How To: Apply Blush Airbrush Makeup

Blushing with airbrush makeup works so well because the fine mist action gives you a subtle hint of color resulting in a natural ‘flush’ look. Some people like to apply blush before foundation so it doesn’t stand out as much. I prefer blushing after foundation, contouring and highlighting as it’s almost like putting the icing on the cake.

  • Choose a PSI between 12-15 (remember that a lower PSI is easier to handle)
  • Just 2 drops are needed for blush as you won’t be using much (less is more!)
  • From around 4-6 inches away, start at the apple of your cheek bone and use a circular motion moving upwards towards the hairline.

Voila! And did I mention that the Tempu blushes are superb? They actually even look amazing when they’re hand applied – though they are silicone based which might not be suitable for everyone’s skin.

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