Tips: What to Look For in an Airbrush Makeup Kit

Everyone has different needs when it comes to makeup. And, when it comes to airbrush makeup kits there is a huge variation in what you get. Price isn’t the only indicator of quality and I’d definitely recommend visiting a salon, Sephora or a friend’s house to get some hands-on experience with airbrush makeup before deciding which kit you want. Don’t forget to head on over to our airbrush makeup review section too!

  • Look for one which includes at least 4 shades of foundation. More complete kits also include blush and highlighter.
  • Look for a compressor that has variable PSI. Low PSI is essential for beginners and also for more delicate areas and fine work.
  • Look for a versatile airbrush gun which can be used for fine work as well as covering medium and large areas. Dual action airbrushes are preferable.
  • An airbrush makeup kit MUST come with a cleaning kit!!
  • We also prefer those kits which come with a free travel bag. Not all of them do and it’s not really an essential item but one which should come free with any kit.
  • An instructional DVD. Well – you have this website… but every makeup kit is different and an instructional DVD will give you the confidence to use your airbrush makeup kit like a pro.

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  • Michelle – I’m sure you’ve answered this a million times but I can’t find the answer – I have a dinar personal airbrush and it just stopped working about 6 months into having it – I’m not very impressed so if they don’t send me a replacement, I’m going to look at buying a different brand. I’ve found Dinair temperamental and wouldn’t mind one that is better quality anyway. Problem is – I’ve stocked up on Dinair makeup and love their colors. What other airbrush works well with Dinair makeup?

    • Hi Amber – that’s a pity about Dinair but it does happen with a small percentage of almost all the personal-use airbrush makeup kits. They should replace it but will probably charge you for shipping.
      Your best option if you want a reliable airbrush makeup system is Iwata or Graftobian (Graftobian is mostly Iwata equipment except for their walkaround which is a great compressor). You can find some info on Iwata in my article here. Silver Jet is a great choice for home use.

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