What Is The Best Airbrush Makeup System For Christmas?

Hey are you looking to find the best airbrush makeup kit for a birthday or Christmas gift? It’s a fantastic present for someone special who you know is into makeup but can be really confusing for those of you who know nothing about it and just want to find a complete system that your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/SO/mom/daughter/son/friend will love! So, I’m going to make it easier for you to find the best airbrush makeup system for this Christmas.

Remember that you need to find a complete system which includes the compressor, an airbrush gun and the makeup (make sure you pick the right foundation tones!). If it’s too confusing to work out which foundation your loved one will use, try looking at what foundation they are using now (you can mention that to the customer service rep–Dinair can be very helpful with this. Sometimes they have helpful info on their websites too so you can match the right airbrush foundation with a traditional foundation.

There are a few brands which are perfect for beginners–so, if you are buying an airbrush makeup kit for someone who hasn’t used one before, and who will only use it for their own daily makeup, then the brands you want to look at are Dinair, Belloccio, Tickled Pink and Temptu (links are to my reviews of each of these airbrush makeup systems). Dinair, Belloccio and Tickled Pink are all designed for water-based makeup – that means the effect will be more matte. Temptu is silicone-based which means the effect will be more dewy. Some people are sensitive to silicone-based makeup so be careful!

Also, during this holiday season, a few brands are giving big discounts! Belloccio is available on Amazon for just $120! Dinair is $60 more expensive (on Amazon) but is a very safe option with their great range of makeup and long history of good customer service.

If you are looking to splurge even more then two great professional machines are Iwata and Temptu Pro. The Temptu Pro system is more robust than their ones designed for home-use and this kit comes with everything you need. Iwata can be used with almost any type of airbrush makeup so this kit may be the perfect gift for someone who likes to choose their own makeup!

So if you want to find the best airbrush makeup system for Christmas remember to look for one from a trusted brand and one that comes with everything you need, including the compressor, airbrush gun and possibly even the makeup (if you know the right foundation shade!)

If you are still unsure then head on over to my airbrush makeup reviews to check out reviews and information on the major brands. Hopefully this will help you decide and won’t confuse you! And airbrush makeup system is a fantastic gift!

Happy holidays!

Temptu Pro

Temptu Pro

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  • Hi Michelle! I have found your site to be extremely helpful, I’m a licensed cosmotologist specializing I spa work, I am getting married this year and during the process of considering having someone do my makeup,I came across an artist that uses Temptu, then looking at how much she charges and how much I could buy a kit for, I have become intersested in expanding my services and learning to do the airbrush makeup my self! So that lead me to a whole lot of research and I came across the “Be Pro” professional kit for airbrush, but do not see anything about it in your info. Do you know anything about it? I’m not ready to make the large investment into the IWATA, but I’m not ruling it out either, I just need something to get started and I’m also very interested in any education that might be available to me in the western ny area, if that’s anything you could help with, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hey Samantha! Wow – how exciting that you’re getting married this year!! I don’t have personal experience with the “be Pro” but it is designed for their silicone-based makeup and apparently is ok with Dinair too! Also – I saw the compressor on Amazon for only $37 which is amazing! But the whole kit is somewhere around $150 which puts it in the same realm as Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio. Any of these will help get you started if you’re not ready for the expense of Iwata, Graftobian or Temptu Pro. There is a smaller Iwata Neo that’s more affordable but not as good as the Silver Jet or Ninja Jet. In terms of education, I think most people agree that the DVDs that come with most of the airbrush makeup systems as well as tutorials online (and practice!) is the best way to learn – especially if you already have experience. The big thing to keep in mind though is that the smaller compressors generally can’t be run for long periods of time because the little motors heat up too much and they will shut down. A lot of the time, 10 minutes will be too much. But, if you’re careful, they can be fine for use on your clients – just don’t push the compressor too hard!
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • hi i am something to ask you. i am gonna buy compressor and airbrush for my makeup. and originally I was going to buy dinair basic kit but i knew dinair system doesnt work for silicone based makeup. Peoples said like dinair or luminess air compressor doesnt have enough “psi”. i saw dinair compressor maximum psi is about 15psi? is it lower psi for silicone based foundation? or just not enough psi for cleaning? and can I just buy other airbrush(like iwata)
    and connect dinair compressor?(if that is the problem cant use silicone base makeup) because I really want try dinair system(inexpensive, small, quite..etc) but also I want use silicone based foundation. everyday my foundation is transfer and I am quite activity and summer season is a nightmare…and I saw silicone based foundation is waterproof.. so what do u think? I will wait for your answer and sorry for the terrible english :/
    oh and 20~25maximum psi compressor is okay for the makeup and cleaning?

    • Hi Kim – thanks for visiting! 🙂
      Dinair airbrushes generally don’t work with the Iwata compressor. Both the Dinair compressor and the Dinair airbrush are designed for the thinner water-based makeup. There is a smaller Iwata system called “Neo” which is like the Dinair and Luminess. There is a Neo airbrush for use with it which is not bad.
      You can use a fixer to make water-based makeup last longer and be more water-resistant (I usually recommend Mist & Fix).
      Otherwise, if you really want to use silicone-based makeup then the Temptu Pro (or AirPod – but Pro is better), Iwata or Graftobian are the way to go.

  • Thanks so much for the great information! I decided to go for the graftobian walk around, got it in the new leopard style, I’m so excited to have all the color options it comes with! Can you tell me if I can use multiple brands of makeup with it, or what your experience with specifically graftobian make up has been?

    • Hey Samantha – great choice! You can definitely use different brands with the Graftobian walkaround but water-based tend to work better with the 3mm nozzle. If you’ve used Graftobian cream foundation before then you’ll have an idea of what the tones are like as they are very similar. OCC works great in Graftobian too. You can get various samples from Camera Ready Cosmetics. They have their own brand of makeup too which some people love and will work with Graftobian. The other compressors that Graftobian use are all Iwata compressors and that’s the equipment I tend to prefer but the walkaround is really amazing and I love the portability. It’s probably the best of the portable compressors.
      Let me know how you go with the Walk Around! 🙂

  • Hi.. I have Dinair system but I didn’t like the makeup.. When I brush it it looks soo perfect.. Covers perfectly.. Mate look.. Looks natural.
    “BUT BUT BUT” after some time it get hard on skin and break like a mask even when I use a mostrizer ..
    So I’ve been told S/B foundation is better .. I thought of Mac air thinking to use the best brand I know but it clog the gun and couldn’t clean it..
    So I’ve read other blogs saying that Dinair gun is only suitable for W/B foundation !
    I bought Airbase foundation now but still didn’t use it.. And looking for new compressor (I’m not pro) but i don’t want to buy something and find it’s not working as we don’t have such systems available here and I have to buy it ether from USA or UK..

    • Hello Jumz! Sometimes this happens when you have dry skin and use water-based foundation. But you said you moisturize always before airbrushing your makeup – that’s usually enough: prepping is the key. You might like Camera Ready cosmetics which works in the Dinair. Or Tickled Pink which has Aloe.
      If you are looking for a new airbrush makeup system that can handle any makeup then look at Iwata, Graftobian and Temptu Pro.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • I am not experienced at all with air brushing, but am very interested. I’m thinking I would like a portable. As I mentioned before, I have never used an air brushing system. Would you be so kind as to suggest brand portable or other unit, please? Thank you in advance.

  • P.S. I would like a system that is complete and not have to by separate pieces. Thank you!

    • Hello Pamela – sorry I missed your comment! The Temptu S-One has a battery pack and the kit has everything you need. Works with all types of airbrush makeup too! They have lots of tutorials so is a great choice for beginner. My review is here. Welcome to airbrushing!! 🙂