Airbrush Makeup Review: Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System

Belloccio is not really a household name and they are unlikely to grab as much of a share of the market as TEMPTU or Dinair but their makeup system is worth considering. The compressor is very similar to the Tickled Pink model in performance and has a real non-industrial, domestic feel to it–presumably because the compressor is encased with a plastic shell. However, the airbrush itself is a good performer with a few extra features which I really liked. It is amazing that they can sell the Super Quiet Mini Airbrush Compressor for less than $50 and the complete Belloccio Professional Airbrush Makeup System including foundation for just $179.96. It is definitely competitively priced and not lacking in features, making this an airbrush makeup system to consider.
For those of you with no time for long reviews click here to skip to the ratings breakdown.

UPDATE: New Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Review

Belloccio have updated their compressor and makeup since this review and I have created a more detailed, in-depth review of the company and their two airbrush compressors as well as their makeup here.

What is in the box:

The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System is a complete setup and will provide you with everything you need to start airbrushing. It comes with the Precision Gravity Feed Airbrush that can be set up for both single or dual action, airbrush holder, 5 foundation colors, a moisturizing primer, the compressor, 6-foot hose, carry bag, airbrush cleaner and plug-in adapter.

The mini compressor is very quiet and powerful enough for airbrushing with a range of between 5-15 PSI (that’s actually 5PSI more powerful than some of Bellocio’s rivals!). It has three airflow control settings (low, medium, high) which means it can be used for tanning or body art and gives you finer control when you need to do detail around the eyes. It’s a great size for travel and only weighs 1.3 lbs. The airbrush is good quality and is both single or dual-action because the unit has an extra air inlet valve stem. There are also two sizes of plastic fluid cups (3/4 and 1.5 oz.) which is a fantastic option for when you need to cover large areas or only need a couple of drops for finer control. The nozzle has an adjustable spray pattern from 0.4mm ‘hairline’ to 2.5 inches wide. Belloccio also sells a professional grade ‘Salon Air’ compressor which is much larger and more powerful but we have not reviewed it here.

The Belloccio makeup range is extremely limited being just 16 shades of foundation in sets of 5 from cool to warm–or, more specifically, fair, medium, warm, tan or dark. This is a real pity and it would be great to see some blushes from them. The foundations are water-based and do not contain fragrance, oils or parabens. Belloccio claim their makeup is organic and have have been tested as hypoallergenic and non comoedogenic. These are also sold separately in sets for $79.96 which includes five 1.2 oz. bottles plus the moisturizing  primer. An alternative would be to use makeup from another brand (such as Dinair or Tickled Pink) in the Belloccio since the range and quality of some of the other brands of makeup is better.

Belloccio haven’t had as large a marketing campaign as other airbrush makeup kit manufacturers and as a result haven’t quite built up a reputation as a trusted brand.

We don’t really associate the name ‘Belloccio’ with ‘makeup’ which puts them at a disadvantage in this competitive market where many manufacturers are racing to get their machines out before perfecting the quality of their cosmetics. However, at such an amazing price the Belloccio does not compromise on features and is compatible with makeup from other brands, giving it a possible edge against its competitors.

Average range of 5-15PSI for this level of compressor.
A good airbrush gun with dual action
Water-based only but hypoallergenic. Not an exciting range
Can be a challenge with these smaller companies
A competitive price
A brand to consider for price but sits below competitors in quality of makeup.

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  • Hi Michelle,

    I ran across your review of our line Belloccio and wanted to contact you to let you know we have just launched 9 new blushes to go with our airbrush kits and foundations. We would love to see what you think- please contact me at to get more information.



  • I could not agree more Michelle. After many months of research I decided to go with Belloccio simply because you definatley get more bang for your buck. I recieved my kit for $159.97 in December 2011. Included in my kit were 4 .55oz foundations, .55oz primer/moisturizer, .55oz tanning solution, 3 .25oz blush/shimmers, 4oz bottle of cleaner, makeup bag, compressor, airbursh gun and 6ft hose. The quality of the system is fantastic. I’d like to further comment on the customer service aspect of your review. Unfortunatley after a few weeks of use, my air compressor had a slight malfuntion. The on/off switch stopped working. I was still able to use my system but no longer had to option to turn off the compressor once plugged in. I contacted customer support, left my phone number for a call back and within 10 minutes a very nice young man named Sonny called me back. I briefly explained the issue with my compressor and provided my invoice number and with no questions asked promptly confrimed my shipping address and agreed to ship me a new compressor. I was in such disbelief of it being that simple that I actually called back just confirm and voila, it was just that simple!! Bravo!! I would hightly reccomend giving this “underdog” a shot, you will not be disappointed!!

    • Wow! That’s great to hear and thank you so much for leaving a comment. It’s really helpful to get feedback regarding customer service especially about companies who don’t have a big name. I’ve found that it is sometimes the smaller companies who will go out of their way to help you. What did you think of the foundations?

      • Again, I could’nt agree more. Not always better to go with the bigger, well known companies. As far as the foundations, great even coverage and light as a feather, you truly feel like you’re not wearing makeup at all. What I also like is the ability to mix and match to achieve your perfect match,and neither my hands or brushes ever have to touch my face. I would however like to see a water based rather than the silicone based products. Overall, very satisfied!!

  • Do you know by any chance if the belloccio air system is dual voltage?
    And regarding their foundations are they really light? I´m a make up artist for brides in Argentina and I really need light foundations that provide good coverage.

    • Hello – thank you for visiting my website! The Belloccio system runs on a voltage of 110-120V/60HZ so I’m not sure if this works for you in Argentina or not. The foundations are silicone-based and feel very light on the skin. They also have a new range that I haven’t tried yet. If you are doing a lot of work as a makeup artist, you may want to look for a more robust compressor/airgun (like Iwata) as the Belloccio is built more for home use. Please let me know how you go and good luck with your makeup business!

      • Thanks a lot Michelle!
        The problem I have with the IWATA is that I can´t find their compressors on e-bay and from their website I need to have a US credit card to buy, they don´t accept international credit cards.
        Is there any other airbrush kit that you would recommend? Dinair maybe?
        A friend of mine tried temptu, the airbrush was great but she didn´t like the make up because it wasn´t water resistant and with brides we need that.
        How about make up? Thank you so much for your answer.

        • Hello Cecilia – Dinair is good too and their water-based makeup has a certain amount of water-proof quality (up to a point). I recommend Makeup Forever’s Mist and Fix. There are a few great products I have recommended in my “Products We Love” category which can help with things like water-proofing or reducing oiliness. I only put the good stuff on there and I really recommend checking it out.
          I actually think the best prices are on Amazon most of the time. Plus they have great return policies and fast shipping. You should be able to order with an international credit card with no problems from Argentina.
          If you are doing a lot of professional work I think it’s worth investing in an Iwata. Have you looked into the MAC Cosmetics system? This is an Iwata and comes in bundles using the MAC makeup. Their makeup is really great – some silicone and some water-based. They also have a beautiful range of colors and are inventing more all the time. I’d recommend looking into MAC for professional use.
          Good luck Cecilia and please let me know how you go!

          • Hi Michelle,
            Thank you so so much for your answer. I´ll look into your website and check “products we love” also go to Mac pro and take a look at their arbrush.
            Thank you so much!

  • Hello Michelle. Interested in buying the Equipment Kit Makeup Airbrush System from Belloccio. I was wondering if I can run silicone-based foundations from different companies like Temptu and OCC? Can it also run water based makeup? pretty much any type of air brush makeup. I was considering buying the Temptu SP-35 airbrush gun which has a Needle/Nozzle size of 0.35mm. The Belloccio has a Needle/Nozzle size of 0.3mm which one would be better?
    Thank you.

    • Hi – as a general rule you shouldn’t run makeup from one manufacturer in the airbrush from a different manufacturer. But, it can be done with some brands – generally the better quality ones will work fine with different makeup. I wouldn’t put a silicone-based makeup in the airgun that was designed for water-based (or vice versa). You also have to factor in the compressor since different PSI ranges will have different results with different makeup.
      It gets complicated! Sometimes the best way is to contact the manufacturers directly – and ask them if a specific makeup you want to use will work in their gun. Sometimes you get a response, other times they might simply say ‘no’. But, some are really up front and will be great help and most know that noone wants to stick to only one brand of makeup.
      Regarding needle/nozzle size: the smaller needle/nozzle is for fine work (eyes, detailing). So, generally you would use the SP-35 for foundation, blush and other large areas. You could do eye shadow if you had stencils.
      The Belloccio is designed to be versatile so you can get away with using it for both finer and medium/large areas.
      The Iwata airguns are built really well and can take almost any makeup. They are versatile and some you can take apart and change needle size etc.
      If you are putting different makeup in your airgun, be sure to really clean it. This is so important because it can be easy to clog an airgun and proper cleaning is essential.
      If you want to get a little advanced, there are ways to thicken up water-based makeup (so it produces a dewy look like silicone-based) but that’s for another comment/post!

  • Thank you so much! I will probably contact Belloccio to see if i can use Temptu’s produces with that airbrush. But before I buy the Belloccio set I was wondering what your thoughts were on this set off Amazon?

    Thanks for all your help!

    • Hello again! Always happy to help 🙂
      I haven’t seen those sets before but can definitely give you some advice.
      Theoretically, hobby airbrush kits run the same way as our makeup ones but there are some subtle differences. It’s amazing how much cheaper the hobby ones can be though considering they are more or less the same! Ha!
      I would say that you wouldn’t use the bottle-fed airguns – most makeup artists prefer cup fed because we work with much smaller amounts of ‘paint’ and often require easy access in order to mix our colors. The hobbyists or detailers use cups when they have a large area to paint (so, we might use cup to do body spray-tan)
      Similarly, some of these compressors will have relatively high working PSI. The Belloccio compressor is the perfect PSI range (5-15) for airbrushing makeup (though some of the Iwata compressors go up to 35 or so which extends their usefulness to things like spray tan and body-paint).
      Did you notice ‘Air Hobby’ had a more ‘makeup’ style kit? The “Multi-purpose Airbrush Kit with Mini Compressor, Dual-action Gravity Feed Airbrush and Air Hose”. I can’t recommend this one as I’ve never used it but technically it should be fine for makeup. And you can see how competitive the price is relative to what we pay just for a different purpose (hobby vs makeup).
      Hmm – does that all makeup sense? I guess the best advice at this stage would be to go with a dedicated-use makeup airbrush kit. They almost all come with some makeup too. Just to be on the safe side.

  • Thank you for your review…very helpful. Yesterday I inquired at Belloccio about their make up base and she responded that their make up IS water-based not silicone-based. Hope that info is correct. Perhaps this is something new for them, but that is what I was told. Also they have a new compressor that looks beautiful…all chrome (with a slot to put the airbrush in when not using). Very nice. I know I shouldn’t go for looks as opposed to quality, but if all things are otherwise pretty equal mechanically…I’d rather see it sitting out on my counter than some of the others…some are just butt ugly LOL! I am now torn between Belloccio and Denair. Though I do think I will end up using the Denair make up line either way. Denair has variable speed compressor as opposed to set speeds of low, med, high. what is the advantage, if any, to variable speed??? Would appreciate your thoughts.

    • Hello Sallie – thanks for reading and for updating us about the Belloccio! Ooh – you are right about the new look Belloccio! I know exactly what you mean about preferring some compressors over looks. If it wasn’t an issue we’d all just be using those hobby machines that look like bits of industrial machinery! I definitely need to update this review as I know that Belloccio are making big changes to their makeup line and equipment; I’ll be working on an updated post as soon as I get some time! Hopefully I’ll get to try out some of their new makeup range soon too.
      To answer your question regarding Dinair vs Belloccio: well, I haven’t tried the latest Belloccio machine and I’ve noticed that with this level of machine it comes down to very subtle differences and sometimes just individual preference. However, I’d definitely recommend variable speed because you need a lower speed for fine work and higher speed for larger areas. Also, a compressor that has a higher speed allows you to blast out the makeup for cleaning. It’s always better to have the option of changing PSI because you’ll find that sometimes the speed isn’t right for you when doing certain areas (eyes for example).
      Hope this helps! And please let me know which one you choose and how you go.

  • Hi Michelle,

    Before I came to your website I was having problems on deciding on which airbrush to buy. I want to thank-you for your reviews and expertise! Your website has been a big help and I am now leaning towards the Belloccio airbrush. They have two kits and the one that perks my interest is the one that comes with a make-up airbrush as well as a tanning airbrush. Do you feel this compressor that comes with this kit is powerful enough to create an overall even tan?
    Plus, in your opinion do you think it will taker forever to do and not worth it in the long run!(This is what I think).
    Thank-you for your help!

    • Hi Wendy – thanks for visiting! I really appreciate the positive feedback on my website and I’m so glad it’s helping people out! 🙂
      I think the Belloccio is great value for money and it looks like their new makeup range has improved a lot.
      You’re right though – the mini-compressors aren’t powerful enough to do a full body tan. It just gets frustrating. They are definitely good for foundation & blush but the $$ savings vs the hassle and extra time using a less powerful compressor isn’t really worth it (sometimes you end up just creating a mess of it because it’s too hard to get even layers when you need to do lots and lots of passes!).
      I haven’t tried their ‘salon’ compressor which has a PSI of 5-35. It looks really similar to an Iwata. It’s just not something you can travel with I guess. But all the specs look perfect. If you don’t mind the size of it then this might be the one to choose – and buy both airbrushes (on for makeup and one for tanning). It will save you hassle in the long term.
      Please keep me up to date with what you decide to go with – I’d love to hear some feedback on the Salon compressor.
      Good luck!

  • If you recommend Belloccio airbrush make up and believe it’s comparable of other air brush make up brands can you please tell me if you can use Belloccio airbrush make up with the Dinair airbrushing system?

    Please help! Thanks!

    • Hello Tiffany – it’s definitely possible to use some makeup which is waterbased (assuming you are looking at the Belloccio system which uses their new line of water-based makeup). They have a few new compressors out now since I tried this one so you may want to look at those and decide which one best suits your needs.
      When using makeup from different manufacturers you have to look at whether or not it’s silicone-based or water-based makeup as well as to work out the consistency. Some makeup may be too thick for the Belloccio while others may be too thin – and others just right. You can also thin-out or thicken any makeup with a few simple tricks – it just takes practice and can sometimes be a hassle if you don’t enjoy it. However, if you like doing that kind of thing and playing with creating your own shades etc then go for it!

  • I made comments yesterday about my bad experience with Belloccio and their NO RETURN policy. My post never made it on your website.

    I chose them for the airbrush makeup system because you said such glowing things about them including the easy way to return items! (Good in case the product just doesn’t work out). Which was the case for me, they will not take back anything after you use it, and how do you know if you like it if you don’t try it. I’m out almost $200 and not happy.

    Just wondering what happened to it to my post, or do you only post the good things?

    Arlington, Texas

    • Hi Candi – you can find your comments on the Belloccio and my reply here on the reviews page. The comments don’t automatically get approved because otherwise I’d get a lot of spam. But I definitely wouldn’t censor the negative comments since these really help, especially with the lesser known brands. You’re definitely not the first to have a negative experience with their customer service and this does reflect in my overall ratings (I rate Tickled Pink higher because of this, amongst other factors).
      Please let me know how you go.

  • Michelle,
    Really appreciate your reviews and have found expertise extremely helpful before jumping in to make my own airbrush kit purchase. My dilemma is this: Dinair seems to have a really nice airbrush, but not a very good compressor, while Belloccio seems to have a very good air compressor, but the quality of the airbrush seems lacking. As far as makeup quality and color choices Dinair seems really good. My question is this – could I buy the Dinair system, but also buy the Belloccio air compressor and use it with he Dinair system?

    • Hello Diana – thank you for reading! I’m glad my website is of help!
      The Belloccio and Dinair are very similar in a lot of ways – you are right that the Dinair compressor isn’t that great; but it is definitely fine for daily use and the working PSI range is perfectly fine for applying makeup to the face (and a low PSI is good for fine work such as the eyes etc). Actually the Belloccio airbrush is good! The compressor is about the same quality as Dinair (these can’t compare to the professional ones though – Dinair has a ‘salon’ quality compressor which is quite expensive).
      To answer your question: yes, you can mix and match different brands of compressor with different brands of airgun. The airgun should come with an adapter (but they don’t always so double check this!). Remember also that Dinair is designed for water-based makeup whereas a lot of Belloccio is silicone-based and won’t be compatible with the Dinair airgun straight out of the bottle (it will need to be thinned down and can eventually clog the airgun – plus it means more cleaning!).
      Hope that answers your question – please let me know if you need any more help.

  • Michelle,

    Thank you so much for your quick response. I guess I misunderstood regarding Belloccio’s airbrush. Thank you for correcting me on that assumption.

    I continued some research and went directly to belloccio’s wedsite. I found that they too have a Salon Airbrush Compressor. When I checked out their specifications – it sounds very similar to the Iwata compressor that you favor. There is a huge price different though – with the Iwata compressor costing over $300.00 and the Belloccio Salon compressor running basically $90.00. I found it interesting that the Salon Belloccio looks very much like the Iwata Silver Jet, but the specs sound more like the slightly more powerful Iwata compressor – which looks totally different. I guess the question is, are you familiar with the Belloccio Salon Compressor? Have you come across any customer ratings on it? I couldn’t find that information and I was actually trying to find out who the manufacturer was – because it looks so much like the Iwata.

    Also, while Iwata also makes the best airbrushes. If you had to choose between Dinair and Belloccio’s airbrushes – which one would you choose and why. I am just trying to dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s before I make my final decision – as this is a financial investment – especially in todays economy. I do not mean to put you on the spot, ultimately I will take responsibility for the decision I make – but you seem extremely knowledgable and I value your opinion. I enclosed the compressor specs for you – in case that is helpful to you.

    Thank you – and again – I look forward to hearing from you.

    Salon Airbrush Compressor
    Type: Single Cylinder Piston with 0.08 Gallon (0.3 Liters) Air Tank
    Power: 1/6 Horse Power
    Voltage: 110-120V/60HZ
    Dimensions: 6.5″H x 6″W x 7 “L
    Weight: 6 LBS (2.7KG)
    Electric Cord: 6 ft
    Certificate: CE
    3 Airflow Control Settings
    Air Control: Pressure Adj. Regulator and Gauge
    Air Delivery: 23 Ltrs/Minute; 0.6 CFM @ 57 PSI
    Working Pressure: 5-35 PSI
    Auto Stop at 57 PSI, Auto Start at 43 PSI
    Maximum Pressure: Factory Preset at 57 PSI
    Connections: 1/8” BSP
    6″ Braided Hose & Mini-Inline Moisture Filter

    Price: $89.98

    • Hello again Diana – it’s fantastic that you are doing all this research before investing in an airbrush makeup system. They are expensive and you definitely don’t want to buy something that you end up hating or that fails and the company won’t allow you to return – if you have any chance of trying out a few brands before buying it is always a big help. Sometimes things like the noise of the compressor or the weight of the airbrush in your hand can also affect your response to the machine. One thing: Dinair offers a ‘try before you buy’ 30 day money back guarantee (minus shipping charges). There is fine print (eg. you have to complete their take home course) but that might give you the peace of mind enough to invest in their brand. They have had a very good history with customer service plus are always innovating with new makeup. The mini-compressor is also very easy to use since the output is preset/configured for particular tasks (eg. eyeliner, blush, foundation, cleaning).
      Regarding the Salon Airbrush Compressor from Belloccio – Yes, I’ve seen this compressor but have not had any experience with it at all. It may be constructed exactly to the specifications of the Iwata (since this happens a lot with electronics manufactured in China – ie. grey market clones). In fact, there are a lot of airbrush compressors out there which aren’t marketed to makeup artists (but are for toy model builders, or artists etc) and they are often cheaper than the ones they sell to us even though they are technically the same thing! The specifications for the Belloccio Salon compressor look very good but you would possibly be taking a risk buying it (though the risk might pay off!). If this is the same as the Iwata then it will be a great machine and if you couple that with a good Iwata airbrush then you will have a very impressive setup. However, sometimes there is a reason that some of these cheaper machines are actually cheaper – they cut costs but cutting corners and using cheaper construction materials. I’m not saying that this is the case for the Belloccio – but there is always that risk. And you start to get alarm bells ringing when it looks so similar to the popular brand.
      I know you said you will ultimately take responsibility for your decision so I feel comfortable giving my recommendation – my feeling is that you should go for the Dinair since it has a good warranty, will do everything you need it to do, the makeup is great and if ultimately you don’t like it you can send it back. But, if you keep it clean (an investment in the docking station is an investment in your airbrush makeup system having a longer life!) then it should last a long time.

      I hope that’s helpful! Please keep me updated!!

  • Hi, i have read all your page, thank you for the information its been very helpful but im still confused. Im from australia and i want to invest in an airbrush system and use as a business for bridal makeup. i have any questions. what brand would your recommend for all day use eg wedding in hot weather? i never used one will it be easy to learn? how long dose a bottle of foundation last or how many faces can i apply it on? now ever one is having xmas sales which one will be value for money? i know the postage is at least $50 to here. i really i cant decide which one to get plz help!
    thank you !

    • G’day Cynthia from Australia! I’m glad my website is helping but I can totally understand why you’re still confused. There are many options in choosing airbrush makeup systems and you want to get the right one especially when shipping to Australia is $50! It’s a difficult question because it depends on a lot of factors. Like, how big is your bridal makeup business and will you be available all day to do touch ups? Airbrushing makeup takes practice and there’s a learning period where you have to learn to trust your eye and also to learn how to feel the airbrush working. If you already know the basic makeup principles you’ll pick it up in no time!
      Water-based makeup is good in hot weather because it feels lighter on the skin. But if the bride is sweaty you need to use a fixer Makeup Forever. Dinair has great makeup and a big range. It’s definitely value for money but Tickled Pink has a very similar compressor which is much cheaper. Ticked Pink comes with some samples but they are small. You could try using Dinair makeup in this compressor since Tickled Pink makeup isn’t the best. But these aren’t Pro machines. If you really want something that will stand up to a lot of use then the Temptu Pro machines might be better.
      Though I always recommend Iwata for professionals since it will last forever.
      Remember that the biggest expense (over time) is always the makeup. Different brands require different amounts of makeup but as a guide you only need around 5 drops for foundation. So you’d go through a foundation bottle in a month if you used it every day.
      There are ways to make your own airbrush makeup too!
      Have another read through my airbrush makeup reviews because they cover more than I can in this reply! While you are reading keep in mind that you are looking for an airbrush makeup system that will last, is versatile, and is from a brand that has good quality makeup. Dinair is almost there but maybe it’s not professional enough for your needs. Temptu has great makeup and a variety of compressors – maybe that’s the way to go.
      Oh – I hope I haven’t confused you more! If you have any more questions please ask. And let me know how you go. 🙂

  • wow thanks so much for reply so fast! i will read all the recommended pages. thanks again!

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  • Hi Michelle,

    Just wanted to let you know that I emailed Belloccio last week and they told me that their makeup is water-based. I had read this somewhere else on your site, so I wanted to confirm for myself, and indeed it is true.

  • Hi I have recently started a mobile tanning service and I purchased the Belloccio Oppulance and the Belloccio premium 8% DHA solutions I was just wondering if you have any knowledge of the color, how well it wheres off, how long it last in genera,l and the smell. I do not know if this is a new product for Belloccio as I have tried to find reviews on the sunless tanning spray solutions and you are the first that seems to be very knowledgeable of there products. Thank you

    • Hi Misty – the Belloccio tanning solution dries to a really nice color. It doesn’t have that organge tint that some others have. I really like it. I didn’t mind the smell at all but I guess it’s always a subjective thing.

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  • You say that the temptu makeup can be used with this air brush. Is that the silicone based makeup or their aqua foundation? I purchased this mainly because of all of the positive reviews. When I used it the makeup accentuated all of the fine lines I never knew I had so many of and made me look at least 10 years older. I am hoping the silicone makeup will work better. I am going to be very upset if it doesnt work with this airbrush since everyone has said it will.

    • Hi Brenda – Belloccio have recently changed their makeup to be predominantly water-based (though there are silicones in the primer). I’ve updated this review to reflect this.
      I know some people have used Temptu’s makeup in the Belloccio but you might find it’s a hassle since Temptu is a bit thicker and will require a bit of cleaning to make sure you don’t clog the Belloccio.
      You might find that the bad result you are getting is because you are doing too many passes of the makeup – remember that ‘less is more’ and you only need a 2 or 3 passes to get a natural result. Otherwise the makeup will cake and accentuate lines. Also – try not to squint or create unnatural wrinkles when airbrushing!
      Hope that helps!

  • I’m an independent make up artist and do bridal parties mainly. Is this machine and products the best for this kind of work?

    • Hi Dawn – it’s definitely not the best out of all airbrush makeup machines. You really have to balance number of clients, cost, quality of makeup etc. Iwata is the best brand. The smaller compressors like Belloccio, Dinair, Tickled Pink won’t withstand a heavy load so it’s really difficult when you have a lot of clients on the one day.
      I have some information on Iwata here.

  • Thank you for your quick reply I think I will be going with the Dinair but I am still largely undecided I have thought on this for weeks now and I keep going back to Belloccio is cheaper $120 but Dinair seems like it is the smarter option for some reason…..

  • I recently just a belloccio airbrush system and completely love it and I love the makeup but I really want to try out some of the colorful Temptu kits for special effect makeup. My only concern is whether or not the belloccio system is compatible with temptu’s makeup. I’ve seen some people say it does and some who say is doesn’t….whats your opinion? has anyone tried those paired together?

    • Hi Morgan – great to hear you are happy with the Belloccio! It’s a great airbrush makeup system. Unfortunately the Temptu makeup isn’t compatible though as it’s too thick (being silicone-based). Dinair has a great range and will be ok in your Belloccio. Also look at Tickled Pink makeup and Camera Ready Cosmetics. 🙂

  • Help looked all over for your phone number and could not find it.Please E-Mail it to me.
    Thx. MOLLY

  • Don’t know if you will get this in time, but The Today Show has a Belloccio Airbrush system, with 4 foundations, blush, highlighters, primer, eye shadow cleaning system, DVD,1 year warranty on system, lifetime warranty on airbrush, etc …allegedly retailing for $490, for $79! If you go to and then ‘Steals and Deals’, you can see the offer.

    I’ve been wanting to try airbrush makeup for ever, so after doing some brief checking on-line, this deal seemed pretty darn good. With shipping it was under $100.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for the tip Kelly! There are some great deals on the personal-use systems like Belletto, Belloccio, Dinair, Temptu and Tickled Pink. You just have to be quick to grab them!

  • Hello, this is very helpful. I ´m next to buy my first airbrush kit but I have some doubts. Which one you say is the best? Belloccio or Dinair?
    Can Belloccio be used with Dinair makeup? they have more colors!
    I have read that primer is very necessary for a best results with Belloccio, is that true?
    I hope you can help me, thank you.

    • Hi Cristina! Sorry for the late reply – I received a lot of spam recently so I’m trying to get through it all! Yikes!
      Belloccio and Dinair are very similar – it almost comes down to personal preference. Dinair has a bigger range of makeup and some people love the colors. Other prefer Belloccio. You can use either brand in the other Brand’s system so don’t stress about that. As for using Primer – ALL makeup is better with primer!!! It’s all about prepping! 🙂