How To: Apply Airbrush Foundation Makeup

Once you get the hang of applying foundation with an airbrush you’ll be blown away by the results. By following a few simple rules you can create a radiant look with perfect coverage that will last the whole day. The best thing about airbrushed foundation is that you don’t even have to powder it afterwards because it dries quickly upon application (or with a little help from the air coming from the airgun).

How To apply Airbrush Foundation

The most important step is always the first! Always ensure your skin is clean and dry before applying makeup. Wash with your favorite, pH-balanced cleanser and apply your favorite moisturizer (some kits provide cleansers and moisturizers). After prepping your face ensure you have allow the skin to dry fully. ‘Perfect Skin’ by Dinair is an excellent water-based moisturizer and one we highly recommend–though we all have our favorites so stick with the one you love.

Note: ALWAYS apply concealer BEFORE applying your foundation. If you conceal on top of foundation you will ruin it.

Set your compressor to low or medium (low is better for beginners but you should work your way to medium) and shake the foundation well to mix. Use no more than 6-10 drops of makeup. Before applying makeup to the skin, always test the airbrush on the back of your hand or a white piece of paper/tissue to ensure it’s functioning properly and not blocked.

Now you are ready to apply the foundation to your face. Starting between 6-12 inches away from your skin use circular motions to apply the foundation evenly. Always ensure you do the same number of passes on both sides.

Remember: light passes that cover evenly! Watch for the right color to appear not for when the makeup is on your skin.

Trust your own judgement to decide when you have achieved the best coverage. You do not need to go overboard, especially if you are contouring and highlighting. If you make too many passes the result will be a ‘cakey’ appearance. The coverage should be even and glowing.

Make sure you continue the foundation naturally down the neck line so there are no abrupt changes in tone. You will find this is easier with an airbrush than with traditional makeup.

Lastly, if you have a dual-action airbrush, you can use the air-only setting to dry the foundation makeup.

Caution: Don’t spray the eyes and don’t exhale the makeup!

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  • Love this! Very helpful Thank you!

  • are the foundations of air brush the same as normall ones or are they different like paticularly made for airbrush?

    • Hello Sapna – the foundations for airbrushing makeup are different from traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup is liquid makeup and has a special consistency (similar to milk) to make it perfect for the airbrush equipment. There are 3 main types: water-based, silicone-based and alcohol-based. Water-based airbrush makeup will give a matte finish while silicone-based is more dewy/moist. Alcohol-based is the longest lasting but not for every day use: more for special FX or special events/modeling etc.