Video: Correct Airbrushing Technique by Steve Vayne – No Circles!

Controversial! In this video by makeup artist Steve Vayne he demonstrates why a circular motion may not be the best technique for airbrushing. This is a video we should all consider because many of us may airbrush for a real-world setting only whereas professional airbrush makeup artists need to consider how High Definition cameras will pick up any flaws in their coverage.

Many makeup artists use a combination of techniques but you will notice that the instructional DVDs on several brands stress a circular motion only. Again, this comes down to trusting your eye! Ultimately you need to be the judge but listening to highly experienced artists will always help us get to a deeper understanding of what constitutes good and bad airbrushing.

Definitely pay a visit to Steve Vayne’s website because he has a portfolio of amazing work–from stunning, beauty colors that are way out there (and look awesome) to subtle, and elegant tones that bring the natural beauty out of his models.

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  • Thanks for the feature! 😉

    If you have any questions about the technique, feel free to ask them!

    Love, Steve

    • And thank you for sharing Steve! I think it’s so wonderful that great MUA’s like you are generously sharing their techniques on Youtube and other places on the web. It makes the world of makeup artistry so much more accessible and enjoyable. I love seeing what other people are doing with airbrush makeup!

  • I have a whole website dedicated to the idea of sharing 😉


    There is a lot of information on both airbrush and traditional make-up as well as on make-up artistry as a profession. This is all free of charge and even ad free. Just for the people 🙂