Video: Airbrush Makeup For Halloween

Since Halloween is coming up I thought it would be a great time to curate a few of the best videos around for those of you interested in using airbrush makeup to create amazing special FX. If you like these videos be sure to check out the makeup artists’ blogs or give them a thumbs up!

With airbrush makeup basically anything is possible. You are only limited by your imagination and that’s what makes airbrushing so exciting. Every day great makeup artists come up with new techniques to create different effects and you should look to film and theater makeup artists for inspiration. The generous ones might also share some of their secrets!

One thing you’ll notice in a lot of these videos is that scary contact lenses make a big difference! So don’t be afraid to experiment. You can do amazing things with just airbrush makeup alone, but the more you experiment and the more you read and watch, you will start to see that all sorts of things create amazing effects. Don’t be afraid to go beyond just airbrush makeup– even combining it with traditional makeup, latex, fangs, even tissues and glue! It’s all about using whatever you need to achieve your original vision. And with airbrush makeup there’s one thing you can be certain of: it will stay on for the whole of Halloween.

Here are a few of the videos I love which showcase some great techniques, tips and tricks as well as some amazing work.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Stencils are a great shortcut to creating fantastic effects with airbrush makeup. You don’t have to stay within the template but can use them as a strong foundation upon which to layer and customize your own look.

Renren, one of my favorite makeup bloggers, shares her “Halloween Makeup Haul” – everything you need to create awesome costume makeup including Graftobian Airbrush Makeup which she recommends for their great shades and even better price!

And for inspiration check out this airbrushed skeleton look from Sean Ozz. I recently posted his video of his airbrushed Devil-look so check that one out too. He uses the Iwata Eclipse as well as water based makeup.

Even more inspiration: here’s a bunch of different looks from Kisa Make who also uses the Iwata airbrush. Amazing talent! I love the range and playfulness.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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