How To: Apply Eye Shadow with Airbrush Makeup

Don’t be afraid of airbrushing around the eye. Once you are comfortable with holding the airbrush makeup gun and doing your foundation, contouring and highlights then start practicing eye shadow application.

Since the eye area is quite sensitive and you will be adding finer detail lower your PSI to between 6-10 in order to give you more control. Just 3 drops of eye shadow makeup are enough. From just a few inches away apply the makeup with continuing motion until you reach the desired shade.

Do not squint as this will potentially create wrinkles which will be accentuated when adding makeup. But also don’t open your eyes when the makeup is still wet. If you have a dual action airbrush you can use the air-only setting to dry it.

Layer colors upwards towards the brow bone.  You can layer several colors for beautiful effects. Finish with a highlite on the brow

Be sure to check out some of the videos to see what others have been doing!

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