How To: Do Brows with Airbrush Makeup

Like eye liner, it is possible to do the brows freehand with the airbrush though it’s much easier to use the stencils like those from Temptu and Dinair. Definitely when you get the hang of using the airbrush and are comfortable with the weight of it in your hand then go for it! Remember: Practice makes perfect.

When airbrushing the brows, a low PSI is better for finer control and is also less hazardous around the eye region.  If you are using a stencil simply place it where you wish to apply the makeup and then spray until you reach the desired effect. Don’t go overboard because the stencils can give you too much confidence and you may end up applying too much makeup giving you an unnatural drawn-on look (unless this is what you are going for).

If you are applying the makeup freehand use the same rules as though you would be using a pencil or brow brush, starting from the inside near the nose, from about an inch away, move outward while moving the airbrush closer to your skin to narrow the brow shape to a point.

Happy airbrushing!

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