Video: Airbrush Makeup Hyperpigmentation Covering & Color Correction

Have you seen this video? If not, watch it! It’s a must see video in which Shelia McKenna uses the Kett Jett to flawlessly cover hyperpigmentation on one side of her model’s face. What’s interesting about this video is the technique Sheila uses – moving left to right/right to left with short bursts of airbrush makeup. She slowly covers the area of hyperpigmentation until it is basically undetectable.

Airbrush Makeup Before and After:

Airbrush Makeup BeforeAirbrush Makeup After

Watch this all the way through because it’s really important to see how Sheila offsets the ‘greyness’ of the initial foundation with the ruby colors.

In her words: “Figure out what the primary color is on the person first, use that color to do a sheer layer all over the face–in this case 05, and then I’ll do my correcting with R5. If her color was 03, I would do my correcting with R3”

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