How To Choose The Right Makeup Tones For Your Skin

Most airbrush makeup kits come with 4 tones of foundation which fall under a further 4 base shades: fair, medium, tan or dark. Generally our skin tones are classified as either neutral cool or neutral warm. Here’s a quick tip: to work out if you are warm or cool check the underside of your forearm. If the veins are more blue, then you most likely have pink undertones and are considered ‘warm’. If your veins look green, then you most likely have golden, yellow or olive undertones and are considered ‘cool’. Otherwise, you may simply be ‘neutral’.

If you can’t find your exact matching skin tone it is always possible to mix the tones in order to achieve the result. When mixing with a dual control airbrush, add a few drops of each shade and then cover the nozzle so no air escapes. This allows the air to bubble up through the cup, which in turn ensures the colors mix well–this technique is called ‘back bubbling’. Always do this on a low PSI and have a tissue handy to clean up any makeup that might bubble up out of the cup.

Always test on your hand or a tissue before applying the makeup to your face.

Don’t forget, you can always pop into a Sephora store where the staff should be more than happy to help you choose your matching tones or even go to their website where you can upload a photo of yourself as well as some information about the products you currently use and they’ll get back to you within a few days with their recommendation. You can also contact the Dinair customer service which is second to none: they’ll help you match your skin tones via email or even over Skype.


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