Video: Awesome Airbrush Makeup Foundation Tutorial Using Luminess Air by Megha

Megha is one of the most underrated Makeup Artists currently on YouTube. I have no idea why her videos currently only receive a few thousand views instead of a few HUNDRED thousand – and hopefully my introduction of her to you will Megha a few more subscribers to her channel! Check out her website and her blog for some great tips and information about makeup.

This tutorial is perfect for those of you interested in how we apply foundation with airbrush makeup. In this video Megha uses Luminess Air. It is a 12 minute video but don’t let that scare you. As Megha says, applying foundation with airbrush makeup is very easy and very quick. Choosing the right foundation shade for you is also extremely easy and takes a lot of the hassle out of your daily routine. The video is only long because Megha is very detailed, taking you through each step, explaining exactly what, why and how.

Notice that Megha uses moisturizer first – which isn’t an issue with airbrush makeup, especially if you allow a few minutes for the moisturizer to do its work. In Megha’s words: “you want each individual layer to do what its supposed to do.”

Like Megha, you can use your favorite moisturizers and primers which usually have no negative effects on airbrushing. You don’t need to be a slave to one particular brand. Try different products and find which ones suit you the best. I also love the MAC Cosmetics Prep+Prime Face Protect she uses which is super light weight and fantastic for oily skin.

Megha creates her own shade by combining two tones (shades 5 & 6). Since she has hyperpigmentation, Megha would normally apply Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream which works extremely well under airbrush makeup (especially if you have the palette with several mixable tones). However, in this video Megha only uses airbrush makeup and you can see how effective it is in creating flawless and even coverage.

This is also a great video for those of you interested to see how airbrush makeup can be combined with traditional makeup, blended over the airbrushed foundation. As you can see, anything is possible – you just have to experiment and be playful!

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  • I found the video very informing and was even surprised to see that the luminess has what seems to be enough power to not worry about going all out professional for a flawless finish. However, I have only one concern, she mentioned that she doesn’t use the airbrush around her eyes because it would settle into her little bit of crows fees and lines. I am 40 yrs old and one of the main reasons for me getting an airbrush system was so that wouldn’t happen. From what I understood is that by doing foundation with an airbrush it allows the makeup to sit on top of fine lines and wrinkles? So, that left me confused…especially, since megha doesn’t seem to have the forhead, eye, and between the nose wrinkles that I’m wanting to cover without it settling in. I know a primer will help this but will this still be a major concern for me?
    PS I had initially decided to get the luminess but then found the dinair and saw all the extra options they had to offer so now I’m stuck. Maybe, with my concern you can help me in deciding which system has the better makeup for my aging skin concerns.
    Thank You for any help!!!

    • Hello Cristy – great question! The 2 biggest mistakes when airbrushing around the eyes is: 1. squinting which increases the wrinkles around your eyes when airbrushing and then causing the makeup to settle unnaturally around your eyes and 2. Putting too many layers or caking the makeup around wrinkly areas. With airbrushing you only need a few passes for it to work so it’s actually very easy to avoid caking. With airbrushing you are generally using far less makeup than you normally would with traditional makeup and the micro beads of makeup sit lightly on the surface of the skin and kind of hit it in a random, scattered way that looks far more natural (with more passes it tends to lose this natural quality). The silicone-based airbrush makeup is very good at reflecting light too which adds to conceal wrinkles.
      You are totally correct that a good primer will help with the wrinkles. I really like Too Faced Primer and a good concealer is Temptu’s Undereye concealer.
      Both Dinair and Luminess are great! Actually – I’ll confuse you even more since I’ve just done a very big review of Belloccio’s new airbrush makeup system which has just become very cheap on Amazon this December. I think they are looking to get some brand awareness and loyalty for their makeup range.