How to Use Your Airbrush Makeup Gun

We’ll start this ‘how-to’ with a little note about some awesome training features offered by Dinair. The first is the “Less is More” bands which can be attached to the airbrush gun as a guide to teach you how far back to rock the lever. Think of them as ‘training bands’ like training wheels when you were learning how to ride a bike. The second is the “Distance Guide” which can be attached to the front of the airbrush gun to help you gauge the distance between the gun and your face.

The first time you use your airbrush and start seeing the effects of the makeup will blow you away! The best way to learn is to practice and it’s really great fun. Learn to trust your eyes and to watch for change and you’ll become a pro in no time.

The first thing to do is to get used to the feel of the airbrush in your hand, holding it naturally and comfortably so your index finger rests on the push button/control lever. Practice moving the lever back and forth to control the flow of air from the compressor. You will feel the slight coolness of air from the compressor on your skin. To start out just practice with a few drops of water so you get a feel for the effects of changing the compressor settings and altering the control lever. The flow of makeup is controlled with the control lever and it is vital to master this as you will use the different flows for different applications from low (for shadow), medium (for blush, lips and eyes), high (for foundation) through to the highest setting for cleaning/discharge. You can actually hear the difference in the sound of the airbrush as different amounts of makeup pass through it. This is something you will learn with practice.

With a steady wrist move the airbrush with a rocking or circular motion and then press the control lever to allow just air to flow out. Feel this against your skin. Once you are ready, allow some water/makeup to flow through and then feel the difference. The water/makeup should be cooler than just air alone. When you are using actual makeup for foundation, aim for light passes that cover evenly and will set on impact. If you desire more coverage, simply repeat more passes over the area you want more coverage.

Don’t forget to practice and, most importantly, have fun with it! The more you play with the airbrush makeup system the more you will learn and the more enjoyment you’ll get out of it.

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  •  i just recently bought the occ airbrush foundation and i have te dinair gun. dinairs line is water based along with occ so i wanted to try it because i was using your crc airbrush 1oz for 13.99 and there price 4oz for 16.50 was better. i tried it this morning the color is great but its not running through my airbrush nicely i deep. cleaned my airbrush everything but seems too thick and not flowing out nicely unless i have my compressor on high any suggestions????

    • Hello Emily – this is a common problem with smaller airbrush makeup systems. Sometimes they don’t have the power for thicker airbrush makeup. You can try thinning it which works well – but this can change the colors a little and you might not like the result as much. Camera ready sell thinners – make sure you use a water-based thinner though like the Graftobian.