0. It might be a very similar compressor to the Iwata Neo – check that out for comparable specs. And, I think their “Napoleon” is like the Iwata Silver Jet.
      You can’t use this compressor for tanning at all – just for normal makeup application.

  • hello there! I am very interested in the airbrush makeup systems. I have tried all of the different traditional brands of liquid and mineral foundations that you can think of from what you can get in the department stores for $80 a piece to what you can get at the drugstore for $10 apiece. I’m hoping you can help direct me to the right type of make up. here are all of my issues! I have reddish blotches, large pores, oily skin, blemishes, makeup tends to collect in my wrinkles, my neck looks yellow compared to my face which looks pink, and makeup doesn’t seem to stay on my skin all day. I am hoping for something that looks fairly natural, but still covers all of those problems. I am willing to do multiple steps, but I would prefer as few steps as possible. Making my face and my neck the same color is the most important thing to me. I have never found anything that matches well. please help!thank you thank you thank you!

  • hello there! I am very interested in the airbrush makeup systems. I have tried all of the different traditional brands of liquid and mineral foundations that you can think of from what you can get in the department stores for $80 a piece to what you can get at the drugstore for $10 apiece. I’m hoping you can help direct me to the right type of make up. here are all of my issues! I have reddish blotches, large pores, oily skin, blemishes, makeup tends to collect in my wrinkles, my neck looks yellow compared to my face which looks pink, and makeup doesn’t seem to stay on my skin all day. I am hoping for something that looks fairly natural, but still covers all of those problems. I am willing to do multiple steps, but I would prefer as few steps as possible. Making my face and my neck the same color is the most important thing to me. I have never found anything that matches well. please help!thank you thank you thank you!

    • Hi Margaret – sorry it took me so long to reply. I got hit by a lot of spam so I’ve been sorting through it all – yuck!

      It sounds like silicone-based makeup will be a great choice for you. You don’t need too many passes with silicone-based and one trick is to avoid squinting when you are applying it so that it doesn’t accentuate any wrinkles or lines. Finding the ‘right’ brand really depends on your exact skin type so you might need some experimentation. Temptu have a concealer wheel which really helps cover blemishes. It might be worth heading into a Sephora or ask an MUA to do your airbrush makeup for you so you can see what the results look like. Sometimes that’s better than struggling through to learn the techniques on yourself as it’s better to see what you could do after a bit of practice (if that makes sense!)

      Good prepping is key so use a cleanser or even an astringent like IQ Natural.

      Then use a primer like Primed and Poreless which I wrote about here. A lot of airbrush makeup brands have their own primer too.

      Now I’m just going to copy what I wrote as a reply to another comment to make things easier for myself! πŸ™‚

      At this point you could start foundation. But, if you have spots you can use a concealer to target these areas and reduce their severity. Do this BEFORE foundation. Have you seen the Temptu concealer wheel? So you’ll need a stipple brush for this.

      You can then start to target these areas again if they need to be neutralized further–but this time with the airbrush gun and foundation. Then you can start to do full passes of the foundation which should now produce a very even coverage!

      Then do blush, contouring and highlighting, eyes. Finish with mascara and lips!

      Hope all that makes sense!! Let me know how you go – it might take some practice but the key is good prepping and good routine!

  • Thank you Michelle really helpful!! So water based seems to be the only good airbrush foundation to use everyday but the downside is it doesn’t stay on and is dry. Unless you know of one that is not dry, damaging to the skin, and stays on the skin.

    • Hi Ramie – water-based tends to be more matte while silicone-based is dewy. But, you can use a fixer, or even Dinair’s moist & dewy to create that look and make it more lasting. Different skin types will also have different results with airbrush makeup (or any makeup really). Sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation to find the brand that suits you the best. Hope you find it! πŸ™‚

  • Michelle,

    Okay hopefully this is the last question sorry I’m bugging you so much. When switching between different types of airbrush foundations… For example silicone to water based etc… is it the airbrush gun you need to switch to handle both or the compressor? Or both? My Dinair does up to 15 psi, so I’m wonder to handle silicone do I just need a new wand?

    • Hi Ramie – that’s ok, I’m happy to help!
      You can’t use silicone-based in Dinair’s system. It is both because of the compressor and airbrush gun. PSI is part of the issue but also the needle/nozzle size. Most of the brands who sell water-based foundations have systems that are compatible with the thinner, water-based makeup only. The Dinair airbrush has the right needle/nozzle size to be ok for thicker makeup but there are other factors that make it struggle. I mean, it might be ok for a time (if you used the airbrush gun with another brand of compressor) but it wouldn’t last long.

  • Thank you Michelle, I tried a silicone based airbrush foundation from Mac which I heard they are getting rid of. Loved it! But it broke me out too bad. I think I’m giving up on airbrush makeup. Kryolan by far has been the best water based airbrush foundation that does not look dry or rubs off easily. Drys super fast though and you have to clean your wand immediately after using it. Thank you for all your help and time!

    • No problem Ramie! Yes, Kryolan is a great brand – sorry airbrushing didn’t work out for you! I’m glad you tried out so many different brands though – it’s the only way to know for sure! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle,

    I’m looking to get airbrushed for my wedding day. I am getting married in the Caribbean and will probably only use the air brush machine for big events after that. With that being said I do want to get the best I can for my money but it’s not necessary to get a high use machine. I do need a waterproof formula and something that is very portable, any recommendations? I’m leaning towards temptu but I love MAC and am wondering if I should try their airbrush, and I thought I read I could use MAC airbrush formulas in the temptu machine? Thank you in advance, I really found this website to be so helpful, but because I’ve never used airbrush I find all of the options overwhelming!

    • Hi Tracey – congratulations!! Wow – I love the Caribbean!! You’ll definitely need either MAC or Temptu. Have a look at my Temptu Review as it has information about alcohol-based makeup (which you’ll need in the humid environment!) and Temptu’s portable compressor (which you’ll need for travel!). AND – check out the special coupon code I have for 30% off which is valid for the next 3 days!! Quick!! πŸ™‚
      As for MAC – yes, MAC is wonderful! Their compressors are Iwata and this is the top brand. You can use MAC through the Temptu system as well though – Iwata don’t really have a ‘portable’ machine (like, with a battery which the Temptu system has). Graftobian also sell the walkaround which has a detachable battery for more portability.
      Good luck with your wedding!

      • Wow thank you Michelle! I think I’m going to go with the tempts it sounds promising!

  • Hi Michelle!
    I just discovered this page and I’m so excited! I spent the last few hours reading your responses to questions about airbrush makeup. I’m looking to buy a airbrush makeup kit and I’m so lost! I’m a redhead and have pinkish skin and I sweat a lot in the summer. I want a long lasting flawless coverage that will make me look beautiful all the time! πŸ™‚ I’m confused about the many different types of companies and stuff. There seems to be so many. Can u please advise as to which one I should go about purchasing? I look forward to your response and can’t wait to try out the one you recommend most!!!
    Thank you so much for your time! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tiffany! Sorry I took so long to reply! I was it with a lot of spam so it’s been crazy trying to sift through to find the real comments – I’m glad I found yours! πŸ™‚
      So if you want the best foundations check out MAC! The NW formulations are best for your skin tone and you’ll find the perfect match for you with them. MAC airbrush makeup systems are a little more expensive than the cheaper/smaller personal use ones (like Dinair/Belloccio) but they are much, much better. Also, since MAC use Iwata airbrush systems, you can just buy one of these separately and it will be cheaper! I wrote a review of the Silver Jet here.
      Temptu are also a great brand – their makeup range is very wide and you can choose from alcohol, silicone or water-based. Basically they have everything you need under one roof (brand!). My review of Temptu is here.
      With the Iwata systems, you can use any brand with them – that’s why they are awesome for airbrushers. I mean, I love MAC but if you don’t, there’s no problem in switching brands if you want to try another (like OCC or Graftobian which are both great too!).

      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle I have a problem and I need some advice, I have been reading your reviews and I was between Dinair and Belloccio and decided on Dinair. I was going to get the personal pro system but it is $200 but my husband and I agreed on only spending $100 which leaves Dinair’s basic kit and Belloccio’s standard kit. My problem is I chose Dinair because I could get the Paramedical foundation with the $200 kit, but I don’t think that is a option with the standard one. I have acne and some acne scars and I’m worried that Dinair’s basic kit foundation won’t cover them up and I won’t get the result I wanted. I also have the same worry about Belloccio’s covering them up completely. Another reason why I started looking at Belloccio’s again is because with there starter kit you get a whole lot more then Dinair’s basic kit. Please help! Which one should I choose?

    • Hi Isabele – that’s a tough one! Sometimes they go on special – but you’re right that Belloccio gives you a lot more for the price. It might be a good idea to go with Belloccio but buy the Dinair makeup. But, if you’re really trying to keep it under $100, the best thing is to buy around the sales/holidays as the rpices are sometimes much better. If you can wait!!

  • My daughter is on a competition dance team. I am looking to purchase an airbrush system to use on the team. I found a Luminess system on Zulily that was regular $249 on sale for $99. I am not concerned about cost so much as quality. I want something that is easy to use, will last, & easy to travel with. Any suggestions??

    • Hi Mandy – Luminess isn’t the best brand if you want quality. For a complete system that will work for your daughter’s competitions, check out Temptu. They have two compressor options – the portable one with the battery will be the best for you since she can take it to the competition if she needs to do touch ups before getting on stage. Also, they have an alcohol-based makeup which is what you want for competitions since it will not rub off at all with sweat etc. Alcohol-based is long lasting – but you don’t use it daily. Temptu also have silicone-based or water-based for daily use. Just double check that her skin isn’t sensitive to alcohol (that’s also what they use for stage, costume and theatre makeup as well as a lot of bridal etc).
      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

    • Oh – I forgot to mention, Mandy, that Temptu have sent me a coupon code which will be up for the next 3 days. So check out my review if you want to use that. πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much for the info!!!!

  • Hi Michelle,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write all these wonderful reviews! I was wondering what system/make up you would recommend for someone who has never done air brush before, but cost isn’t a problem and I am looking to use this every day. I have had it done for several weddings and I just love it. I am a teacher and I am so tired of school getting out and having to reapply all my make up!! My skin is pretty normal but still prone to breakouts if not careful so I was thinking the water based solutions would be best but not sold yet. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I look forward to reading your response!!!!

    • Hi Jessica – I just realized your comment is 1 month old! Sorry – I’ve been hit with so much spam lately it’s been hard to get through. Definitely Temptu or Iwata. You can see my review of Temptu Temptu Review. The reason I recommend Temptu is because they have everything you need for airbrushing makeup including a great range of makeup. If you want the best, go with Iwata – they have the best airbrush guns and best compressors – but the learning curve and support may be more difficult. Temptu can guide you with airbrushing technique and choosing the right shades etc. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Hello,

    I am looking for the best airbrush machine for putting on foundation. Normally, I don’t wear makeup but now at 26 my skin has decided to throw me a curveball in the form of pimples. I am looking for a machine that will make the foundation look as natural as possible. Also, makeup that is good for my skin and will not rub off on my clothing. Please help.

    • Hello Amber – sorry my reply has taken so long! Are you sensitive to silicone? You might want to avoid silicone-based makeup for now if you are getting breakouts. Stick with water-based like Dinair or aloe-based like Tickled Pink. I’ve written reviews of both of these. Also, knowing how to prep your skin before applying any makeup is really important. A good cleanser and the right moisturizer are really important. Sometimes pimple breakouts are a sign of sensitivity to things like chemicals or even things in your diet – this can build up over time too so it’s sometimes hard to isolate what’s causing it. Hope you can work it out! Let me know if you need any more help with airbrushing. πŸ™‚

  • Hi Michelle,

    This site is super awesome and very helpful.

    I’m 35 and have started to develop fine lines under my eyes. I also have enormous pores on my face that I can never seem to hide. I use the Porefessional by Benefit and that helps a little but I want a flawless look. I’m hoping I can get this with airbrush makeup but Is this even possible for me or is it hopeless? Will airbrush makeup cover my pores or sink into them? Can I disguise my fine lines? And which makeup do you recommend? Should I go silicone or water based? I have normal skin but I do get shiny when wearing regular makeup. I only breakout once a month and they’re usually pretty small so acne isn’t a huge issue for me. It’s pretty humid where I live during the summer.
    I appreciate any help and guidance you can give me!

    • Hi Jennifer! Glad my site has helped! πŸ™‚
      A lot of people ask me about pores and lines. I often recommend a silicone-based airbrush makeup like Temptu. Just make sure that you aren’t sensitive to silicone. If you get shiny, you can use a powder which will give you a matte look. Water-based makeup generally is more matte while silicone-based is generally more ‘moist and dewy’ looking.

      I’ll copy-paste what I’ve posted about prepping in the comments elsewhere:

      Cleanse first with a good cleanser. You probably won’t need any moisturizer – especially if you used rose hip oil the night before.

      You’ll want to put a toner before applying your makeup. Do you have a favorite? Beauty By Earth is all natural and more gentle on the skin that most.

      If you want to go a bit more hardcore on that oil then try an astringent like IQ Natural. I don’t know if you’ve used this before but you can get great results with daily use over a few months and it works great as part of your prepping routine.

      After the toner, use a primer. I wrote an short article on Primed and Poreless here. Otherwise, if you’re using Temptu, use their S/B primer which is great too.

      At this point you could start foundation. But, if you have spots you can use a concealer to target these areas and reduce their severity. Do this BEFORE foundation. Have you seen the Temptu concealer wheel? So you’ll need a stipple brush for this.

      You can then start to target these areas again if they need to be neutralized further–but this time with the airbrush gun and foundation. Then you can start to do full passes of the foundation which should now produce a very even coverage!

      Then do blush, contouring and highlighting, eyes. Finish with mascara and lips!

      Hope all that makes sense!! Let me know how you go – it might take some practice but the key is good prepping and good routine!

  • Hi Michelle!
    i am make up artist and want to start airbrushing.
    i am divided between ninja and neo. How different are they?
    i like to portability of neo, but will i be able to use different kinds of make up with it? is it powerful enough?

    Thank you !!!!!

    • Hi Natalia – the Ninja is much better. The Neo isn’t a ‘true’ Iwata. It’s similar to Dinair or Belloccio. It’s not great with thicker makeup. The Ninja is good but can be a little noisy for a ‘whisper quiet’ machine. It’s still reasonably portable and so is the Silver Jet (which is better than those two). But, if you want a great system, go up to the Power Jet or Smart Jet. Or, check out Temptu or Graftobian which have portable machines. Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  • What are the chances of getting a review of the Make Me A Diva Airbrush kit???

    • Hi Renee – I’ll be doing lots more reviews in 2016 because a whole lot of new kits have become available. Stay tuned!

  • Hi Michelle,

    I bumped to your blog and reviews. I’m impress of how professional you describes and give fair reviews to all brands of airbrush makeup. As a distributor for airbrush makeup system, I know for the fact that customers want quality brands over cheap airbrush makeup however, there are few users who really on a tight budget that is why I also distribute on local brands from China which are also nice to use. Anyways, like you said the importance of airbrush makeup is getting to know which brand suits your skin and preferences.

    You may continue to give insightful reviews to your readers. And you may want to be an airbrush makeup distributor, please visit our site. Thank you.