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Airbrush Makeup Review: Belloccio Airbrush Makeup System

Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit

Belloccio is not really a household name and they are unlikely to grab as much of a share of the market as TEMPTU or Dinair but their makeup system is worth considering. The compressor is very similar to the Tickled Pink model in performance and has a real non-industrial, domestic feel to it–presumably because the compressor is encased with a plastic shell. However, the airbrush itself is a good performer with a few extra features […]

Airbrush Makeup Review: Glam Air “The Posh” Airbrush Makeup Kit

Glam Air "The Posh" Airbrush Makeup Kit

Glam Air has several kits to choose from which vary in prove from $145 to $345. All contain the airbrush makeup system but the more expensive kits have more makeup included. Their starter kit which is called The Posh has a retail price of $199. It’s not a bad kit which is priced to compete with the likes of Dinair and TEMPTU. Upgrade kits such as “The Celebutante” ($208), The Diva($249), “The Distinguished” ($269), “The […]

Airbrush Makeup Review: Glow Fusion Air Glow Air Gun (for tanning)

Glow Fusion Airglow Air Gun for Tanning

An extremely affordable option for tanning, the Glow Fusion Air Glow Air Gun retails at $175 but is frequently discounted to less than $50. Apart from the price the Air Gun is not really competitive with the other major brands because it isn’t quite up to the standard of manufacturing. The gun itself is not bad but is clogged easily and can feel a little flimsy in the hand. This is why we always emphasize […]